WM – Chapter 1: Takatsuki Makoto is way too weak

For now, let’s search for someone I know. 

I head to the door with unsteady steps.

I can hear people conversing from afar.

Uum…from down the stairs, I think?

I slowly go down the stone stairs, and open the badly made door.

The room beyond the door was very spacious, and I could see the familiar faces of my classmates here and there.

What a relief.

I wasn’t alone.

“Ooh, Takatsuki. You are finally awake.” 

“H-Hey there.” 

While I was wondering who I should speak to, someone spoke to me.

My classmate Kitayama, huh.

A yankee that’s overly-familiar with everyone.

“Takki-dono, is your body okay?” (Fujiwara) 

“I am so glad. You were okay, Fuji-yan.” 

“You made me worry. You slept half a day longer than everyone else after all.” (Fujiwara)

“Eh? Only I slept that long?” 

“Yeah, they were even saying that you might not open your eyes ever again. Hahaha!” (Kitayama)

Kitayama laughed heartily.


I-I don’t find that funny.

“Uhm, what is everyone doing here?” 

“Ooh! Listen and be amazed, Takatsuki. This is a parallel world! Ain’t that amazing?” (Kitayama)

Aah, it really is an Isekai, huh.

After looking at that scenery, I could tell it wasn’t Japan.

A parallel world…

I could feel my back getting cold sweat.

Without even noticing this, the high spirited Kitayama slaps my shoulder repeatedly.

Why do yankees have so much body language? It hurts.

“This is called the Water Temple. After losing consciousness, we were supposedly given shelter here.” (Fujiwara)

It certainly does look like a temple.

“By the way, let’s hear about your stats and skills, Takatsuki.” (Kitayama)

Kitayama puts his arm around my shoulders.

“Stats? Skills?” 

“We apparently gained mysterious powers after arriving to this world. I got skills called: [Storage Magic: Superior Grade], and [Appraisal: Superior Grade].” (Fujiwara)

“I got: [Dragon Knight: High Grade], [Spear User: High Grade], and [Heavenly Speed]!” (Kitayama)

“I-I see.” 

Even if you tell me all of a sudden, I won’t understand. 

But they kinda sound incredible. 

“They can tell you your own skills and stats in the room there.” (Fujiwara)

“Thanks, I will take a look. By the way, was I the last one to wake up?” 

I ask this and the face of Fuji-yan darkens slightly.

“It is not as if everyone from the class was saved. The remaining ones…” (Fujiwara) 

“The remaining ones…?” 

His voice is gloomy.

“It seems like a number of our classmates are missing.” (Fujiwara)


Once I check again, I see there’s around ⅔ of the class here.

I practically didn’t have friends in the class, but they are still the classmates that I passed a year together with.

If possible, I wanted everyone to be ok.

Now that I think about it…

“Fuji-yan, what about Sasaki-san?” 

“Sasaki-dono isn’t here…” (Fujiwara)


She was at a seat close to us, and was having a conversation with us at the last moments, so I thought for sure that she would be okay.

But I certainly don’t see her around.


What was our last conversation?

Cat ears?

That was our last conversation, huh.

We should have talked about something better.

Sorry, Sa-san…

“Don’t get so down, Takatsuki. We were lucky. A number of my friends are not here either…” (Kitayama)

Placing a hand on my shoulder, Kitayama consoles me.

He is making a sad face just like Fuji-yan.

Kitayama has a lot of friends after all.

His cheery mood was probably him acting tough.

“Just that, even if we were saved, it doesn’t mean that we can be relieved.” (Fujiwara)

“Eh, why?” 

Weren’t we sheltered?

“It seems they shelter people like us who don’t have anywhere to go, but we apparently need to grow enough to go independent. This is a world where monsters run rampant. You gotta have a grasp of your own abilities first.” (Fujiwara)

Hm, I see.

But it makes sense that they wouldn’t take care of us forever. 

There’s the issue of resources after all.

I was relieved that I was saved from being stranded, but it will be tough from now on.

I still don’t know if we can even return to our world.

But the part about monsters bothers me. And also the part about stats and skills.

I need to be taught a lot of things.

What’s most important is…

“Can we communicate?” 

