WM – Chapter 234: Takatsuki Makoto meets the Evil God Apostle

“D-Demon Lord! Demon Lord Cain has appeared!!” 

A shout that was like a scream echoed in the dungeon city.

Demon Lord Cain.

It goes without saying, but it is the Apostle of Noah-sama 1,000 years ago.

Evil God Apostle, Black Knight, Mad Hero…a really infamous Demon Lord with many nicknames.

That Demon Lord’s most famous nickname is Hero Killer.

In the picture book of the Legend of Hero Abel, most Heroes were killed by the Demon Lord Cain

There’s a lot of Heroes currently in Laberintos.

The situation is bad.

But the situation worsened even more.

“Demon Lord Cain!!” 

Hero Abel shouted with a completely different voice from his usual, filled with violent emotions as he ran out from Laberintos.

That’s right, revenge for the Fire Hero that was the mentor of Hero Abel.

Hero Abel is forgetting himself in his anger.

This is bad! 

“Abel! Wait!” (Julietta)

“We are going too!” (Volkh)

Julietta-san and Volkh-san chased after him.


“You take shelter deep in the dungeon together with the others.” (Deckel)

“I don’t wanna! Come with us, Papa!” 

“I am a Hero. I can’t run away.” (Deckel)I

“Promise me you will come back! Tomorrow is my birthday!” 

“Yeah, when I come back, let’s celebrate your birthday.” (Deckel)

“For sure. Make sure to come back alive…” 

I heard the conversation of Deckel and his daughter.

Uhm…can you please stop the classic death flag?

I definitely have to protect the Iron Hero! 

I swore in my heart.

“Evacuate the people. Prioritize the women and children. The ones who can fight, come with me. We are driving the Demon Lord away.” (Johnny)

“Johnny-sama! That’s reckless! It is that Demon Lord Cain, you know?!” 

“Let’s run away together!” 

“It would be too much with only the Heroes. The foolhardy ones, come with me.” (Johnny)

Johnny Walker-san was the only one calm in this chaos.

Looks like they will also be fighting together with us.

“M-Makoto-sama…?” (Momo)

Momo was nervously grabbing my sleeve.

I want her to evacuate with the others if possible, but it is also scary to lose sight of her here.

I wouldn’t want her to be kidnapped again.

“Come with me. But if a battle happens, make sure to hide.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes!” (Momo)

Momo and I head to the outside of Laberintos together.



The first thing that reached my ears once we came out from Laberintos was an ear-ringing laugh.

“Volkh!” (Julietta)

I heard the scream of Julietta-san.

Volkh-san’s armor was destroyed, and he had collapsed with blood flowing out.

Could it be…

“Don’t panic…Julietta. I am still alive…” (Volkh)

I am relieved.

Volkh-san was barely okay.

Right, what about Hero Abel?! 

“Geh!” (Makoto)

He must have been defeated by Demon Lord Cain, I can see him on the ground faraway.

I don’t see him bleeding, so I want to believe he is just unconscious.

“Momo! Check the state of Abel-san.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes!” (Momo)

I had Momo check the state of Hero Abel, and I confirm this terrible spectacle.

There’s also beastkin, elf warriors, and many others who are on the ground covered in blood.

Even though it has only been a few minutes after the notification of the enemy attack.

The one looking down on us proudly when we were already in a crumbling state is…

A knight covered in full pitch black armor. 

He is wearing a helmet that covers his whole face, and I can’t tell what face he is making.

He is holding a giant greatsword.

Massive aura was overflowing from his whole body.

So this is Demon Lord Cain…

“Ahahahahahahahahahaha! Weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak! Holy God Heroes!” (Cain)

What a loud Demon Lord.

He was a Demon Lord that talked this much?

“I will kill all the Heroes! If you are not a Hero, as long as you convert to Noah-sama, I will let you live. Kneel right this instant and revere Noah-sama. If you do that, I will forgive you by just cutting off one arm. Be grateful to the merciful Noah-sama!” (Cain)

Is what I heard.

(Oi oi…) (Makoto)

Noah-sama can only increase her believers once every 10 years. 

That’s the Divine Realm Regulation.

No matter how much he threatens them, she can’t increase her believers, and it will just spread the bad reputation of Noah-sama even more.

Of course, there wasn’t anyone who followed what he said.

{Spirit-sans, Spirit-sans.} (Makoto)

I called the Water Spirits and gathered mana.

“[Ice Lance].” (Makoto)

Several tens of ice spears made of magic showered on Demon Lord Cain.

All of them hit his black armor and broke.

There wasn’t a single scratch on the armor.

(It is as Noah-sama said…) (Makoto)

Right before I was sent to the past, Noah-sama told me this…


Right before jumping to the past.

