WM – Chapter 11-12: VS Rampaging Bison

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“Hey, Makoto, want to take a quest together with us?” (Jean)

Jean asks this. 

At his side there’s the priest Emily.

“Huh? What are you saying? Are you guys daydreaming? Choo choo!” (Lucy)

A drunk Lucy acts tough.

Or more like, you are refusing on your own, Lucy-san.

“Why is Lucy the one refusing?!” (Emily)

Emily complains.

You two, stop the fighting.

“Why go out of your way to invite us?” (Makoto)

Let’s at least ask.

“Actually, we are planning on taking on the subjugation of a Rampaging Bison.” (Jean)

“Hooh.” (Makoto)

Rampaging Bison.

A giant bison monster basically.

Its size is 3 times that of a normal bison.

It is normally docile, but once it gets angered, it turns ferocious. It gets excited when it sees something red.

It is that kind of monster.

It is herbivorous and doesn’t attack people, but it apparently charges onto carriages, and troubles travellers.

A quest that’s just right in difficulty for a bronze rank party. 

The reward is normal, but the rampaging bison’s meat is apparently an extreme delicacy, so it is bought at a high price.

A popular quest to earn some small change. 


“Pass.” (Makoto)

“Eh? Why?!” (Jean)

“Rampaging bisons are monsters that make grassy plains their territory. The plains around Makkaren don’t have much watersides. I am a mage apprentice that can’t do anything without water, so I won’t be of use.” (Makoto)

I finish the remaining half of the cocktail.

“But you are good at things like detection, right?” (Jean)

“Why would you need Detection?” (Makoto)

Something like a giant bison in a plain can be seen from afar even without detection. 

“Looks like I won’t be of use.” (Makoto)

I munch on my sandwich and try to finish this talk. 

“Wait, please! I don’t mind if your side gets the larger split of the reward! So, won’t you come with us?” (Jean)

“Why do you want us to go together with you?” (Makoto)

“As an apology for last time, right?” (Lucy)

Lucy answers.

Hoh, is that so? 

When I look at Jean and Emily, it seems like they were feeling awkward about it. 

“It is also as an apology, but we are all newcomer adventurers here, so we want to get along from now on.” (Emily)

Emily says.

Get along, huh.

What to do…

“Huh? There’s no way we can get along after all that.” (Lucy)

“Why do you like to pick fights so much?!” (Emily)

*Kishaaa!!* Emily and Lucy were glaring at each other like cats fighting.

You two should really learn to get along a bit better.

“Hey, Jean, if it is about adventuring together, wouldn’t hunting goblins work too?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, I thought that too, but goblins are in the Great Forest, right? I heard that Lucy has been forbidden the use of fire magic in the Great Forest.” (Jean)

“Ah, right.” (Makoto)

Lucy can’t use fire magic in the Great Forest until she can control her magic. 

The only usable attack method of Lucy is fire magic.

And so, lately, it has been a repeat of training everyday.

“If it is in the plains, Lucy can go all out on her fire magic, right?” (Jean)

“Well, that’s true. What do you think, Lucy?” (Makoto)

“Eeh, we are going together with these guys?” (Lucy)

Lucy doesn’t seem to like the idea.

But I am getting tired of all the training lately, and our party has a bad balance of 2 mages.

If the vanguard Jean and the healer and support Emily were to join, the balance would be good.

The only worrying point is…

“There’s nothing I can do, you know?” (Makoto)

In a plain where there’s no water, I really won’t be of use.

My Detection and Stealth would be pointless, too.

“W-Well, if you can at least hinder it a little…” (Emily)

Emily seemed to have trouble saying that. 

So, bait, huh.

I have Escape and Evade, so I think I will be able to manage.

“Okay. We will be getting the bigger split, right?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, we will split it 7:3.” (Jean)

Jean’s face brightens. 

We haven’t been able to earn money lately, so I suppose this is good.

“Lucy, they are going out of their way to invite us, so let’s go together.” (Makoto)

“Well, if Makoto says so, I am fine with it.” (Lucy)

Lucy begrudgingly accepted.


The next day.

I woke up in the adventurer guild’s resting area, and washed my face in the water well close by. After that, I held the Goddess’s dagger in both hands and offered a prayer.

“I will do my best today as well, Goddess-sama.” (Makoto)

(Yup yup, safety first, Makoto.) (Noah)

After finishing  my daily prayer, I head to the meeting point of Jean and the others.

The place is in front of the eastern gate.

