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Synopsis: Youma Hiromi was a 21 year old incapacitated man. One day, a shadow came into his hospital room, Youma thinking that it was the death god and his time had already come, accepted the invitation of the mysterious shadow. When he woke up he found out that he was no longer incapacitated and that he was the “6th hero” in a new world?! or maybe not, as there could only be 5 heroes. Now he has to survive in a new world, but his new body is not what he expected it to be. For what reason was he brought to this world that already has 5 heroes? Why is his body so unstable?!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, mature (descriptive gore and violence)

Note: This is an original story of mine as I write it to pass my time. And yes, this is a story that is heavily influenced by gaming and hero summoning stories.

This wont be updating as often as it is a hobby after all. But do give me your feedback please. I love those no matter good or bad they help me improve.

Training and Understanding

Prologue: A renewed body and a new world

Chapter 1: Knowing where I stand

Chapter 2: Outskirts and Harsh Life

Chapter 3: The Forest, a place of dangerous encounters

Chapter 4: Even if it costs me my body

Chapter 5: The Freyhart’s situation

Chapter 6: A Double Edged class?!

Chapter 7: No escape

Chapter 8: World, the true god

Chapter 9: Lord Class Threat

Chapter 10: Clash with the Kaiser Blood Bear

Chapter 11: Into the core

Chapter 12: One way route

Chapter 13: On my way back to Arnesti

Chapter 14: Back in Arnesti

Chapter 15: Energy Source

Chapter 16: Relied Upon

Chapter 17: Heroes Parade

Chapter 18: Hero Parade 2

Chapter 19: Shell Spider

Chapter 20: The web that binds her

Chapter 21: Frailty of life

Chapter 22: The eyes of the soulless

Chapter 23: Buying trouble

Chapter 24: Lesson learned

Chapter 25: The gap between ranks

Chapter 26: Dinner with a beast race

Chapter 27: Weapon – Moonbirth

Chapter 28: Retribution for fallen comrades

Chapter 29: State of Mind

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  1. Ossu ! Hello Rei. Hmm by reading the synopsis it does sound like a generic Hero summoning. I’ll give it a try later. Oh and good luck, writing can be tough work ya know ? I know what I am saying, I does the same lol.

  2. hey rei good luck for this story.
    i have experiance making original story it’s not hard but not easy too.
    just let your imagination going wild when you make this story

  3. I actually thought that the synopsis was a-okay, it could do with a teensy bit of improvement with spicing it up a bit ( looking like a hero summon with a bit of rokka yuusha or whatever it was called) but at this stage i can’t really say anything since i haven’t read anything yet. ahahah good luck and i hope you finish it one day! (please) 😀

    1. I don’t understand spanish but I’m going to assume you liked reigokai’s story so I will like your comment

    1. no I didn’t. But it will be a story that will update slowly as I don’t have that much time to write :`( and I still have the translation to think about. Btw, thanks for the support, those words motivate me 🙂

  4. Hey man, just wanted to say that I really love your story. Take your time in writing this, don’t rush, think things through. This story has potential and am expecting big things from it. I know a website which I can give you the link if you desire where you can post your story. Its a website dedicated to original (FanFics) stories and its also the site where I’ve found one of the best stories I have ever read. There are a lot of users there as well, which will rate the work and even comment.

    Overall, I really enjoyed your story and it has great potential. Make sure you know where your story is going by the way, for example know the gist of what you want, Start, Middle, and End. I don’t mean that you should know EVERYTHING of your story, I only mean that you should know where you want your story to go because there are many FanFics which are awesome but then the author completely changed the flow of the story. Another problem people have is that the readers don’t get “attracted” to other characters, only because they keep changing the personality. What some authors do is get a blank notebook and write the name of a character, below the name could have age, race and a small drawing of the character (if you know or do not know how to draw it doesn’t matter, as long as it has the general descriptions. i.e short beard, scar on left part of the face, etc), and there personality in one word, example, Smart, Arrogant, Womanizer, etc. Also, having a note on the chapter they showed up helps as a reference if you need to go back. All this helps an author keep the character ALIVE.

