WM – Chapter 100: Takatsuki Makoto meets the cursed princess

The Moon Oracle grabbed my arm.

I calm down my agitated heart and put [Clear Mind] to the highest setting.

I must not attack the Moon Oracle.

I will get countered.

What I must do first is brush off her arm.

But the lips of the Moon Oracle moved before that.

“Obey me.” (Furiae)

An instrument-like voice resonated, and my gaze entwined with hers that felt like looking at lightless black onyx eyes. 

When touched by the Moon Oracle, not even the Light Hero can go against her. 

…Aah, this might be too late.

At any rate, the Moon Oracle is the most beautiful after the Goddesses, huh…

It is true that her beauty falls slightly behind that of Noah-sama, but she is still amazingly beautiful…

“Give me that dagger.” (Furiae)

The Moon Oracle ordered.

So she wishes for the dagger of Noah-sama.

This is a divine treasure.

She has good eyes.

Even so…

“I refuse.” (Makoto)

This is my only weapon. It would trouble me if it were to be taken.

“Huh?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san was dumbfounded.

“Y-You, obey me!” (Furiae)

She grabs my arm tightly and orders again.

“Even if you tell me that…” (Makoto)

“W-Why can you talk back?! Even though the Moon Goddess Naia told me that my charm magic is effective against all living beings?!” (Furiae)

“What can I say to that. Also, is it okay to call your Goddess without honorifics?” (Makoto)

“Because of that Goddess choosing me as an Oracle, my life is a mess! Why is there a need for me to respect her?!” (Furiae)

That’s quite the way of saying it.

The relationship of this Oracle with her Goddess isn’t good?

“H-Hey, look at my eyes.” (Furiae)

She said with a face on the verge of tears.

…This girl is so straightforward.

“What is it?” (Makoto)

I stare straight at her big slightly purplish black eyes.

She grabs my head and brings my face close to the point that our foreheads touch.

“T-There’s no way my charm magic won’t work at this distance…” (Furiae)

When the Moon Oracle speaks, her breath reaches my face and has a sweet scent.

So close, so close.

But Noah-sama sexually harrasses me on the regular, so I am used to this, you know.

Could it be that Noah-sama predicted something like this would happen?! That’s a Goddess for you! 

(No, I didn’t.) (Noah)

So she didn’t.

(I just do it because I like it.) (Noah)

Eeh, that’s questionable in itself.

(Makoto, don’t judge a woman by their appearance too much. It is rude.) (Noah)

Noah-sama warned me.

Is this the leeway of the number one beauty of the Divine Realm?

“Moon Oracle, Furiae-san, I think Sakurai-kun will be coming anytime soon, so…” (Makoto)

I grabbed her hand and made it so she can’t run away.

Looks like charm magic is no problem for me.

“N-No way…” (Furiae)

The Moon Oracle falls down in place.

Her face overflowing with confidence changed into a close to crying one.

“Why?! I have nothing to rely on aside from my magic! I have been relying on Moon Magic alone! If this doesn’t work, I can’t continue living on!” (Furiae)

She began to dishevel her hair as if possessed, and grabbed my arm with incredible strength.

Ouch! Aren’t you a bit too strong?! 

“C-Calm down…” (Makoto)

“As if I can! You know, I don’t have a single person I can rely on! No parents, no siblings, no friends! Since the time I was aware, I was treated as a tumor for being the Moon Oracle. Feared, hated…and from the sleazy men, I would receive lustful gazes, and that made the other women hate me even more… Even with that, I would use Moon Magic to escape from the dangerous futures. I would control the ones who attacked me and escaped. I have been escaping my whole life. What have I done?! Because I was chosen as the Moon Oracle, I…! I…I…just want to live peacefully, and yet…” (Furiae)



Her story is so heavy!

W-What should I do…?

Sakurai-kun! Come quickly!

“Hey…kill me…” (Furiae)

Her high tension turned all the way to despair as she said this.

Wait, what a thing to be saying.

Isn’t the darkness of this person too deep?

[Will you put to rest the Moon Oracle, Furiae?]



…What an unbelievable choice.

Of course I would go with No.

I would die from the Retribution Curse.

Even so, there’s no way I can do something about this pitiful girl…


The Moon Oracle who was on the verge of tears until now looked at me and shifted away as if scared.

Eh? Could it be that she can see the choices of my RPG Player?

That’s…obviously scary, huh.

When I chose [No], the Moon Oracle went ‘Ah!’ and made a surprised face.

…I wouldn’t choose Yes.

Even so, Furiae-san was still looking over here scared.


