WM – Chapter 306: Crimson Fangs and Takatsuki Makoto

◇Lucy’s POV◇

“Oi, Takatsuki Makoto, take this.” (Geralt)

“This is?” (Makoto)

“A magic tool for communication. It can slip through even strong barriers making it possible to do thought transmission. If you have the leeway to, please share the information. If needed, I can have reinforcements head there too.” 

“Thank you very much. I will do so.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, don’t push yourself. If it gets dangerous, run.” (Geralt)

“I will be careful.” (Makoto)

General Geralt was speaking to Makoto with a serious expression. 

“Waai, it is so soft and warm.” (Aya)

“Hey, Aya, no matter how you cut it, isn’t that down jacket hard to move in?” (Lucy)

“It is okay, it is okay. It is hard for me to move when it is cold.” (Aya)

“Aah…because of your constitution. Anyways, that magic jacket gives great protection against cold, but the defense is no different from normal clothes, so be careful.” (Olga)

“Got it, Olga-chan.” (Aya)

“So lax. You are going to be fighting the Ancient Dragon King, right?” (Olga)

“We have Takatsuki-kun, so it will be easy-peasy.” (Aya)

“Don’t lower your guard. Here, I have arranged the magic tools to  bring along.” (Olga)

Over there, Olga was giving Aya equipment and items. 

“Lucy-sama! I would like to make the last confirmations of the Teleport coordinates!” 

The ones surrounding me were the tacticians of the Black Barrel Fortress. 

The infiltration location of the Ancient Dragon King that the Destiny Goddess-sama told us about. 

From there, we will predict the formation of the demon lord army, and infiltrate through the place with the least number of enemies. 

I glare at the map.

Here, huh…

A place I have never been to before.

“Also, my Teleport tends to miss the target location often…” (Lucy)

I mutter this lightly and scratch my cheek.

If it were Mama and the Great Sage-sensei, I am sure they would be able to accurately teleport there though.

I am a bit uneasy about it. 

“It is okay, Lu-chan!” (Aya)

“Right right. If anything happens, we can just run away.” (Makoto)

It seems like Aya and Makoto heard my mutter.

They made faces of ‘don’t mind it’ as they cheered me up. 

The always reliable Aya, and the always calm Makoto.

(Right, if it is us 3…) (Lucy)

“Let’s go!” (Lucy)

I grabbed the hands of Makoto and Aya.

“Let’s go.” (Makoto)

“Yeah!” (Aya)

Makoto and Aya grab my hand back.

“May fortune be with you.” (Geralt)

“Don’t be reckless!” (Olga)

“““Be careful!”””

We were seen off by General Geralt, Olga, and many soldiers of the fortress as we teleported to the dwelling of the Ancient Dragon King in the Demonic Continent. 


“This is…our target location?” (Makoto)

I hear the voice of Makoto.

He is looking around restlessly. 

“Haah, it really is cold here…” (Aya)

Aya, who is susceptible to the cold, was making a displeased look. 

We are surrounded by precipitous mountains.

The rugged bare rocks were extending far and beyond. 

The scenery matches the information we got in advance from the soldiers. 

“For now, let’s search for some shelter.” (Lucy)

I proposed this. 

The Demonic Continent is the Demon Lord territory. 

This place has way too good a view. 

We would be found immediately. 

At that moment…


A big rock moved.

No, that’s no rock! 

“Monster?” (Makoto)

“That’s a Rock Ancient Dragon, Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

“Kuh! This is bad, we have already been found!” (Lucy)

We have to silence it before it calls its comrades! 

It seems like Aya thought the same, so she charged onto it faster than me—and was stopped by Makoto.

“Wait, Lucy, Sa-san. Looks like we are inside the barrier of the enemy.” (Makoto)


Aya and I freeze at the words of Makoto.


The air trembled. 

I thought that was the cry of the rock dragon in front of us, but it wasn’t.