    Lol, I didn’t expect my comment to be this long. Anyway, so far your story is Gold. Don’t rush this, think things clearly and remember that problems don’t have to be solved quickly, it can be a mystery and be solved in another arc or whatnot. Keep your hobby alive my friend and never give up. 🙂

    1. Oh! Thanks for the support and great advice.
      I have the all the main points of the story laid out. I know where I want it to head to.
      And I actually have a chart with the characteristics of the characters.
      I honestly let the characters move on their own when I write stories, I am sometimes surprised myself.
      Thanks again for that advice. I would love to hear about that site you are talking about as well.
      Are you referring to japtem? Royalroad?

      1. Haha, perfect! I’m expecting big things from your story my friend. Also, you are 100% correct, it’s RoyalRoad. It’s a good site if you want to get your story out there and aren’t afraid of criticism, although some people give some really harsh comments sometimes (Trolls are everywhere in the net).
        If you ever do join, let me know so I can follow and favourite.

  5. I like it over all but you should keep the secret about mana monster for later when the MC is in a party. Then you can have them arguing about what to do with that information.

  6. So it’s an original story to pass time when you’re bored or the like, huh? Try ‘passing the time’ pace at all times so you could continue this like it’s a main project! Haha, anyway, this is a great one so im exptecting some more but of course not to the point where your first novel’s progress would be affected. Thanks

  7. with the synopsis I wasn’t really drawn into reading it(I know you already said it), however once I did read it I kept going until I had read all of them and I can say I am looking forward to more. Great job thank you for keeping up the good work with everything.

  8. well all i can say is good job! i have read a ton of novels and i say you made this one solid, and thats a very good thing, the best thing you can look for a novel not only its story but the solidity and smoothness of how you tell it, and you get an A+ for that, most of the time fan made novels have a good story but the way the were written was a mess w/c destroys any of my motivation to read it, the mc gets a power boost from god knows where and no explanation on how he got it, jumps from a scene to another without a bit of warning, dialogues between characters sound rushed and it feels like bits and pieces are missing between them, and the transmission from an arc or to another story doesnt even make sense, i know, nobody’s perfect and im not saying to stop doing it cause of that, and sorry to anyone who might be offended, just giving my opinion, and how you wrote D.E.H. was smooth af, keep up the good work, thank you for giving the time on making one and im gleefully waiting for the next chapter.

    1. Let’s call it a “tribute”, because LNs and Jrpgs influenced my story.
      There is also a deeper meaning in his name. No spoiler. ;D. And I feel more comfortable naming my MC like that, it feels more at home for me.

  9. Please Please Please continue on this I can’t wait to see what happens next. World (GOD) reminds me of the god in Mushoku Tensei – Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu. Honestly I am expecting a real bad thing from him collecting the core’s. This so far is a very good story so keep it up. I will be waiting for the upcoming chapters.

  10. This is a bit of feedback to do with the world. I dont know if thats uncalled for but I feel like saying it might be helpful anyways. In the novel the god was talking about the 4 dungeon cores, and the dungeons related to them, but that got me thinking. If there were only 4 dungeons in the entire world, wouldnt that make them a rare and important fixture for whatever country owned them? Especially for the first dungeon as its presumably the only one of the four that could be considered a beginners dungeon. From the way people have been talking and behaving however has made dungeons seem a little more commonplace. That could be an interesting plot point, trying to figure out which are the three remaining dungeons that actually need to be eaten. You could talk about how most dungeons are naturally occurring, appearing over time and then disappearing as the flow of magic changes. The reason the god wants the dungeons gone could be because they were like prototype dungeons and because of that they dont naturally disappear by themselves.

    1. Feedback is never uncalled for.
      Dungeons will be explained at a future time, but I can say that the core in the Forest of Beginnings does indeed play big part in Arnesti’s influence in the human race.
      Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

    1. Pics are an extra. They are normally not present in written works. I wanted to imitate the LN works a bit and drew a few, but that’s it. If i feel like it I will draw some, but they won’t be constant.
      Thanks by the way :3

  11. Reigokai, Your story is awesome. You really have talent for this. I would love to also see this as manga an anime.

    I only wish there were more chapters! Hehe
    I don’t want to stress you. Quality over quantity.
    Keep up the good work.

    With regards

  12. Reigokai-San,
    I would really like to do a fanart (somewhere in the future… I hope) for your novel. Is it possible to share the character designs?
    Thanks for the great novel 😄😄

    1. Oh that sounds great. I would definitely love to see your fanart.
      Unfortunately, I don’t have the drawings of all characters, but now I have a reason to do so.
      Expect them in a near future 🙂

  13. This is……way better than i expected it to be.
    Love the MC, the story till now and whats really outstanding are the Side Characters which are just great.
    Really Nice keep doing this

    1. Status window and progress will be shown when changes occur, right now we are in town time. Actually it’s only been like 2 chapters since I haven’t shown it.

