WM – Chapter 238: Takatsuki Makoto arrives at the Deepest Floor of Laberintos

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“Makoto-san, is this ice magic? An enemy attack?” 

The temperature inside the frozen dungeon lowered sharply.

Of course Momo and Hero Abel woke up.

Hero Abel is trembling most likely from the cold.

Momo is most likely fine because she is a vampire, she isn’t trembling.

But she seems strange.

“…Master, who is that woman?” (Momo)

Momo pointed at Dia who was hugging me.

……Wait, eh?

“Momo, you can see the Great Water Spirit Dia?” (Makoto)

“Huh? Since when did you secretly bring a woman? Aah~, she is so beautiful~.” (Momo)

No no, that’s not it at all.

Wait, Momo, you are scary. 

“Wait wait, what’s happening here, Dia?” (Makoto)

“Our King, with you giving me a name, I have managed to incarnate in this realm. I will serve you till death do us apart.” (Dia)

“Huh?” (Makoto)

W-What does she mean by incarnate? 

Uhm…the Great Water Spirit that you would have to train your magic proficiency to be able to see has now become someone anyone can see?

T-There was such an effect in giving a name…?

“Makoto-san, who is that girl? She seems to have a fearsome amount of mana…” (Abel)

Before I answered Hero Abel, I glared at Dia.

“I heard none of this, Dia.” (Makoto)

“Teehee☆.” (Dia)

This woman, she hid it on purpose! 

Kuh, making a face like that of Noah-sama.

“Master~.” (Momo)

“Makoto-san?” (Abel)

“Uhm…Momo, Abel-san, about this girl…” (Makoto)

While getting internally flustered, I explain about the Great Water Spirit Dia to them.

“She is the Great Water Spirit Undine…?” (Abel)

“When you gave her a name, she turned visible…?” (Momo)

“Aah, Our King… So lovely…” (Dia)

Hero Abel and Momo were looking at Dia, but the person herself was in her own world.

Or more like, you are clinging too much.

“Hey, please don’t cling so much onto Master! You just joined and all!” (Momo)

“Huh? I have been by his side all the time, you know? You are the one that just recently became his disciple, right?” (Dia)

“Master, this girl is cocky!” (Momo)

“Our King, this shrimp is cocky, isn’t she?!” (Dia)

Oi oi, they are already fighting.

“Fighting between members isn’t allowed in this party.” (Makoto)

“…Muh.” (Momo)

“…Hmph.” (Dia)

Momo and Dia  went ‘pui’ and looked the other way from each other.

I feel like the pains increased. 

Also, Dia can speak the common language.

So skilled.

Even so, there’s something that bothers me.

“Are you always visible, Dia?” (Makoto)

“No, I will be hiding my figure in the Spirit Realm most of the time. There’s the chance that the annoying Gods in the Divine Realm will have their eyes on us after all.” (Dia)

“The Gods of the Divine Realm?” (Momo)

“Will have their eyes on you?” (Abel)

Momo and Abel looked in wonder.

Geh! This topic is bad.

I hurriedly cover the mouth of Dia.

“XXXXXX. XXXXXXXXXX! (Don’t talk about how my faith is with the Titan God Noah-sama. Abel is a Hero of the Holy Gods!)” (Makoto)

“XXXXXX! XXXX! (I-I am sorry! Our King!)” (Dia)

I warned her in Spirit Language.

That was close.

If they were to discover I am a former Apostle of an Evil God, I don’t know what Hero Abel would say.

More so when the current Apostle Cain is the killer of Abel’s mentor…

“I will be hiding myself now, okay~?” (Dia)

Dia disappears.

What a whimsical girl.

I am tired…

“I will rest for a bit. Let’s resume our exploration after that.” (Makoto)

“…Understood. Then, I will keep an eye around.” (Momo)

“Thanks, Momo.” (Makoto)

“You really go at your own pace…Makoto-san.” (Abel)

I heard the amazed voice of Hero Abel, but I ignored it and laid down.

My body feels heavy.

The moment I laid down, I immediately was attacked by drowsiness. 

I didn’t dream anything.


After I woke up, we walked through the heart of Laberintos.

The ground and walls had magic crystals that were releasing lights of many colors. 

It is a beautiful dungeon.

It looks like an inorganic dungeon at a glance, but there were springs like an oasis here and there, and places where trees were growing thickly.

I could see birds and small animals there.


“It is quiet, isn’t it, Master?” (Momo)

“Yeah, is this really the Core Floor of Laberintos?” (Abel)

Momo and Hero Abel had questioning expressions.

The reason for that is because we haven’t seen any monsters at all for a while now.

There should be Calamity Designation monsters roaming all around the place in the Core Floor of Laberintos.

It is also called the Nest of Dragons.

It wouldn’t be strange to be attacked by dragons at any moment…

“Fufufu, they must have gotten scared of my mana♪.” (Dia)

Dia was dancing smoothly in the air. 

There was mana overflowing from her body.

It is mana that feels as if it were a bomb on the verge of exploding.

