WM – Chapter 252: Takatsuki Makoto trains

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—3rd day since arriving at the Sun Temple.

There was a spring here, so there was no problem with water.

There were fruits and vegetables growing around the spring.

Even wheat was growing.

Looks like they are being raised with magic.

It was peaceful thanks to there being no monsters. 

“Is this paradise…?” 

Hero Abel…no, the Holy Maiden Anna muttered.

Why is she in female form?

“Anything goes here.” (Makoto)

I sipped on the spring water I drew.


Water can come out from a summit?

…It is an isekai anyways.

I should stop thinking too deeply about it. 

We were having a meal on the seats and around the table that Mel-san had made with earth magic.

There was bread, fruits, and meat on the table. 

The bread was made by Mel-san using what she called Food Preparation Magic to change the wheat into bread.

That’s Mel-san for you. She can do anything.

The meat was the meat of an animal Mel-san went down to hunt.

Momo and Anna-san cooked it. 

I…peeled the fruits with my sacred treasure knife.

“Uhm…Master…” (Momo)

“Aah, the usual, huh.” (Makoto)

Momo was fidgeting, so I gave her my right arm. 

Momo bit that.

“Haah…the blood of Master is truly sweet…” (Momo)

“Really?” (Makoto)

I licked the wound Momo had bitten to try it out, and it was salty.

Or more like, it tastes like blood.

I can’t understand the palate of vampires.

“U-Uhm…Master, that’s the place my mouth was…!” (Momo)

Momo turned red.

“Hm?” (Makoto)

Now that she mentions it, it is the place that Momo had bitten into just now.

Is this an indirect kiss…?

“Makoto-san…shameless.” (Anna)

Anna-san was glaring lightly over here.

No, even if you glare at me…

I simply licked my own wound here.

“So, what will we do from now on, Spirit User-kun?” (Mel)

Mel-san asked our plans from now on.

“Momo will be doing the training menu that Mel-san thought of. Anna-san, you talk to the Sun Goddess please. Also, we are above the clouds, so there’s sunlight. You can train your Light Hero Skill.” (Makoto)

“Thanks to that, it is rough for me because of the light at daytime though…” (Momo)

Momo muttered sadly. 

We are currently in the shadow that the ceiling of the temple is casting.

If Momo gets hit directly by the sunlight, she would collapse.

I pat the head of Momo.

It may be a tough environment for a vampire, but it is no doubt a safe place.

She has to endure it.

“…I am praying everyday, but I can’t hear the voice of Althena-sama…” (Anna)

Anna-san’s voice didn’t have energy.

Hmm, I did hear that this era’s Althena-sama can’t get enough religious faith, and her ability to influence the mortal realm has weakened greatly, but…is it really possible that not even an Oracle can talk to her?

“I will be heading to Laberintos. I have to explain to Johnny-san about our future plans after all. Also, I will be giving him the weapon that the Destiny Oracle-san entrusted to me. Mel-san, can I ask you to take me there?” (Makoto)

I have also been given the weapon for Johnny-san from Ira-sama. 

“You are one dragon slave driver. But I am worried about the family I left at Laberintos. Fine.” (Mel)

Mel-san has agreed to giving me a ride.

“Makoto-san…please be careful.” (Anna)

“Master, it will be lonely here.” (Momo)

“I will be back in a few days.” (Makoto)

I smiled at Anna-san and the Great Sage-sama to relieve them from their worries.

The journey to Laberintos on the back of Mel-san was going smoothly.

We arrived at Laberintos at around 2 days.

Mobs of monsters attacked us several times on our way, so I used the Sacrificial Technique and offered them to Eir-sama.

Get back the lifespan I lost♪ Get back♪

The monsters in this era are strong, so it is nice.

I easily stockpiled it up to close to 100 years.


I was looking at my Soul Book while humming, and the White Dragon-san was looking at me with shocked eyes.

“Mel-san? Is something the matter?” (Makoto)

“…Nothing.” (Mel)

She told me that there’s something wrong with my head for using the Sacrificial Technique in such a gleeful manner.

I should be careful about overdoing it…

After arriving at Laberintos, we moved to the Mid Floor. 

What we saw there was a shocking sight.

“T-This is…” (Makoto)

“Hooh, this is impressive.” (Mel)

A splendid city had been made in the Mid Floor of Laberintos.

It isn’t large in scale, but buildings have spread all the way to the underground lake instead of before when they had to hide in holes.

Are they not worried about monster attacks?

“Mother Dragon-sama! So you have come back!” 

A red haired young man ran to the White Dragon-san.

And then, he retreated after seeing me.

“Y-You are…!” 

“…Who?” (Makoto)

I don’t remember him.

“Spirit User-kun, that’s the Red Dragon that you froze first. Did you forget?” (Mel)

“Aah, it has been a while.” (Makoto)

“Kuh! I will defeat you one day! But not now! I can’t right now after all!” 