A wind breaking sound rang and I looked up…

“No way…” (Lucy)

A horde of dragons enough to cover the sky. 

“Takatsuki-kun, Lu-chan, these are…all…Ancient Dragons…” (Aya)

I felt as if the voice of Aya came from afar. 

I felt dizzy. 

“A trap…maybe? It looks like the rock dragon of before was serving as watch and had a barrier on the whole mountain range. And when intruders come, the dragons on standby would all surround them at once. Quite organized.” (Makoto)

The calm voice of Makoto brought me back to my senses. 

“W-We have to run away! There’s no way we can go against these many Ancient Dragons!” (Lucy)

Our plan of attacking from a place where there’s as few enemies as possible has failed. 

“That’s right! Lu-chan, quick, Teleport!” (Aya)

I chant the spell and Aya hurries me. 

(…E-Eh?) (Lucy)

I can’t concentrate. 

I don’t get the sensation of mana gathering at one point as usual.

“Lu-chan! What are you doing?!” (Aya)

“Wait! Don’t hurry me!” (Lucy)

I shout at the scream of Aya.

At that moment, a hand was placed on my shoulder. 

“Lucy, look at the sky.” (Makoto)

I look up at the prompt of Makoto.

There was a gray sky spreading there.

“What’s that…?” (Lucy)

“Must be a magic sealing barrier. It worsens the control of mana, and makes you unable to use precise magic. I myself can’t use any complicated magic either.” (Makoto)

My vision grew darker at what Makoto said. 

N-No way…


Several dragons attack us with their breaths. 

Fire, lightning, rock, and wind breaths come at us. 

T-This is bad! 

We have to block it or run away…is what I was thinking when…

“Dia, barrier.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Our King.” (Dia)

I heard the calm voice of Makoto and the Great Water Spirit. 

Several thick layers of ice barriers show up. 

The powerful breaths of Ancient Dragons were blocked by the barrier of Makoto.

Ah, but…! 

The barrier of Makoto is being steadily shaved off. 

I have to help out too! 

And yet, I can’t shape the mana properly! 

“Why?! Why is my magic not activating?!” (Lucy)

I shout in a stupor.

I know the reason. 

Just as Makoto said, it is because of the magic sealing barrier. 

I can’t use magic as usual. 

When I tried to forcefully activate my magic despite that…

…*Tap tap*

My shoulder was tapped.

“Lu-chan, Lu-chan.” (Aya)

“Aya! What do we do?! At this rate, Makoto is going to—” (Lucy)

“Lu-chan…look properly at the face of Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

“…Eh?” (Lucy)

I noticed after being told by Aya. 

I didn’t notice because I was panicking after being surrounded by Ancient Dragons. 

The expression of Makoto…

◇Aya’s POV◇

(Takatsuki-kun seems to be having fun~.) (Aya)

The face I often saw on him in our middle school days. 

It is the face of when he is gaming, and it is also the face he has when he thinks of a prank. 

When Takatsuki-kun has that face, he is scheming something. 

“The attacks of the lizards are annoying.” (Dia)

The Great Water Spirit-san said. 

“Maybe we should fight back in some way?” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun says casually.

Water and Destiny Magic: [Dozing Blizzard].” (Makoto)

The moment he said that, snow soared from below.

A dense cloud spreads in the sky at the same time.

“……Eh?” (Lucy)

I heard a dumbfounded voice from Lu-chan. 

It was in an instant. 

In the blink of an eye, the dreary mountains had been covered in pure white snow make-up. 

“C-Cold!” (Aya)

I hurriedly hugged Lu-chan. 

Takatsuki-kun, if you are going to use a spell like that, at least give me a word beforehand! 

“Ah, sorry, Sa-san.” (Makoto)

He must have heard me, he walked over here with an apologetic look.

— “Great Water Spirit, come.” (Makoto)

A small blue girl appears at the call of Takatsuki-kun.

