WM – Chapter 201: Takatsuki Makoto speaks to the Destiny Goddess

The Destiny Goddess Ira-sama. 

She is also called the Goddess of Luck.

The ones who follow the Destiny Goddess are the ones from the Commercial Country of Camelon.

As the name states, it is a country where commerce prospers, and there’s a lot of merchants. 

Despite being a country with a lot of merchants who are realists, Camelon apparently has an abnormally high amount of pious people. 

And I have heard that their religious practices are peculiar. 

Leaving aside the religion… 

I am looking at Ira-sama who is standing at the back of Eir-sama.

That small Goddess was glaring at me.

“You…can stay sane even when looking directly at a Goddess, huh.” (Ira)

“…?” (Makoto)

That’s what Eir-sama said to me before.

The beauty of Ira-sama is inhuman, and the voice that comes out from her is unlike that of anything that you could find anywhere.

“Didn’t I tell you? He is my Apostle, so this is a matter of course.” (Noah)

“You are surprised too, aren’t you, Ira-chan? Mako-kun can look directly at a god.” (Eir)

It is not as impressive as Eir-sama who overflows with affection, and Noah-sama who possesses charm that could bewilder all things though.

They must have read my thoughts, Ira-sama’s brows twitched.

“It really pisses me off. Are you saying I am inferior to Noah?” (Ira)

“Now now, Ira-chan, it is a matter of taste.” (Eir)

“Hmph.” (Ira)

Eir-sama tried to comfort Ira-sama, but her mood was not getting any better. 

“Fufufu, what a cute child.” (Noah)

“Wa, Noah-sama?!” (Makoto)

On the other hand, Noah-sama was in a good mood.

She ruffled my hair. 

Even though it is inside my dream, I could smell her sweet scent. 

Anyways, why did Ira-sama come here? 

“Takatsuki Makoto.” (Ira)

As if responding to my words, Ira-sama calls my name.

“You saved the Light Hero and helped in the subjugation of the Demon Lord… Good work.” (Ira)

“Okay…” (Makoto)

I didn’t do it for you though.

“Huh?” (Ira)

Ah, shit.

Even if I don’t say it out loud, she can read my mind.

Verbal slip, verbal slip (didn’t say it though).

“Kukuku… You are way too honest, Mako-kun.” (Eir)

Eir-sama’s shoulders were shaking.

“Makoto, this tsundere is trying to thank you for filling up for her mistakes. Since you’ve got the chance, speak your mind out as much as you want.” (Noah)

Noah-sama raised a finger and winked at me as she said this.


So that’s how it is! 

What a hard to get Goddess!

“Tch!” (Ira)

Ira-sama had her arms crossed and wasn’t denying it.

That means it is as Noah-sama says.

I can make a request to one of the Goddesses that rule this world.

This is an important moment.

I turn back to where Ira-sama is.

“Can I ask for anything?” (Makoto)

“Of course! I am a Goddess. I can grant you anything.” (Ira)

‘Hmph!’, Ira-sama puffed up her modest chest proudly. 

“Now, speak your wish!” (Ira)


That phrase from a Goddess.

Can’t help but get excited at this! 

Alright, then I have one request.

“Please free Noah-sama from the Deep Sea Temple!” (Makoto)

With this, I have freed Noah-sama! Yahoo! 

But the face of Ira-sama stiffened at my words.

“A-As if I could do that!” (Ira)

“Eeeh~.” (Makoto)

What I got back was a No.


I glance at Noah-sama and Eir-sama.

Eir-sama sighed.

Noah-sama shrugged. 

“Mako-kun, Noah is sealed in the Deep Sea Temple as punishment from the Holy Gods. Well, it is like a prison? You can’t make it even by just defeating a Demon Lord.” (Eir)

“Eir, what a terrible way to put it. It sounds as if I am a criminal.” (Noah)

“Not ‘sounds’, it is because you messed up the Divine Realm a whole lot in the past…” (Eir)

“Isn’t that fine? Something as small as stealing sacred treasures from the treasury of the God King…” (Noah)

“There’s no way that’s fine! The sacred treasures of Papa have enough power to destroy a planet, you know?!” (Eir)

Eir-sama and Noah-sama were quarreling over there.

The sacred treasures of the God King Jupiter?! 

Destroy a planet?! 

Wow, the conversations of Goddesses are on a whole other scale.

It seems like that was an impossible request.

“Mako-kun, there’s only one way to free Noah. A believer of Noah has to go to the Deep Sea Temple and meet Noah directly.” (Eir)

The condition I was told of before. 

“So that’s the only way, huh…” (Makoto)

“Well, if it were a matter that Ira could do something about, I wouldn’t be having trouble here.” (Noah)

Noah-sama chuckled.

Haah…I thought that was a good idea.

Well, there’s no such sweet deal like that. 

Let’s make a plan for the release of Noah-sama myself.

Now then, my request for Ira-sama is…

“Then, take off that Evil God label from Noah-sama, and make her the 8th Goddess religion of the Goddess Church, please.” (Makoto)

“T-That’s impossible!” (Ira)

Ira-sama screams.

