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◇Sun Hero Alexander POV◇

It should have been a boring job.

The Pope-jiichan ordered me to kidnap the Moon Oracle.

The Evil God Apostle will get in the way, so he told me that he didn’t mind forceful methods.

I thought that if they listened to what I said, it should be fine to do it by force.

But the Light Hero unexpectedly intruded.

Also, the Fire Country’s Designated Hero woman was unexpectedly strong.

It just isn’t going as smoothly as I thought. 

It annoyed me.

That must have been why…

……I ended up killing the Fire Country Hero while I was blinded by this.

After that, her corpse disappeared for some reason, and without having the time to find that strange, something even stranger happened.

The Water Country’s Designated Hero had suddenly ‘changed’.

He turned into a strange figure that shines blue. 

(…What is that?) (Alex)

The Water Country’s Designated Hero doesn’t have high battle power. 

When compared to the Fire Country’s Hero and the Light Hero, he is several times lower. 

But overwhelming mana began to cover his body.

High concentration of mana was being condensed, and even more mana was gathering. 

(That amount of mana is a bit problematic.) (Alex)

I look at the Moon Oracle that I was holding up with my right arm.

He is no match for me anyways, but I don’t know if I would be able to fight him with only one hand.

Just when I thought this…

Mist suddenly appeared in front of me, and it turned human shaped.

My right arm was suddenly cut off.

“What?!” (Alex)

Even orihalcun is inferior to my body that’s clad in Divinity.

What happened?

By the time I noticed, the dagger of the Water Country Hero, who was right by my side, had been swung. 

That small blade managed to cut off the arm of the great me?

Pure surprise won over my pain.

My arm fell to the ground together with the Moon Oracle.


The red haired elf ran to the Moon Oracle.


The consciousness of the Moon Oracle seems to still be hazy. 

The elf woman was trying to carry the Moon Oracle away.

What a pain.

I was going to hit the elf away, but I remember that I don’t have my arm.

“Sun Magic: [Regeneration].” (Alex)

I use magic and regenerate my arm.

I lightly make a fist with my right arm, and check its movement.

Umu, no problem.

And then, I glared at the Rozes Hero shining blue that’s in front of me.

Wounding my body deserves divine punishment. 

The Rozes Hero says something.


I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

He spoke words I am unfamiliar with and, suddenly, a giant water swirl appeared between around me and him.

A water pillar that’s big enough to cover the sky. 

When I looked properly, I could see that water dragons were surrounding the area while undulating around.

(Hundreds? …No, there’s several thousands.) 

They are skillfully avoiding the Moon Oracle, the red haired elf, and the Light Hero that is on the ground.

The water dragons are trying to engulf the Rozes Hero and I and bring us somewhere.

You want to change locations?

(What a pain.) 

Feeling annoyed, I try to punch the Rozes Hero with my regenerated right arm.


An explosion happened as it connected.

The annoying hundreds of water dragons surrounding me were blown away as well.

My punch has the power to blow up a whole castle. 

The Rozes Hero must have been turned to dust. 


That’s for going against the great Sun Hero.

My mouth warped.

But it was unnecessary killing.

The Destiny Oracle Esther might reprimand me for this.

I have to think of an excuse…at the moment I thought this…

The Rozes Hero that was supposed to have turned to dust…returned back to normal in an instant.



His body should have been destroyed to a point that it wasn’t possible to recover from.

However, the strange figure of the Rozes Hero that was releasing blue light was riding on top of a water dragon he himself created, and was looking down at me.


And he was speaking a language that I couldn’t understand for a while now.

Even more water dragons created by water magic were swirling around me.

This is the first time I see this magic.

It is quite the peculiar magic.

And it is impressive.

To think he would be able to survive after getting hit by the great me.

Well, it is already pointless.

(Fool… My God Rank Appraisal can spot all your weak points.) 

While feeling pity for him, I activate Appraisal.

I will crush your foolish third-rate magic.


Name: Takatsuki Makoto

Race: Water Spirit King*Embodiment of the World’s Water

Strength: Unknown

Vitality: Unknown

Mana: Unknown

Agility: Unknown

Appearance: Unknown

Height:  Unknown

Intelligence:  Unknown

Knowledge:  Unknown

Sanity: Unknown

Items in Possession: God Killer Blade*a dagger that was made from parts of the Former God King Chronos’s Scythe that was broken in the Divine Realm War.

Way to defeat: Eliminate the water of the whole world.


………What’s this?

This is not the Status of a human.

What in the world am I fighting against? 

Moreover, what’s that dagger?

That’s a sacred treasure! 

Why is a person of the mortal realm in possession of it?! 

What was the one who gave it to him thinking?! 

There’s a limit to excessive equipment. 

Even in the time when the gears in my brain turned, the mana around the Rozes Hero was increasing. 

No, it is not something as lukewarm as ‘increasing’…

Mana was gathering as if several explosions were setting off and condensing. 


And this guy hasn’t been saying a word for a while now.