“Please protect Lucy and Sa-san so that they don’t freeze, okay?” (Makoto)

“Yes, Our King-sama!” 

“Counting on you.” (Makoto)

Saying this, Takatsuki-kun faces the Ancient Dragons again.

So I say, but even within that span of time, the horde of Ancient Dragons were getting desperate trying to attack Takatsuki-kun, but they couldn’t even get close to him.

There was a small smiling blue girl at our side. 

“N-Nice to meet you. You are a Great Water Spirit…?” (Aya)

“You are a different girl from Dia who is usually close by to Makoto, right?” (Lucy)

Lu-chan and I nervously talk to her. 

“No no~, I am always close to everyone. We are the manifestation of all water after all.” 

“I-I see…” (Aya)

It really doesn’t click with me as someone who isn’t familiar with Spirit Magic.

“B-But is it okay for you to not help Makoto…?” (Lucy)

Looks like Lu-chan is worried that one Great Water Spirit has been made to guard us. 

“Yeah, Our King-sama has my Onee-samas with him.” 

I faced Takatsuki-kun, and blue skin beautiful women began to appear in droves. 

“A whole lot of Undines?!” (Lucy)

“…Wow.” (Aya)

Lu-chan obviously was surprised.

But even a dullard in magic like me can tell…

Those are…dangerous. 


By the time I noticed, the attacks of the Ancient Dragons that were so intense just now have slowly begun to decrease. 

Even at that time, the snow continued piling up.

Only around us was it not cold thanks to the barrier that the Great Water Spirit girl had placed.

If I were to go out from this barrier, I would end up freezing instantly. 

The movement of the Ancient Dragons is dull too.

But…this is strange.

I don’t think a mere blizzard would be able to do something to Ancient Dragons with overwhelming physical power and endurance. 

Lu-chan must have noticed what I was thinking, she spoke.

“I feel an unpleasant mana from the snow that Makoto is making fall… Some sort of…curse…or similar to that?” (Lucy)


Startled by this, the ferocious and beautiful snow scenery began to look creepy.

Cursed snow? 

“The magic that Our King-sama likes to use. It is a compound spell of Water Magic, Destiny Magic, and Moon Magic. It is a simple spell that makes you sleepy the moment you touch the snow.” 

The Great Water Spirit girl tells us. 

‘Simple, right?’, is what she is saying, but I could tell from Lu-chan’s expression that it is not such a simple matter. 

“…What’s going on? It is within the bounds of the magic sealing barrier. A compound spell of 3 types on a scale that goes further than my eye can see…moreover, just how much mana would you need for this…?” (Lucy)

Lu-chan mutters this as she holds her head. 

I direct my gaze at the Ancient Dragons that were doing their best in destroying the ice barrier. 

True. Now that I look closely, rather than them being hit by an attack, it is more like they are getting unsteady from drowsiness.

“Looks like it will work out somehow~.” (Aya)

“Yes. For Our King-sama, lizards of this level are nothi—oh?” 

The expression of the Great Water Spirit changed. 


It was a powerful beastly roar that held overwhelming pressure enough to make one’s body tremble. 

The snow stops cold. 

A being of enough power to stop the magic of Takatsuki-kun.

The air was trembling.

The ground was vibrating as if resonating. 

It is a size bigger than the Ancient Dragons around.

Jet black body and red eyes. 

There’s a burning Aura overflowing from its whole body…

This is my first time seeing it, but I have been told countless times about its traits. 

That I should run away at once without fighting if I were to meet it. 

“Lu-chan! Look at that dragon!” (Aya)

“…That’s…could it be…?” (Lucy)

My throat rings.

Ancient Dragon King, Astaroth.

A monster that even Lu-chan and I can’t even put a hand on one on one despite being able to defeat all of the Sun Knight captains. 

The strongest Demon Lord that’s said would be dangerous for even Sakurai-kun, who holds the amazing skill of Light Hero, to fight.

My skin chilled. 

That dragon is bad news. 

