WM – Chapter 103: Mayhem in the capital of Symphonia (3)

[Will you become the Guardian Knight of the Moon Oracle?]



“Looking forward to working with you, Furiae-san.” (Makoto)

I extend my right hand.

The Moon Oracle made a surprised face for a second, and then extended her hand nervously towards me.

Even though she can see the future, she is surprised?

“L-Looking forward to working with you too, my knight. Also…call me Princess for appearances sake. I want to make our positions clear… Okay?” (Furiae)

“Should I call you…Princess Furiae?” (Makoto)

“That’s right… Thanks.” (Furiae)

Hmm, is there some sort of reason for that?

(Aaah…you idiot.) “Hero Makoto, you…” “Makoto, seriously?” “That’s just like Takatsuki-kun.” 

I heard the amazed voices of Noah-sama, Princess Sofia, Lucy, and Sa-san.

Sorry about that, I love troublesome choices.

No, Sa-san understands me.

“So, what does a Guardian Knight do?” (Makoto)

“Kneel and kiss the back of my hand.” (Furiae)

“O-Okay…” (Makoto)

That’s a bit embarrassing.

Well, can’t be helped.

I kneeled, took the hand of Furiae-san, and when my hand was getting close to the white back of her hand that felt like it was from a sculpture…

“W-Wait! You can make the Guardian Knight pact by just holding hands!” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia interjects.

“Really?” “Is that so, Princess Sofia?” 

Furiae-san and I turn at the same time.

“Why don’t you know?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia holds her head.

Furiae-san coughs once and continues.

“Then, hold my hand… I hereby declare you my knight, your name is…what’s your name?” (Furiae)

Oi, at least remember my name.

I am your Guardian Knight.

“Takatsuki Makoto.” (Makoto)

“Ah, right… Your name is Takatsuki Makoto. I will give you the honor of protecting the Moon Oracle. I will trust you. I will bless you. No matter the time and place, you will be my shield as long as there’s life in you, and you will become my sword.” (Furiae)

She announces dignified.


Hoh, that’s kinda cool.

“…Hey, and your response to the pact?” (Furiae)

Aah, I have to answer.

“I will try my best.” (Makoto)

“…What a weird answer.” (Furaie)

Furiae-san glares at me.

Eeh, what was the correct answer here?

A dim white light covers my body.

Oh, what’s this?! 

The light subsides soon after.

“With this, you have become my Guardian Knight. Try looking at your Soul Book.” (Furaie)

“Hm, let’s see.” (Makoto)

When I check the Soul Book, it certainly does say [Guardian Knight of the Moon Oracle].

The Skills…it still hasn’t increased.

Is it going to be added in the future?

“Then, I have fulfilled my part, so I leave the curse dispelling of tomorrow to you.” (Makoto)

“Alright, I will undo the lame curse of the Snake Church.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san pushes her chest out.

“Wait, Moon Oracle. There’s several tens of thousands of beastkin in Symphonia. How do you plan on undoing the curse of everyone?” (Sofia)

That’s true! That does bother me.

Nina-san is nodding repeatedly at that.

“Hmm, if it is about undoing the curse from many people, it would have to be through voice. If we make them hear the song of curse dispel by going around the whole capital, it should work.” (Furiae)

Princess Furiae places a hand on her cheek and tilts her head.

I see, we can just have them hear her voice.

“But it will take several hours to dispel it from all the beastkin with that method…” (Nina)

“Several hundreds of people will most likely die by that time…” (Chris)

Nina-san and Chris-san felt down by this.

I see, so we can’t avoid casualties…no, wait.

“Hey, Furiae-sa—Princess Furiae, is there any other way to dispel the curse aside from voice?” (Makoto)

“Aside from that, it would be directly touching them, or looking at them, but that would take even more time than voice.” (Furiae)

“Hero Makoto, when casting magic to an unclear number of people, using voice as the intermediary is the most effective method.” (Sofia)

Furiae-san and Princess Sofia retort.

I did learn that from the temple.


“How about this method…?” (Makoto)


“R-Reporting! The rebellion in the 7th District is slowly calming down!” 

“Same with the 8th District!” 

The highland soldiers were reporting the latest state of things.

“What…did you say…?” (Isaac)

The Archbishop was dumbfounded.

“Archbishop Isaac, the beastkin rebellion won’t occur. Symphonia won’t fall.” (Noel)

Princess Noel says with a strong tone.

“As expected of Noel-sama.” “But how?” “Obviously, it is the miracle of the Sun Goddess Althena-sama.” 

“D-Don’t joke around! There’s no way our 10 year plan would collapse!” (Isaac)

The voice of the impressed highland soldiers and nobles was cut by the vexed voice of Isaac.