Holy Maiden Anna’s Great Church.

Closeby there’s Ira-sama chanting her time travelling miracle magic.

We were currently waiting for her to finish chanting.

In that time, Noah-sama was teaching me knowledge of the past.

“Makoto, do you know who the Demon Lord that you should be the most careful about is?” (Noah)

Noah-sama, who had taken the trouble in changing to her female teacher attire, pointed at me.

She really likes that look.

“The Great Demon Lord Iblis, right?” (Makoto)

“No. The Great Demon Lord doesn’t move from their garden floating in the sky at the Demonic Continent, Eden. Your chances of encountering them are zero unless you personally go to them.” (Noah)

Heeh, is that so.

“Then, the Immortal King Bifrons that ruled the West Continent?” (Makoto)

“Close, but the correct answer is…” (Noah)

“Demon Lord Cain. The Apostle of Noah, Takatsuki Makoto. They act alone and are spontaneous. The chances of encountering Cain are the highest if you are going to be acting together with Heroes.” (Althena)

“Aah, Althena! Don’t say that before me!” (Noah)

Althena-sama cuts into the conversation, and Noah-sama complained.

“Demon Lord Cain…” (Makoto)

The legendary Hero Killer; the former Apostle.

What kind of person was he?

Noah-sama nodded knowingly as if answering my question.

“I made the full armor and greatsword they had with the same material I made your dagger, Makoto.” (Noah)

“Wait, Noah. I didn’t have much knowledge of the state in the mortal realm because I didn’t have many believers 1,000 years ago, but you gave your Apostle something like that?!” (Althena)

Now it was Althena-sama who shouted at the words of Noah-sama.

I look at the dagger hanging on my waist.

The magic dagger shining blue.

The same material as this, huh.

“Noah! You…used a fragment of the Former God King Chronos’s Scythe that cuts all creation?! You gave something like that to a resident of the mortal realm?! What are you thinking?!” (Althena)

“Shut up, Althena! The Light Hero you made was overpowered in the end, so it is not unfair!” (Noah)

“The Light Hero I made was by no means invincible unless there was the light of the sun! It properly has capabilities that follow the Divine Realm Regulations. But the weapon you gave them is… That’s why the Old Gods that do things without thinking are just…!” (Althena)

“Huh?! Who are you saying doesn’t think?! Going ‘regulations regulations’ is annoying! Just do as you please! As you please!” (Noah)

The people in the church were taken aback seeing Noah-sama and Althena-sama shouting at each other.

“Uhm…you two…sorry for interrupting when you are so into your discussion, but…in the end, just what kind of person is Demon Lord Cain?” (Makoto)

When I ask this, Noah-sama and Althena-sama turn over here.

“Takatsuki Makoto…listen here calmly. The metal used to make the armor and weapon of Demon Lord Cain are from the weapon of the Former Old God. In other words…” (Althena)

“It negates physical attacks and negates magic, Makoto☆.” (Noah) 

Althena-sama speaks as if having a hard time saying it, but Noah-sama easily concluded.

“Huh?” (Makoto)

What did she say just now?

Negates physical attacks and magic…?

Doesn’t that mean I can’t defeat them at all?

“Noah, you must tell him accurately. Mako-kun, the correct way of saying it is that it negates all attacks below Saint Rank.” (Eir)

Eir-sama adds from the side.


“Doesn’t that basically make them invincible?” (Makoto)

“That’s not it. If it is a God Rank or an attack that’s proportionate to God Rank, it will work.” (Eir)

“For example…the attack of the Light Hero.” (Noah)

Noah-sama continues the words of Eir-sama.

In other words, only the Light Hero Abel can defeat Cain.

“But what should I do if I meet Demon Lord Cain before I meet the Light Hero?” (Makoto)

“Run. That’s the only option.” (Althena)

The Sun Goddess said bluntly.

“That’s the only option, huh…” (Makoto)

Well, can’t be helped.

Meaning that you can’t fight an overpowered bastard properly. 

We would be wiped out.

“Hmm, but I will tell you how to deal with that child in the case that the Light Hero is not present.” (Noah)

“What, so there’s a way.” (Makoto)

“It is tough, you know? That’s…” (Noah)

Noah-sama tells me the method.


(What’s that about ‘in case’…) (Makoto)

Noah-sama must have known it would turn out like this.

That thought crossed my mind.

{…Great Water Spirit, Undine. Please come.} (Makoto)

I have been calling her several times, but she isn’t showing at all.

Have I been asking too much lately?

I have to give them a whole lot of attention later.

In the time I was doing that, the warriors were fighting and falling one after the other.

“[Water Dragon]!” (Makoto)

I borrow the power of the Water Spirits to shoot water magic.

