WM – Chapter 168: Takatsuki Makoto uses his secret plan

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◇General Tariska’s POV◇

The meteor drop of the Snake Church.

A crisis that might eradicate the Fire Country’s capital which has been unheard of in more than a hundred years is approaching.

(…I underestimated the enemy, huh.) 

No matter what army of enemies comes, no matter how many monsters push forward, the defense of the capital was supposed to be perfect. 

But to think they would come up with this method.

We have no preparations against calamities that come from space.

The royalty and nobles are in the middle of using teleport magic to evacuate. 

They will eventually escape to a safe place. 

However, there’s several tens of thousands of people living in Gamuran.

People with rides and people who can use magic can most likely escape in a short amount of time. 

But what about the regular citizens that have no other method aside from their own legs?

Just how many deaths will be brought from this…? Just imagining it made me grind my teeth.

“Is there no plan? Can’t we gather all the High ranked mages and above to blow up that huge rock?!” (Tariska)

My tone grew harsher unintentionally. 

We are already doing that! Monarch, Superior, and High ranked mages are all doing that!” 

“Results?” (Tariska)

“…Can’t confirm.” 

Figures. My eyes can’t see a change either.

“What about the magic armament? We have the siege weapons and the anti-monster ones, right?” (Tariska)

“They are all out of their effective range… They are ready to shoot, but we need it to be closer.” 

There’s no point in that. 

Even if we were to manage the destruction of that huge rock in the sky when it is right at the doorstep of the capital, the broken pieces would all rain down at the capital and destroy it. 

When I was feeling like holding my head in pain, one of my subordinates had come.

“General, the Water Country’s Hero is here. He said he wanted to talk with you.” 

“…What?” (Tariska)

When I move my gaze, I see a thin young man looking at the state of my army curiously. 

The Rozes Hero, Takatsuki Makoto.

The person who was evaluated the lowest within the people that were transferred to this world with the Light Hero two years ago.

All countries decided that they didn’t need him and didn’t take him in.

Of course, this was reported to Great Keith as well, and I checked his ability. 

His Status was the lowest, and his Skills weren’t eye-catching. 

He wasn’t someone that could fight the army of the Great Demon Lord that will be reviving.

Of course, we didn’t accept him.

And then, after more than 1 year passed, his name suddenly spread as the Country Designated Hero of Rozes. 

But there were few who were interested in Takatsuki Makoto at that time. 

In the end, he was just a Hero of a weak country like Rozes. 

He is most likely not a big deal, is what people thought. 

After that, he won against the Lightning Hero Geralt in a sudden match at the Sun Country; fought back the monsters attacking the capital of Symphonia; defeated an Ancient Dragon in the Water Country; and defeated a Demon Lord in the Wood Country. 

1,000 years ago, the Water Hero was the first one to die in the Great Demon Lord battle. 

There are rumors that the Water Goddess Eir-sama poured her love into him in order to cut away that stigma. 

His fame is currently rivaling that of the Savior’s reincarnation, the Light Hero.

Maybe she didn’t find that amusing. 

My daughter Olga and her childhood friend Dahlia conspired together and provoked the Water Country’s Hero. 

She employed her power as the Fire Hero.

And it seems like the Fire Oracle Dahlia spread bad rumors about the Water Country’s Hero by using the church people. 

I told the two to not do it, but they didn’t listen to me at all. 

On top of that, Olga suffered a crushing defeat against the comrade of the Water Country’s Hero. 

The Country Designated Hero of Great Keith is the subordinate of the Water Country’s Hero.

From now on, our relationship with the Water Country will become a complicated one.

But right now that’s not what’s important. 

I walk close to where Takatsuki Makoto is.

I directed my gaze at him, and pushed the conversation.

“General, is it okay for us to do something about that thing in the sky?” (Makoto)

The aforementioned Hero Makoto said nonchalantly. 

In this place where the people around are desperately trying to do something about this crisis, his calm expression was extremely out-of-place.

He is apparently the holder of Clear Mind, but is that all there is to it? 

Does he not feel fear?

“…Do you have some sort of plan?” (Tariska)

I asked with short words.

“That’s a trade secret. There’s a spell I want to test out.” (Makoto)

He responded suggestively. 

Words I didn’t understand well. Is that an otherworlder term?

It looks like he has a plan, but he has no intention of telling me the details.

The techniques of Heroes are national secrets.

Of course he wouldn’t just divulge them easily. 

“Haha! What are you saying, Water Country’s Hero?! That thing can’t be stopped anymore!” 

The Snake Church member -the man calling himself Archbishop Isaac- shouted loudly.

But the result of the interrogation was that he didn’t know anything. He was just a fanatic that is being controlled by Archbishop Isaac.

He was silent until a while ago, but the moment Takatsuki Makoto arrived, he got talkative. 

“Listen here! That comet wasn’t created from magic! This giant comet that passes by around once a year, we simply redirected its course by force with summoning magic! By using the lifespan of several hundreds of slaves! If you want to achieve the same thing, you would need to offer the lifespan of several hundreds, and a chant of several hours! But the comet will be crashing in due time! You won’t make it in time! It is the end! The end for all of you! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!” 