“That’s what’s impressive about this temple! There’s an automatic translation spell cast in this temple.” (Fujiwara)

“Hoh, that’s convenient.” 

“That’s apparently the reason why otherworldlers are brought here.” (Kitayama)

It is true that you literally can’t have a conversation without understanding each other’s language.

But automatic translation spell, huh. This parallel world is really ahead!

“We will have to learn the language of this world before leaving this temple though.” (Fujiwara)

“I see.” 

It just ain’t gonna be that convenient. 

While we were talking, we arrived in front of the priest’s room.

“You have to listen to the explanation about skills on your own, that’s what we were told.” (Fujiwara)

“Takatsuki, tell me what skills you got later.” (Kitayama)

Kitayama smiles and slaps my shoulder.

“Then, I will be going.” 

I knocked on the door and entered the room.


“Excuse the intrusion.” 

When I entered the room, a priest with good physique was sitting in front of a big desk. At his side, there’s a beautiful woman that seems to be a priestess.

The smiling priest and the cool beauty sister.

“Hello there, otherworldler. How are you feeling?” 

“Nice to meet you, my name is Takatsuki. I think I am feeling fine.” 

“Is that so. Please tell us as soon as possible if you aren’t. By the way, have you heard about this place from your friends?” 

“A bit.” 

“I see, I see. Then, I will explain. It may surprise you since it is so sudden, but this is a different world from the one you were in. You must be feeling anxious that you are unable to see your family. However, please don’t worry. We will provide you free support for as long as 1 year until you can go independent.” 

I heard that from Fuji-yan.

“Uhm, we can’t return to our world?”

The expression of the priest darkens.

Hm? Did I say something weird there?

“So you didn’t hear about that. Takatsuki-san, you were on the verge of death before coming to this world, right?” 

“Y-Yeah, that’s right. We were stranded on a snowy mountain.” 

“Right, and that’s the same for your friends. The condition to come to a parallel world is to die in your previous world.” 


What?! Then, I died?

Seeing that I was shocked, the priest smiled.

“But please don’t fret. The Gods of this world are incredibly merciful. Before dying young, you were all transported to this world by them!!” 

The priest makes an exaggerated pose. It feels like he is used to this.

“I-I see.” 

In other words, we didn’t actually die.

“By the way, returning to your original world would mean that you will die. That would be troubling, right?” 

“Right”, is the only thing I could say to that.

“Now then, let’s move to a positive topic about how you will be living from now on. Have you heard about skills?” 

“Uhm, a bit from my friend. But not in detail.”

“Okay. Then, I will be telling you. You should have gotten Inherent Skills. To be specific, something like [Mage] or [Swordsman] are the usual. You could even say that, depending on whether it is weak or strong, it will affect your life from here on!” 

“Ooh…that does sound important.” 

Fuji-yan and Kitayama did mention that skills are important.

“And now, the Stats. Every otherworldler usually has outstanding stats!” 


“Yeah, more than 10 times that of us common people!” 

First I heard about this.

“What are my Skills and Stats?” 

“Fufufu, no need to hurry. We will be checking that now. You, bring that.” 

“Yes, Head Priest-sama.” 

The sister-san that was silent at the side gives the priest some sort of book.

“This is an item called Soul Book that can determine your Skills and Stats.” 


I gulp.

An impressive item appeared.

“No need to be so nervous. Please offer a prayer to this Goddess statue here.” 


Like this?

I stand in front of the Goddess statue and take a praying stance.

“I look forward to it. All the otherworldlers were blessed with splendid statuses.” 

Is what I heard from the side.

Seriously? Is it so convenient?

The expectations of the priest seem to be sky high.

After a while, a faint light covered my body, and then, the book of the priest shines.

“Your Skills and Stats have been determined.” 

The priest announced majestically. 

My heart is beating fast.

“Your Inherent Skills are: [Clear Mind], [Water Mage: Elementary Grade]…and the last one is [RPG Player].” 

Ooh, mage! But elementary, huh.

Also, there’s one weird named skill.

“Are they strong skills?” 

“Hmm, the last skill is one I have seen for the first time, but the two before are normal.” 

Normal, huh.

“And my Stats…” 

The priest makes a dubious expression.

“Isn’t this some sort of mistake?” 

