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Janet-san asked me if I wanted to become her husband.

(Hyuu, that’s impressive, Makoto. Hey there, airheaded gigolo!) (Noah)

Noah-sama…what should I do? 

(Hm? Do as you please.) (Noah)

Ugh… But this isn’t something I should have Noah-sama decide…

This is my problem.

“If you join the Valentine household, you will obtain a massive amount of land. I say that, but you will have me to manage it, so it won’t trouble you. I don’t mind if you continue being an adventurer, and it is also fine if you want to play around everyday. Ah, you can also have as many concubines as you want. Lucy-san and Aya-san are of course welcome.” (Janet)

Janet-san lines up words one after the other flowingly as if she had prepared them beforehand. 

The contents of it were enticing. 

In other words, I can laze around.

But… Is what I was thinking when RPG Player activated.

[Will you enter the Janet-san Husband End?



This bastard! 

And here I was wondering about how it has been a while since it showed up, and here it is, showing up at the weirdest of moments! 

Haah… I take a deep breath.

“I am engaged to Princess Sofia.” (Makoto)

I refused Janet-san while mentioning the reason.

But Janet-san was still smiling. 

“There’s no problem. I can talk things out with Princess Sofia.” (Janet)

“…….Huh?” (Makoto)

The response I got went up and beyond what I expected.

What did she say just now?

“Then, are you saying there’s no problem as long as Princess Sofia approves?” (Janet)

“No, wait a bit.” (Makoto)

Isn’t she taking it as me answering with an okay to this?

“The food has come. I know the head chef here, so I had him make a special menu.” (Janet)

Moreover, she is changing the topic! 

“Janet-san, uhm…” (Makoto)

“Janet-sama, Rozes Hero-sama; I will be explaining the dishes here. The ingredients of today are…” 

For some reason, the head chef began explaining?! 

In the end, the meal ended while it was still hazy. 

As you would expect from the restaurant that the Valentine household lady would frequent, it was quite the tasty meal. 


I returned to the inn.

Janet-san was following as if it were natural.

Moreover, she is clinging onto me. 

I obviously asked her to separate from me once we got to the inn.

“I am back…” (Makoto)

I nervously open the door. 

“Makoto! You are finally back!” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun! This is bad this is bad!” (Aya)

The moment I entered the inn’s lobby, Lucy and Sa-san ran to me. 

What is going on? 

“Princess Noel and the Light Hero-sama have come!” (Lucy)

“Fu-chan is in trouble!” (Aya)

“Princess is?” (Makoto)

Did something happen again?, is what I thought as I hurriedly follow the two.

“Moon Oracle, Furiae… You are being way too clingy to Ryosuke-san.” (Noel) 

“Oh, Ryosuke came to visit me, you know? Got a problem?” (Furiae)

“He is my fiance. Get away from him already.” (Noel)

“Restrictive women are hated, you know?” (Furaie)

“What…” (Noel)

A scene of carnage was happening in a room of the inn.

Princess Noel was crossing her arms and glaring at Furiae-san.

Furiae-san had a hand on top of Sakurai-kun’s shoulder and was smiling.

“…Hey, you two, calm down…” (Sakurai)

“Shut up, Ryosuke.” (Furiae)

“Ryosuke-san, please be silent for a bit.” (Noel)


Sakurai-kun and Princess Sofia were panicking. 

(…What are they doing?) (Makoto)

Especially Princess Sofia. 

I sighed and approached the four. 

According to Lucy and Sa-san, Princess Noel had come together with Princess Sofia, and Sakurai-kun came to look at the state of Furiae-san, but it ended up in conflict.

Princess Noel and Furiae-san were quarreling. 

“Ooi, Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

I waved my hand and called my childhood friend.

Even though he was cool when he was the very first one to oppose Hero Alex. 

Well, he has been indecisive with women since way before.


Furiae-san reacted to my voice before Sakurai-kun.

She lowered the hand she had on Sakurai-kun’s shoulder and put both of her hands on her back.

And then, she takes a bit of distance from Sakurai-kun.

“Princess, keep the flirting with Sakurai-kun moderate.” (Makoto)

“T-That’s not it!” (Furiae)

Her voice cracked as she denied it. 

It ain’t though?

Can you please stop it at least when in front of Princess Noel?

