WM – Chapter 66: Takatsuki Makoto speaks with the Hero

Leonard Eir Rozes.

This is the first time we meet, but even I know that name.

It is the name of the first prince of Rozes.

A beautiful boy that resembles Princess Sofia.

If he had a different attire, he could even pass as a girl.

“I was originally supposed to fight the Taboo Dragon at Laberintos since I am a Hero… I am truly thankful that you defeated them in my stead.” (Leonard)

He lowers his head slightly.

Glacial Hero.

The other title for Prince Leonard.

Even so, to be a hero that’s supposed to save the world, even when he is this young. It must be tough.

“It is okay, Leo. These people have been rewarded properly for it. There’s no need for you to worry about it.” (Sofia)


Well, that’s true, but…there’s no need to say that right in front of us, right?

“You are still only 9 years old. It is okay to leave the matters of Laberintos to the adventurers.” (Sofia)

9 years old? Isn’t he still in elementary school then?

The rude remarks of Princess Sofia didn’t even bother me anymore.

I can’t think about having this boy fight the Taboo Dragon either.

“Nee-sama <Older Sister>! You always treat me like a child in this way, but even I can do something like this at the very least.” (Leonard)

Saying this, he began chanting.

That chant is…

“Water Magic: [Water Dragon]!” (Leonard)

Ooh! Isn’t that Superior Water Magic? 

It may be a bit rough on the edges, but a giant water dragon appears.

It seems like Prince Leonard is a water magic user.

“How’s that, Nee-sama?! I can fight too.” (Leonard)

“…Understood. The next time a Taboo Monster shows up, I will consider having you participate, too. Please stop the magic already.” (Sofia)

“Y-Yes.” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard is controlling the Water Dragon…but it looks dangerous.


The Water Dragon passes really close by to the former Guardian Knight.

He is trying really hard to avoid it, but it probably wouldn’t hurt that much even if it did hit, you know?

The serious punch of Sa-san should hurt 100 times more than that.

“H-Hey, is it gonna be okay?” (Lucy)

Lucy pokes my back.

The Water Dragon may look flashy, but even if it did hit you, it simply leaves you drenched. 

Well, it will send you flying a decent amount though.

“Ugh, I can’t control it properly…” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard is panicking.

Hmm…can’t he just go ahead and throw the Water Dragon into the water or something? Is what I thought, but his magic control is bad.

Princess Sofia looks at me.

Is she telling me to help?

(This is…) (Makoto)

Is this what Fuji-yan calls an ‘Affection Up’ Event? 

I am not a Galge Player, so I can’t really tell.

Let’s try it for now.

“Excuse me for a bit.” (Makoto)

Saying this, I put my hand on top of Prince Leonard’s shoulder.

(Sync…) (Makoto)

I have not synchronized since the time when I was burned through Lucy, but it went well.

I took away the Water Magic’s control rights from Prince Leonard.

The Water Dragon that was shaky a few moments ago was now swimming in the sky smoothly.

“W-Wow…” (Leonard)

I heard the voice of the prince.

Hm, I think you should first reflect on the fact that you couldn’t control your own magic though…

Well, we are talking about an elementary schooler here. Can’t be helped.

The conclusion I arrived at after thinking about what to do with the massive amount of water that the prince made was…

“[Myriad Waterfowls].” (Makoto)

I changed the form of the Water Dragon into tens of thousands of waterfowls and had them scatter.

The massive amount of magic waterfowls fly out from the beautiful castle.

Yup, quite the nice spectacle. I am satisfied.

“Fuwaaaah.” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard made a sound like the ones Lucy makes, and his mouth was wide open.

After that, he looks at me with glittering eyes.

“T-That was amazing! Just what was that spell of before?!” (Leonard)

Nah, I just did whatever. I wouldn’t really call it a spell…

“Takatsuki Makoto, thank you for helping out Leo… Just how long do you plan on keeping your hand on his shoulder?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia points out in a low tone.

“A-Ah, sorry.” (Makoto)

I separate my hand immediately.

The eyes of Princess Sofia are still cold.

Has her affection increased? I don’t really feel that.