“It can’t be. What’s the matter?” 

“See, here. These numbers…” 

“It is true that comparing them to the other otherworldlers, the numbers are low, but if compared to us…they are still low.” 

Eh? What?

“Uhm, is there some sort of problem with my Stats…?” 

“No no! It is okay, Takatsuki-san. It looks like your Stats might be a bit lacking, but there’s no need to worry.” 

The priest was smiling as always.

But compared to before, he is using a business smile.

Meaning that it wasn’t what the priest hoped, huh.

Being so visible about it is shocking…

“Can I ask you to take over for the rest of the explanation?” 

“Understood, Head Priest-sama.” 

The sister lowers her head.

“Well then, Takatsuki-kun, do your best.” 

The Head Priest left the room not long after.

It is now the sister-san and I alone in this room.

“Then, I will be explaining about the Soul Book. Please take a look.” 

Looking at the book I received, there’s my own name and age, the skills I heard about before, as well as things like Strength, Endurance, Magic, and others.

I can’t tell anything just by looking at the numbers.

There was one part that bothered me an awful lot though.

Lifespan: 10 years.

Huh?! What’s this?!

“U-Uhm, what’s this about lifespan?” 

Am I going to die in another 10 years?

No no no, that’s too much for a joke.

“I’ll explain. In our world, we can learn about our own lifespan with the Soul Book.” 

“Why do I only have 10 years left?!” 

I am still 15 years old.

Are you telling me I die when I am 25?!

“The 10 years is something that all otherworldlers share in common.” 

“Is that so?” 

That means Fuji-yan, Kitayama, and everyone else all have 10 years?

It is a really hard to describe feeling, but hearing that everyone is in the same situation made me calm down a bit.

That’s way too short though.

“This lifespan can be extended by offering Contributions to the Holy Gods.” 

“…Lifespan is something that can be extended?” 

Parallel worlds are impressive. 

“Can you give me more details about these Contributions to the Holy Gods?” 

I really want to learn about this method to extend your lifespan.

I seriously don’t wanna die in 10 years.

“There’s a variety of ways. The fastest one would be donating to the church.” 

“M-Money, huh.” 

“Yes, money.” 

“You can buy lifespan with money?” 

“Yes, you can.” 

Money for lifespan.

Anything is valid in an Isekai, huh.

“Just that, extending your lifespan for several years would require an enormous sum of money. Takatsuki-san, you don’t have the currency of this world, so that method is not realistic.” 

“Right… What other ways are there?” 

“There’s defeating monsters that bring harm to people, or saving people from disasters.” 

“I see.” 

These ones are easy to understand.

Helping out people.

“Understood. Use your skills to help out others.” 

“Yes, that’s right. Then, I will be explaining your skills. Takatsuki-san, you have 3 Inherent Skills. [Clear Mind], [Water Mage: Elementary Grade], and [RPG Player].” 

“What kind of skills are they?” 

“The explanations of the skills are written in your Soul Book.” 

Fumu, let’s see.

[Clear Mind]: A skill for maintaining a calm state of mind. With this, even if you get attacked by a strong monster, you will be able to act without panicking!

[Water Mage: Elementary Grade]: A skill that allows you to use elementary grade water magic. The amount of mana you have is low, so it can’t be helped that it is elementary grade! Work hard in training, okay? 

[RPG Player]: A skill that allows you to use the perspective of a person playing an RPG game. You can see 360 degrees! An Inherent Skill that only an otherworldler can have! Isn’t that great?! 

Oi oi, what’s this…?

The one writing this was quite spirited.

At the very least, they wrote the cases they can be used and points of importance.

I should read this in detail later.

“For now, I have a basic understanding of the skills. And so, what should I be doing from now on?” 

“You otherworldlers will be able to take classes and use the facilities of this Water Temple for 1 year. You can choose the profession that fits you the most.” 

The sister explains expressionless.

“Uhm, by the way, what profession do you recommend to me?” 


Why silence?

“There’s a variety of classes in this Water Temple. How about taking a variety of different classes at first before you decide on what profession to go for?” 

No recommendations?! 

Meaning that there’s no profession I am suited for at the current time.

No choice but to decide on my own.

Can’t be helped, let’s try out and see. 

