WM – Chapter 51: Yokoyama Saki doesn’t trust her classmate

-Yokoyama Saki POV- 

“Sakurai-kun, want me to help?” (Makoto)

It was only after a while that I noticed that the feeble-looking mage together with Aya-chan was our classmate Takatsuki-kun.

I -Yokoyama Saki- have the skill: Holy Knight.

I use a holy sword, and with my body clad in light aura, I don’t get injured a single bit by weak monsters.

With that power, I play an active role as the aide of the Light Hero.

Also, my other skill: [Mana Vision].

I can see the source of power in this world that is called Mana.

Thanks to that, we managed to overcome many dangers.

Monsters that feign to be weak, assassins that feign to be civilians.

Even if they try to hide their appearance, they can’t hide their mana.

In my eyes…Takatsuki-kun is weak.

I feel like he hasn’t gotten any stronger at all since the time I saw him at the temple.

He has mana that is lower than that of the regular citizen.

There’s no doubt he has been slacking in his training too.

Even at school, he would always be playing games instead of studying.

Even though Ryosuke is facing so much hardships because he ended up obtaining incredible power…

What is this guy, who hasn’t worked hard at all and was just playing around, going to help us out in?! 

I say this to him with slight ire.

“Takatsuki-kun, there’s nothing you can help u—” (Yokoyama)

“Do you have a good plan?” (Sakurai)

Ryousuke cuts my words and asks Takatsuki-kun.


Are you going to rely on him?

“A bit. I won’t know until I try though.” (Makoto)

“We don’t have any moves we can make anymore. Please do help us out.” (Sakurai)

Eeh…? I am sure it will be pointless.

Ah, but maybe he will ask the red haired mage companion of Takatsuki-kun.

Her mana is overwhelming.

It is on a level that you can’t find even in the royal mages.

“Then, wait here, Lucy, Nina-san. Sa-san, can you guide us?” (Makoto)

“Got it.” (Aya)

Looks like only Aya-chan will be coming with us.

My prediction was wrong.

“Will you be okay, Takatsuki-sama?” (Nina)

“Be careful out there, Makoto.” (Lucy)

His two companions seem to be worried.

Of course they are.

He is weak after all.

“I won’t be that reckless.” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun says this lightheartedly.

He doesn’t understand the fearsomeness of the enemy.

When you see the Taboo Dragon, you will definitely fall down on your butt.

The ones heading there were Ryousuke, Aya-chan, Takatsuki-kun, and I.

In the first place, can Takatsuki-kun and Aya-chan use flying magic?


Takatsuki-kun didn’t use flying magic.

Instead, he used a weird spell that let him move on the water surface.

Even though flying magic is something that any Intermediate Rank Mage can use.

“Waah, it is faster than the Sea Serpent.” (Aya)

Aya-chan is merry.

It looks kinda fun.


“Is this the place, Sa-san?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, from here on is the Low Floor. They told me to never go down.” (Aya)

Aya-chan and Takatsuki-kun are speaking.

She seems to be pretty familiar with the dungeon. 

Is she an adventurer?

We are currently standing on a small island at a corner of the underground lake.

A bit ahead of the small island, at the bottom of the lake, I could see a giant underwater cave.

The Mid Floor is lit by water stones, so it makes for a wondrous sight, but the cave itself is pitch black.

“There’s Taboo Dragons on the other side of this submerged cave. But the members of the knight order are not good in underwater battles…” (Sakurai)

Ryousuke says this with regret.

But everyone did their best -for a group that’s composed mostly of new recruit knights.

The ones at fault are the Prince Faction that are getting in the way of the support, and that Great Sage that’s not helping out at all.

Thanks to that, we ended up having to rely on an apprentice mage like Takatsuki-kun…

“So, think you could do something?” (Sakurai)

Ryousuke, even if you have hopes, I don’t think it is possible…

“If the Taboo Dragons were not underwater, but brought out to the outside, would it be easier to fight?” (Makoto)

“Can you do that?! If it is outside the dungeon, I can push my Light Hero Skill to full use. If there’s the light of the sun, I can definitely win.” (Sakurai)

“Alright. Then, I will drag the enemy outside the water.” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun says this as if nothing.

(There’s no way he can do that…) (Yokoyama)

“Wait a bit. I will speak to the Spirits. There seems to be a whole lot around this area.” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki-kun, you can see Spirits? That’s amazing.” (Sakurai)

See Spirits?

Even though I with Mana Vision can’t see them?

Saying whatever he sees fit!

The gullible Ryousuke seems to believe him though.

In the first place, I haven’t seen Spirit Users even in the Highland Kingdom.

“Ooi, Spirit-sans. You doing good?” (Makoto)

What’s that?

Are you telling me something like that will get the Spirits to help us?

“Yeah, the enemy is a bit difficult, you see… Yeah, we are troubled.” (Makoto)

(We are the ones troubled.) (Yokoyama)

“Thanks, you are a great help.” (Makoto)

(Haah, how long will this pointless conversation…) (Yokoyama)

“Then, I will be counting on you.” (Makoto)

Right after Takatsuki-kun said this…

—The world tilted.

That’s the kind of optical illusion I had.


The whole Laberintos is trembling.

Even though there’s no way that’s possible.

I can’t breathe.

What? What’s going on?

“Saki-chan, what’s the matter?” (Aya)

Aya-chan speaks to me, but I was panicking.

My vision turned pure white, and I couldn’t see anything.

The moment I noticed all of that was mana, my spine froze.

(What’s this?! Everything is mana? This is bad, it is not being controlled at all! It is rampaging!) (Yokoyama)

“…How overwhelming. This is the power of Spirits?” (Sakurai)

Ryousuke must be feeling this crazed mana! 

We have to stop this quickly.

“Yeah, this is the first time I’ve had these many Spirits come.” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun still has that feeble mana.

He was at the center of that raging typhoon-like mana.

He may be a bad excuse of a mage, but there’s no way he isn’t being overwhelmed by this mana, and yet…!

(Only the mana at the surroundings of Takatsuki-kun are calming down…?) (Yokoyama)

It was like the eye of the tornado.

As if saying he is the center of the world.

“Now, I will be using magic. It is hard to control, so move back.” (Makoto)

What is he saying?! 

There’s no way a human can control this mana! 

“Saki, let’s leave this to Takatsuki-kun.” (Sakurai)

The eyes of Ryousuke were from expectation and trust.


He hasn’t shown those kinds of eyes to anyone before.

“And me?” (Aya)

“Hmm, stay close to Sakurai-kun too, Sa-san.” (Makoto)

“Eeh, I want to look at Takatsuki-kun’s magic from up-close.” (Aya)

What are you saying?! 

Get away from him, Aya-chan! 

We 3 move back, and watch over him.

“Then, I will be counting on you, Spirit-sans. [Water Magic: Yamata no Orochi].” (Makoto)

At that instant, a monster was born.

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