She has been helping us a lot, you see. 

After that, Princess Noel and Sakurai-kun turned to my direction.

“Makoto-san, you had it rough today.” (Noel)

“Princess Noel, thank you very much for the assist there.” (Makoto)

I thank her for covering me when I was exposed as the Evil God Apostle. 

At that moment, she shifted her gaze to my side.

“Janet, looks like you were together with Makoto-san.” (Noel)

“Yeah…well, it has nothing to do with you, Noel-neesama…” (Janet)

Princess Noel and Janet-san felt slightly stiff.


A slightly awkward air ran between Princess Noel and Janet-san. 

“Makoto-san.” (Noel)

As if trying to change the mood, Princess Noel speaks here.

“Althena-sama has accepted you following your Goddess. Thinking about your achievements in Spring Log and Great Keith, this is natural. What’s strange is what Esther-san said… She wasn’t like that before…” (Noel)

She is saying the same thing as Maximilian-san.

That her personality has changed.

..But that Oracle is probably…

Let’s consult with Noah-sama about this later.

“Takatsuki-kun, where did you go out to? There’s rumors that the Pope-sama is trying to send Templars to deal directly with you. It would be best to not go out too much.” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun said worried.

What did he just say?! 

“I didn’t know that… I will use Transform when I go out. Thanks, Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

“No, I am telling you it is better to not go out at all…” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun made a troubled expression at what I said.

“My Knight, how was your talk with the Destiny Oracle Esther?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san entered the conversation. 


Princess Noel and Sakurai-kun opened their eyes wide in surprise.

“Makoto-san! Did you go meet Esther-san?!” (Noel)

“What are you thinking, Takatsuki-kun!” (Sakurai)

“It was a truly fruitful experience.” (Makoto)

I share the conversation I had with the Destiny Oracle.

Janet-san also complemented what I said, so there shouldn’t be any discrepancies in the information.

But Janet-san, you are sticking way too much to me. 

“…Hmm, so the Destiny Oracle can’t see my future, huh. I am surprised she even threw a Hero at us with that.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san said this displeased. 

“But this is a relief. Fu-chan wouldn’t do something like that after all.” (Aya)

“…Or more like, I am more worried about Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

I wasn’t sure if to do it or not, but I told them about the future of the Light Hero dying that the Destiny Oracle told me about.

…You could say this was expected, but Sakurai-kun already knew about it.

It seems like them being in a hurry to make Sakurai-kun have children is in part because of that. 

“You don’t have to make that face, Takatsuki-kun. The future seen with destiny magic isn’t 100% certain. It is magic that exists in order to avoid the bad futures after all.” (Sakurai)

“Yeah…but be careful, okay?” (Makoto)

I tell this to my childhood friend who is strong but too kind.

“It is okay, Ryosuke-san, Makoto-san. The Sun Country will be putting their full effort in avoiding the future of the Light Hero dying!” (Noel)

Princess Noel asserts powerfully.

He is loved.

“As a user of destiny magic, I think it should be better to not change that future though.” (Furiae)

The one who threw this in was Furiae-san.

“Furi? What are you saying?!” (Lucy)

“Princess, what do you mean by that?” (Makoto)

Lucy and I obviously criticized Furiae-san’s words.

“Changing the future is easier said than done. If the chance of the Light Hero being stabbed is higher, it would be better to think about how to save him after he has been stabbed. That Light Oracle there can use Revive, so if she revives him after he has been stabbed, it should be okay to not go through the trouble of changing the future, right?” (Furiae)

“So there’s that way of thinking, huh.” (Makoto)

I see… I nodded impressed. 

“I think so as well. If we were to change the future without a full picture, it might worsen things, or it could even spread and affect other things. This is what the Great Sage-sama was worried about.” (Sakurai)

Looks like Sakurai-kun also agrees with the opinion of Furiae-san.

If it is the words of the Great Sage-sama, it really is convincing…

“T-That’s not good! Leaving the future of Ryosuke-san getting stabbed is just…!” (Noel)

“What an ununderstanding woman. There’s a chance that it will instead cause a bad future from happening.” (Furiae)

Princess Noel was on the ‘changing the future’ side. 

Furiae-san is on the ‘follow the future and adapt to it’ side.

I understand both opinions, but…

Aah, Princess Noel and Furiae-san began to argue again.