But my magic had absolutely no effect, the Demon Lord Cain isn’t even turning at me.



Deckel-san was cut! 

This is bad this is bad this is bad!

“Guh! …I wanted to…celebrate the 7th birthday of my daughter…” (Deckel)

You are picking your death flag too fast! 

You are giving up too fast, Deckel-san!

“XXXXXXXXXXXXX! (Great Water Spirit Undine)!” (Makoto)

I shouted in Spirit Language, and she finally showed up.

An Undine in maid outfit.

“XXXXXX! XXX! (Sorry for the wait! Our King!)” (Undine) 

“….XXXXXXXX (…What are you doing?)” (Makoto)

“XXXXXX (You like this kind of outfit, right?)” (Undine)

The Water Great Spirit glanced at Momo.

Abel was regaining consciousness and Momo was nursing him.

Could it be that she was imitating Momo and that took her time?

“XXXXXX… (You…)” (Makoto)

You are way too carefree.

“XXXXXX? XXXXXXXX? (A-Are you angry, Our King?)” (Undine)

Undine had her eyes dampen uneasily. 

It looked really similar to the fake crying of Noah-sama.

This girl…

Wait, calm down…

The cooperation of Undine is absolutely necessary to escape from this crisis.

Spirits are whimsical, do things when they feel like it, and must be kept in a good mood.

That’s the basics of Spirit Magic.

That’s why what I should say here is…

“XXXXXXX (It looks good on you, Undine)” (Makoto)

“XXXXX! XXXXX! (Really, Our King?!)” (Undine)

“XXXXXX (That’s why, please lend me your strength)” (Makoto)

“XXXXX! (Yes☆, I will do my best~!)” (Undine)

The moment Undine said that, the mana all around began to gather here.

Rain began to fall, the ground began to shake, the air trembled, and lightning began to run through the black clouds as if influenced by this.

The water mana of the whole world.

Undine was gathering that.

Demon Lord Cain turned over here.

He was about to give the finishing blow to Deckel-san, but he stopped his feet. 

The Demon Lord that had no interest at all over here had clearly taken notice of me.

Can he see the figure of Undine at my side?

Demon Lord Cain spoke to me.

“Are you a Hero?” (Cain)

He silently asked.

“No.” (Makoto)

I answered shortly.

I am a Country Designated Hero, but there’s no Water Country here.

That’s why I am not a Hero.

Cain heard my response and spoke the next words.

“Will you…revere Noah-sama?” (Cain)


I couldn’t answer.

There’s no way I could.

I still have faith in Noah-sama.

But I am not a believer right now.

That’s why I couldn’t say anything.

And for some reason, that fact annoyed me to an unexpected degree.

“Then, die.” (Cain)

He must have taken my silence as a denial, Demon Lord Cain raises his sword here, and closed the distance in an instant.


“[Freezing Barrier].” (Makoto)


Cain cut the barrier magic I activated as if it were paper while he was laughing.

What’s with this guy…? Is he mental?

Can’t be helped… To think I would have to use this here.

(…Spirit Arm.) (Makoto)

The moment I tried to change my right arm into a Spirit…a flash flew.

“Hm?” (Cain)

Demon Lord Cain groaned.

That light entered the opening of the armor.

An attack as if passing a needle through a hole.

“Spirit Magic: [Wind Arrow].” 

Close to thousands of wind arrows rained on Demon Lord Cain as this silent voice rang.

Most of them were blocked by the demon lord’s armor, but I could see that there were some attacks that were entering the small openings of the armor.

There’s a bit of blood in the demon lord’s armor.

(Wow…) (Makoto)

The way to defeat the Demon Lord Cain that Noah-sama told me about.

Since attacks don’t work on the armor itself, hit through the openings. 

These are attacks that understand this.

The one who did those attacks was now standing in front of me and Demon Lord Cain.

The reddish brown long hair was waving with the air.

That man was taking a stance with a sword that makes me question if it is longer than even him.

No, it is not a sword.

The waves flowing in the blade…

That’s a katana.

The long haired swordsman was taking stance with a long katana.

That figure of his was like that of a samurai.

“Johnny-san, thanks.” (Makoto)

When I thanked Johnny Walker, he simply glanced at me.

“This is the first time I see…the Great Water Spirit Undine following the orders of someone.” (Johnny)

Looks like he can see her.

I see. He is a Spirit Magic User too after all.

“I will lend a hand. No, please let me.” (Johnny)

“Okay. Let’s get this guy out of here.” (Makoto)

I answered Johnny-san without hesitation.

When I exchanged looks with Undine at the side, she nodded with a serious expression.

Even a whimsical person like her has gotten serious.

Looks like I will be fighting Demon Lord Cain with the assistance of Johnny Walker.

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