“…I see.” (Makoto)

He was steadily moving further and further away.

Looks like I scared him.

I felt bad for him, so I decided to head to where Johnny-san is by myself.

Thanks to an Ancient Dragon staying in the Mid Floor city, monsters are not approaching it. 

When I was thinking about asking where Johnny-san is…an ‘Ah!’ from a woman rang.

And then, I heard footsteps heading my way.

“Makoto-kun! Eh? Where are Momo-chan and Abel? C-Could it be…” 

“The two are training in a safe place, Julietta-san. By the way, know where Johnny-san is?” (Makoto)

“Hmm, he has gone out to hunt for food, but I think he is going to be back soon.” (Julietta)

“I see.” (Makoto)

Looks like he is away.

I greeted Volkh-san and the Iron Hero-san in the time I waited for Johnny-san, and shared the story until now. 

“Demon Lord Cain is in the Moon Country…?” (Volkh)

“The people are Charmed…?” (Julietta)

It looks like they were shocked by the contents of it.

Johnny-san returned after a while, so after greeting her, he said that they will be having a party to celebrate our return.

“Why a party?” (Makoto)

When I whispered this question to Julietta-san in her ear, she said…

“Because you are the first one to return after going to the Moon Country, Makoto-kun.” (Julietta)

Aah, right, there was that…

It was a leisure journey thanks to the White Dragon-san giving me a ride, so I didn’t really feel the accomplishment. 

I sat close to the host of this party, Johnny-san.

And then, I explained our future plans.

“…And so, according to the advice of the Destiny Goddess, it is apparently better if we were to train for half a year before fighting the Demon Lords. I am sorry, but can you please wait for a bit?” (Makoto)

When I say this to Johnny-san, the handsome elf that has his bronze red hair tied up at the back furrowed his brows.


He is in a bad mood now?

“You were supposed to have gone to the Moon Country to search for a Holy Sword, but you met the Destiny Oracle, and met with Demon Lord Cain again…you say? And you are going to be training in the Sun Temple that is hidden in the Ascraeus Sacred Mountain? What’s with your adventures, Makoto-dono?” (Johnny)

“W-Well…” (Makoto)

It looks like he isn’t angry. 

Alright, then I will give him this.

“Ira-sama told me that this weapon will fit you well, Johnny-san. Please use it.” (Makoto)

I gave Johnny-san a katana and bow. 

“This is…?” (Johnny)

“This was given to me in the hideout of the Destiny Oracle at the Moon Country. They are apparently weapons that are pretty hard to come by.” (Makoto)

Can’t tell the difference myself though.

I can only tell that they are magic weapons.

Johnny-san was looking seriously at the weapons he received.

“The processing method is different from our continent… Products of a foreign country, huh.” (Johnny)

“Yes, it is something that made its way here from the East Continent.” (Makoto)

Seems like someone on the level of Johnny-san can tell the difference with a look.

“…It is not a replica, but an original made from an artisan. How nostalgic…” (Johnny)

“Johnny-san, you are from the East Continent?” (Makoto)

There’s no records of the birthplace of the legendary magic archer, Johnny Walker.

The most it is known is that he is older than Hero Abel and the Great Sage-sama.

“I have never gone out of this continent. I have wanted to go to other continents to check them out, but…let’s have that talk at a later time. I understand. If it will take time to prepare in order to defeat the Demon Lords, I don’t really mind. I will wait patiently.” (Johnny)

“Then, once the preparations are done, I will come call you, okay?” (Makoto)

“Okay.” (Johnny)

Our talk has been wrapped up.

After that, I was drowned in questions about the Moon Country.

The family of the White Dragon-san that were in the Deepest Floor of Laberintos also showed up, and the party heated up.

It seems like the monsters of the Mid Floor have run away without a single one remaining though…

◇The next day◇

“Then, let’s go back, White Dragon-san.” (Makoto)

“Umu, Abel and the Little One are waiting.” (Mel)

I got on the back of the White Dragon-san and we headed to the Sun Temple. 

The journey in the sky went as smoothly as before.

Until Demon Lord Cain appeared on the back of a black dragon, that is.

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    1. “U-Uhm…Master, that’s the place my mouth was…!” (Momo)
      Momo turned red.
      “Hm?” (Makoto)
      Now that she mentions it, it is the place that Momo had bitten into just now.
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      She probably more comfortable in her female form.

      ““U-Uhm…Master, that’s the place my mouth was…!” (Momo)
      Momo turned red.
      “Hm?” (Makoto)
      Now that she mentions it, it is the place that Momo had bitten into just now.
      Is this an indirect kiss…?
      “Makoto-san…shameless.” (Anna)”
      You are already flirting with another woman now ?