      1. I was thinking since the MC meant the violin hero why have him meet another one. Such as the girl hero. Have circumstance where they meet and each other and haver her explain to the MC her problem with being in this world and have tell him what she was force to leave behind in the her old world. Then maybe have the MC explain small detail about what his life was like in the old world before after the accident and when he finally got better. He does not need to explain he is from Japan. In way that both characters explain their problems and in way just like the violin hero they will form a bond. And the MC will look towards in trying to learn more of this world and why he is here. That is one idea I came up with.

        1. Yeah, there will be a time when they will be honest and bring out things about their previous world. Their past.
          But I feel like taking that out now would be rushing it a bit. I will leave it for future chapters.

          Thanks for the idea ^^

          1. Yeah, agree. It might to bit of a rush to discuss there. I was thinking about the whole magic lesson thing. That maybe in a way he can use magic but in a smaller scale (like a small flame or just a squirt of water like a water fountain). Then later on he pushes himself while in danger, he gain an boost ability like to increase his magic attack for a single attack. But in some way it will cause a stasis effect. Something like Mind Down (from “Is it alright to pick up girls in the Dungeon).

  14. I was thinking that the stone that is going to made for te MC sword. Would be a good idea for a backstory. Such as it was stolen from one of the countries that restricted itself from the human countries and that is the main reason that it restricted itself not because of the failed hero summon.

  15. This story is so good that I have just started reading it for my second time. The first time I read it straight through to the current chapter.

  16. Just finished reading the 20 chapters so far, pretty interesting stuff, keep up the creative writing you’ve got some talent there. Looking forward to how this expands, which is good considering i only read this cause i ran out of other novels to read… 🙁

  17. i just noticed this and i’ve been reading tsuki ga michibiku since the start. i’m gonna try this since it’s my favorite translator who’s writing it 🙂

    1. Reigokai san is busy for a while thats he/she doesn’t have time to translate or write for a while. But he/she would be back around January…

  18. I’d like to see a variation in the usage of his buffs in the future. Like say in [Campione!] the consequences of using God’s Speed is very similar to [D.E.H.]. In order to increase time limit and reduce burden to the body, they use God’s Speed only for an instant when necessary and then turn it off.
    Say dodging at the last moment with God’s Speed and then turn it off. Explosively increasing Power at the point of strike in an instant and then turn it off.

    Gracias!! This is an excellent read. My only regret is that there are too few chapters for me to enjoy >.<

  19. I am reading this series called Dungeon Seeker. The way how humanity treats the other races is kind of worst then how they were treated in that slave market you wrote.

    1. Hmm, that was simply my own portrayal of it. I don’t want to fall into a dark spiral in my story.
      Though, I am indeed interested in how they treat the other races in that story.
      If possible, it would be great if you can give a summary of their treatment. Any special point would be great.

      1. I was not trying to saying bad things about what you wrote. But it kind of similar to what you are doing but it makes humanity more evil. In vol. 2 in the first special chapter one of the character (who is from another world and is female) is throw away by her classmates and treated by humanity cruel. Such as open her body up using a sex slave. While she that is happen she learns that the Demi-humans (Beastmen and Elves) are sold into slaves but they are also bought so that parts of their organs are eaten by nobles thinking they will have immortality. The author most likely got the idea of this from the infamous Elizabeth Báthory.

  20. Hi Rei-san, I reaalllyy!! Like your way of writing and the story line… I like the story to the point that I ended up not sleeping due to wanting to know what will happen next because of that i ended up reading all through it in one go xP if i will have to point a flaw then i will point out that your too good at cliff hangers —____—

  21. Hey, Rei-san…

    I like your story and hope to see you complete it one day.

    What I want to ask is… can you please make some illustrations of your characters introduced so far?

    It would be pretty nice to know what the characters look like.

    Some kind of databook would be nice too, but that would be too much to ask… I guess. Maybe when the first volume is finished?

    Keep up the good work!

  22. I’ve read up to chapter 3 and I have to say your story is much better than mine. So I was just wondering, if the story and lore get more fleshed out, can people write short novels/side stories based off this world and its setting that do not effect the main plot or characters?