After that, we go to the plains.

We have good weather. Not a single cloud.

For a water mage like me, it is bad weather. 

Even light rain would have been nice.

I conversed with Jean as we headed to the objective’s location. 

“Hooh, so you and Emily are childhood friends.” (Makoto)

“We were always together at an orphanage in the Sun Country. I aimed to become a Knight, and Emily a High Priest, but we are thinking about selling our name as adventurers first.” (Jean)

“Those are reasonable goals.” (Makoto)

After becoming famous as adventurers, change to a stable job.

In this world, it is the usual career plan.

But the adventurer trade has a lot of dangers, so there’s a lot who die in the way.

Also, Jean and Emily are apparently not in a relationship. 

Lucy said a lot of things the other time, but it seems those were just staple fighting words.

But…to have a beautiful childhood friend. I am jealous.

“What are you aiming for, Makoto?” (Jean)

“Uhm, I am planning on leveling up for now, and then go to high difficulty dungeons I suppose.” (Makoto)

I kept the part about aiming for the highest difficulty dungeon, the Deep Sea Temple. 

It didn’t get a good reaction from Lucy after all.

“Hoh, so you are staying an adventurer.” (Jean)

“It is just that I have no other choice but to.” (Makoto)

Being hired by some country like my classmates and having an elegant lifestyle in the royal castle is impossible with my stats.

“So you will be aiming for Laberintos?” (Jean)

“The biggest dungeon of the continent, huh… I would like to go one day.” (Makoto)

A huge dungeon that extends all the way to 3 countries: the Wood County, Fire Country, and Water Country.

It is so big that it is said there’s still many places that haven’t been explored.

Because of that, there’s a lot of adventurers that challenge it.

“I would need to be Iron Rank for that.” (Makoto)

“Right.” (Jean)

The recommended rank for Laberintos is Iron Rank.

It is still too much for us.

A bit further away from us, there’s Lucy and Emily.

Are they getting along?

I got worried and tried using [Eavesdrop].

“Hey hey, how far have you guys gone?” (Lucy)

Lucy is bothering Emily.

Oi oi, what are you saying? 

“You like Jean, right? Have you made any progress?” (Lucy)

“Listen here, we are only childhood friends.” (Emily)

“What are you saying? Even though you saw me as if I was a rival of yours.” (Lucy)

“Wa, no! In the first place, you always have clothes with high exposure, and that troubled Jean, you know? You are wearing them today, too.” (Emily)

“It is hot, so I can’t help it. Also, that’s just Jean lacking in training. Makoto doesn’t mind at all, you know?” (Lucy)

“That’s impressive in itself… Hey, does he not have any interest in women?” (Emily)

What a rude thing to say.

I do.

“What should I do if Makoto likes men…” (Lucy)

Lucy is having an unnecessary worry. 

Are you an idiot?

“And what about you? How’s it going with Makoto-kun?” (Emily)

Emily counterattacks.

“Huh? As if there would be anything. We have only been in a party for a few weeks, you know?” (Lucy)

“And yet, you are pretty close with each other, aren’t you? I’ve heard that you two have been training till late in the night. It has become the gossip lately, you know?” (Emily)

“Eh? Really?” (Lucy)

Eh? Really?

“There’s talk going around that the witch Lucy has sunk her fangs, and that her victim is the otherworldler mage, Makoto-kun.” (Emily)

“I am gonna hit you.” (Lucy)

“You were the first one to say weird stuff.” (Emily)

I should stop listening any further.

They should be okay for now.

It has been a while since we departed.

“Isn’t it that?” (Lucy)

Lucy points at the objective.

  • Chapter 12

“Isn’t it that?” (Lucy)

I direct my gaze at where Lucy points.

“Where?” (Emily)

“I can’t see it”, Jean says while squinting his eyes.

“Let’s use [Farsight].” (Makoto)

I use the skill, and I certainly do see a small point that looks like a cow. 

It is outside the range of my Detection, so I can’t tell if it is the target.

“I am impressed that you can see something from so far away.” (Makoto)

Even with Farsight, I couldn’t see it well.

“Elves have good eyesight after all!” (Lucy)

Lucy puffs out her chest. 

“And so, what do we do?” (Makoto)

I ask everyone.

“I will blow it away with my magic!” (Lucy)

Lucy winds her arms.

“It’s around 500 meters from here. Can you hit it?” (Jean)

Jean says this with doubt in his eyes.