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      ““…It is not a replica, but an original made from an artisan. How nostalgic…” (Johnny)
      “Johnny-san, you are from the East Continent?” (Makoto)
      “I have never gone out of this continent. I have wanted to go to other continents to check them out, but…let’s have that talk at a later time. I understand. If it will take time to prepare in order to defeat the Demon Lords, I don’t really mind. I will wait patiently.” (Johnny)”
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      1. The whole time paradox thing is still iffy. Ira might be able to realize the mixed history but how the timeline works and how it affects the people, and the gods, are still not clear enough. Like the author explicitly says that the great white sage have the memories of Makoto from the start, but if that’s the case then why doesn’t Ira also have the memories as well when they first met? There’s still a missing link in the logic.

        My hypothesis would be:
        -changes only occurs after something is done at one point in the past, linear and paralel to what’s happening in the future, so 1 month passing in the past is equal to a month passing in the future, and changes will happen immediately. With only Ira and Makoto being the only “observants” to realize the changes
        -The Gods don’t realize these changes as well, before the point where Makoto went back to the past, which includes Ira
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      2. Also the “original” timeline without Makoto being involved is confirmed to be exist. Hence the great white sage knowing Makoto from the start shouldn’t be possible. Unless as I’ve hypothesized, that to do so she would have to be involved in the time travel as well. To become “observer” so to speak

        1. It’s also possible that while time is looping with Makoto going to the past the loops are not identical and change each time, author is definatly hiding something still so I look forward to the eventual reveal

          1. Time looping would’ve been even more confusing, so I prefer the theory that the past and the future are 2 different universe, with linear and parallel timeline instead of it being looping with unlimited outcomes and universes, forming a connection which changes only be felt by the observers. And the reason they even exist is due to the act of time travel itself(rather than steins gate sekai sen, its more of Dragon Ball Super’s time ring that increases with the number of time traveling done).The main factors are the “observers”. Changes only realized by these observers. And the requirement to be observers are to be involved in the time travel itself. With Ira’s case her ability to share memories is equivalent to the time travel, or rather, she’s time leaping instead. Hence she becomes an observer only after she time leap after makoto goes to the past. Then there’s also something that may be unique to Makoto which is the RPG player effect. It allows him to realize the change in the saviors statue whereas the others memories gets affected with the change after the devil tinkered with the past at that point.

            In summary there’s actually 3, or even 4 parallel universes:
            1)The original timeline, exist only until right before the devil side manipulates the past.
            2)Devil-adjusted timeline, only exists until Makoto fixes the past.
            3)Makoto-adjusted timeline, exists after he went back to the past
            4)The great white Sage timeline, exists throughout the entire thing

            These timelines are “mixed” yet the changes only felt and realized consciously by the observers on the specific time. Makoto realize the change on the statue because he’s inherently qualified as an observer due to the out of the world perspective of the rpg skill. Ira would also felt it due to her being destiny goddess. Others and even the goddesses aside from Ira aren’t qualified as observers. And assumingly, the great white sage is also an observer for one reason or another.

      3. I could see her being VERY confused at first, til she got a chance to talk to Ira. Unless Ira filled them in ahead of time. Only she’d have memory of Makoto after all, and also the plan to send him to the past (their present).

        But it is more fun to think of Eir suddenly receiving Balam out of nowhere, with no prior knowledge of Makoto. Plus I could easily see Ira forgetting to tell them.

    1. I believe Eir said they get reborn sometime into the future, right? If so, I wonder who they get reborn as…

    2. My line of thought is that there’s only 2 timeline

      1. The original as it happened like in the book. We call this A
      2. The changed timeline, influenced by Makoto and the devil’s side, making a branch in time line. We call this B

      B results in the “present”. The timeline where Makoto got into this world.
      Deities didn’t realize any change in the timeline because their scale of works were too big, or they exist in the special place outside of time and space, like most deities in fantasy usually do. And Ira do her works decently.

    1. Ok, I thought something crazy again on how Makoto return to his era. He abuse his Sacrificial Technique until he got 1000 years lifespan and live-on wandering the world. lol

      1. Iirc, there was an author’s note somewhere in the previous chapters stating that Makoto won’t be able to go past the lifespan limit of humans (which is 100 years) (oh and sorry to burst your bubble (╹◡╹))

          1. Ikr and we ain’t gonna talk about how author just casually destroyed our hopes with that? How harsh. Welp, it’s Makoto so he’ll find a way somehow or another.

      2. Silent, regarding that, was it mentioned that he’d continously do it every time the lifespan decreases? I can’t seem to remember that part.

        1. Well, the only reason Makoto used the sacrificial tecjnique was because he had to make up for the amount Dia used against the dragons back in the previous chapters

      3. Like, you can think of his aging a part of his lifespan decreasing, but he can still increase it to 100 but can’t go past past that?

        1. There was an author note that races had a hard limit on lifespan no matter how much they gathered and a list of said lifespans meaning Makoto cant go past the hard limit of 100 for humans

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