“Takatsuki-kun!” “Makoto-san!” 

Ah, Sakurai-kun and Prince Leonard.

“You are late, Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

I have finally been freed from being alone with Furiae-san.

“W-What are you doing, Takatsuki-kun?!” (Sakurai)

“U-Uhm, Makoto-san…you are touching the Moon Oracle…” (Leonard)

I was told not to touch the Moon Oracle, and yet, here I was, grabbing the arm of the Moon Oracle for some reason.

Yeah, everyone would retort at that, huh.

“Looks like charm magic doesn’t work on me.” (Makoto)

“I-It can’t be possible! It is the power of the legendary Calamity Witch!” (Leonard)

It is rare for Prince Leonard to straight up deny it.

Seems to be quite strange.

This is a bit late to be thinking this but, is me not being affected by Charm Magic only because of [Clear Mind]? 

Sakurai-kun was going ‘as expected of Takatsuki-kun…’.

“Takatsuki-kun, thanks for chasing after Furiae.” (Sakurai)

“Your welcome. Is your injury alright?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, somehow.” (Sakurai)

Even while saying this, Sakurai-kun was looking only at the Moon Oracle.

“Furiae, why are you running away…?” (Sakurai)

“Because…” (Furiae)

Sakurai-kun staggers his way to her and Furiae-san averts her gaze.

Aren’t you a bit too close?

“You are finally speaking to me, Furiae.” (Sakurai)

“I…am sorry for before. I was just trying to scare you there.” (Furiae)

“I know that you were not serious.” (Sakurai)

“Hmph.” (Furiae)

Sakurai-kun smiles with a slightly refreshing smile, and Furiae-san puckers her lips with a red face.

Oh? This romantic atmosphere…

Can you do this when I am not present? 

“What will happen to me now?” (Furiae)

“I will try asking Princess Noel about you.” (Sakurai)

“Stop! Don’t talk about me to that woman. She is the Sun Oracle. There’s no way she would let me go!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san rejects the proposal of Sakurai-kun.

“Then, after I become the Sun Knight Captain, I will have work in the main cities of the Sun Country. At that time, I will secretly bring you, and let you escape.” (Sakurai)

“Where should I be until then?” (Furiae)

“That’s…” (Sakurai)

“No plan, huh. I will stay hidden somewhere.” (Furiae)

“No. You will disappear from before me again, aren’t you?” (Sakurai)

“…You are the reincarnation of the Savior, you know? It is better to not be together with the cursed Oracle.” (Furiae)


Sakurai-kun and Furiae-san were looking at each other.

But I am the one grabbing the arm of Furiae-san.

Am I in the way?

(Prince Leonard, how about we leave?) (Makoto)

(But without you, the Moon Oracle might run away, you know?) (Leonard)

(Eeh…) (Makoto)

What a pain!

“Hey, Sakurai-kun. How about I hide the Moon Oracle for 2-3 days? I will discuss it with Fuji-yan, and I am sure he will be able to prepare a hiding place.” (Makoto)

In the end, I am going to be relying on Fuji-yan.

“Sorry, Takatsuki-kun.” (Sakurai)

“Is it okay, Makoto-san?” (Leonard)

Sakurai-kun looked apologetic and Prince Leonard looked worried.

Furiae-san was…looking at me as if seeing a weird creature.

…I have shouldered a pretty problematic thing, huh.


Inn at the 3rd District.


Lucy, Sa-san, Princess Sofia, Fuji-yan, Nina-san, Chris-san; they were all looking straight over here.

Don’t look at me with those eyes!

By the way, Sakurai-kun returned to the Highland Castle for now.

He stands out after all.

Prince Leonard is hidden on my back.

After reporting to them that we went to the cemetery at night, his sister began releasing a cold aura after all.

I am scared too.

The origin of all this, Furiae-san, is looking the other way in a bad mood.

Can’t you have a bit more of an admirable attitude?

I have tied her up with rope so that she doesn’t escape just in case though.

A tied up beauty somehow feels corrupt.

It is poison for the eye.

“Hero Makoto…to think you would bring the Moon Oracle of all things.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia was holding her head.

“I was asked by Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

“I have to report it to Princess Noel…” (Sofia)

“That…would trouble me a bit.” (Makoto)

“…But Rozes is allied with Highland. Hiding the Moon Oracle is betrayal.” (Sofia)

The words of Princess Sofia are cold but logical.

This is bad.

I didn’t think Princess Sofia would be here.

I thought it would only be Fuji-yan and the others.

