WM – Chapter 198: Lucy’s comrade won’t just obediently stay hospitalized

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◇Lucy POV◇

“Takatsuki-kun, want to eat an apple?” (Aya)

“You already peeled it.” (Makoto)

“Here, ‘aahn’.” (Aya)

“Aahn.” (Makoto)

“Tasty?” (Aya)

“Tasty.” (Makoto)

“Ehehe, eat a whole lot, okay?” (Aya)

Aya is feeding apples to Makoto who is lying down on a hospital bed. 

That’s nice. 

I am jealous, but I can’t cut fruits so skillfully like her. 

“Hey, Mage-san, how long do we have to stay here?” (Furi)

“Naah Naah.”

The one who is sitting elegantly on the sofa of the hospital room and rubbing the chin of the black cat is Furi.

“It is until the medal awarding ceremony is done, right? Isn’t it in around 1 week?” (Lucy)

I don’t know exactly myself, so I gave a vague answer.

We are currently at a room of the national hospital at the capital of Highland. 

The reason is because our leader, Makoto, is hospitalized…which is the front, but the reality is that Makoto didn’t want to participate in the medal awarding ceremony for the war of before and tried to return to Rozes, so he got caught by Princess Noel and Princess Sofia.

They (slightly) forcefully had Makoto hospitalized under a disease called Magic Fatigue. 

It is true that his body has accumulated fatigue due to using too much magic.

And so, Makoto is currently resting. 

That’s how it is supposed to be, but…

“Is there no freedom here?!” (Makoto)

Saying this, Makoto tried to escape, but Aya and I have already caught him more than 10 times. 

The doctor also told him that it would be best to take proper rest, geez.

Aya and I are seriously worried about you, you know! 

“Don’t go running away anymore, okay, Takatsuki-kun? I will chase after you no matter where you go.” (Aya)

“Even if you use Stealth, my ears won’t miss you, okay?” (Lucy)

“…Overpowered people. Overpowered people everywhere.” (Makoto)

Makoto was dejected.

But it can’t be helped. 

The defeat of the Demon Lord Zagan by the hands of the Light Hero-sama.

This notice made the whole continent cheer.

The Sun Country’s position in the Six Nation Alliance grew even more immovable. 

A problem pops up here though.

The Light Hero-sama managed to defeat the Demon Lord thanks to the Rozes Hero, Takatsuki Makoto.

On top of that, the Great Sage-sama said ‘we wouldn’t have been able to defeat the Demon Lord without him’.

Makoto also played a pivotal role in defeating the Demon Lord Bifrons in my homeland Spring Log. 

There were no witnesses at that moment, so his achievement in the battle wasn’t clear. 

As a result, it ended up with it being my mama -the Crimson Witch- and the Wind Tree Hero Maximillian-san’s achievement. 

The ones with foul mouths would say things like ‘Bifrons was close to death anyways. The Rozes Hero was simply the person who was coincidentally the lucky one who was there’.

But this time’s achievement cannot be doubted. 

The otherworlder Takatsuki Makoto is being relied on by even the Light Hero-sama, and he is acknowledged by the Great Sage-sama. 

It is settled that the Light Hero will be marrying into the Highland royalty. 

In that case, they would want to get close to the Hero who has the second most achievements.

Or maybe marry and turn him into foil for their household. 

I heard that Highland…no, the nobles of the whole continent are aiming for Makoto.

For now, they plan on having him stay hospitalized until the medal award ceremony. 

The nobles most likely won’t be bothering him in that time. 

-The next day.

“Princess Sofia! You should grandly announce your engagement to Makoto-sama at the medal award ceremony!” (Chris)

“Uhm…Chris, should I?” (Sofia)

“You definitely should! We have already confirmed that there’s more than 10 nobles that are trying to make contact with Takki-dono, and that’s only on the surface-desu zo!” (Fuji)

It is the conversation of Fuji-yan and Chris-san who came together with Princess Sofia to visit. 

“But…something like that can’t be decided on my own…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia directs a gaze of consideration towards me and Aya. 

The fiancee of Makoto, was it…? 

Makoto doesn’t give that kind of air at all.

“I am fine with that. As long as I can be together with Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

Aya’s tone was light.

But I know. 

She came to this world like Makoto, so she doesn’t have family here.

That’s why the absolute condition of Aya is to ‘be together with Takatsuki-kun’.

The meaning of that is heavy. 

