WM – Chapter 217: Takatsuki Makoto doesn’t hesitate

“Sun Hero Alex…my little brother, do you want him as your subordinate?” (Althena)

Althena-sama asked me something outrageous.

The Sun Hero Alexander and son of the God King.

He defeated the Light Hero Sakurai-kun in one hit, so his battle power is not lacking at all but…

“No…I’m okay.” (Makoto)

He took the life of Sa-san -regardless of having recovered them- and also treated Furiae-san terribly. 

He was also the reason why I died temporarily, so I don’t feel like letting him into my party. 

“…I see.” (Althena)

Althena-sama made a slightly disappointed expression.

At that moment, my vision grew hazy. 

“Makoto, time up.” (Noah)

“Got it. Sorry for worrying you, Noah-sama. Althena-sama, Eir-sama, Ira-sama, thanks for telling me a lot of things.” (Makoto)

I kneeled, and lowered my head.

“Takatsuki Makoto, if you are troubled by anything, push everything to Ira.” (Althena)

“Ugh…” (Ira)

“O-Okay.” (Makoto)

The merciless words of Althena-sama made Ira-sama drop her head.

“See ya~, Mako-kun.” (Eir)

Eir-sama had her usual smile.


Noah-sama…had a face as if she wanted to say something, and it bothered me a bit.

Eventually, my consciousness cut off.

◇Lucy POV◇

I woke up.

The sunlight was coming in from the window.

…Overslept, huh.

Yesterday I practically didn’t sleep and was training all the time, but Makoto has come back to life, so I was relieved and relaxed…

Well, fine.

(Let’s go see the face of Makoto!) 

I leave my bed, fix my hair in front of the mirror, and wash my face.

After that, I entered the room of Makoto silently. 

“Wait, he isn’t here?!” (Lucy)

Makoto’s bed was empty.

Geez, he must be training.

I sighed and went down the stairs.


I could hear cheerful humming from the kitchen.

The nice scent of freshly made bread wafted around.

I could hear the sound of stirring soup, and the sound of ham being cooked on the frying pan.

The one in the kitchen is a girl in a pink apron.

“Aya, good morning!” (Lucy)

“Good morning, Lu-chan!” (Aya)

My friend turned around with a big smile on her face.

We have reserved this whole inn, and we ourselves are the ones making the food.

Aya apparently found that more fun.

“Have you seen Makoto?” (Lucy)

“He said he would be training in the garden.” (Aya)

“He should just rest… You seem to be in a good mood, Aya.” (Lucy)

I can’t believe she is that same person that was crying all the time.

Well, I was in a pretty similar state, so I can’t really say much about her.

“Nfufu~, Takatsuki-kun told me ‘you don’t need to push yourself. I will protect you, Sa-san’. Kyaa~♪.” (Aya)

“I-I see.” (Lucy)

Oh my, that man..he says quite the cool stuff.

Wonder if he can say something to me too.

“That’s why I told him ‘let’s be together forever, okay? That we would never be apart even in death!’. And then he said ‘Okay’.” (Aya)

Aya smiling so brightly is cute.

It is cute, but…is it just me who thinks that her words are heavy?

“Food will be ready soon, so please go call Takatsuki-kun and Fu-chan~.” (Aya)

“Got it.” (Lucy)

I tried going out to the garden, but I noticed the shadow of someone. 

The Moon Oracle Furi was sitting on the sofa of the dining room spaced out. 

Ah, that’s not it.

She is not the Moon Oracle anymore, but a Holy Maiden, right?

She doesn’t look that different, but I feel like she is giving off a divine aura.

The most beautiful woman in the world is currently…looking as if her soul has been taken away.

“Good morning, Furi.” (Lucy)

“?!! Mage-san?!” (Furiae)

She directed her gaze here as if she had returned to her senses.

“Are you okay?” (Lucy)

“Yeah… Yesterday was so packed…I was a bit overwhelmed.” (Furiae)

“True…” (Lucy)

That can’t be helped.

A few days ago, the Sun Hero had come aiming for Furi.

Makoto fought him off, but he disappeared together with him…and died.

Everyone in the party including me had fallen into despair, and then, Makoto was resurrected.

Then, Furi turned from Moon Oracle to Holy Maiden.

It was a series of shocking events one after the other.

“Aya said food is almost ready.” (Lucy)

“Thanks… I am not hungry, but I will eat.” (Furiae)

“That’s right, you should eat! Stamina is the foundation of an adventurer after all! But you will be making a country from now on, right, Furi? You won’t be able to go adventuring anymore?” (Lucy)

“I don’t know…” (Furiae)

Her sighing looked so alluring.

Muh, it makes even a girl like me skip a beat. 

