Double Edge Hero

Double Edge Portada2

Synopsis: Youma Hiromi was a 21 year old incapacitated man. One day, a shadow came into his hospital room, Youma thinking that it was the death god and his time had already come, accepted the invitation of the mysterious shadow. When he woke up he found out that he was no longer incapacitated and that he was the “6th hero” in a new world?! or maybe not, as there could only be 5 heroes. Now he has to survive in a new world, but his new body is not what he expected it to be. For what reason was he brought to this world that already has 5 heroes? Why is his body so unstable?!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, mature (descriptive gore and violence)

Note: This is an original story of mine as I write it to pass my time. And yes, this is a story that is heavily influenced by gaming and hero summoning stories.

This wont be updating as often as it is a hobby after all. But do give me your feedback please. I love those no matter good or bad they help me improve.

Training and Understanding

Prologue: A renewed body and a new world

Chapter 1: Knowing where I stand

Chapter 2: Outskirts and Harsh Life

Chapter 3: The Forest, a place of dangerous encounters

Chapter 4: Even if it costs me my body

Chapter 5: The Freyhart’s situation

Chapter 6: A Double Edged class?!

Chapter 7: No escape

Chapter 8: World, the true god

Chapter 9: Lord Class Threat

Chapter 10: Clash with the Kaiser Blood Bear

Chapter 11: Into the core

Chapter 12: One way route

Chapter 13: On my way back to Arnesti

Chapter 14: Back in Arnesti

Chapter 15: Energy Source

Chapter 16: Relied Upon

Chapter 17: Heroes Parade

Chapter 18: Hero Parade 2

Chapter 19: Shell Spider

Chapter 20: The web that binds her

Chapter 21: Frailty of life

Chapter 22: The eyes of the soulless

Chapter 23: Buying trouble

Chapter 24: Lesson learned

Chapter 25: The gap between ranks

Chapter 26: Dinner with a beast race

Chapter 27: Weapon – Moonbirth

Chapter 28: Retribution for fallen comrades

Chapter 29: State of Mind