    For example: a story about a character with his/her own problems that never directly interacts with the protagonist but just watches or sees him from time to time in the distance. A further explained example would be that maybe, someone the main character regularly interacts with has a son/daughter who might be inspired by him.

    Of course I’ve considered the thought that you may not want any non-canon stories because they can effect the possible routes your story can take, but these stories will only ever be fan fiction unless you officially recognize them as part of your novel’s universe.

    How would you feel after finishing your original novel, to then find out that people have written their own fan fictions based off it? How would you feel when someone, for some reason, wrote a BL version of your story? Furious? Creeped out?

    If someone dedicated their time and effort to write a truly inspiring story about someone from your novel, would that make you feel glad?

  23. Don’t give up on this! This could very easily become an anime! I hope you will keep writing them, I personally love your work. I only recently found this series and I’m hooked.

  24. Rei-chan keep it up, love your work!! I got so absorbed I read it all in 2ish hours kyaaaa! Love you XD

  25. Rei-San, how much would it cost for you to revive this series?? I can’t even see a patron goal for this one anymore, are you just busy, will it come back?? I really enjoyed reading it and would love to see more. Best of luck😁

  26. Hi Reigokai-san
    Just so you know, there were many people waiting for your update on D.E.H, okay
    And if there is some problem, please notify us, like example : you want to drop D.E.H
    T_T you won’t do it right?! right?!
    Anyway wish you the best of luck in writing the story~

    1. Humm…
      Are ideas welcomed?
      If so, i just want to say :
      I think after the dinner with the beast race, Youma will spend most of time waiting the sword finished while training magic and battle armor with Eli and Ethan (fighting purpose). I also think he should training / hunting together with Kiur in the reamining time he waiting for the sword.
      Oh I also think the problem of Eli should be cleared when the time comes. You know, Eli is motivated to finished her journey of knowledge because she want to go with Youma as explained in chapter 25.

      Youma will be leaving the capital soon and Elinalise will have to finish before he does so.
      Youma won’t be able to stay with her all the time, and he can’t accompany her at every instance to the Adventurer Guild.
      This step is a necessary one if she wants to leave the capital together with Youma.
      They both knew this well. Her current reason and resolve are all made possible because of him.
      But that’s exactly why they worry for the future.

      Ah, the there is the fact that Eli is an heir of the Freyhart family, so I think Eli can’t just abandon her family like in the usual scenario, so i think Eli cannot follow Youma to the beast continent. Thats my idea even though i’d like to see Eli in Youma’ side…. (THEY ARE A GODD MATCH I TELL YA! I TELL YAAA!)
      Okay, so that clarify as the end of my ideas!
      i hope you can make some announcement about D.E.H, or even better if you can make some update!

  27. Nee~ Rei-san, do u have a time you plan to update this~? The last release was quite a while ago…. back in October… not to rush you or anything, I’m just SUPER~~ looking forward to it~

    1. I’m glad to see that. Sad to say, the time is just not giving me. But know that I don’t plan on abandoning at all.
      I love this story and writing it, so it may be in a semi-hiatus, but definitely not abandoned.

  28. Hey rei. Just ean to ask. When will you or rather, are you dropping this novel? I hope not, dude, this story of yours is amazing and i hope for more chapters.

    1. Author here.
      And yes, I am indeed busy 🙁
      Sorry for the lack of updates. When I upload again, I plan to do it regularly, so hope you are around when that time comes 😀

      1. I will always be here reading your translations … or waiting for you to translate something that I have like the world reform that I splendidly ignored
        I also do not have much right to rush you since I passed the first 15 chapters for my cell phone (2015) and I just went to read now …

  29. Hey Rei-san, what with you choosing to spice up DK with some chapters from weakest mage, do you think we can see the return of DEH anywhere on the horizon?

  30. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need more of this thing…!!! It is unlike the generic hero plot in almost all isekai novel….this one gives the thrill of being strong but not from some unknown power or those kind of tropes that gives the hero a super extreme advantage over everything else…This one has the backlash of skills he tries to use…and the mind to actively use those extremely dangerous skill set to push through towards his goal and he even has a mindset of constantly training the body…

  31. I’ve been watching for updates on this story for a very long time. I hope you do not give up on this. This has even anime potential if you ask me.

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