“Furi, I will go call Makoto. Want to come with me?” (Lucy)

“?! M-My Knight?!” (Furiae)

She made a complete change from just now and had a bright red face.

I didn’t say anything weird though.

“Even though he should be in the recovery stage…he is already training. Let’s go scold him about not pushing himself.” (Lucy)

Saying this, I tried to pull the hand of Furi.

“W-Wait! Wait a minute, Mage-san! My heart isn’t ready yet!” (Furiae)

“…We are just going to the garden to call Makoto though?” (Lucy)

“I-I will refrain!” (Furiae)

“Is that so?” (Lucy)

It can’t be helped, so I decide to go on my own.

I open the backdoor and go outside.

At that time, I looked back to Furi.

“I-Is my face red…?” (Furiae)

The Holy Maiden Furi was touching her own flushed cheeks and her low mutter reached my ears. 

(Aah, she fell…) 

I sighed as I headed to the garden.


A small river was flowing at the back of the house. 

Makoto was sitting cross-legged in front of it with his back facing this way.

I walked my way to Makoto.

“Makoto~! Breakfast is—” (Lucy)

I waved my hand and called him, but ‘something’ passed in front of me.


It was a blue fish.

It was as big as the nail of a pinky finger. 

It is really really small.

It was sparkling as it swam with a school of fish in midair.

Fish made from water magic.

The user of this magic must be Makoto without doubt. 

But there was something that bothered me.

“Wow… Even though it is this small, the scales and the fins are recreated as well. Also, it moves as if it were alive…” (Lucy)

Several hundred magic fishes were elegantly passing by in front of me while making complicated moves.

“Eh…?” (Lucy)

Something passed by in front of me again.

Several hundred water magic butterflies.

Those butterflies with transparent wings were making complicated moves as if they were alive too.

At that moment, I felt slight mana from overhead.

It wasn’t attack magic.

It is small mana that wouldn’t hurt anyone.

However, there was a ton…a whole ton…of this mana. What is it?

I look up at the sky. 

(W-What’s that?!) 

Small creatures made from water magic enough to cover the sky were freely flying around. 

Each and every one of them were made in an elaborate and precise manner.

When I tried to touch one of those to see what would happen, it disappeared.

When someone like me who has a lot of fire magic mana touches the water spells of Makoto, I end up breaking them.

That’s why this is Makoto’s magic.

These several tens of thousands of water spells were all being controlled by Makoto.

These creatures that were created from water magic were sparkling with the light of the sun.

It was so beautiful it felt illusory. 

However, I as a mage was plain terrified by the amount of spells that broke every manner of common sense.

I return my gaze to my sweetheart Makoto as if I were looking at something fearsome.

He was playing with the black cat Tsui, looking like he was having fun.

Even though he is controlling this amount of spells, what’s with that face as if this were nothing…?


What’s going on?

I walk as I pass through the flock of water magic creatures Makoto created and reach his side.

“Good morning, Makoto!” (Lucy)

“Good morning, Lucy.” (Makoto)

Looks like he already knew I was here.

Even though I spoke to him from the back, he wasn’t showing signs of being surprised.

“Hey…this is your magic, right, Makoto?” (Lucy)

I point at the small critters that were flying around.

“Yeah. Pretty, right?” (Makoto)

“That’s not what I mean! The numbers! Numbers! What in the world is going on?!” (Lucy)

“I feel like I’m in top shape today.” (Makoto)

“This is weird! Did you get a special Skill or something?!” (Lucy)

“Skill…? No, Althena-sama and Ira-sama didn’t say anything though…” (Makoto)

“Althena-sama? Ira-sama?” (Lucy)

The Goddesses that gave off fearsome pressure and we met just the other day.

Even just remembering it was making my body shake…

“Well, Ira-sama is an airhead, so there’s the chance that she might have forgotten to tell me. Ira-sama is clumsy, and Althena-sama seemed like an unexpectedly good person.” (Makoto)

“Y-You shouldn’t talk like that about the Goddesses!” (Lucy)

What a scary thing to say! 

If a believer were to hear that, it would be terrible! 

“It is okay. Althena-sama and Ira-sama are kind. I should check my Soul Book just in case though…” (Makoto)

“Why are you so familiar with the Goddesses…” (Lucy)

While we were having that talk, Makoto opened his Soul Book, and I hugged him from the back and peeked at it. 

It doesn’t seem like he has any new Skills.

“It hasn’t changed, right?” (Makoto)

“Hmm, yeah…” (Lucy)

I gave a sweeping glance at the Soul Book, and noticed…

“………..Eh?” (Lucy)

My eyes opened wide.

“Lucy, what’s wrong?” (Makoto)

Makoto’s voice reached my ears, but I couldn’t speak.

This was written there…

—Water Magic Proficiency: 999

W-What’s this?! 

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