WM – Chapter 347: The White Great Sage (Third Part)

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Trash Monstrosity, Chill Utas. 

“What kind of guys are they?” (Makoto)

I asked while being guided by the Divine Beast Cerberus. 

— “It is hard to explain in words. Their figure is difficult to describe. We sent a number of Hades vanguards to subjugate them, but nobody came back. They were all turned into trash.” (Cerberus)

“Scary!” (Momo)

Momo trembled and clung onto my arm. 

The name of the Great Sage-sama echoes through the whole Sun Country of Highland, but she basically returns to the Momo of before when she is alone with me. 

“Our King~, I am here too~.” (Dia)

“I know.” (Makoto)

I chuckle at the Great Water Spirit poking my side. 

“Pay more attention to me~.” (Dia)

“Aren’t we together the whole time, Dia?” (Makoto)

I now feel Spirits even closer to me after becoming a God, but Spirits are everywhere. 

As for Water Spirits, they are always sticking to me. 

“I want more attention!” (Dia)

“Okay, okay.” (Makoto)

I pat the head of the Great Water Spirit. 

“That’s not fair! Me too!” (Momo)

“You are being pampered a whole ton already, you shrimp!” (Dia)

“You two, calm down a bit…” (Makoto)

— “We have arrived, Apostle-dono of Goddess Noah.” (Cerberus)

While we were walking and chit chatting, we arrived at a place where we could see a steep cliff from afar. 

We followed Cerberus-san who walked towards the cliff.

We arrived at the edge of the cliff. 

It was a creepy place. 

A space that stretched far and wide with no walls. 

I can’t see the bottom of the cliff.

Darkness that’s darker than black was spreading there. 

A lukewarm wind that’s neither cold nor warm. 

That’s all it was. 

There isn’t really any presence around. 

“There’s no one—” (Makoto)

Just when I was about to say that…


An ear-ringing laugh echoed. 

Shivers ran down my spine. 

‘Someone’ is looking over here from the bottom of that dark hole. 

That thing laughing from inside the pitch black darkness had the abnormal shape of a small wilted child. 

Its googly cracked creepy eyes were staring this way. 

Its widely opened mouth was warped into a crescent shape, but wasn’t speaking out any intelligible words. 

“Cerberus-san, this is just for confirmation…” (Makoto)

— “That’s the Trash Monstrosity, Chill Utas. You must not touch it. You will be turned into trash!” (Cerberus)

Cerberus-san warned me kindly. 

An immortal monstrosity that must not be touched, huh.

That’s troublesome. Good grief. 

“Momo, please move away. Dia, let’s defeat that!” (Makoto)

“Yes, Our King!” (Dia)

The Great Water Spirit hugged me happily. 

Magic I couldn’t use when I was a human. 

The user was the mother of Lucy, the Crimson Witch, Rosalie-san. 

The spell I have wanted to try since the time she showed it in Spring Log. 

“…[Dress of Spirits].” (Makoto)

The Water Spirits gather around me. 

The ground shook and the air trembled. 

A massive amount of mana began to gather around my body. 

Mana condensed and became Ether. 

That’s when I noticed the gaze staring straight at me. 

“…Could that spell be…” (Momo)

Momo seemed to want to say something.

“Nice, right? I tried imitating Rosalie-san.” (Makoto)

“I knew it! It is the spell of that hoodlum elf that picks a fight instantly!” (Momo)

“Hoodlum, you say.” (Makoto)

“She immediately charges at me, you know?! Scold her for me, Makoto-sama.” (Momo)

“I have been helped out by Rosalie-san though…” (Makoto)

“You are in a higher position than her now, Makoto-sama! You can tell her straight!” (Momo)

“Changing your attitude with your position is not good.” (Makoto)

“Eeh.” (Momo)

I was flustered by what Momo was saying as I remember that the Crimson Witch-san considered the White Great Sage-sama as a rival. 

“Our King~, Shrimp~, the enemy is coming.” (Dia)

While Momo and I were talking pointlessly, the Trash Monstrosity approached unsteadily.

