WM – Chapter 324: The cajolery of the Moon Goddess

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Moon Goddess, Naia-sama. 

The guardian god of the Moon Country Laphroaig, and the Goddess that gave the Charm to Nevia-san 1,000 years ago. 

Honestly speaking, you could even suspect her to be the real perpetrator for this current situation. 

There’s a mountain of things I want to ask, but…different from Noah-sama and the Water Goddess, I feel like I have to choose my words carefully. 

I could feel the sort of tension where I must not speak any thoughtless words.

“Nai—Nyaru-sama, is it okay for me to speak?” (Makoto)

“Fumu, the same way of calling me as Noah-kun, huh. You are a good Apostle. Fine, go ahead and speak.” (Naia)

The Moon Goddess narrowed her eyes and awaited my words.

She didn’t direct killing intent at me like the time with the previous question.

But there’s the fear of her leaving immediately or cutting off my head if I say something boring.

“Nyaru-sama seems to be having a lot of fun here, but is the current state of the world a joyful thing for Nyaru-sama?” (Makoto)

My way of asking might have been a bit too straight. 

But I think questions that beat around the bush will just anger her. 

Naia-sama made a bit of a thinking gesture at my question.

“Knight-kun, look at your feet.” (Naia)

“Feet…? That’s…?” (Makoto)

I notice after the Moon Goddess points it out. 

There’s a blue planet as if seeing it from space. 

It is similar to Earth at a glance, but I notice that this is a different planet judging from the shape of the continents. 

Ira-sama has shown it to me before, and the biggest difference this time is that this planet is being dyed gray as if it were being slowly ravished by a disease.

“Nevia-kun is hanging in there. The beautiful blue planet has completely turned muddy.” (Naia)

“…Right.” (Makoto)

I was overwhelmed by the spell of the Calamity Witch.

Looking at it from outside the planet, I can tell just how outrageous of a spell it is. 

A curse that Charms the whole planet. 

Can something like this be stopped?

“What a wonderful curse… ‘An equal and peaceful world where no one is hurt’. Fufu… No one fights, no one competes, and you can get along with any neighbor no matter how annoying you find them. No, I feel like even the concept of loving or hating will disappear from humanity -like a dead world. Would you be able to love a world like that?” (Naia)

I don’t know. 

When I hear of a world where no one is hurt, I do think it must be a great thing. 

But a world like that…

“Might be a bit…boring.” (Makoto)

I answered honestly. 

After I answered, I looked at the face of the Moon Goddess.

The Moon Goddess looked down at me and her mouth warped into the shape of a crescent moon.

“Exactly. It would be a truly boring world. Seeing the Holy Gods all flustered would be amusing, but well, that’s just momentary enjoyment. After that, all that’s left would be a world that would end in decay… Now then…” (Naia)

Naia-sama landed right in front of me. 

That way too perfect beauty approached me. 

I gulped.

“You…want to save Noah-kun from the Deep Sea Temple, right?” (Naia)

“Yes, I think borrowing the help of Noah-sama is the only way to overturn this situation.” (Makoto)

“Yup yup, it is simply relying on the gods here, but it is not a bad idea.” (Naia)

The Moon Goddess then directed a bad natured gaze here. 

“But unfortunately, a mere human definitely won’t be able to get through it. Do you understand the reason why?” (Naia)

“Because of the Divine Beast…Leviathan.” (Makoto)

“Exactoright!” (Naia)

Naia-sama jumped and spun several times in the air. 

And then, she looked intently at me while still upside down.

“A quiz, Knight-kun.” (Naia)

“Y-Yes…what is it?” (Makoto)

The words of Naia-sama were sudden.

I have no time to read her true intentions. 

“This blue planet…is currently muddied in gray, but do you know the name of this planet?” (Naia)

“The name…?” (Makoto)

The library of the Water Temple, the times I studied as an adventurer, the history of the West Continent that was taught to me by Princess Sofia…

I search my past memories.

I feel like I wasn’t taught this by anyone.

“No…I don’t know.” (Makoto)

“Figures.” (Naia)

I thought she would be disappointed, but she easily accepted it. 

“This planet doesn’t even have continental hegemony. They are all small countries. This is all the making of Althena-kun so that the mortals don’t get too much power though… Knight-kun, the name of the planet you have all been living in, is Planet Noah. What do you think is the meaning of this?” (Naia)

“Planet Noah…” (Makoto)

This is the first time I have heard of this.

Noah-sama didn’t tell me this.