His expressionless face was looking at me while shining blue.

However, there was clear killing intent directed at me.

My heart was stirring.

This is my first time feeling like this.

“Annoying! Begone!” 

It was a serious hit. 

In the past, when I did a serious attack, a whole mountain was erased.

Since then, I have never done it again -an attack that carries my all.

“This is the end!!” 

I smash the Rozes Hero with it.

Breaking the barrier of sound, the moment it connects, an explosion will occur. 

The one who gets hit by this won’t even have dust remain.

But…the fist of the great me had stopped while still pierced in him.

On top of that, the explosion that should have occurred was mitigated.


It was…m-mitigated?

Why is it that I, who has the power of a god, is unable to do anything against a weak human?! 


What’s with this guy?! 

I hurriedly take distance.


As always, I can’t understand the words of the Rozes Hero.

For a second, I think I saw the figure of many blue skinned women.

That’s…the Great Water Spirit, Undine?

Great Water Spirits are lending him power?

At that moment, what surfaced in my mind was the conversation I had with the Destiny Oracle Esther.

—“Listen here, Alexander. Don’t put a hand on the Spirit Weapons of the Titans, okay?” 

I remember the words Oracle Esther, who was my teacher, told me as if she were above me. 

The Titans that fought with the Olympians for hegemony. 

The Titans would give will to nature like earth and wind, and would use those as weapons.

The names of those weapons were called: 

-Great Fire Spirit, Salamander.

-Great Water Spirit, Undine.

-Great Wind Spirit, Sylph.

-Great Earth Spirit, Gnome.

And there was apparently an existence that ruled over them.

The people of the mortal realm would call him Spirit King, and the Gods would call it Spirit Weapon. 

The Spirit King apparently shows up from within the most experienced believers of the Titan Gods –in an Apostle that offers their flesh

That power is overwhelming, and depending on the user, it could destroy the world.

That it is powerful enough to destroy a star.

Because of that, at the same time as the war in the Divine Realm was put to an end, all the Spirit Weapons were disposed of by the Olympians.

The return of them is the highest of taboos. 

“You are strong, but you are a young Hero. Avoid battling with an Evil God and their Spirit Weapon, okay?” (Esther)

“Aah, okay okay. Got it.” (Alex)

I half-listened to the words of Oracle Esther. 

I thought she was a noisy woman.

At that time, I thought I would like to meet an existence that would be able to beat the great me.


The mana of the blue figure in front of me, the Water Spirit King, continued increasing even now.

The water dragons created from magic had already increased by the tens of thousands.

An amount of water dragons that were enough to cover the whole sky. 

It was as if a new ocean had been created in the sky

The Embodiment of the Whole World’s Water…

The way to defeat him is to eliminate all the water in the world.


There’s no possible way to do that…

At this rate, the great me is going to…

“D-Don’t joke around! There’s no way that I, the Sun Hero, would lose!” 

[Holy Sword summoning]!

A magic sword shining white appeared in front of me.

The Holy Sword I got from the Highland royalty.

I grabbed that, and poured all of my Divinity in it. 

I held the sword tightly with both hands and took stance.


I lunged at the Rozes Hero that was looking down at me, and swung down the holy sword.

The Rozes Hero silently places his dagger in front as if to block it.

Suddenly, a giant barrier of ice appeared in front of the Rozes Hero.

(This is the saint rank spell, Frozen Barrier; moreover, several layers of it! But…!) 

I will break them all! 

I unleashed an attack that would bring down even a Demon Lord in one hit.

Several tens of ice barriers broke, and the holy sword clashed with the Rozes Hero’s dagger.


Cracks formed on the holy sword.

I could clearly tell that my face had stiffened.

The barriers were broken…

But it couldn’t match the blade of the Rozes Hero’s sacred treasure.

I was the one who lost the clash.


My attack didn’t work.

His mana is still increasing without limits.

This is impossible…

I must not fight him.

I have no choice but to run away…but where?

He controls all the water in the world.

There’s nowhere to run.

By the time I noticed, all the eyes of the water dragons circling me…were looking at me as if saying they won’t allow my escape.

Several tens of thousands of eyes were looking at me.


I shouted and lunged at the Rozes Hero once more. 

At the deep dark depths of the water. 

At the depths of the sea where the light of the sun doesn’t reach…

…How many hours has it been?

No, maybe days? 

In front of me there’s the Rozes Hero looking at me as if he were a death reaper. 

What was circling around us were more than several tens of thousands water dragons.

I can’t even escape anymore.

I can’t defeat him.

I can’t kill him.

Can’t break him.

Won’t break.

Even if I cut him.

Even if I pierce him.

No matter what I do.

He would regenerate himself over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over.

I have infinite mana, but my opponent also has infinite mana.

That’s why the battle won’t be settled forever. 

No, that’s not it. 

The sacred treasure he holds…

If it is that, he could take my life away. 

And the Water Spirit King in front of me won’t stop until I die.

Why…did I try to oppose something like this?

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