These two really don’t get along. 

(Sakurai-kun, I leave the rest to you.) (Makoto)

I carefreely thought that.

Popular guys really have it rough.

Good grief…

Now then, I have told the information to everyone already, so let’s return to the usual training.

(Makoto, stop acting as if you have forgotten about the most important part.) (Noah)

Hm? What are you talking about, Noah-sama?

“By the way, Hero Makoto, Janet-san.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia, who had been silent until now, slid in.

“Aah, Sofia…eh?” (Makoto)

She pulled my arm.

“How long are you going to be linking arms?” (Sofia)

“Ah.” (Makoto)


I didn’t notice that Janet-san had linked arms with me again.

Princess Sofia pulls me and locks her arms with mine.

“Got a problem?” (Janet)

Janet-san smiled with a refreshing face.

She isn’t letting go of my arm.

“I do. Get away from him at once.” (Sofia)

“Oh my, I am Janet Valentine, you know? Even if it is the order from the Rozes Princess, I have no duty to obey.” (Janet)

Janet-san is mercilessly using her power as a Valentine.

“Hero Makoto is part of the Rozes household.” (Sofia)

“Today I told Makoto to enter the Valentine household. I got a nice response.” (Janet)


It wasn’t only Princess Sofia, Lucy and Sa-san’s voices also overlapped as they glared over here. 

At this rate, it is going to be dangerous! 

“Wait! That’s not it, Janet-san!” (Makoto)

Correct it at once! 

“…Takatsuki Makoto rejected me saying he had a fiancee.” (Janet)

Janet-san corrected it reluctantly. 

The 3 sigh in relief at this.

“That’s why I will take my time and make Makoto fall for me. And so, I will have him turn my way for sure.” (Janet)

Janet-san smiles sweetly. 


“There’s no way the Rozes Hero, Makoto, would bend to you. I wouldn’t allow it.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia states with cold eyes.

“Wonder about that.” (Janet)

But Janet-san wasn’t breaking her bold attitude.

She said she would talk with Princess Sofia about it. 

To think she would be forcing it with the power of the Five Sacred Nobles…

“Princess Sofia, there have been enraged monsters in Rozes recently, right? Until now, you have been receiving assistance from the Fire Country and the Sun Country. Our Northern Sky Knights have been going there and helping out frequently in those monster subjugations. But due to the preparations for the battle against the Demon Lords, foreign armies cannot be relied on. It seems you have been managing with adventurers cause there’s no other choice, but adventurers have a high cost, and it has to be paid in full each time. It is affecting the finances of Rozes, right?” (Janet)

Janet-san was talking about a reality I didn’t know about. 

“Sofia… Is that true?” (Makoto)

“…It is.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia says vexed.

‘Why didn’t you tell me?’, is what I thought, but…this isn’t a problem I can deal with by myself…

“If it is about money, Fuji-yan could…” (Makoto)

“Actually… Lord Fujiwara has already been lending us quite the large sum of money.” (Sofia)


So they already did that, huh.

And they still don’t have enough even with that…

“If I marry Takatsuki Makoto, it will be easier to move the Northern Sky Knights. Rozes and the Valentine territory have a good distance to each other, so we could move a part of the Northern Sky Knights to Rozes. There will be a maintenance cost with it, but when considering the monster appearance situation, I don’t think you can afford to leave it be.” (Janet)

What Janet-san was saying made sense…at a glance.

I am a novice in politics, so I don’t know much about that, but looking at Princess Sofia thinking, it is most likely a decent suggestion. 

“Of course, I won’t ask for an immediate answer. But think about the people of your nation, okay?” (Janet)

“…Okay.” (Sofia)

Janet-san and Princess Sofia were conversing with serious faces of politicians that were thinking about the people of their nation.

…There doesn’t seem to be anything I can say to that.

This is a complicated matter outside my knowledge. 

“Hey hey, Makoto.” (Lucy)

Lucy pulled my sleeve.

When I turned around, Lucy and Sa-san were making cold eyes.

“W-What is it?” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki-kun, you are making a face as if this is someone else’s business, but won’t you be going to Janet-chan’s place if that gets decided, Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

Isn’t that way of putting it a bit too vague, Sa-san?