I don’t know if I would be able to win even if I were to use the Invincible Time of Action Game Player…

At that moment, Takatsuki-kun came here with light steps.

“Makoto!” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun…” (Aya)

Lu-chan and I spoke to him in worry, but Takatsuki-kun was completely unfazed.

…Just what nerves is he made of?

“Hey, Lucy, is that the Ancient Dragon King?” (Makoto)

“Obviously! What are you asking here?! You can tell just by looking, right?!” (Lucy)

“You think so too, Sa-san?” (Makoto)

“Yeah! It is totally different from the other Ancient Dragons after all! There’s no doubt it is the Demon Lord!” (Aya)

“Hmm… I see.” (Makoto)

It seems like there was something bothering Takatsuki-kun, he was tilting his head constantly. 

“What’s the matter, Makoto?” (Lucy)

“It is a bit different from the time I met him before…” (Makoto)

“But that was 1,000 years ago, right?” (Aya)

According to Takatsuki-kun, he fought the Ancient Dragon King with the Savior-san. 

At that time, it ended without being settled.

I am impressed he managed to fight that and end up fine. 

“Oh well. I can just ask the person himself.” (Makoto)

Unlike Lu-chan and I who were bent back by the Ancient Dragon King, Takatsuki-kun was the very definition of composure.

“Lucy, can you use loudspeaker magic?” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun asked something weird.

“I normally can, but…it might be difficult right now because of the magic sealing barrier…” (Lucy)

“I see. This is troubling.” (Makoto)

Looks like Takatsuki-kun wants to talk to the Ancient Dragon King. 


“Hey hey, Takatsuki-kun, if you want to speak loudly, want me to say it?” (Aya)

“You will?” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun made a dumbfounded face.

Despite appearances, I am a Queen Lamia. 

It is vexing, but I am a Calamity Designation monster. 

I have far more physical capability than Takatsuki-kun and Lu-chan. 

I should be able to bring out a high enough voice to reach the Ancient Dragons far away. 

“Then, can you tell him this?” (Makoto)

What I heard from Takatsuki-kun was a little peculiar. 

Hearing this, I opened my mouth wide.

“OOOOOIIII!!!” (Aya)

I let out my voice from the pit of my stomach.

By the way, I had Takatsuki-kun and Lu-chan cover their ears. 

I probably would have broken their eardrums otherwise…

“Ancient Dragon King!!! Takatsuki Makoto has come to fulfill his promise of 1,000 years ago!!!” (Aya)

I shouted this. 

Takatsuki-kun had apparently promised a rematch with the Ancient Dragon King.

Even if that’s the case, would you normally say that so stupidly honestly? 

I was a bit baffled by this. 

Takatsuki-kun waited for a response with an excited face.

But there was no response from the black Ancient Dragon.

It was simply glaring over here annoyed like the other dragons. 

“……E-Eh?” (Makoto)

“Makoto, haven’t you been forgotten?” (Lucy)

“It has been 1,000 years, so it can’t be helped~.” (Aya)

“N-No way…” (Makoto)

When Lu-chan and I said this, Takatsuki-kun groaned as if he was shocked by this.

“I-It has come!” (Aya)

“What do we do, Makoto?!” (Lucy)

The Ancient Dragon King was approaching with the other Ancient Dragons in tow.

Lu-chan and I were screaming, but Takatsuki-kun was just letting out his voice as if he were a bit angry. 

“Alright, then I will remind him. Dia, let’s do that.” (Makoto)

“Understood, Our King. Let’s return to him the disgrace of 1,000 years ago.” (Dia)

Takatsuki-kun rolled his sleeves. 

That arm of his was blue, and was a clear blue like that of the ocean. 



Lu-chan put her hands on her throat as if she couldn’t breathe. 

I also had an optical illusion as if I had -for an instant- been thrown into the deep sea. 

(A sea of mana…?) (Aya)

There was such dense mana filling the surroundings to the point that even I could feel it despite not being a mage. 


