WM – Chapter 128: Takatsuki Makoto speaks to a Goddess

“Hello~, Mako-kun.” 

The beautiful woman waving her hand at the side of Noah-sama. 

She is releasing a divine aura, and is covered by light that’s drawing a slight contour around her.

Of course, this is my first time meeting her in person.

But I know that figure of hers well.

At the Water Temple, at Makkaren, at Horun; in every place of Rozes, statues and portraits of hers are on display. 

The name of that personage that everyone of Rozes worships is…

“Eir-sama…?” (Makoto)

“Correct~.” (Eir)

She smiles and her eyes shine a strange golden color.

That shine is beautiful to the point that it felt as if it was sucking my soul, and I couldn’t avert my gaze, as if my eyes were fixed on her…

That’s…your Charm Eyes, aren’t they, Eir-sama?

“Stop that!” (Noah)

Noah-sama smacked the head of Eir-sama.

“Oouch. Charm really doesn’t work on Mako-kun, huh~.” (Eir)

Eir-sama rubs her head and doesn’t show any signs of being apologetic at all.

“I really can’t let my guard down with you. Makoto, you must not get charmed by anyone but me, okay?” (Noah)

“I haven’t been charmed by you either, Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

I have no intention of bending to another Goddess though.

Eir-sama was watching my conversation with Noah-sama, but she suddenly made a startled expression.

“Hey, Noah! You are showing that figure of yours to Mako-kun?” (Eir)

“That’s right, what about it?” (Noah)

“…Even if it is within a dream, there’s a human who can keep their sanity after looking directly at a Goddess, huh.” (Eir)

Eir-sama mutters dumbfounded.

“What do you mean by that exactly?” (Makoto)

That conversation bothers me.

Keep their sanity…

“Mako-kun, a normal human cannot look directly at a Goddess’s figure. The realms of existence are so different that your brain explodes. That’s why, when we Goddesses talk to our Oracles, we only use our voices. When showing ourselves, we make it so it is not clear.” (Eir)

Eir-sama explains.

It is well known that Oracles can only hear the voice of their Goddess.

Also, the body of Eir-sama has been releasing light for a while now and it is dazzling my eyes.

Is that what that light is for?

Hmm? But Noah-sama showed me her figure from the very beginning though.

“Noah-sama…” (Makoto)

Wasn’t I in danger since the very first meeting with her?

Noah-sama made a ‘tee hee’ face and stuck out her tongue cutely.

She is trying to squeeze her way out!

“Makoto has a cheat ability like an ‘outside the world perspective’, so charms don’t work at all on him. You as well, Eir, there’s no need to use that Halo, Makoto won’t have any issues.” (Noah)

“Ara, is that so. Then, I will stop the light.” (Eir)

Saying this, the light covering Eir-sama disappeared.

Aah, so she can freely turn it on/off.

“By the way, why are you here, Eir-sama?” (Makoto)

You can easily come inside my dreams?…is a part I was bothered about, but she is a Goddess. I am sure she can manage most of anything.

“Hmm, I would like to hear what you have to say first before answering that question. You came here because you had something to ask Noah, right?” (Eir)

“Ah, yes. That’s right.” (Makoto)

“Exactly. Can you not get in the way of my alone time with Makoto?” (Noah)

Eir-sama smiles elegantly, and Noah-sama seemed to be in a bad mood.

(I am sure Eir-sama can read my mind just like Noah-sama.) (Makoto)

There’s no point in hiding anything.

I should speak out honestly.

“Noah-sama, I came here to ask you something.” (Makoto)

“I am listening.” (Noah)

She gives a short response.

“The dependent of yours I met before, the Titan Old M…I mean, the Titan-sama, can you call him for me? I want him to create a gigantic defensive wall that protects Makkaren.” (Makoto)

That’s the idea I told Fuji-yan about.

That Titan Old Man seemed to be specialized in earth magic after all.

I think it will be easy for him to create a gigantic wall.

He did say he would help me out once.

I will be using that favor.

“Hmm, I want to help you out there, but…” (Noah)

“Is it gonna be hard?” (Makoto)

Noah-sama directs her gaze meaningfully at her side.

“Our enemy is here, you see.” (Noah)

“Ara, you are making me sad there. Let’s get along. We are friends, right?” (Eir)

“Heeh, then, are you saying it is okay to call a Titan?” (Noah)

Eir-sama smiles at the words of Noah-sama.

“Fufu, but I can’t have a Titan do as they please on the mortal plane. If Althena-neesama were to find out about that, it would be problematic, right?” (Eir)

“The Sun Goddess Althena-sama, huh…” (Makoto)

The one that has the highest authority within the Six Great Goddesses Church in the West Continent.

The Goddess that is at the center of it.

She is also the Goddess that represents justice and victory.