In the past, she would say things like ‘If I can’t see Takatsuki-kun anymore, I don’t know what I might do’ with a straight face.

Aya sometimes says scary things.

“…What about Lucy-san?” (Sofia)

“I don’t really mind either.” (Lucy)

I implicitly told her ‘it is fine’.

Rather than having Makoto be taken by Highland that gives a cold reception to elves, it would be far better to have him in the Water Country that has no race discrimination.

My real feelings are obviously that I want him to become mine only, but that man is popular -to an irritating extent.

“Don’t worry about me.  I have nothing to do with that after all.” (Furiae)

Furi answered before she was even asked.

…Does it really have nothing to do with you?

It bothers me, but I won’t step on what seems like the tail of a lion. 

And, in the end, the eyes of everyone concentrated on Makoto.

Makoto made an ‘hm?’ face as he stops using water magic, and looks over here.

This man…

Does he know who we are talking about here?

“Makoto, were you listening?” (Lucy)

I was amazed by his attitude that felt as if it were someone else’s business, so I warned him.

“O-Of course I was listening!” (Makoto)

He definitely wasn’t.

At that moment, Princess Sofia got close to Makoto, held both of his hands, and said this while in a position as if she were hugging him.

“Hero Makoto…can you please…can you please take me?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia asked cutely with cheeks blushing and damp eyes.

Wait, isn’t this a proposal?! 

In front of these many people?! 

Or more like, why now? 

I was surprised here, and Aya had her mouth wide open.

“O-Okay…with pleasure.” (Makoto)

Ah, that Makoto.

Got washed by the flow.

He really is weak to the push! 

He immediately agrees when approached aggressively! 

Even though he hasn’t said that so clearly with me! 

Maybe I should approach him aggressively too when I find the timing, is what I was thinking at that time.

-A few more days later.

“Alright, Takatsuki-kun, roll up your shirt. I will wipe the sweat.” (Aya)

“Okay.” (Makoto)

Makoto is being stripped by Aya over there today again.

He has gotten a bit of muscle lately. 

Even though he was thinner than me when we first met. 

“Waah, Takatsuki-kun, you have gotten bulkier than our time in middle school.” (Aya)

“Really?” (Makoto)

“Yup yup. Like over here…” (Aya)

“That tickles, Sa-san.” (Makoto)

Aya was touching the body of Makoto here and there.

That’s not fair. 

I want to do that too.

I talk to Furi to distract myself.

“Furi, want to go out somewhere?” (Lucy)

“I don’t have acquaintances in the Sun Country, so I will stay here.” (Furiae)

“How about the place of the Light Hero-sama?” (Lucy)

Furi ‘gets along’ with the Light Hero-sama.

The meaning is a bit nuanced though.

It is not like me and Aya who are friends, but she should be close to him.

“There’s no way I can meet him. That woman must be close to him after all.” (Furiae)

“Princess Noel?” (Lucy)

“That’s right. The annoying woman that imprisoned me.” (Furiae)

“I-I see.” (Lucy)

Looks like Princess Noel and her are still on the worst of terms.

I personally don’t feel like she is that bad of a person though.

While we were talking about that, the Light Hero-sama we were talking about came into the hospital room.

‘Speaking of the devil’, kinda thing?

“Takatsuki-kun! I heard you were hospitalized. Are you okay?!” (Sakurai)

“Oh, Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

The arrival of the Light Hero Sakurai Ryosuke-sama who was at the time when the Demon Lord Zagan was defeated. 

An otherworlder just like Makoto and also his childhood friend.

He really is a good friend of Makoto.

“Takatsuki-kun, I have come to visit you.” (Saki)

“Good day, Makoto-sama.” (Noel)

At his back there’s the female knight called Yokoyama Saki, and Princess Noel.

“Sakurai-kun, please save me.” (Makoto)

The moment Makoto saw the face of the Light Hero-sama, he said something weird.

“Save you?! Tell me! I will do anything in my power to help you!” (Sakurai)

“Hm? You said ‘do anything’ just now, didn’t you?” (Makoto)

Makoto grins.

Aah, that face is the face he makes when he is about to say something stupid. 

“I want to skip the medal award ceremony and return to Makkaren. Or more like, I want to go on an adventure.” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Sakurai)

“I am tired of being in the hospital!” (Makoto)

“U-Uhm…yeah…” (Sakurai)

The Light Hero-sama was making a troubled expression at what Makoto said.