“Answer, Princess Noel! The report of the highland soldiers just now was fake, right?! It wouldn’t make sense otherwise. Even with Saint Rank Magic, you can’t undo the curse of several tens of thousands of beastkin at once!” (Isaac)

What is he trying to appeal here by spreading his arms widely?

“He is getting agitated.” 

The Great Sage-sama grins in an evil manner.

“He indeed is.” (Makoto)

I also show that same grin.

“But to think you would Sync with the Moon Oracle and use the water of the rain as an intermediary for the curse dispel magic. You thought that one well.” 

“Nice way of using it, right, Great Sage-sama?” (Makoto)

“You normally wouldn’t do it like that.” 

She laughed amazed.

And then, she does a big stretch.

“Controlling the weather is tiring. Even if it is you asking me, I won’t be doing it again, okay?” 

“I gave you my blood though.” (Makoto)

“This time’s job required double the effort. Give me blood one more time.” 

“Okay okay, fine.” (Makoto)

It hurts, but it can’t be helped.

“The Moon Oracle! I can’t think of any other curse mage that’s superior to us aside from her. Did that tramp lend you her help?!” (Isaac)

“What a stupid thing to say. There’s no way the Sun Country would ask for the help of the Cursed Oracle…” 


Ooh! Issac-san, you hit it on the mark.

The one who denied the words of the Archbishop was the Pope.

Princess Noel was silent.

“Reporting! The beastkin revolt has stopped! There’s a number of them still rampaging, but only a few.” 

“Thanks for the report. Did you hear that? Archbishop of the Snake Church, you apparently took quite a lot of time in preparing this plan, but what a shame.” (Noel)

Princess Noel says coldly.

“Impossible…impossible…Damn it, now that it has come to this…” (Isaac)

Self-destruction Magic: [Firestorm].


He is desperate now!

“How boring.” 

The Great Sage pushes her right hand out and chants ‘Wood Magic: [Coiling Ivy]’ and the surroundings of Isaac instantly had tree ivies bind him up.

His arms, face, body have all been wrapped in ivies and he couldn’t move…eh, can he even breath like that?

“Noel, I will leave the cleaning up of this guy to you. He is simply controlled by magic, so I think he doesn’t have any noteworthy information though.” 

“Yes, Great Sage-sensei.” (Noel)

Princess Noel lowers her head at the words of the Great Sage-sama.

So the problem with the Snake Church has been resolved.

“Great Sage-sama!” “As expected of you!” “Good job as well, Princess Noel!” “The group of dirty bloods weren’t any big deal as expected.” 

The highland people are so self-interested.

Well, I am truly glad that it didn’t turn into a civil war with the beastkin.

“Princess Noel, there’s something that bothered me before. He said that we borrowed the power of the Moon Oracle to undo the curse of the Snake Church. Of course, I think it is just nonsense from the dirty bloods, but…” 

The Pope-sama asks with a serious face.

“There was no choice but to do that in order to reduce the damage to a minimum.” (Noel)

“What?! That can’t be allowed! For the holy capital of Symphonia protected by the Sun Goddess-sama to borrow the strength of a dirty blood is just…!” 

The Pope’s face turned bright red in anger.

Even though he looked like a gentle person who was against the execution of the beastkin at the meeting of before!

That’s a bit scary.

“Silence! Saying dirty blood, dirty blood. Do you hate the devilkin that much?! My magic was what calmed down the rebellion of the beastkin!” (Furiae)

Geh, Furiae-san snapped!

She is unexpectedly short-tempered.

“T-The Moon Oracle!” “When did she slip in?!” “W-We must capture her.” “But how? We can’t touch her!” “Even so, how beautiful…” “Can’t believe she is even from this plane…” 

We were surrounded by highland soldiers in an instant.

(But aren’t a number of them charmed?) (Makoto)

They are slowly closing the distance to capture Furiae-san.

But Princess Noel raised her hand to stop this.

“There’s something I want to tell everyone. We were able to undo the Brainwash magic that caused the rebellion of the beastkin thanks to the Moon Oracle, Furiae, here.” (Noel)



“B-But what should we do then?” 

The highland soldiers and nobles were confused by this.

“Under my name as Princess Noel, the Sun Country will forget the past grudges and join forces with the Moon Oracle to defeat the Great Demon Lord.” (Noel)

The face of Princess Noel when announcing this may look calm, but it was bitter.

Well, we did run into a variety of problems when we told them our plans yesterday after all…

We managed to convince her with the help of Sakurai-kun, but Princess Noel was against it at first…

Why does the Sun Country hate the Moon Oracle so excessively?

“Impossible! What are you saying?!” 

“Princess Noel! This isn’t something to be decided when His Majesty is not present!” 

“This is clearly against the rules. Even if it is you, Princess Noel, it won’t be allowed!” 