“Impossible.” (Emily)

Emily asserts with confidence.

“What’s with you people?! I am the only one here that can attack from long-range right?!” (Lucy)

Steam comes out from Lucy’s head.

“There’s no control in Lucy’s magic after all.” (Makoto)

I have seen the magic of Lucy a whole lot, so I can tell.

This distance is impossible for her.

“I will act as bait.” (Makoto)

I unsheathe my dagger and take a stance.

“I won’t be of use in the attack department this time around after all.” (Makoto)

We have a clear sky today.

No clouds and no waterside at sight in this plain.

With my dagger and my magic, I can’t expect effective attacks against the rampaging bison that has a big body.

“Makoto, are you okay?” (Lucy)

Lucy seems to be worried.

“I will use my skills to somehow manage. Once I pull it here, Lucy will weaken it with her magic, and Jean will deal the final blow with his sword spell.” (Makoto)

“I will buff Lucy and Jean with attack and magic power up.” (Emily)

“The plan has been decided then. Lucy, make sure to chant.” (Makoto)

“Wait, I will cast a physical defense spell on you.” (Emily)

I have Emily cast a support spell on me.

Okay, I’ll be going then.

I use [Stealth] and slowly creep my way to the Rampaging Bison.

As I get closer, its giant body gets clearer and clearer.

The Rampaging Bison is as big as a mid-sized bus. I feel like a body blow of it would send a human flying like a leaf.

It seems like it hasn’t noticed me yet, it is munching on grass leisurely.

The chant of Lucy is about to end, I think? 

When I look back, Jean raised his hand.

The sign of preparations ready.


[Stealth], release.

The Rampaging Bison looks over here.

Noticed me, huh.

But right now it is only wary of me.

I pick up a rock around my feet and activate [Projectile].

It is a traveller skill, and it makes it so that the things you throw will surely hit.

It is a skill I use often when I am trying to save mana.

“Urya!” (Makoto)

I throw the stone in my hand with full force.

“Strike!” (Makoto)

The rock I pitched at full force hits the tip of the Rampaging Bison’s nose.

‘Buoooo!’, A roar of anger echoes. 

It glares over here. 

It is coming!


I head to where my comrades are.

The Rampaging Bison chases after me.

Geh, it is faster than I thought! 

Faster than even an ogre.

There’s no obstacles like last time in the forest.

At this rate, it will catch up.

Can’t be helped.

I turn around towards the Rampaging Bison.

Ooh, quite the overwhelming sight.

A giant mass is charging towards me.

If it hits, there’s no doubt my whole body will have fractures.


Just before it reaches me, I activate my skill.

A giant mass passes by right in front of me.

I feel like a matador. 

I look at the Rampaging Bison planning on Evading it again.

The Rampaging Bison heads…eh?

It isn’t looking back?!

“Eh? Eeeh?!” (Lucy)

Lucy let out a dumbfounded voice. 

The Rampaging Bison gets excited when it sees something red.

Lucy has red hair and is wearing a red cloak.

“Yikes…” (Makoto)

It took a liking to Lucy-san it seems.

“It is coming!” (Jean)

Jean shouts.

“Hiih! [Fireball]!” (Lucy)

A giant fire ball is shot towards the Rampaging Bison.

“That was too fast!” (Makoto)

The Rampaging Bison runs in a straight line and doesn’t change direction most of the time. Because of that, if you shoot your magic while it is rushing, it is almost 100% sure to hit.

But if it is before it begins running, it will be avoided.

The Rampaging Bison easily evades the fireball.

It tries to once again charge towards Lucy, winding up its hind legs.

“Awawawawa!” (Lucy)

“Hey, Lucy! Begin chanting again already!” (Emily)

Lucy was panicking and Emily is trying to calm her down.

But it won’t make it in time at this rate.

The Rampaging Bison lowered its head, and prepared to charge. 

“This is bad, it is coming!” (Jean)

Jean puts his shield forward, but that won’t be able to block it.

Can’t be helped.

I shape my mana.

[Water Magic: Ice Floor]! 

I freeze the footing of the Rampaging Bison.

The Rampaging Bison slides and falls.

A dumbfounded ‘Bumooo’ cry was let out from it.

“Was that you, Makoto?!” (Jean)

Jean shouts towards me.