“No, I would still be the Rozes Hero, and we can still be in Makkaren as always. Also, the condition of Janet-san’s husband is apparently for him to have defeated Gera-san.” (Makoto)

“Wouldn’t there be practically no candidates then…?” (Lucy)

Lucy says the same opinion as me.

“What, that’s a relief~. Then that means Jane-chan doesn’t love Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

The eyebrows of Janet-san twitch at the words of Sa-san.

Hm? Didn’t we have a conversation like this before…?

“Wait there, Aya-san. There’s something I have to say.” (Janet)

Janet-san turned around and looked at me. 

“I…do love Takatsuki Makoto…” (Janet)


Janet-san says this with a red face.

Princess Sofia, Lucy, and Sa-san made shocked expressions.

“Makoto…I will prepare a room for you in the Valentine castle, okay?” (Janet)

Janet-san puts a hand on my cheek and smiles bewitchingly. 

It is completely different from the time when she was a pegasus knight! 

I could hear the grinding of teeth of someone.

“…Forget what I said just now.” (Sofia)

“Eh?” (Janet)

“We don’t need the assistance of the Northern Sky Knights! Take that hand off this instant!” (Sofia)

“Princess Sofia…I don’t think it is a wise choice to decide based on jealousy.” (Janet)

“I have made no wrong choice here.” (Sofia)

“Can’t even reason with you.” (Janet)

The winds are getting turbulent. 

“…Just get away from him already, Expired Knight.” (Sofia)

The complexion of Janet-san changed at the words of Princess Sofia.

Wait, Sofia-san?! 

“…What a hardheaded Oracle. That’s why the otherworlder Heroes ran away from you.” (Janet)

What Janet-san said made the eyes of Princess Sofia sharper. 

“Janet, shut up.” (Sofia)

“How about you try to, Sofia?” (Janet)

Princess Sofia and Janet-san were glaring at each other with a distance that their noses could touch.

Uhm…how did things turn out this way?

“Alright, Sofi-chan, let’s calm down for a bit.” (Aya)

Sa-san dragged Princess Sofia off.

(Takatsuki-kun, you idiot.) (Aya)

I heard that mutter.

“Now now, Furi, let’s go over here.” (Lucy)

On the other side, Lucy was dragging Furiae-san away.

Lucy went ‘bleeh’ and stuck her tongue out.

Sakurai-kun and I made eye contact.

His face was really pitiful, and it is most likely the same for me. We were basically mirror images.

(How pathetic.) (Noah)

It is exactly as my Goddess says.


A while after, similar days continued.

In the end, Janet-san began to move their Northern Sky Knights to Rozes.

It seems like, when she consulted with her brother and captain Geralt-san, he said ‘bring as many as you want!’.

Gera-san is so manly!

Also, General Tariska came over and said: ‘The Fire Country supports Makoto-dono’.

Maximilian-san said: ‘If you are troubled by anything, I will come help you anytime’.

Sakurai-kun also showed up.

Sakurai-kun and I ate out together with Fuji-yan, and we enjoyed a talk about old times.

There’s one small problem though.

“Oh, you came here again, Expired-san.” (Sofia)

“Hello there, Hardheaded Oracle.” (Janet)

The thorny relationship between Princess Sofia and Janet-san.

It is not like they are fighting, they were discussing the management of the Northern Sky Knights.

They are doing that, but the conversations were scary.

I was listening from the side while feeling chills.

…These two talk with me in between.

Lucy and Sa-san were grumbling everyday.

“You haven’t been together with me lately, Makoto.” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun, I’m lonely~.” (Aya)

“I will tag along with your training, so I will work out time!” (Makoto)

I am making time by shaving off my sleeping time.

To think my technique to cut off sleeping time that I trained to play games all night would come in handy here.

(Keep it moderate. You are going to break your body.) (Noah)


Right, Noah-sama.

Sorry for worrying you.

…But, in the end, everyone was being considerate of me, so that I don’t get caught up in any advances from the Pope, the first prince, or Oracle Esther. 

That’s why a variety of people gathered.

That’s why they made sure to always have someone with me.

I am thankful for that.

Several days of that passed by, and on a certain morning, one Rozes Knight had come running to our place and was out of breath.

With a certain report.

“The army of the Beast King Zagan, and the Sea Monster King Forneus have begun their march to the West Continent!” 

The war has begun.

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