In the Goddess Church, they are taught to not go against that Goddess no matter what.

“Who cares about that woman. She is a rock head who doesn’t listen to reason.” (Noah)

Noah-sama says unamused with her arms crossed.

“You can’t. I am the one who will get scolded. And so, since you are asking, Rozes Hero-kun…” (Eir)

Eir-sama turns her head towards me and grins.

Ah, I’ve got a bad feeling.

Eir-sama opens her mouth and says…

Actually, at this rate, Rozes might perish.” (Eir)


“Eh? Eir, are you serious?” (Noah)

I was at a loss for words, and Noah-sama raised her voice in surprise.

“Well, I am not good at ‘seeing the future’, so I can’t say for sure though. I have a bad feeling, you see. Can you please resolve that?” (Eir)

Even if you tell me such an important thing out of nowhere…

“Can you tell me exactly w-what I should be doing…?” (Makoto)

I have to confirm the details.

A country falling is a big deal.

Is a monster with ‘Calamity Designation: Country’ gonna appear?

“The reason might be the Demonic Forest. That place is giving me bad vibes.” (Eir)

“That’s so vague…” (Makoto)

I got no information at all.

The Demonic Forest dungeon is said to be crazy vast.

“If you want to know about the future, ask that girl -the Destiny Goddess, Ira.” (Noah)

“Hmm, the Destiny Goddess, Ira, huh. She has secluded herself and doesn’t meet us. Also, she has proclaimed that she won’t be talking about the future.” (Eir)

“Really? Well, she has a bad personality, so I am sure she won’t be telling us anything.” (Noah)

The Destiny Goddess has a bad personality…?

Noah-sama and Eir-sama’s conversation is so out of this plane that it is scary.

Eir-sama giggles.

“The reason Ira acts like that towards Noah is because father Jupiter-sama is so deeply in love with Noah. That girl loves father a whole lot, so she doesn’t like Noah.” (Eir)


I was the one who let out a dumbfounded voice.

Jupiter, as in, the God King Jupiter of the Holy Gods?

That incredible God loves Noah-sama?

(S-Seriously…?) (Makoto)

If I remember correctly, Noah-sama said she is the number one beauty of the Divine Realm (Self-Proclaimed).

In that case, it wouldn’t be strange for big shots within the Gods to fall in love with her, but…

It is kinda vexing.

I don’t know why.

“Hey, if you say weird stuff like that, Makoto will misunderstand. Makoto, the God King Jupiter is an unbelievable womanizer. He has more than 1,000 wives, and yet, he is still searching for new wives. The very epitome of a piece of shit! There’s no way I would become the wife of a guy like that!” (Noah)

Noah-sama goes ‘hmph!’ and refutes it strongly.

1,000 wives?! 

What’s with that outrageous number that wouldn’t even be comparable to a certain Hero?! 

“I-I see… I was taught at the Temple that he is the example to follow of all the Holy Gods, and that he is a splendid God though.” (Makoto)

What I was first taught when coming to this world was how splendid of a God the God King Jupiter is.

…That sounds really different from what I heard.

“In the first place, the father of all the Six Great Goddesses is Jupiter, but their mothers are all different, you know? That kind of guy is a splendid God? Ha, that’s funny.” (Noah)

“N-Noah-sama, aren’t you going too far there?” (Makoto)

The Goddess herself is right by your side, you know.

“Well, Father’s power as a King is incredible, but as a father…that’s a bit…” (Eir)

Eir-sama chuckles.

…Even her daughter finds him questionable…

“We derailed there, Noah. And so, can you lend me the strength of your Apostle?” (Eir)

“But you can’t see the future, right? What do you plan on making Makoto do?” (Noah)

“Hmm, the fact that I can’t see the future must have to do with the Apostle of the Snake God, Typhon.” (Eir)

“The Snake Church…” (Makoto)

Even if she is a Goddess, she can’t see the state of the believers of a different God.

Because they have the divine protection of an opposing God.

The terrorist group that caused an incident in Horun, and a stampede on Makkaren.

Our fates are still linked, huh.

“An oracle for the Rozes Hero, Mako-kun.” (Eir)

All of a sudden?! 

“Go to the Demonic Forest, and find that ‘something’ that will bring ruin. And while at it, take out the Snake Church☆.” (Eir)

Counting on you~, is what Eir-sama says as she slaps my shoulder.

No way. This is my first oracle?

I am not a believer of Eir-sama though.

“Eir, Makoto used most of his lifespan in that fight from before. Don’t push him too much.” (Noah)

“Ah, right! I was watching! Mako-kun used the Self-Destruction Magic that’s forbidden!” (Eir)

Geh, you are going to tell her that?

Noah-sama, isn’t that a landmine topic?