Nor the Water Goddess or the Destiny Goddess.

But the reason to be given such a name would be…

“The planet where the Goddess Noah-sama has been sealed in…” (Makoto)

“That’s right! In other words, this planet itself was made in order to seal Noah! Do you understand now why there’s no way a mere human would be able to undo the seal?” (Naia)

“…That’s…” (Makoto)

I am getting dizzy here. 

I have been challenging something like that? 

The words of Noah-sama replay in my head.

—“Come save me if you feel like it. I will wait patiently.” 

Now that I think about it, Noah-sama never said to definitely come to the Deep Sea Temple. 

It was always words of ‘if you feel like it’ that take into account my own will.

Is it because she knew it would be impossible? 

“How horrible. It is professed as the Last Dungeon, as if mortals could conquer it. Moreover, the way to undo the seal of Noah is only when ‘A believer of Noah reaches the Deep Sea Temple’. Even though it is actually just an impossible dungeon.” (Naia)

Naia-sama’s tone sounded like she was really having fun here. 

As if saying that she is so unbearably happy about my despair…

At that moment, breath suddenly hit my nape. 

She had gotten right behind me at some point in time, and she placed a hand on my shoulder. 

“Don’t you feel mortified? Don’t you think it would be exhilarating to conquer the Deep Sea Temple that’s thought by the Holy Gods of the Divine Realm to be impossible for the frail mortals?” (Naia)

The whisper of the Moon Goddess in my ears resounded sweetly. 

That perfect beauty sounded like the whisper of an angel, as if melting my brain.

“…Are you going to help me, Nyaru-sama?” (Makoto)

I somewhat understand what the Moon Goddess is trying to get at here. 

The Moon Goddess wants to undo the seal of Noah-sama.

I don’t know the reason for that.

“Ahaha! Isn’t the reason obvious? Me and Noah-kun are great friends! You can’t believe that?” (Naia)

“…Of course, I do.” (Makoto)

I don’t believe it at all.

But Naia-sama must have known my thoughts a long time ago, she smiled evilly. 

“However, there’s nothing free in this world. There’s a wise saying: ‘If you wish for something, then provide first’. What can you give me?” (Naia)

Naia-sama switched the spots of her long and slender crossed legs. 

Her eyes looking down at me were smiling, but they were freezing cold. 

Before I could think about what to give to her…letters appeared in front of me. 

[Will you accept the deal of the Moon Goddess, Nyarlathotep?]



RPG Player asked me. 

Before I could answer that choice, the Moon Goddess went ‘oh?’.

That…is your ability?” (Naia)

It seems like the Moon Goddess can see my choices.

“Yes, it is called RPG Player.” (Makoto)

I answered honestly. 

“I see… What do you do with that?” (Naia)

“Uhm…” (Makoto)

I thought for a bit and then chose Yes.

The word ‘deal’ is making me a bit…no, it is making me really scared, but I can’t back down here. 

The choices turned into light particles and disappeared as usual.

“Ooh, that’s impressive!” (Naia)

The Moon Goddess let out a voice of admiration. 

…Why is she getting surprised when I simply made a choice here? 

At that moment, choices appeared in front of me again.

[Will you really accept the deal with the Moon Goddess, Nyarlathotep?] 



(It is asking me again, huh…) (Makoto)

This deal thing is scaring me even more now, but even with that, I chose Yes. 

The choices disappeared, and there wasn’t a third time. 

…Now then, I have to continue my talk with the Moon Goddess.

Thinking this, I faced the Moon Goddess, and she was looking at me with a more serious expression than ever before.

“Naia-sama?” (Makoto)

“You…what did you do just now?” (Naia)

“I just made a choice though…” (Makoto)

“Choice… Choice, huh… So, for you, it looked like choices, huh. What choice?” (Naia)

“That’s…” (Makoto)

I explained what happened just now, and told her I chose Yes twice. 

“I see… A question appears and you are given two choices. It is that kind of skill, huh…” (Naia)

“Uhm, you didn’t see the choices, Nyaru-sama?” (Makoto)

I thought for sure she could see them like Noah-sama and Ira-sama. 

“I can’t see them. I think Noah-kun and Ira-kun can’t see them either.” (Naia)

She told me something strange. 

The Goddesses should have been able to see it.


Now that I think back on it, Noah-sama and Ira-sama have never retorted to the details of the choices, not even once. 

They did show some sort of reaction though.

Then, just what in the world did the Goddesses see…?

“What did you see, Nyaru-sama?” (Makoto)

The ability that prompts careful decision making in important situations.