The fanatic laughs in a crazed manner at what I fail to find funny. 

“Shut him up.” (Tariska)

I ordered my men, and they put a rope around his mouth. 

“What an amusing guy he is every time.” (Makoto)

The Water Country’s Hero scratched his cheek as if amazed.

“Lu-chan, why does he go through the trouble of explaining to us? Does he not have anything better to do?” (Aya)

“It must be that his personality is warped. Controlling his subordinates like puppets, and the person himself hiding in the shadows. He must be one ugly bastard!” (Lucy)

The female members of Takatsuki Makoto were having a carefree talk. 

But I agree mostly with what they say.

“Hero-dono, it looks like you have a plan that might succeed…? Could it be that it relies on that Sasaki Aya-dono there who defeated my daughter?” (Tariska)

I asked blindly. 

The ability that she showed in the fight just before. 

It was fearsome. 

To think that she would be able to shut up Olga who is the second ranker in one hit. 

“About that, it seems like Sa-san is exhausted from the fight of before…” (Makoto)

Takatsuki Makoto denies it softly. 

“Eh?! I am still full of energy thou—” (Aya)

“Oi.” (Makoto)

“Mgh?!” (Aya)

For some reason, Takatsuki Makoto hurriedly covered the mouth of Sasaki Aya who interrupted him.

Even in my eyes, she doesn’t seem to be tired.

He probably has a reason as to why he doesn’t want her to fight.

Could it be that the use of her Skill had some sort of price?

“Sa-san! Just rest already!” (Makoto)

“Aya, come here.” (Lucy)

Sasaki Aya was dragged away by her red haired elf comrade.

Well, it is not like I want to force her to do anything.

“Then, does that mean you have another method?” (Tariska)

“Yeah, I do have an idea in mind.” (Makoto)

I could see confidence and leisure in the eyes of Takatsuki Makoto.

I see, then there’s no reason to say no. 

“Well then, I will leave it to you. Oi, guide the Hero-dono.” (Tariska)

I ordered the Enforcement Knight that brought Takatsuki Makoto here to guide him.

If it is him, he should be able to help the Hero-dono out while gathering information.

He was the man that managed to do his job as the Country Designated Hero in the past after all.

“Well then, I will guide you to the place where the mages of the army are. Over here, please.” 

The Water Country’s Hero Makoto, his red haired mage comrade, and the female warrior that won the tournament left. 

His two comrades were going along slightly uneasily.

But the Hero himself was walking as if he were having a nice walk outside.

(It is as the reports said…) (Tariska)

He is the type to thrust his head into dangerous places on his own. 

It is what was written in the investigation report from a subordinate of mine. 

“The Water Country’s Hero, Takatsuki Makoto, lacks a sense of danger.” 

“It was said that he faced an Ancient Dragon with just a dagger. The adventurers of Makkaren were amazed.” 

“It seems he faced the Demon Lord in the Wood Country alone. I can’t think of him as a sane man.” 

Those were the words of my subordinate when he returned from his investigation. 

That he is not a sane man.

A Hero is an important fighting force of the country, so in a battle against a Demon Lord, they must be protected heavily.

But the Water Country’s Hero rushes into the battlefield on his own.

Just like the Legendary Savior, Abel.

1,000 years ago.

The Hero Abel of the long past that raided the Demon Continent where the Great Demon Lord was waiting.

According to the legends, Hero Abel tried to face the Great Demon Lord alone in order to not create a single sacrifice. 

The Great Sage-sama of that time, the Holy Maiden Anna-sama, and the magic archer Johnny-sama convinced him otherwise, and that’s how their party of four was formed.

In the current times, a Hero facing a Demon Lord with just a few comrades would be unthinkable. 

Even my daughter Olga has a special force of more than hundreds made up of warriors and mages above High Rank.

The unit made up of the best of the Fire Country to face the Northern Expedition in the near future. 

I once again follow with my eyes the Water Country’s Hero that looks as if he is heading out for a walk with his two comrades.

In the sky there’s the huge rock that’s forming a giant shadow over the capital and approaching us.

There’s still no sight of a plan to break through this crisis.

(…Let’s have hope…in the power of the Hero that saved both Rozes and Spring Log.) (Tariska)

◇Takatsuki Makoto’s POV◇

“It is here. Go ahead.” 

The place the Enforcement Knight guided us to was the highest floor of the colosseum.

The mages are standing in line there, shooting magic at the approaching meteor, and using magic tools.

“That looks like a good place.” (Makoto)

I chose the place with the least amount of people, and headed there.

It would be troubling if I were to mistakenly drag them into it. 

“Hey, Makoto, what are you planning on doing…?” (Lucy)

Lucy was looking at the sky while asking me nervously with hands on her staff.

Right, I have to properly explain to my comrades.

“Lucy, what is it that’s coming down on us from overhead?” (Makoto)

I said while pointing at the sky.