She stands out beyond belief.

“Dia, you can’t reduce the output of your mana?” (Makoto)

“Oh my, Our King, this is already the lowest I can go, you know?” (Dia)

“Seriously…?” (Makoto)

In my eyes, it is an amount of mana that feels like just before someone shoots a monarch rank spell. This is apparently the usual for her.

Hero Abel and Momo were wary at first because we were in the Core Floor of Laberintos, but now the tension in their faces is gone.

It is most likely as Dia said.

Even dragons aren’t showing because they are wary of her mana.

This has turned into quite the different situation than calculated. 

But this isn’t bad. 

Things being peaceful isn’t bad.

Also, I have to confirm our power.

“Hey, Dia, if this is the lowest, what’s the highest when you gather mana? I think saint rank spells could be used without any issues, but could it be that you can gather mana enough to use god rank spells?” (Makoto)

“I am sorry, Our King. I don’t really understand this ‘saint rank’ and ‘god rank’ stuff. I think that’s a measure of people from the mortal realm…” (Dia)

“I see.” (Makoto)

It is true that the grades of the spells that people decided on has nothing to do with the Great Water Spirit. 

“But if it is how much mana I can gather, then I can answer. I want to say ‘the mana of all the water of this world’, but you wouldn’t be able to use it as you currently are. If it is in your current state Our King…I can call my Great Water Spirit sisters from around the whole world. They will listen to you as well, Our King.” (Dia)

“Sisters…? There’s not only one Great Water Spirit?” (Makoto)

“There’s others. The Spirits that were once one were torn apart by that wretched Tita—that certain war…” (Dia)

She must be referring to the Titanomachy…

That mythological talk. 

Even so, I didn’t know there were more than one Great Water Spirit. 

“Got it. When I am in trouble, your sisters will help me out too, right, Dia?” (Makoto)

“That’s right, Our King.” (Dia)

Looks like several Great Water Spirits will lend me their help.

That’s reassuring. 

Dia went ‘hmph!’ and pushed her chest out proudly. 

That gesture is similar to Noah-sama.

Is Noah-sama doing well?

At that moment, my sleeve was tugged.

It is Momo.

“Master, there’s a gaze observing us.” (Momo)

“Where?” (Makoto)

I hurriedly turned there.

It is true that I think I managed to see something with Farsight for an instant there.

“Ah, it must have hidden after making eye contact with me. It is most likely a dragon.” (Momo)

“I didn’t notice at all…” (Abel)

“Me too, Abel-san.” (Makoto)

The specs of Momo’s body after turning into a vampire are fearsome.

If she trains magic on top of that, I feel like she will pass me in fighting power in an instant.

“Thanks, Momo.” (Makoto)

“Ehehe…” (Momo)

I pat Momo’s head and she clung to me happily. 

This girl’s so cute…

It is hard to believe she is the same Great Sage-sama of the future.

Her looks are exactly the same, so there’s no doubt she is that same person though.

“There’s no need to worry, Our King. No matter the monster, it should be okay with me here.” (Dia)

Dia cut into our conversation.

“Lowering our guard like that can cost our lives, right, Master?” (Momo)

Momo grabbed my hand tightly. 

“It is true that we must not lower our guards, Our King. Synchronize with me.” (Dia)

Dia also grabbed my hand. 

Uhm, having both of my hands occupied is a bit…

“Yes, you two make sure to be wary of the surroundings.” (Makoto)

I let go of their hands and use Detection.

There’s no monsters nearby, as if natural.

We continue our exploration for now with caution.

But in the end there was no monster standing in our way.

It has been half a day since our exploration.

We arrived at the deepest part of the Core Floor.

“This place is…” (Makoto)

“The Deepest Floor of Laberintos…” (Abel)

There’s a giant gate-like entrance in front of us.

The gate is half-open, and there were stairs going even further down.

I thought there would be a barrier on it, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Is it telling us to come if we dare to…?

The legendary Holy Dragon is here…

I gulped and went down one step at a time.

It was a long long staircase that felt like a downhill.

The steep slope suddenly became gentle.

And then, the bare rock ground now had plants growing from it. 

Despite being inside a dungeon, it was overflowing with bright light. 

However, that light is not from the sun. I could tell it was made from magic.

The ground had green spreading thickly, but they were all plants I haven’t seen on the surface. 

The Deepest Floor was a dome-like gigantic space.

Also the big bodies I can see here and there are dragons…most likely Ancient Dragons.

Even when we approach them, they don’t come. I feel like…we are being watched.

It is a bit scary. 

It doesn’t seem like they will suddenly attack us, but they don’t look friendly. 

We advanced slowly. 

There was a spring at the center of the Deepest Floor.

This spring that is made up of a massive amount of mana that must have flowed from the Star Veins was sparkling.

There were pure white flowers blooming around that spring as if surrounding it. 

That place alone was overflowing with more light than the other places.

I noticed that that place is the center of the Deepest Floor. 

At the side of the spring, there’s one giant white dragon lying down.

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