That’s what I thought of the RPG Player Skill.

Was that not the case? 

“What I saw, huh. That’s not important right now. Fufu… Honestly speaking, no matter what you give me, I thought it would be impossible for you to conquer the Deep Sea Temple, but…this is interesting! As expected of the favorite of Noah-kun.” (Naia)

“Y-You thought it was impossible?” (Makoto)

There’s no way I would be able to ignore that one and retort to it. 

“Obviously! There’s nothing as stupid as a normal human challenging Leviathan. If you become my familiar and I modify your body, I did think the chances would increase to 0.01% though. I will give up the idea. I feel like you will be losing that rare ability of yours if I were to do that.” (Naia) 


She said something fearsome as if nothing. 

What was this Moon Goddess even thinking?

“Now then, about the price for helping you out…if you can’t save Noah-kun, you will become my familiar and serve me for around 10,000 years as my slave. How about that?” (Naia)


What an unbelievable condition.

There’s a mountain of things I want to say about that, like there’s no way a human can live 10,000 years, or what does she mean by slave to begin with…?

“Hm? Was that too soft? Then I will extend it to 20,000 years—” (Naia)

“I will go with the 1st conditions!” (Makoto)

“I see, I see.” (Naia)

The Moon Goddess didn’t let go of her smile at my words.

I ended up answering reflexively, but it was after I decided to accept the deal anyway. 

I can’t back off now. 

“Then, please lend me your strength, Nyaru-sama.” (Makoto)

“Fufufu, think of it as if you are riding a cruiser. Now then, I will tell you what you should do. After you wake up, convince Noel-chan. Tell her to become the recipient for the descent of the Moon Goddess. I would anger the Holy Gods and Devil Gods if I were to descend directly after all. There’s the need to fool their eyes.” (Naia)

The Moon Goddess was being unreasonable again.

“Queen Noel is the Sun Oracle, you know? Isn’t it impossible for the Moon Goddess to descend on her?” (Makoto)

“The current Noel-chan is a Holy Maiden. A Holy Maiden is compatible with all 7 elements. She should be able to take me for a short period of time.” (Naia)

“If a long period passes…?” (Makoto)

“She will be crippled.” (Naia)

This Goddess really says important stuff as if nothing. 

“I think she is going to refuse.” (Makoto)

“Your job is to make it happen. If not, just accept the curse of the world.” (Naia)

“…What do I do after convincing Queen Noel?” (Makoto)

“Noel-chan knows more about the method for a Goddess’s descent. Just tell her to call the Moon Goddess the same way she does with the Sun Goddess. Got it?” (Naia)

The Moon Goddess snaps her fingers. 

When she did, my vision blurred. 

“Please wait! If we free Noah-sama, can we undo the curse of this world?!” (Makoto)

This is the most important point. 

If that’s not made clear, I can’t convince Queen Noel.

“Ahahaha! You will be undoing the seal of Noah-kun who is on the same level as the ruler of the whole universe, the Sun Goddess Althena-kun! If you have her help, there’s nothing in this world you can’t do!” (Naia)

The joyful laugh of the Moon Goddess echoed until my consciousness dimmed.


“Makoto-sama…if you sleep at a place like this, you will catch a cold.” 

The voice I heard when I woke up was Queen Noel’s.

The one shaking my body is a female knight bodyguard of hers. 

“…Good morning.” (Makoto)

I should be an early riser, but I am feeling abnormally sluggish.

My body feels heavy as if I had caught a cold.

“From your state, I would say trying to clear the Deep Sea Temple must have been difficult… It is about time to depart. We must leave this island. Come together with us, Makoto-sama—” (Noel)

“Queen Noel.” (Makoto)

I kneeled in front of Queen Noel.

“Yes, what is it, Makoto-sama?” (Noel)

“It seems like the Moon Goddess will be helping out in conquering the Deep Sea Temple.” (Makoto)


Queen Noel and the knights around opened their eyes wide. 

“Uhm…why did it suddenly end up like that?” (Noel)

Queen Noel asked while confused.

Of course she would be.

“She doesn’t like the state of the world…that’s why she is lending her help…is what she said.” (Makoto)

It may not sound convincing, but I continue explaining. 

The knights of Queen Noel were directing dubious gazes.

“Hero-dono of the Water Country, in what way should we be helping out here?” 

“Nya—Naia-sama will be descending into the body of Queen Noel.” (Makoto)


The ones who reacted to my words the most were the knights instead of Queen Noel herself. 