“That was bad…wasn’t it?” (Makoto)

“What’s bad is your lifespan, Mako-kun. What’s your number right now?” (Eir)

“Uhm, should be around here…” (Noah)

“Noah-sama, since when…” (Makoto)

My soul book has been stolen. 

As always.

“Uwa…5 years.” (Eir)

“Makoto…it is shorter than even the time I first met you.” (Noah)

“You sucked it out of me, Noah-sama!” (Makoto)

I did ‘offer it’ to her with the Sacrificial Technique though.

According to Noah-sama, minute adjustments cannot be done. 

…The Sacrificial Technique is indeed scary. 

By the way, my lifespan had been raised to around 30 years recently, and yet…

It is now lower than my beginnings…

Can I even save the water country from danger like this?

“Can’t be helped~.” (Eir)

Eir-sama smiles suggestively.

“I will tell you a secret trick to increase your lifespan, just for you.” (Eir)

“Was there something like that, Eir?” (Noah)

“Fufufu, it is a special method that’s only privy to us Holy Gods who are the rulers of the world. Mako-kun, can you lend me Noah’s dagger?” (Eir)

Eeh, is that okay? 

I glance at Noah-sama.

“Well, it should be okay. I don’t think she has bad intentions.” (Noah)

A light response came.

“Go ahead.” (Makoto)

I hesitantly give the dagger to Eir-sama.

“Well then, we do this, and this…” (Eir)

Eir-sama draws complex light symbols in the air, and they are sucked into the dagger. 

The ominous light of Noah-sama’s dagger gets stronger.


“And well, that’s how it is used.” (Eir)

“…Seriously?” (Makoto)

I was taught how to utilize the Goddess dagger ‘modified’ by Eir-sama.

Honestly speaking, it went above and beyond what I was expecting…

“Do your best in increasing your lifespan with this, okay?” (Eir)

“Is it okay to be lending us this much help?” (Noah)

“It is okay, it is okay. This method contributes to the Holy Gods in a way as well, so Althena-sama won’t be complaining too strongly about that.” (Eir)

She has helped me out a lot in a variety of fronts.

But there’s something that bothers me.

“One can increase their lifespan by offerings and stopping disasters, right?” (Makoto)

“If you earn it in such a small way, you will eventually die. I don’t know what enemies await, but I don’t think it is gonna be weaker than the Ancient Dragon of before, right?” (Eir)

“…Stronger than the Ancient Dragon, you say. Can Makoto be able to deal with an opponent like that?” (Noah)

Noah-sama says worried.

“Stronger than even that?” (Makoto)

I am feeling heavy just from hearing that. 

However, it would trouble me if the Water Country were to perish.

I have a lot of friends here.

“I will be going to the Demonic Forest then.” (Makoto)

In order to explore the Demonic Forest, I have to go to the Wood Country. 

I had to go to the Wood Country as a Hero anyways.

While at it…I will save the Water Country.

“So Eir-sama, it is okay to borrow the strength of the Titan-sama, right?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, it is okay. I will try to hide it properly from Althena-neesama. You must not do anything aside from reinforcing the ramparts of Makkaren, okay?” (Eir)

“Got it. Noah-sama, please call the Titan-sama.” (Makoto)

“I already called him. I think he will be arriving in around 30 minutes.” (Noah)


He said he would be moving around the whole world, and yet, he can come in 30 minutes?

I have to return to Makkaren.

“Makoto, don’t push yourself…you will be doing that anyways, but be careful.” (Noah)

I am grateful for those words, Noah-sama.

“Do your best, Mako-kun.” (Eir)

Eir-sama speaks in such a light tone all the time.

I give my thanks to the two Goddesses.

I am slowly enveloped in light.

I will most likely be waking up soon.

“Ah, one more thing I have to tell you, Mako-kun!” (Eir)

“Hey, just how many things are you going to be asking my Makoto? You are so impudent!” (Noah)

There’s still more?

“I won’t forgive you if you make Sofia-chan cry, okay?!” (Eir)

Saying this, Eir-sama makes the shape of a gun with her fingers and makes a shooting gesture of ‘bang!’.

Noah-sama went ‘Ah, right’ and nodded.

I know. 

Please don’t talk as if I am the type to make women cry.


I woke up.

Princess Sofia’s face was right in front of me.

Eir-sama told me just now.

I have to be careful with my interactions.

Eh? Princess Sofia has gotten smaller?


I was hugged.

Ooh, you are pretty forward first thing in the morning, is what I thought, but the arms were far smaller than those of Princess Sofia.

“Calm down, Leo.” 

Princess Sofia appears from the back.

Right, this child has the face of a girl, but is actually a boy.

“It has been a while, Prince Leonard.” (Makoto)

“Yeah!” (Leo)

The big smile of a prince.

Looks like the Prince of Rozes has arrived. 

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