Eh, this is no good either? 

When I look at Noah-sama and Eir-sama, the two had eyes of ‘make it something else’.

“D-Don’t you have anything else…?” (Ira)


Something that can be a positive for Noah-sama…

“Then, at the very least…make it so Noah-sama can have a whole lot of believers instead of just 1.” (Makoto)

You can do at least this much, right?

But the face of Ira-sama was dark.

“……I-I can’t do that.” (Ira)

Eh? That too? 

You can’t do anything then!

“Gunununu…” (Ira)

Ira-sama covered her face in vexation.

Eeh…I am really sad here too, you know.

A Goddess told me ‘I will grant you anything’, you know? 

“Ah, Mako-kun, Mako-kun, what you said just now would affect the Divine Realm Agreements that were decided upon postwar by all the Holy Gods and Titan Gods.” (Eir)

“The only ones who can overturn that are Jupiter or Althena who acts as his agent. I am grateful that you are trying to help me out here, but Ira, who is the youngest out of the 7 Goddesses, has a lot of things she can’t do.” (Noah)

“I see…” (Makoto)

Being explained this by two Goddesses, I reluctantly consent. 

I took a look and saw that the face of the Destiny Goddess is red and there’s tears in her eyes.

Looks like she is feeling embarrassed after saying ‘anything’.

She must have read my feelings, she directed a glare at me. 

“I-I am the Goddess of the Commercial Country. I can give you a whole ton of mo…you are being given money by the Princess and the Great Sage, huh. How about lovers…as expected of a Hero, you have a lot. Then, how about a legendary sword or armor…eh?! You can’t equip them?!” (Ira)

That’s the Destiny Goddess for you. 

Without even waiting for my response, she is looking at my future answers.  

“I can’t swing around a weapon heavier than a dagger…” (Makoto)

I ended up making a slightly sad face at this. 

Even the staff of Lucy is too heavy for me…

Even though I am training my body too.

“N-No way… There’s nothing I can give you…” (Ira)

The Destiny Goddess that was acting all confident until now was shaken up.

Noah-sama and Eir-sama watch this with grins on their faces.

So you are not helping her.

Hmm, a mild request…

“Then, can you at least give me a Skill?” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Ira)

One that I can use.

You can do at least that much, right? 

“By the way, I have presented him with a Gift Skill, Spirit Magic.” (Noah)

“Uuuh… Gift Skills are…” (Ira)

Ira-sama is looking down.

“Ira-sama?” (Makoto)

“Mako-kun, as we have told you before, in order to confer Gift Skills, you have to change your religion. That’s why, if you convert to Ira, you can get a Skill, you know?” (Eir)

Convert, huh…

“No conversion. Even if I were to, I would rather it be with Eir-sama than Ira-sama.” (Makoto)

I glanced at Eir-sama as I said this. 

Eir-sama told me that she would give me Saint Rank Water Magic.

That’s far better.

Well, converting in itself is out of the question though.

“Fufufu, I am always waiting with open arms for your conversion, Mako-kun.” (Eir)

“…You…you still haven’t given up on converting Makoto?” (Noah)

Noah-sama glares at Eir-sama.

“The match is not over until you give up, Noah☆.” (Eir)

“End it already!” (Noah)

These two get along well.

Also, that conversation is a cliche in mangas.

Why do they know about it? …Because they are gods, huh.

Eir-sama then seemed to have thought up of something, and hammered her palm.

“What about this? Mako-kun will temporarily convert to Ira-chan, and after getting the Gift Skill, he will go back to Noah. A Gift Skill doesn’t disappear once given, so it is great, you know?” (Eir)

“T-That! As expected of Eir-oneesama! Let’s do that! Noah! How about that?!” (Ira)

“Hmm, I am fine with that. As long as Makoto comes back.” (Noah)

T-There’s such a loophole method…? 

I was taught in the Water Temple that such an act is worthy of shame and you would get divine punishment from it though…

But the Goddesses themselves are telling me this. 

There’s most likely no issues with it.

“Now! Convert to me, the Destiny Goddess, temporarily! With that, I will grant you a Gift Skill! Destiny Magic is powerful, you know?! I can grant you Teleportation and Time Magic!” (Ira)

Ira must have gotten her confidence back, she announced this with a smile on her face.

It is true that users of destiny magic are extremely rare and powerful.

I am sure they would be greatly useful in my adventures in the future. 

[Will you convert to the Destiny Goddess and obtain a Gift Skill?]



Choices floated up.

RPG Player is telling me too.

That this is an extremely important choice.

However, well…my answer is already set. 

“Ira-sama…I am grateful, but…” (Makoto)

I tell her I refuse.

“Eh? Eeeeeeeeh?!” (Ira)

“Mako-kun, why?” (Eir)

“Makoto, why don’t you take what’s being given to you?” (Noah)

The 3 Goddesses were raising their voices in shock.

They don’t understand.

You three don’t understand.

You can read my mind, right? 