(…Alright.) (Makoto)

My surroundings are overflowing with the mana of Spirits. 

“[Comet Fall].” (Makoto)

A lump of ice the size of a small mountain crashed onto the Trash Monstrosity chantless. 

It should have landed directly with no evasion.

But the lump of ice turned into trash the next instant and disappeared. 


The ugly creature laughed.

So direct spells don’t work.

It was at that moment…


“…They increased?” (Makoto)

“Hiih! There’s a whole lot of that gross thing!!” (Momo)

I frowned and Momo screamed. 

The Chill Utas increased in numbers in one go. 

They are coming this way like an army. 

We will most likely be done for if we were to touch any single one of them. 

(…[Mind Accel].) (Makoto)

I think. 

Is there any way? 

I glanced at Cerberus for less than 0.01 seconds, and he seemed to be observing us with interest.

It looks like he at least has expectations that we will be able to do something.

Most of all, I must not betray the expectations of Noah-sama. 

(Excuse me, Our King.) (Dia)

(Dia, what’s the matter?) (Makoto)

While I was thinking about trying to smash a strong water spell on the approaching army of monstrosities, Dia spoke to me while we were synchronized. 

(Will you not wear me?) (Dia)

(You, Dia?) (Makoto)

What I am currently clad on are Water Spirits. 

Would I be able to do the same for an Undine? 

(Also…) (Dia)

Dia speaks slightly embarrassed. 

(We would be able to connect even deeper than with Synchronization♡) (Dia)

(Connect…deeper?) (Makoto)

I unconsciously repeat what she said. 

What lies ahead of Synchronization…huh.

An army of trash monstrosities is approaching right in front of us.

There’s no time to hesitate.

(Got it.) (Makoto)

I answered shortly. 

(Fufufu, then relax, Our King…♡) (Dia)

Saying this, Dia made a face of ecstasy as she entered my body

“…!” (Makoto)

The blood in my whole body flared up as if it were boiling. 

My heart was beating like an alarm bell. 

(Ah! With this…I have become one with Our King…♡) (Dia)

Dia said something I can’t ignore with an enthralled voice. 

(We can properly return to normal later, right?) (Makoto)

(…………We can.) (Dia)

Dia answered with a sulky tone. 

Looks like we can go back to normal.

That’s fine then.

By the time I noticed, the feeling of my arm was gone and had become crystal blue. 

I know this state.

Let’s do ‘that’.

“Right Arm of the Spirit King: [Eternal Blizzard].” (Makoto)

Pure white snow buffeted the approaching monstrosities. 

Everything was being turned into trash by the monstrosities a moment ago.

However, this time wasn’t the same. The monstrosities were flustered at this white snow that’s not turning into trash. 

The body of the trash monstrosities were slowly getting piled up with snow and seizing their movements. 

“Eh? Wa? Why?” (Momo)

— “The Chill Utas turn everything into trash by ‘accelerating time’. But the Apostle-dono of Goddess Noah ‘froze time’ to nullify the attack of the enemy.” (Cerberus)

Cerberus-san explains to the confused Momo.

“You can tell just from seeing it?” (Makoto)

I am somewhat surprised that he managed to see through it in one go. 

— “Despite appearances, I have managed to fight through the Divine Realm War. I have fought against Spirits to a tiring degree.” (Cerebus)

He said flat out. 

“……I see.” (Makoto)

Speaking of which, he was on the enemy side of Noah-sama in the Divine Realm War. 

He is an ally right now, but we might end up fighting in the future. 

He looks like a tough opponent. 

“Look, Makoto-sama!” (Momo)

I snap back at the words of Momo.

The clones of the trash monstrosity were being frozen by the Eternal Blizzard and disappeared in the big hole in large amounts. 

But there was one trash monstrosity remaining as usual looking at us with a grin.

(So that’s the main body…?) (Makoto)

We still haven’t defeated it. 

I can’t defeat it even after turning my right arm into a Spirit King and using magic with the eternal attribute. 

— “Fumu…so it is difficult even with the magic of Goddess Noah’s Apostle-dono, huh… The Gods that have come from the other worlds are truly troublesome.” (Cerberus) 

“That’s…a God?” (Momo)

Momo muttered, crept out. 