Now that I think about it, there was the possibility that she would come here to check the place out since Prince Leonard was late in returning…

When I looked at the Moon Oracle with a ‘sorry, what should we do?’, she seemed to have a plan and spoke. 

“The beastkin rebellion will happen soon.” (Furiae)

The first thing Furiae-san said was about the rebellion.

Saying this, everyone including me look at her.

“Furiae-dono, the leaders of the beastkin have been captured. The rebellion shouldn’t be happening-desu zo.” (Fuji)

“That’s right! I looked around the beastkin districts, and the rumors of a rebellion were calming down.” (Nina)

Fuji-yan and Nina-san object.

“Really? If you don’t believe me, that’s fine.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san says with a suggestive smile.

Hmm, which is it?

“Hey hey, you are the fortune teller in the 6th District, right?”, Sa-san jumps into the conversation.

“Ah, right! You have a good memory, Aya. Then, you are a Destiny Magic user?” (Lucy)

“Sa-san and Lucy, you are acquainted with Furiae-san?” (Makoto)

According to them, they met at the 6th District where she was working as a fortune teller.

Rather than saying it was a coincidence…it was more like she aimed for these two that looked like easy targets.

“Are you saying…you can see a future where the rebellion happens?” (Sofia)

The Moon Oracle responds to the words of Princess Sofia with a smile.

“Respond clearly.” (Chris)

Chris-san questions with a strong tone.

“Oh my? I can see a future where you fight with the other wife for your husband, and your household collapses.” (Furiae)


“What a thing to say!” (Nina)

The words of Furiae-san surprised Chris-san, and Nina-san raised her voice in anger.

Eh? Fuji-yan, your family is going to crumple?

“Furiae-dono, you should not lie-desu zo.” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan denies it with a bitter smile.

I see, it was a lie.

Wait, that’s a terrible personality you have there, Furiae-san! 

It will give a bad impression to everyone, so can you please stop that?

“When will the rebellion happen?” (Makoto)

When I asked, Furiae-san erased her smile and said with a straight face.

“Tomorrow.” (Furiae)


Isn’t that too fast?!

“Lies… though it doesn’t seem that way.” (Fuji)

“No way…” (Chris)

“Danna-sama…” (Nina)

Fuji-yan’s mind reading check came in.


“I find it hard to believe though…” (Sofia)

“Hmm, even if you tell us that. Right, Aya?” (Lucy)

“I can’t believe it~.” (Aya)

Princess Sofia, Lucy, and Sa-san don’t know about the mind reading of Fuji-yan, so it seems they don’t believe the words of the Moon Oracle.

“Princess Sofia, Lucy, Sa-san, we will explain later, so please talk as if the rebellion will happen tomorrow.” (Makoto)


My serious voice made the three nod for now.

“By the way, it is not only the rebellion that will be happening tomorrow.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san speaks as if having fun.

“What else?” (Makoto)

“A mob of monsters will be attacking Symphonia.” (Furiae)

What Princess Noel said in the meeting.

“The Sun Knights and Four Sky Knight Orders have strengthened the security in the gates. A mob of monsters won’t just—” (Sofia)

Furiae-san cuts into the words of Princess Sofia.

“From both land and sea. The defense in the sea side should be low.” (Furiae)

“Really, Fuji-yan?” (Makoto)

I ask my friend.

“If I remember correctly…the monsters are currently gathering around the forest area of Symphonia. They are not expecting an attack from the sea, so it should be the usual defense over there.” (Fuji)

“Tomorrow, due to the unexpected beastkin rebellion, and the attack from a mob of monsters that are higher than expected, Symphonia will fall into history’s worst chaos. In that opening, I planned on escaping. I didn’t think I would be caught before that.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san says as if unamused.

“There’s…there’s no way…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia seems to still be unable to believe the words of the Moon Oracle.

I glanced at Fuji-yan and he nodded lightly.

She is not lying.

“Princess Sofia, you may not be able to believe it, but…” (Makoto)

“No, it is true that I don’t believe the words of the Moon Oracle, but I believe in you, Hero Makoto. You are a Goddess Apostle. You must have something that’s ascertaining you this, right?” (Sofia)

She believed me.

The trust of Princess Sofia is hot.

It is a bit embarrassing.

I look back at the Moon Oracle.

“Furiae-san, we want to stop the rebellion and reduce the damage of the monsters as much as possible. You want to escape from the Sun Country. Our objectives are clear. Let’s have a deal here.” (Makoto)

The Moon Oracle made a face as if saying she was waiting for this.

She guided this conversation well.

“A deal… Okay. But I have a condition.” (Furiae)

The Moon Oracle Furiae looks straight at me and smiles lightly.

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