“Converting temporarily and going back right after? That’s no faith.” (Makoto)

The moment I convert…my faith towards Noah-sama will die.


The three Goddesses fall silent at my words.

Looks like they have understood.

“The Apostle of Noah…feels like a fanatic every time.” (Eir)

“Fufufu, Makoto is so cute. Here here.” (Noah)

Eir-sama sighed with an amazed face.

Noah-sama had a smile on her face as she ruffled my hair once again.

It tickles.

“Kuuh… I can’t do anything for you then…” (Ira)

On the other hand, Ira-sama had her head hanging down, groaning.

“Geez! I don’t care anymore! Once you think up a wish, come see Esther!” (Ira)

Saying this, the Destiny Goddess disappeared.

“Aah, Ira-chan snapped.” (Eir)

“So short tempered, that Ira.” (Noah)

“I did something bad there.” (Makoto)

She has a foul mouth, but it seems like she proposed that with honest feelings. 

Once I think up something, I should go request it.

“At any rate, Ira-sama can see the future, right? Then shouldn’t she have been able to know what I want beforehand?” (Makoto)

“Hmm, I think she couldn’t see your future, Makoto. Maybe that’s why she directly came to ask you.” (Noah)

Eh, why?

“No…we were shown the reason just now though. That fanatic level of faith towards the Evil God Noah that doesn’t fall short to the Snake Church…” (Eir)

“Hey! Stop calling me an Evil God!” (Noah)

“Ouch! Don’t hit me, Noah.” (Eir)

Hearing what Eir-sama said, Noah-sama hammered her. 

I see. The higher your faith towards a god that’s not the Holy Gods, the harder it is to see their future, was it? 

“The mistakes of Ira-chan were because of that too. The plans this time around were cooked up by the Snake Church. The faith the Snake Church has towards the Snake God has reached levels of madness. The faith of the demons towards the Snake God isn’t that high, so it wasn’t a problem until now, but…the Snake Church is a problem.” (Eir)

“Well, Ira must have reflected now, hasn’t she? She did say before that ‘I have played my card’ after all.” (Noah)

“Really?” (Makoto)

The Snake Church is problematic. 

If we can make countermeasures for them, it would be great.

“More importantly, Mako-kun, think about a request for Ira-chan, okay? She seems to be seriously grateful towards you after all.” (Eir)

“Right right, Makoto. That arrogant Ira was showing a rare instance of amiability after all. Fufufu, I can tease her for a while.” (Noah)

“Geez, Noah. That girl just acts tough, but her mental fortitude is weak, so keep it moderate, okay?” (Eir)

It is true that, seeing that of before, she did seem like she was just acting tough.

Ira-sama is weak against assertiveness, huh.

The scenery gets hazy. 

Looks like we hit the time limit. 

“Well then, Noah-sama, Eir-sama…” (Makoto)

I gave my farewells, and Noah-sama approached me. 

“Makoto.” (Noah)

“Y-Yes?” (Makoto)

Noah-sama’s beautiful hand touches my cheek.

“Good work on defeating the Demon Lord.” (Noah)

“…Thanks.” (Makoto)

The words of Noah-sama seep into my heart. 

When I responded, Noah-sama’s beautiful face approached mine. 

“But…don’t push yourself, okay?” (Noah)

Noah-sama’s whisper rang in my ears, and my consciousness grew further away. 


When I woke up, I was on top of the bed at the inn.

“Don’t push yourself…huh.” (Makoto)

I speak to myself.

Now that I think about it, Lucy and Sa-san told me the same thing recently. 

Maybe I should invite the two to play around somewhere…is what I was thinking as I tried getting up from my bed…but my body hit something.

“Hm?” (Makoto)

Lucy was sleeping.


I hurriedly tried to jump away, but I noticed that I hit something on the other side. 

“Sa-san?!” (Makoto)

Sa-san was sleeping on the other side as if sandwiching me. 

Why am I in this situation?

Did something happen last night…?

If I remember correctly, Furiae-san cast a sleep curse on me…

At that moment, I heard hurried footsteps. 

These footsteps are…

“We’ve got trouble-desu zo! Takki-dono!” 

The one who jumped into my room was Fuji-yan.

“Big news have—no, excuse the intrusion. Take your time-desu zo.” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan jumped in with quite the momentum, but the moment he saw Lucy and Sa-san in bed with me, he slowly closed the door and was about to leave. 

“Wa, wait a moment!” (Makoto)

I hurriedly woke up Lucy and Sa-san. 

“Hnnn, I had a good sleep. I really can sleep well with Makoto at my side.” (Lucy)

“The bed of Takatsuki-kun really is the best.” (Aya)

Why are you using it without the permission of the owner? 

Lucy and Sa-san said they are going to be washing their faces.

They probably won’t be coming back for a while.

More importantly, the matter of Fuji-yan.

“So, Fuji-yan, what’s the big news?” (Makoto)

“Ah, right!” (Fuji)

The expression of Fuji-yan turned serious at my question.

“The Snake Church has been annihilated!” (Fuji)

W-What did you saaaaay?!

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