Several hundreds of magic circles float around Takatsuki-kun.

And then, they snapped like fireworks and scattered.

Just what kind of spell is he planning on using…?

“Spirit Arm: [Comet Drop].” (Makoto)


Lu-chan and I harmonized.


Isn’t that the spell that almost destroyed the capital of Great Keith…?

The scenery suddenly darkened. 

I look up at the sky as if drawn to it. 

The sky was split. 

No, the sky was falling.

The snow-laden clouds that were causing the blizzard.

Piercing through that, a ‘something’ of unbelievable size was filling up the sky. 

“Wa?!!! Makoto! Why?!” (Lucy)

“T-T-T-T-T-Takatsuki-kun! We will get caught up in that too!” (Aya)

Lu-chan and I were thrown into a panic. 

“Ahaha, so funny. You two, it is okay. You are with me, so there’s nothing to worry about.” 

The Great Water Spirit girl laughs. 


I meet eyes with Lu-chan. 

And then, we look up at the sky again.


A giant comet that fills up our whole field of vision.

That is slowly approaching and it was a sight as if it was the end of the world. 

Eeh… There’s nothing to worry…about this? 

Y-You are kidding, right?

I can’t believe it. 

And there were those who were panicking more than us.

The Ancient Dragons. 

Of course they would be.

At this rate, their dwelling will be blown up.

And even the Ancient Dragon King is panicking here. 

T-This is crazy…

“Hey, Makoto…can I ask something?” (Lucy)

Lu-chan said in a low voice.

“What?” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun turned around, and his face was the same as always to an unbearable extent. 

“Makoto, what’s your Water Magic Proficiency now?” (Lucy)

What Lu-chan asked was something I was curious about too.

The Comet Drop that assailed the Fire Country in the past required the lifespan sacrifice of many slaves. 

And Takatsuki-kun has accomplished that all on his own.

“Here.” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun showed us a piece of paper. 

“Takatsuki-kun’s Soul Book…?” (Aya)

That’s the paper where the Status and Skills of Takatsuki-kun are written in.

It is a document that shows your personal information in this parallel world.

By the way, the Status of a Lamia Queen -me- are high. 

My strength and dexterity easily go over the 100. 

It matches the Hero Olga-chan.

I can’t use magic, but with the Action Game Player Skill’s abilities, I have been acknowledged as an orichalcum adventurer. 

Compared to that, the stats of Takatsuki-kun are low as a whole.

His strength and dexterity are 3-4. 

By the way, even though he is a mage, he only has 4 in mana. 

In exchange, the Proficiency in Water Magic alone is outstandingly high, and coupled with Spirit Magic, he became a Hero.

The last time we asked him, his Proficiency was 999.

According to Lu-chan, no matter if you were to search the whole continent, there’s not a single mage of that level.

However, now that he has come back from his 1,000 year journey, he must have gotten even stronger. 

Just how much of a master in water magic has he become…?

The corner of Takatsuki-kun’s Soul Book was crushed.


Lu-chan was speechless after seeing the Soul Book of Takatsuki-kun.

I also peeked at the Soul Book and…saw that number.

Water Magic Proficiency: 5096.

(…What’s this?) (Aya)

I thought I saw wrong and looked again 3 times. 

But it wasn’t me seeing things. 

I may not know much about isekai magic, but even I can tell…

This is nuts. 

Over 5,000? 

What and how did he manage to reach such a ridiculous number? 

Lu-chan was still frozen in place even now. 

The shock must have been too big for a mage like her. 

In this 1 year, she has been working hard to get as close to Takatsuki-kun as possible.

And the reality is that she must have become one of the most prominent mages in the continent.

“Uhm…Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

“What is it, Sa-san?” (Makoto)

He directs a nonchalant look at me. I said to this lovely and dense man.

“Takatsuki-kun’s Status is bugged!!!” (Aya)

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