After thinking about it, it seems like he requested for help from Princess Noel.

Princess Noel made an X with her arms.

“Takatsuki-kun, I am sorry, but…” (Sakurai)

“Uagh…” (Makoto)

Makoto made a begrudging face as he fell flat back onto his bed.

There’s two reasons as to why he is sulky. 

One is because he is already tired of being cooped inside the hospital room for several days.

The second is because he was saying ‘Demon Lords really are strong! I should train more!’ and was looking at a map with glittery eyes and wondering what dungeon to head to next.

“Lucy, Sa-san, Princess, let’s go here next!” (Makoto)

“Hm? Where? …Wait, eeh?! Are you serious, Makoto?” (Lucy)

“Of course I am seriously serious!” (Makoto)

The place Makoto pointed at was in the center of the Central Ocean, the Deep Sea.

“My Knight, that’s the place people call the Last Dungeon, you know?” (Furiae)

Furi made a surprised face too.

The most difficult dungeon that’s said to have been created by the gods.

The last trial of the gods.

There’s no one who has been able to reach the end of it. 

It isn’t a dungeon that you just challenge lightly.

“Takatsuki-kun, where’s that?” (Aya)

“It is close to some islands called the Heaven Archipielago in the Central Ocean. It seems we can get there with the Flying Ship of Fuji-yan.” (Makoto)

“I see. Got it~.” (Aya)

Uwa, it is heading into the direction where we are going. 

Aya normally doesn’t go against what Makoto wants.

Furi is also making a ‘can’t be helped’ face.

Makoto was beginning preparations for the trip, and was requesting a lot of tools from Fuji-yan for the sake of that. 

And then, it entered the ears of Princess Sofia through Chris-san.

“Wait! Please spare me from having two Heroes heading to the Last Dungeon when the Great Demon Lord is about to resurrect!” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia rushed here to try and stop the plan of Makoto. 

Well, of course she would. 

The amount of people who have returned from the Last Dungeon is abysmally low. 

Due to the order of the Country Designated Hero’s superior, Makoto challenging the Deep Sea Temple was rejected.

And so, Makoto is currently sulking.

“My Knight is dispirited. Ryosuke, help him out.” (Furiae)

Furi was playing with the black cat until a moment ago, but she went to interact with Makoto and the Light Hero-sama.

“It has been a while, Furiae.” (Sakurai)

“Yeah, it has. You look well. More importantly, My Knight saved your life, right? Wouldn’t the Light Hero that defeated a Demon Lord be able to do something?” (Furiae)

She sat at the bed of Makoto and said this as she grabbed the clothes of the Light Hero-sama.

“No…my duty is to defeat the Great Demon Lord. What’s important is ahead. I can’t do as I wish.” (Sakurai)

“If it is you, it should be okay.” (Furiae)

Furi brushes the hand of the Light Hero-sama and smiles bewitchingly. 

…I asked Furi before, but it seems like she does those things unconsciously. 

Why is it that every natural gesture of hers is so seductive?

Even Aya and I would skip a beat at the sidelong glance of Furi.

The only one who doesn’t give a reaction is Makoto.

Aah, Princess Noel is getting displeased at the back.

“Princess, don’t trouble Sakurai-kun too much with selfish requests.” (Makoto)

“It should be okay if it is Ryosuke. Hey, can’t we fly real fast to the Last Dungeon with your white dragon?” (Furiae)

“Hmmm…that’s…” (Sakurai)

“It is okay. Lend it to us secretly…okay?” (Furiae)

Furi’s face was close to the Light Hero.

I wonder what kind of face Makoto is making…wait, he is glancing back and forth towards Princess Noel.

I was pulled by this and looked over there as well, and ah…she is pretty angry.

“Moon Oracle Furiae, stop it already.” (Noel)

Princess Noel gets in between them.

“Why? I am currently talking to Ryosuke. Don’t get in the way.” (Furiae)

“Let go of that hand first.” (Noel)

Princess Noel forcefully brushed away Furi’s hand.

“That hurt. What are you doing?” (Furiae)

“You are getting too familiar. Ryosuke-san is my fiance!” (Noel)

“That Holy Swordswoman-san there too, right? That girl isn’t bothered by this, you know? Isn’t it just you who is insecure?” (Furiae)

“You…!” (Noel)

Wait wait, Furi, you are talking like that to the next one in the throne of the most powerful country in the continent, you know?! 

