WM – Chapter 320: Takatsuki Makoto doesn’t give up

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“I have Charmed…every living being on this planet.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch Nevia proclaimed this peacefully. 

“N-No way!” (Noel)

Queen Noel refused it straight on. 

Nevia smiles elegantly. 

“Why do you think that?” (Nevia)

“That goes beyond the power of a mortal. If you could do something like that, we would have been defeated a long time ago!” (Noel)

“Fufufu…right. It is far beyond impossible for me alone to achieve this. It would have been impossible for that eminent personage as well.” (Nevia)

“Then, how?” (Makoto)

I asked straight. 

Why can she do something that even the Great Demon Lord couldn’t?

The Calamity Witch slowly looks around.

An endless stretching gray world. 

Inside this world, everyone will be Charmed. 

“This Charmed world is the countermeasure that that personage made using the Grand Barrier of the Holy Maiden Noel-sama as its cornerstone. Your power as a Holy Maiden is to put together the power of everyone. A splendid power that excels in protecting. As expected of the power from the one who even rules the Divine Realm, Althena. Humans are weak individually, but when you put together the power of millions, it can become a massive spear and shield. This barrier couldn’t be broken even by that personage…” (Nevia)

“Even the Great Demon Lord couldn’t break it, huh…” (Makoto)

It is different from 1,000 years ago. In this era, humans are the ones who are prospering the most. 

If you put the strength of every human in the world, that becomes a formidable power. 

The Calamity Witch continues speaking. 

“The duty of this barrier is to ‘protect the peace of the world’. I tweaked the rules of that grand barrier a little bit. ‘Please let it be a peaceful world of equality where no one gets hurt -just as I order’.” (Nevia)

“So that’s how you Charmed the world.” (Makoto)

“That’s impossible! The Charm of Furiae shouldn’t have that much power!” (Noel)

Queen Noel denies it again.

The Calamity Witch directs a pitying look at her.

“You must know it as well, right? The power of Furiae-chan as a Holy Maiden is to ‘bring out latent power’. In other words, an ability targeted to an individual. The Holy Maiden Noel that powers up the many, and the Holy Maiden Furiae who powers up an individual. What a splendid balanced distribution of power. It can clearly be seen that the Goddesses planned for a development where you two joined forces to protect the world… That said, the relationship between the Sun Country and the Moon Country is the worst though.” (Nevia)

“That’s…” (Noel)

It must have poked a part that hurt, Queen Noel couldn’t say anything back.

“You see, Furiae-chan…is a genius Oracle that could use Monarch level Charm Magic, Necromancy, and even Destiny Magic without even training. She was working endlessly because of her standing as the queen though. Do you know her true wish? Her wish was to retire immediately from her position as the queen once the Moon Country was stable, and live a quiet and peaceful life in the countryside. What a boring and ambitionless dream. No wonder Naia didn’t speak to her.” (Nevia)

“Is it okay to call Naia-sama without any honorifics?” (Makoto)

I asked curious. 

She showed proper respect towards the Moon Goddess 1,000 years ago.

“It is okay. I am not the Moon Oracle right now. The present Moon Oracle is Furiae-chan. Also, Naia has lost interest in me having lost 1,000 years ago.” (Nevia)

Nevia said as if slightly sad about this. 

“We went out of topic there. Anyways, the present Moon Oracle seemed to have almost no interest in becoming strong. I had her use her Holy Maiden ability of bringing out latent power on herself. What do you think happened?” (Nevia)

“Now that you mention it…I have never seen Princess training.” (Makoto)

I remember the times when we traveled together. 

She would watch me training the whole day with a baffled expression.

“Right now, Furiae-chan can use Charm Magic in a Quasi-God Rank level. An outstanding ability that heavily surpasses me 1,000 years ago… I am jealous. If I had this much power in the past, the results would have been different… Wait, I lost to you 1,000 years ago, Apostle-sama.” (Nevia)

She sighed with a heavy ‘haah’ and warped her pretty face. 

“Why aren’t you getting Charmed? Furiae-chan is cute, right?” (Nevia)

“Princess wouldn’t say that, Nevia-san.” (Makoto)

The Calamity Witch swayed her body as if trying to seduce me. 