“Eh? What’s that all of a sudden? You can tell just by looking, right?! A super giant meteor!” (Lucy)

“No, that’s not it. It is not a meteor, but a comet.” (Makoto)

“…What’s the difference?” (Lucy)

I should just speak out the answer without beating around the bush. 

“In other words…” (Makoto)

“Got it! The central element of comets: ice and dust! And so, you will do something about it with your water magic, isn’t that right, Takatsuki-kun?!” (Aya)

Sa-san spoiled it for me.

Please don’t steal my spotlight.

“Can something really be done, Hero-dono?!” 

The Enforcement Knight listening to our talk reacted heavily.

“W-Well, won’t know unless I try though.” (Makoto)

My magic proficiency is over 250.

A mage that’s specialized enough to shock even the Great Sage-sama.


Even though I haven’t succeeded yet, he is moved greatly. 

Oh well, let’s give it a try then.

I rolled up my sleeves and tried to use water magic on the comet. 

(It is impossible, Makoto.) (Noah)

The sudden cold voice was from Noah-sama.

Impossible, you say. Why?

(What’s covering the comet is ice, but the central core is rock. With the size of the comet that’s falling right now, the size of the core is several hundreds of meters. Your water magic won’t be able to block it.) (Noah) 

Right, comets do have rocks in their center.

I don’t have much knowledge in astronomy.

(Also, Makoto-kun.) (Eir)

Oya, Eir-sama.

It has been a while.

(Fufu, it has been a while. But listen well. The comet that was summoned is a foreign object that came from outside the planet. That’s why the water magic of Mako-kun won’t work so well with that ice compared to normal ice. If you want to control a comet of that size, you would need an outstanding amount of mana.) (Eir)

Eir-sama told me this as if grieving.

It all won’t go as planned, huh.

“Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

“Makoto?” (Lucy)

“Hero-dono…is something the matter?” 

Seeing that I suddenly stopped moving, Sa-san, Lucy, and the Enforcement Knight asked me in worry. 

“It is okay, it is okay.” (Makoto)

This amount of trouble is within expectations.

Then, we will do that, Noah-sama.

I told the Goddess that I would be doing the secret technique that I told her about before.

(You are serious, aren’t you…Makoto?) (Noah)

(Mako-kun, please, think it over.) (Eir)

The responses of the two weren’t favorable.

But there’s no other way, you know? 


There’s no response.

But there’s no denial either.

Alright, let’s do this then.

“H-Hey, Makoto…the comet is approaching already. I will prepare the teleport just in case.” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun…when it comes to it, I will carry you two and run away, okay?” (Aya)

I ended up worrying my two party members completely.

“It is okay, just watch.” (Makoto)

I finish rolling up the sleeves of my right arm. 

And then, I used Transform on my right arm. 

…It is hard to control. 

I felt like the space around my right arm blurred. 

And at the same time, my arm began to shine blue. 

“…Makoto, what are you doing?” (Lucy)

“That’s the Transform Skill, right?” (Aya)

“Ah, Part Transformation. Only to your right arm.” 

I set Clear Mind to 100% and concentrate.

If I drop my guard even for a bit, I will lose consciousness. 

*Bzzt Bzzt*

I heard a buzzing sound in my ears. 

Learning that that’s the mana coming out from my body, I trembled from that strange sensation. 

The right arm of a Spirit. 

It isn’t recorded in any book about magic. I called this spell Kana. <A phonetic character unique to Japanese.>

Transforming one arm into a Spirit. 

That’s all this spell is.

However, the Spirits are nature itself.

The small Spirits normally seen around are not one single life form

One yet a thousand. 

The Water Spirits are basically the water of all the world itself. 

That’s what Noah-sama taught me in the past. 

That’s why the mana of Spirits is infinite. 

My arm itself slowly changed into a blue light. 

Not flesh, but something that’s connected to all the water of this world.

A fragment of mana that’s infinite. 

When I think about it, the first monsters I defeated in this world were goblins. 

And I used the water of a river closeby to defeat them. 

In Laberintos, I borrowed the power of Water Spirits and fought Taboo Dragons.

In the capital of the Water Country, I borrowed the mana of Princess Sofia to defeat a Taboo Giant. 

The Great Water Spirit in the Sun Country. 

In Makkaren, I synchronized with Lucy to borrow the power of Fire Spirits.

In the Wood Country, I offered my lifespan to Noah-sama to borrow her power.

I have been borrowing the power of someone to achieve something. 

But…I want to win something with my own power at least once.

The hint was from the words of the Great Sage-sama.

If you want to be stronger…you have to stop being human’.

“Right, in order to become stronger, I can’t stay a human!” (Makoto)

By the time I noticed, I had shouted unconsciously.

“I just have to become a Spirit myself!” (Makoto)

I said to Sa-san and Lucy with a cool face.

Fuh, nailed it. 

“““……””” ※Lucy, Sa-san, and the Enforcement Knight. 

((……)) ※Noah-sama and Eir-sama.

Why did everyone fall silent? 

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