“That’s right, Shrimp. It is the same as that thing you called the Great Demon Lord.” (Dia)

“Eh?!” (Momo)

The Great Water Spirit said as if nothing.

“Or more like, it is most likely…stronger than the Great Demon Lord Iblis…” (Makoto)

I still haven’t been able to deal an effective blow against it despite having become a God. 

The trash monstrosity is still maintaining a set distance.

It isn’t getting closer like before.

It seems like it is at least wary now. 


Purple mist came out from the trash monstrosity, slowly creeping its way towards us. 

What’s that…?

“Makoto-sama, it is poisonous mist!!” (Momo)

Momo told me. 

— “Be careful. Leaving aside Divine Beasts and Gods, that’s poison that can end even vampires.” (Cerberus)

“Right Hand of the Spirit King: [Eternal Blizzard]!!!” (Makoto)

It is scary, so I will just freeze it all. 

The purple mist crystallized and dropped. 

After that, a repeated exchange where I would incapacitate the spells of the trash monstrosity took place. 

(There’s no end to this…) (Makoto)

I lack a decisive move. 

My eternal attribute magic has no effect on the trash monstrosity. 

It is an immortal monstrosity that has eternal life after all. 

It seems like it can’t do as it pleases as long as I am here, but will it return to normal once I am gone? 


How should I deal with this undying monstrosity…?

(Makoto, remember.) 

I feel like I heard the voice of Noah-sama.

Might have been my imagination.

I haven’t been able to hear Noah-sama or Eir-sama since coming to Hades. 

But there might be a hint there.

I remember the conversation with Noah-sama.

What did she tell me before coming here?

(…Could it be that…if I were to ask for the help of ‘them’…) (Makoto)

“Dia.” (Makoto)

I speak to the Great Water Spirit.

(Yes, what is it?) (Dia)

The voice of Dia who has fused with me resonated in my head. 

“Are there ‘Death Spirits’ around here??” (Makoto)

(It is Hades. There’s of course a whole lot of them.) (Dia)

“I would like them to help me. What should I do?” (Makoto)

(Fufufu, what a weird thing to say. If Our King asks, they will all happily come, you know?) (Dia)

“I haven’t gotten that close to the Death Spirits though.” (Makoto)

(They won’t help out all the time. But right now it is crowded, right? There’s no Spirit who would ignore the request of Noah-sama’s Apostle when he is in trouble.) (Dia)

“I see. Got it.” (Makoto)

That’s great.

Then, I will borrow their strength. 

“………XXXXXX (Death Spirit-sans), XXXXXX? (How are you doing?)” (Makoto)

It has been a long time since I have spoken Spirit Language. 

Start with a greeting. 

I of course continued the conversation while blocking the attacks of the trash monstrosity. 

There wasn’t an immediate reaction. 

(Our King, please continue speaking to them. Death Spirits are shy, but they are happy when you talk to them.) (Dia)

“Got it…… XXXXXX (Death Spirit-sans), XXXXXX (I would like to speak with you all).” (Makoto)

The air changed.

…‘I am being watched’.

I felt as if something had turned all at once towards here.

— “What do you plan on doing, Goddess Noah’s Apostle-dono?” (Cerberus)

Cerberus-san asked somewhat discomforted.

Momo is frozen as if she were a frog glared by a snake. 

I didn’t answer the question and continued speaking to the Death Spirits. 

“………XXXXXX (I would like to) XXXXXX (defeat the bad guy) XXXXXX (over there).” (Makoto)

…The gazes turned stronger. 

I feel like strength is being sapped away from me just from being looked at. 

It feels as if my life is being sucked. 

(If you were a human, you would have died just from talking to the Death Spirits after all.) (Dia)

I was startled by what the Great Water Spirit said, but it made sense. 

…It would be impossible for a human to use these Spirits.

“……XXXXXX (Death Spirit-sans) XXXXXX (please give that guy) XXXXXX (death).” (Makoto)

I remember the words of Noah-sama. 