“Yeah! But I won’t be able to do it a second time. I have no mana for that.” (Makoto)

“Seriously?! That’s way too low mana!” (Jean)

“Zip it!” (Makoto)

“Oi, Lucy! Do Fireball one more time.” (Emily)

“G-Got it.” (Lucy)

“[Wind Blade]!” (Jean)

Jean swings down his sword, and the magic blade hits the side of the Rampaging Bison.

A slash sound was made, and the Rampaging Bison bleeds.


“It doesn’t seem to have been too effective.” (Makoto)

“It is technically a long distance spell to provide assistance. It has too low damage to be used as a projectile.” (Jean)

Jean says ashamed.

The Rampaging Bison seems to be energetic.

Its breathing is rough as it shows its will to charge over here.

The chant of Lucy is not even half done.

“Alright, let’s split into two groups. I will once again become the bait, and Jean, you attack from behind.” (Makoto)

“A-Alright. But how are you going to pull it?” (Jean)

“Like this!” (Makoto)

I take a stance and charge towards the Rampaging Bison.

“O-Oi!” (Jean)

Jean shouts flustered from the back.

The Rampaging Bison charges towards us.

[Evade]! And on top of that!

[Water Magic: Water Blade]!

Wringing out my last drops of mana, I activate the spell, and pierce one of the eyes of the Rampaging Bison.

‘Buooooo!’, a pained cry resonates.

“Ooh! You did it!” (Jean)

Jean says this as if devoid of worries.

“I didn’t. I just angered it.” (Makoto)

The Rampaging Bison charges towards me with his anger pushing it.

It is swaying a bit due to the loss of one of its eyes.

With this, I should be able to manage evading.

“I am truly empty of mana now! Jean, I leave it to you!” (Makoto)

“Are you really a mage?! O-Okay, I got it.” (Jean)

Jean takes a stance with his shield forward and tackles the Rampaging Bison from the side.


A heavy crashing sound echoes and the monster staggers.

That’s a shield skill, huh.

You got a nice skill there.

“I finished chanting!” (Lucy)

Lucy shouts.

Jean and I hurriedly get away from the enemy.

“[Fireball]!” (Lucy)

The Rampaging Bison was stunned from the hit of Jean’s skill.

It cannot avoid it.

The crazy huge fireball covered the Rampaging Bison’s giant body in its entirety.

*Whooom!* a fire pillar rises.

‘Bumoooo!’, the cry of agony from the Rampaging Bison resonates.

“The magic of Lucy is incredible…” (Emily)

Emily says with a sigh.

“I didn’t have a moment to shine…”, is what Jean mutters.

No, you did a good job there.

“Hmph, right?!” (Lucy)

Lucy was acting smug.

“But the target is burned to a crisp. We won’t be able to sell it like this.” (Makoto)

We are supposed to be doing this to earn some small change, so didn’t we overdo it?

“The hide is no good. But the insides and the bones have worth as materials too, so there should be people who will buy it…probably.” (Jean)

Jean doesn’t seem to be sure.

Oi oi, is this gonna be okay?

“I am hungry. Can’t we eat this thing?” (Lucy)

Lucy says something wild.

It is true that there’s a nice smell of roasted meat.

“Hey there, you are going to damage your stomach, you know?” (Emily)

Emily retorts with common sense.

“Let’s report it to the guild. We have to make a request for the sale and transport of the monster.” (Makoto)

When a large-sized monster is subjugated and you report it to the guild, they can transport and assess it.

Jean seems to have a communication device, so he will be making contact with the guild. 

We are keeping watch to see if there’s other monsters around.

There’s almost no strong monsters around here, so it should be okay.


 It was around 10 minutes after we defeated the Rampaging Bison and Jean had reported it to the guild that we noticed something strange.

My Detection was ringing

A loud alarm was sounding inside my head, and it made me stiffen my face.

The loudness of this sound is a first.

It is on a whole different level from the time with the ogre.

“Oi! Everyone, a dangerous enemy is coming.” (Makoto)

I prompt everyone to be cautious.

“Eh? Makoto, what are you saying?” (Lucy)

“Is that true, Makoto?!” (Jean)

“Be wary of your surroundings! There should be something!” (Makoto)

I search for its location with my skill.

“Ah! Look at that!” (Lucy)

I look at the place where Lucy pointed.

Something is rushing here at an incredible speed.

“No way! A griffon?!” (Emily)

Emily screams.

What’s coming here is a Danger Level: High monster, a Griffon.

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          People change and it’s a fatalistic world so circumstances will push them regardless of their own conditions, so they very well might end up opposed to each other or changing to become really hostile to Takatsuki. But again, I don’t think it’s fair to wish death on people for things they haven’t done or even hinted at wanting to do yet.