I don’t hate free scenario RPGs.

But, I apparently have way too low starting base stats…

“Understood. Then, can you please tell me how to join the classes? Also, about the lifestyle rules here.” 

“The manual here has all of this information.” 

She gives me a thick book.

The cover reads: Water Temple Manual (for Otherworldlers).

They are well prepared.

Apparently a variety of people come to this place, so maybe that’s why their manuals have been perfected?

“Well then, if you have something you don’t understand, please ask the closest sister or priest around you.” 

The sister says this without even a smile.

The talk is over it seems.

This person was cool to the end.


Fuji-yan and Kitayama were waiting outside.

“How was it, Takki-dono?” (Fujiwara)

“Hmm, can’t really say.” 

“Takatsuki, show it for a bit.” (Kitayama)

“Ah, wa?!” 

Kitayama takes away my Soul Book.

“Oi oi, aren’t your stats way too low? Hmph, it certainly doesn’t look like you have strong-sounding skills.” (Kitayama)

Kitayama seems to have lost interest.

You bastard! Forcefully taking a look on your own, and that’s what you say?!

I can’t say it out loud, but I complain in my mind.

Anyways, so my skills and stats really were low.

“You really are a game otaku, so you have weird skills. Well, do your best.” (Kitayama)

Is he trying to console me there? He slaps my shoulders. 

“Oooi, did you guys know? The skills of Takatsuki…” (Kitayama)

And then, he begins to divulge my skills to our classmates.

Is there no privacy?

“Kitayama-san, you shouldn’t tell others the skills of someone else without their permission.” 

The sister warns him.

“Fuji-yan, how about your skills?” 

I ask Fuji-yan while looking at my own Soul Book. 

“[Storage Magic: Superior Grade] is magic that allows me to freely put in or take out items. With Superior Grade, you can apparently store quite a lot. [Appraisal: Superior Grade] lets me analyze the properties of an item.” (Fujiwara) 


Sounds handy. 

From here, Fuji-yan’s tone lowers.

“Actually, I didn’t say it before, but I actually got this skill, too.” (Fujiwara)

Fuji-yan shows me his Soul Book.

“[Galge Player]?” <Dating sims with beautiful girls.>

It is similar to my skill’s name.

“It is a skill that lets me see the conversation with a person in written format. Also, I can see the conversation log.” (Fujiwara)

“Galges certainly do have that feature.” 

“I was told that this is also a unique skill of otherworldlers, but…having the name of this skill exposed to others would be embarrassing…” (Fujiwara)

Well, that’s true.

“My RPG Player is in a somewhat similar position. Do you get these kinds of skills when you like games?” 

“I wonder. None of my skills are useful for battle, so I decided on aiming to be a merchant.” (Fujiwara)

“I see, the steady route.” 

Appraisal certainly does suit a merchant. 

“Might be. But you know, your skills might actually be unexpectedly strong once you use them, Takki-dono!” (Fujiwara)

“I wonder.” 

From the reaction of the Head Priest and the Sister, it must have been a miss.

By the way, there’s a reason why the priest said that otherworldlers are strong.

In the past there have been otherworldlers who got lost and wandered into this world, and they all had strong stats and skills.

So there were past records of it.

“Excuse me. Why is it that only my stats are low even though I am also an otherworldler?” 

A sister was passing close by, so I tried asking.

My classmates have more than 10 times the stats of a person of this world.

For the Light Hero, Sakurai-kun, it is  100 times more.

I am around ⅓ that of a regular person.

W-Way too weak…

“Let’s see… You must have been incredibly weakened by the time you came to this world. Since you were the most weakened among your friends, it must have impacted your Stats negatively.” 

“Was I really that weakened?” 

“You actually had your heart stop for a moment. A priest’s spell somehow managed to revive you.” 

“…I am sorry for the trouble at that time.” 

I was in a worse state than I thought.

It must be because I played games all the time and didn’t train my body.

The sister recommended me to train my skills in the Water Temple for a while.

My classmates had skills that were stronger than that of the teachers of the temple, so they were set at special classes.

My stats and skills were not strong, so I was in the regular class.


It really throws me off.

The difficulty balance is way too bad.

Isekais are trash games…

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