The Princes and the Prime Minister (I think) are the ones making a ruckus.

The Five Sacred Nobles are watching silently.

“I have already gotten the acknowledgement of my father, the Highland King. This is his signature as proof.” (Noel)

Princess Noel takes out a flashy piece of paper.

“Ooh…his Majesty…” “Impossible! I haven’t heard about this!” “What a thing to do on their own whim!” 

It seems like there’s still people who are not convinced, but with the okay of the King, it should be fine. 

Or more like, Princess Noel being able to prepare all of this in one night is incredible.

I glanced at Princess Furiae and she had her arms crossed and her lips were puckered.

And Sakurai-kun is looking at her worried.

My eyes made contact with Sakurai-kun.

When it comes to politics, we both don’t have any turn.

“Is that fine with everyone?!”

The one who put a stop to this with a loud voice was General Yuwein.

“A large army of monsters is currently heading to Symphonia. We have to do something about that first.” (Yuwein)


The people that were making a lot of noise fall silent.

Nice, General-san.

I thought we finally got silence, but the General-san turned this way.

“There’s apparently Taboo Monsters within the army of monsters. We don’t have experience fighting them. Heroes, please lend us your assistance.” (Yuwein)

Geh, so it came to that.

Well, fine by me.

“That sounds fun. Count me in too.” 

“?! The Great Sage-sama herself?! But isn’t there a need to save your strength for the time when the Great Demon Lord revives?” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein says surprised.

Hoh, so there was a reason like that?

No wonder she wasn’t standing in the frontlines.

“I am the support. My disciple will fight. Hey, red haired mage.” 

“Eh? M-Me?” (Lucy)

Lucy raises her head in surprise.

What? Lucy-san became the disciple of the Great Sage-sama?

“She is the great grandchild of the Legendary Hero Johnny, and the Crimson Witch, Rosalie. I assure her ability.” 


The highland soldiers were reacting greatly at this.

The names of the great grandfather mentioned before and the mother of Lucy that’s apparently a famous mage, huh.

They really are well known.


“Lucy, are you okay?” (Makoto)

I whisper to her.

“Y-Yeah. I think my magic precision has increased decently…” (Lucy)

She seems insecure.

“Well, we will support you. Isn’t that right, Sa-san?” (Makoto)

“Yeah! Do your best, Lucy-san!” (Aya)

“Your Eminence, Grand Dukes; I will be temporarily taking command of the Templars and the Four Sky Knight Orders.” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein is the one in control.

He does have that presence of an army general.

North Gate: Sun Knights (First and Second Division) + Northern Sky Knight Order + Water Country Heroes.

South Gate: Sun Knights (Third and Fourth Division) + Southern Sky Knight Order + Lucy.

East Gate: Sun Knights (Fifth and Sixth Division) + Eastern Sky Knight Order + Templars. 

West Gate: Sun Knights (Seventh Division) + Western Sky Knight Order + Light Hero.

It turned out in this division. Wait, eh?

“Lucy and I are in different places?” (Makoto)

“Eh? No way.” (Lucy)

Lucy and I look at each other.

“Want to come over here too, Spirit User-kun?” 

The Great Sage-sama says.


I glance at Princess Sofia and Prince Leonard.

For only me to get out from the Water Country Heroes group is…

And most of all…

“Leo…you have to be careful, okay?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia was uneasy.

“Y-Yes, Nee-sama!” (Leonard)

And Prince Leonard was even more nervous.

“Prince Leonard, we will protect you! Understood you guys?!” 


Looking at the state of the Water Country…

(Prince Leonard worries me…) (Makoto)

“I will be going to the North Gate. By the way, where did the Lightning Hero go?” (Makoto)

“Geralt is…currently under house arrest and there’s no knowing where he is…” 

The father of Geralt-san answers with a grumpy face.

Eeh, where did you go, Geralt-san?! 

“I heard there’s 3 other Heroes in the Sun Country though…” (Makoto)

“The remaining three are out of the capital for a different mission. There’s only 3 Heroes in the capital currently.” 

“I-I see…” (Makoto)

No, this is the strongest army of the continent.

It should be okay! …Probably.

“Then, everyone, to your posts. May fortune be with you.” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein is apparently going to remain in the Highland Castle to take command of the remaining whole.

We head to our own positions.

◇Capital of Symphonia: North Gate◇

A cloud of dust is approaching.

I feel like the ground is shaking.

Even if a crowd of people were to march forward, it wouldn’t cause the same effect.

Large sized monsters are creating that cloud of dust…

The mob of monsters approaching the North Gate.

According to the report, there’s around 5,000. 

The ones facing them will be the Sun Knights, the Northern Sky Knight Order, and the Water Country force.

There’s only around 10 minutes till we make contact with the army of monsters.

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