          They were rudely intrusive about his stats and bragged about their own. That’s all and that makes them typical excited but insensitive teenaged boys, but not bullies. These kids are, what? 16-18?
          For me, bullying is active and intentional abuse. It can be physical, emotional, or psychological. Physical and verbal violence didn’t happen at all; at least outwardly, the entire class and local church tried to be supportive of Takatsuki. He was ignored and a little isolated, but that’s more collective social behavior as I described before, and as an introvert with way more pressing matters to worry about, he didn’t even get to hang out with Fuji-yan all that much.

          The most he was ever attacked or mistreated was by the two girls-who weren’t even focused on him so much as making jabs at each other and appeals at Mr. Hero. He brushed it off wholly and even felt concerned on the Light Hero’s behalf instead. The biggest actual offenders are the church and kingdoms that pretty actively dismissed his value, and they’re already set up to be future opposition with Noah’s presence at this point.

    4. Maybe he will get greatly injured and lose a lot of blood, and seeing this blood flowing all over the place realise “Isn’t that water too ?” and start to use his own blood to cast magic for falling when support comes by the mean of the peoples of the guild arrive to retrieve the bison ? ^^
      Maybe it’s “Blood Bending” time ! XD

      1. Oh! That’s a good idea. He might even bend the blood already inside his body for enhanced kicks, punches, and movements. Though…forcibly moving the blood in your body will probably cause a few of his blood vessels to pop from the pressure.

      2. Control over water is utterly terrifying, and that’s what high-proficiency water magic seems to do. If Takatsuki had a higher rank at this point, he could probably start controlling the weather.

      3. Nah he wouldn’t be able to recover if that’s the case the series has sudden power gain weak to strong and Jack of all trades so here’s where he gains his cheat amongst cheats that put him about all his stupid classmates.

  5. Oh no. oh no
    An event has come, and it’s time for Takatsuki to show his stuff. Save everyone from the scary griffon, sir otherworlder! I’m sure Noah won’t get bad if you take a little more risk, right?
    As a side note, I kinda like how they just have casual exchanges when he prays.

    You know…I almost feel mean for saying this, but…Lucy…she’s really quite the millstone, isn’t she? I mean, credit to the author for selling her inability to get a party willing to put up with her, but wow. She’s Aqua, except with a work ethic. Getting cocky easily, losing her cool even more easily, and generally being a poor contribution to the quest effort.
    Even I think it’s a bit harsh to say this, but at least she’s trying, and she has a clear path to eventually becoming an incredible asset.

    Until then though…maybe she should lug around some water for the carry’s use in the field? Or more conveniently, learn some water magic to conjure material for Takatsuki to work with,

    1. Dude that’s so harsh comparing her to Aqua she’s very useful ok? Hell she could probably beat most foes if she could just control her magic although getting the materials afterward would be impossible. Aqua is a useless idiot who can’t even use her own abilities correctly Lucy can she just has far too much power.

      1. Is it wrong, though?

        Aqua could beat most enemies if she could just get her act together and act effectively. She has literal god-tier stats.
        Lucy also can’t use her own abilities correctly because she has too much power.

        The main difference between the two is that Lucy tries, has common sense, and actually feels bad for failing. And Takatsuki is nice enough to roll with the blows without complaint, so she got a better deal overall.

    2. Actually your wrong her magic isn’t enough to beat demon generals or the demon king it just causes them pain her magic is only effective against undead and unholy beings against anything else she’s useless. She can’t even use her magic correctly and the dumb goddess puts all her points into party tricks. The main differences between them is that while Lucy has immense power she’s actually trying to better herself while Aqua has immense power but is too useless and stupid too use them correctly.

      1. Well firstly, that doesn’t change the fact that they’re functionally the same at the moment. Lucy is trying at the moment, so her prospects are better than Aqua who isn’t trying and has no plans to try.

        And next, the fact that she can cause the generals and demon king pain pretty much means she can beat them if acted intelligently with her power. She’s just extra effective on the undead and unholy, so she can brute-force through those enemies even without thinking.

        Also, she mainly puts her points into party tricks because, as a goddess, her Arch Priest skills are already all maxed out. There are probably still better options, but it’s not wholly driven by stupidity.

  6. I really wish he does some blood bending like in Avatar the legend of Aang…or like those that can use or collect the vapor in the air to create some water

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