‘Makoto, we have to stop that!’, is what I thought and looked over there and…

“Takatsuki-kun, how are you feeling?” (Saki)

“I am dying from boredom.” (Makoto)

“Saki-chan, Takatsuki-kun tries to escape from the hospital the first chance he gets.” (Aya)

“That’s not good. You have to stay in bed.” (Saki)

“Right, Saki-chan?” (Aya)

“Yeah.” (Saki)

He bailed out. 

He is talking with the otherworlder group.

The Light Hero-sama was looking at that in jealousy.

He seems like he wants to join that group. 

In the end, things finished with the thorny conversation of Furi and Princess Noel.

Furi really is fearless.

-A few more days passed.

Princess Sofia came by to check on Makoto everyday.

He really is loved.

It might be to make sure he doesn’t escape or keep an eye on him though.

After that, there were also General Tariska and Maximilian-senpai visiting him.

Geralt Valentine came too.

Makoto really is amazing.

They are all incredibly influential people in this continent, you know?

But Makoto was protesting that he wanted to leave this place at once, and everyone was making troubled expressions.

The amount of visits has been calming down lately. 

Makoto was dying from his displeasure in being hospitalized for so long.

He was letting Aya nurse him as she wished.

“Takatsuki-kun, are you thirsty?” (Aya)

“Hmm, normal.” (Makoto)

“Okay~. Then I will bring fruit juice, okay?” (Aya)

Aya moved her way to the refrigerator. 

By the way, the refrigerator is something that Makoto made with his Spirit Magic.

Spirit Magic really is handy. 

Maybe I should learn it too.

“Takatsuki-kun, open your mouth~.” (Aya)

“Hmm, later.” (Makoto)

Makoto was training languidly with his water magic in bed.

Looks like he is concentrating in his magic.

“Geez, how lazy you are, Takatsuki-kun. Then, I will give it to you mouth to mouth, okay?” (Aya)

“Hmm, okay.” (Makoto)


I think I heard something weird there?

Mouth to mouth? 

No no, I heard wrong, right? 

“*Gulp*. Then, here I go.” (Aya)


Makoto and I were not paying attention to the conversation, so our surprised voices overlapped.

Aya had fruit juice in her mouth, and was approaching the mouth of Makoto…

“Wait a moment there, Aya!” (Lucy)

I hurriedly try to stop her.

What is she doing in a hospital?! 

I grab the head of Aya tightly.

“*Gulp*” (Aya)

I heard the gulping sound of her swallowing the fruit juice. 

You definitely would have done it if I hadn’t stopped you, didn’t you, Aya?! 

“Arya, I was stopped.” (Aya)

“What are you doing, I wonder?” (Lucy)


I look down at Aya with crossed arms. 

But Aya glared at me without faltering.

“Who was it that sneaked into the hospital room at night and tried to ‘sync kiss’ with Takatsuki-kun saying it was for training~?” (Aya)

“Geh.” (Lucy)

Why does Aya know that?! 

I turn to the back where Furi is playing with the black cat.

“Ah, I told her.” (Furiae)

“Guh! …I told you to keep it a secret.” (Lucy)

“Can’t do. That wouldn’t be fair.” (Furiae)

Last night I stealthily sneaked into the bed of Makoto, and Furi who had seen that future stopped me. 

Didn’t you say you couldn’t see futures in detail?! 

“Lu-chan~?” (Aya)

“Ugugu.” (Lucy)

Our standings made a complete turnaround.

“It was just magic training! Makoto wasn’t against it!” (Lucy)

“I was sleeping after all.” (Makoto)

“Then this is just nursing him, right?!” (Aya)

“It may be, but no! In the first place, you are sticking to Makoto so much it is not fair!” (Lucy)

“Isn’t it fine to do something as small as mouth-to-mouth?!” (Aya)

“That’s not nursing!” (Lucy)

“Hey, you two are being noisy.” (Furiae)

Furi finally came in to stop our quarreling. 

“It is noisy today as well.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia entered the room without even knocking.

She is already completely a member of this room.

“Princess Sofia!” (Makoto)

Makoto jumped up and drew close to Princess Sofia.

“Eh?! Y-Yes, what is it?” (Sofia)

“I have a request!” (Makoto)

Looks like the stress of being hospitalized for several days has made Makoto think up something weird again.

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