“Then, we will be going now…” (Makoto)

Let’s go to the city at once.

“W-Wait, please! Can we talk for a bit longer, Makoto-san?!” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard grabs my hand.

With the prince looking at me like a puppy, I can’t just ignore him.

I glance at his guardian, Sofia.

“Leo, how about guiding them around the Rozes Castle? You must not leave the castle, okay?” (Sofia)

“Yes!” (Leonard)

We ended up exploring the castle with the prince as the guide.

Of course, there were also bodyguards coming along too, though.

Is Princess Sofia soft on her little brother?


Prince Leonard guided us to the Rozes Castle’s Sky Garden, the Grand Church, the royal castle’s messroom, and so on.

There’s a reason why it is called the number one most beautiful castle of the continent. The decorations of the construction, the rose garden; all of it was splendidly made.

Also, Prince Leonard would be spoken to on the way.

For the people working in the castle, Prince Leonard is kind of like an idol, and everyone gave their greetings with big smiles.

Well, Prince Leonard is cute after all. I can understand.

What I don’t understand is the reputation of Princess Sofia.

Princess Sofia is…popular. To an impressive extent.

Her nickname in the Water Country is the Ice Sculpture Princess.

It apparently means that she is as cool as ice, and as beautiful as a sculpture.

Looks like her being unamiable is common knowledge, but Princess Sofia is diligent.

If a village has a calamity occur, she would run there.

If in a certain town a dispute happens, she would mediate it.

She would donate to the hungering people; provide jobs for the needy.

A princess that works sleeplessly for the people of the Water Country.

That was her reputation in the Rozes Castle from the working people.

The prince is with us, so there might have been a bit of flattery into it though.

But the people were talking about Princess Sofia with love and respect.

I didn’t feel any lies in that.

“There’s a problematic thing about Nee-sama though. She evaluates someone with just her first glance. Also, she is way too diligent, to the point that the subordinates can’t keep up. Well, that speaks a lot about the many issues though.” (Leonard)

Because of that, she misses out on a lot of the talented people, huh.

Yeah, she did evaluate me as useless with just a glance.

“Makoto-san’s friends, Okada-san and Kitayama-san, were putting their hands way too much on the maids of the castle that Nee-sama ended up throwing them out…” (Leonard)

Oi! What are those guys doing?

Didn’t Okada-kun have a girlfriend?

Kitayama was…yeah, a womanizer.

“Haah, those guys lack decency after all”, Sa-san sighs.

“Aya, you know them?” (Lucy)

“They were our former classmates, but they would switch women like they switch their underwear.” (Aya)

“Ugh! How filthy!” (Lucy)

Lucy-san is the serious type when it comes to relationship matters after all.

There should have been a number of classmates scouted by the Water Country aside from Okada and Kitayama though, but there’s currently none remaining.

“The military strength of Rozes is the lowest in the continent…” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard laughs sadly.

The Water Country doesn’t have that many soldiers, and when they are troubled by monsters, there’s history that they have relied on adventurers, the Sun Knights, and mercenaries of the Sun Country.

But now everyone is hurrying to increase their own military power in preparation for the revival of the Great Demon Lord.

Princess Sofia is apparently getting desperate in obtaining skilled individuals, but it seems like it is backfiring.

“It would give me peace of mind if a capable mage like Makoto-san were to be with us though.” (Leonard)

Oh, trying to convince me here.

When I get the upward puppy eyes with that face that could be mistaken for that of a pretty girl, it really shakes me.

“I am a mere apprentice mage. I can’t be of help.” (Makoto)

“Apprentice…? You were controlling Superior Magic just now though.” (Leonard)

“Anyone can do that if their Proficiency is high.” (Makoto)

“Is that so…” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard gets down-hearted.

“Not anyone can do that…” (Lucy)

I heard the low retort of Lucy. Ignore.

“Well, thank you for guiding us around.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Makoto-san, Lucy-san, Aya-san, please come again anytime.” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard really looked like nothing other than a pretty girl when he said this with a smile.

We gave our thanks to Prince Leonard, and left the Rozes Castle.

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