“You must not, Noel-sama!” 

“Letting the Moon Goddess descend on you is just…” 

“Hero-dono, are you sane?!” 

They are questioning my sanity.

…Well, seeing the disastrous state we are in, it can’t be helped that they would think like that.

Queen Noel seemed to be thinking of something. She placed a finger on her lips and looked at one place. 

Queen Noel speaks while the knights were giving out negative opinions about it. 

“Everyone, please shut up for a moment.” (Noel)

Those words made everyone zip their mouths. 

“There’s a number of questions I want to ask. You spoke with the Moon Goddess, didn’t you, Makoto-sama? Is she really going to help us out?” (Noel)

“Yeah, she promised.” (Makoto)

I answered shortly. 

It was actually in exchange for getting possession of me (for 10,000 years).

“I see. Next, were there any precautions given when the Moon Goddess descends in me?” (Noel)

“…That’s…” (Makoto)

I found it hard to say, but I decided to not hide it. 

“If the Moon Goddess stays descended for too long, you will be crippled…” (Makoto)


All the knights opened their eyes even wider. 

There were even some who were directing killing intent my way. 

But Queen Noel was still calm.

“I am not the Moon Oracle, so that’s normal as the price of a Miracle. What I was asking here was, normally, you would need a magic tool connected to the Goddess in order to have that Goddess descend, but…I don’t have anything like that. Do you have anything, Makoto-sama?” (Noel)

“No, I don’t.” (Makoto)

I shake my head to the sides. 

But if she is asking this, it must mean she is accepting the descent of the Moon Goddess.

I am aware I am asking for something pretty unreasonable here…

“Even if we were to return to the mansion, there won’t be any magic tools connected to the Moon Goddess. There’s barely anything like that in the Sun Country after all… This is troubling.” (Noel)

Queen Noel ponders. 

The knights were panicking here. 

I once again think about what’s in my possession, but the things that stand out are the dagger of the Goddess, the black armor of Cain, Anna-san’s ring…and there’s a number of other magic tools, but I can’t remember having anything related to the Moon Goddess.

I should have gotten something from Furiae-san…

No, I do have something that the Moon Oracle-san gave me…

“Noel-sama.” (Makoto)

“Makoto-sama.” (Noel)

Queen Noel and I must have thought of something at the same time. 

“Makoto-sama, please bring out your hand.” (Noel)

“Okay.” (Makoto)

I do as she says. 

Queen Noel grabbed my hand.

Takatsuki Makoto is the Guardian Knight of the Moon Oracle.

Then, my existence itself is basically a magic tool related to the Moon Goddess.

“I will begin the descend ceremony. Everyone, please back off a bit. Be careful to not get hit by the Divinity and lose consciousness.” (Noel)

“Noel-sama?! Are you serious?!” 

“Please reconsider it! If something happens…!” 

“You are the only one we can rely on right now!” 

“We can’t trust the Moon Goddess! The Calamity Witch is the Moon Oracle, you know?!” 

The knights were raising screams here, but Queen Noel smiled.

“It is okay. I believe in Makoto-sama, who Ryosuke-san believes in. I will be leaving the mansion to you all for a bit… Makoto-sama, please relax.” (Noel)

“A-Alright…” (Makoto) 

The eyes of Queen Noel shine blue. 

White mana comes out from her body and overflows. 

A singing voice comes from the mouth of Queen Noel.

“Moon Goddess who illuminates the dark night. 

Please guide us…

Your beloved…

Our frail selves…” 

I could hear those fragmented words.

Light overflowed even in that time, and it is already to a point where I can’t keep my eyes open.


An explosion of light happened.

The air trembled from the massive mana, and the impact of it made me let go of the hand of Queen Noel.

I fell on my butt just like that. 

Not good, is what I thought and got up to try and grab her hand again, but a cold air passed my neck.

The light covering Queen Noel is gone.

It seems like the descend ceremony is over. 

Queen Noel didn’t say anything and was hanging her head down a bit. 

“Noel-sama…?” (Makoto)

Did the Moon Goddess descend successfully? 

That question was blown away the moment I saw the face of Queen Noel.

The Noel-sama that is always showing a smile like that of the sun, speaking to everyone equally cheerfully…

Had her bright smile gone…

“Fumu, so this is the body of the Holy Maiden that Althena-kun chose, huh. Not bad.” 

‘Kukuku…’ – -Queen Noel laughed with a smile as if all the evil in the world had been condensed into it. 

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