If you possess a Life Spirit onto an undead, they will get life. 

Then, what about a Death Spirit? 

If you hit a Death Spirit onto an undying monstrosity, will it provide death? 


Something moved. 

Slowly surrounding the trash monstrosity, and…


A scream was raised from the trash monstrosity that was mocking us the whole time. 

—“This is…” (Cerberus)

Cerberus-san is surprised.

That said, I don’t think I can defeat a God from another world just by throwing it Death Spirits. 

I pulled out the Sacred Treasure from my waist. 

This thing shining a beautiful rainbow color clad in Divinity illuminated even in that deep darkness. 

(I offer to the Goddess Noah-sama…) (Makoto)

I prayed to the Sacred Treasure. 

The blade shining in 7 colors grew one size bigger. 

With this… 

Just when I took a stance towards the trash monstrosity…


The trash monstrosity disappeared deep inside the big hole while raising a shrilling cry. 

“…W-Wa?” (Makoto)

It ruined the decisive moment. 



Momo and I look at each other’s faces.

We waited for a while, but nothing happened.

“Makoto-sama…could it be…” (Momo)

“It…escaped?” (Makoto)

That was still the God of another world, you know?

We waited for a while, but nothing happened.

The monstrosity didn’t come back.

……………… “Aah, got defeated. Too bad☆.

Suddenly, I think I heard that voice.

I look back at Cerberus-san and Momo.

They don’t seem to have noticed.

It might have been my imagination. 

But the face of the whimsical and mischievous Goddess that helped me out in the fight against Leviathan with Moon Fall showed up in my mind.

(No way…right?) (Makoto)

Was it a prank from that Goddess? 

I wanted to ask, but at the same time I’m scared to do so. 

—“Great job, Apostle-dono of Goddess Noah.” (Cerberus)

I was praised by Cerberus-san.

“It ran away though. Is that okay?” (Makoto)

—“An undying monstrosity has learned of ‘death’. It is of no threat anymore. I will eat it the next time it shows up.” (Cerberus)

“I-I see.” (Makoto)

You are gonna eat that?

Won’t you sour your stomach? 

“Makoto-samaaa!!” (Momo)

Momo hugged me. 

The Great Water Spirit undid the fusion and moved away. 

With this, I managed to finish the ‘impossible request’ of Proserpina-sama. 


After safely defeating the monstrosity, we returned to the castle of Hades to report this. 

There really is no one on the throne. 

But I am sure she will appear dashingly if we approach just like before. 

Thinking this, while I was moving close to the throne…hm? 

“Momo? Great Water Spirit? 

They were both kneeling on the ground

They were sweating buckets.

Even though it is a vampire and a Spirit? 

“What are you doi—Cerberus-san?” (Makoto)

When I looked, the Watchdog of Hades was also lowering his heads deeply.


“Oh…? The pressure of the God of Hades doesn’t work on you, huh.” 


The calm voice of a man echoed.

When I looked at the throne, there was a tall kind-looking old man with glasses looking over here with a smile. 

“Sorry about that. This spell activates automatically when I approach the throne. Cute vampire-chan, Great Water Spirit-chan, you can relax.” 



Momo and Dia were breathing as if they have finally regained the ability to. 

(I see… This God is…) (Makoto)

That God smiled faintly as if he had read my mind.

“Nice to meet you, Familiar of Noah-kun. I am the king of Hades, Pluto.” 

I am finally facing the brother of the God King. 

■Comment Response: 

>Can’t they just ask for Naia-sama to bring back the outside God playing in Hell? 

→It seems like she is the true culprit all along.

>Will the Spirit King show up again?

>Maybe he can kill it with the Sacred Treasure?

>Or maybe accelerate time a whole ton?

→Hit pretty close to home.

■Author’s Comment: 

The last post of 2022 was Zero Believers. 

My eyes are spinning from writing the 11th volume of Zero Believer’s light novel.

Had no breaks at Christmas, year’s end, and New Year…

But I am grateful that the book will be coming out, okay?! 

Have a good end of the year! 

And let’s meet again next year! 

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