“I understand how Noel-sama doesn’t get Charmed since she is an equal Holy Maiden, but…why is it that it doesn’t work on you, Apostle-sama? But, speaking of which, I couldn’t Charm Cain-san 1,000 years ago either. Are the Apostles of the Goddess Noah all the same?” (Nevia)

“We are faithful to Noah-sama after all.” (Makoto)

“What a problematic bunch.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch glared lightly at me after I said that.

I take that gaze of hers as I think back on the information until now.

“The Grand Barrier of Queen Noel and the Quasi-God Rank Charm of Princess, coupled with the Calamity Witch who has inherited the power of the Great Demon Lord…” (Makoto)

That’s quite the impressive line-up.

“Do you understand now? It is too late already.” (Nevia)

“N-No way… There’s…no way…” (Noel)

Queen Noel mutters powerlessly at the words of the Calamity Witch. 

At a glance, what she says makes sense.


“That’s a lie.” (Makoto)

I said this firmly. 

“Eh?” (Noel)

Queen Noel looks at me with a surprised face.

“Oh? Why is it, Apostle-sama? Was there anything strange in my explanation?” (Nevia)

“No, nothing really. With that explanation, I am sure you would be able to Charm the whole world.” (Makoto)

“Then, why are you saying it is a lie?” (Nevia)

“It is because you are going through the trouble of explaining it.” (Makoto)

“…Hoh.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch narrowed her eyes as if finding this interesting. 

“If you really Charmed the whole world, there’s no need for you to chase us here. You can just let us be. But you went out of your way to Charm the Great Sage-sama, and added the revived Demon Lords. As if it would be inconvenient for you if we were to leave this place.” (Makoto)

“Fufufu, I knew that ordinary means would be ineffective on you, Apostle-sama.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch sighs charmingly at my words.

“It is as you say. The Planetary Charm is still not complete. But it is only a matter of time, you know? The barrier of the Charmed Gray World is continuously expanding even as we speak. The living beings that get swallowed by this barrier will be hit with the curse of ‘wishing for the peace of this world’. The barrier gets strengthened by that, and the barrier expands even further. It will eventually engulf everything.” (Nevia)

“This barrier sounds like a virus…” (Makoto)

I groan lightly. 

It curses the living beings inside the barrier, and that strengthens the barrier and expands it. 

“Makoto-sama! The Grand Barrier is activated with the Highland Castle and the Great Church of the Sun Country as its center. If you destroy both constructs…” (Noel)

Queen Noel shouts this as if she had thought of a plan that would turn the tables. 

I see, a central point is necessary for the activation of a barrier. 

If we destroy that, we can weaken the barrier…

“Of course, I won’t let you do that. I will be using all the forces that have been Charmed into protecting. Would you prefer the two of the Crimson Fangs to be at the forefront? Or maybe the Glacial Hero and the Light Hero-sama would be better?” (Nevia)


Noel and I look at each other and our faces darken. 

We can’t do anything if she brings out the hostages. 

All of our acquaintances have been Charmed after all.

“But I don’t want to do something like that. I don’t want to do anything terrible to anyone.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch says this without a single blemish in her expression.

“And yet, you incarcerated Queen Noel in the underground prison.” (Makoto)

When I point this out, the Calamity Witch made a face as if she found that awkward. 

“…Cause you know, she is the very picture of the Light Hero-san that sliced me in two, you know? It is scary.” (Nevia)

“…Well, that’s…” (Makoto)

I ended up understanding how she felt. 

It certainly would be scary to have a person with the same face as the one that sliced you in two.

“If you are displeased with the treatment of Queen Noel, I can change it. I will move her into a nicer room. How about that?” (Nevia)

“…What in the world is your wish, Calamity Witch?” (Noel)

Queen Noel asked this as if she was finding all of this unnerving.

Nevia-san slowly opened her mouth as if teasing us for the answer and then she said…

“…Create a peaceful world. A world where we are not flailed about by the whims of gods, a world where everyone is equal.” (Nevia)

“It does sound good on paper.” (Makoto)

“So you don’t believe me.” (Nevia)

“I have seen the situation 1,000 years ago after all.” (Makoto)

I know about it. 

About how the humans had become the livestock of demons. 

About the battered Momo who had no choice but to wait for her inevitable death. 

Maybe because she could tell what I was thinking, the Calamity Witch speaks slowly. 

“I have been oppressed since the day I was born. ‘Can only use Charm’, ‘Useless trash that only has a good face’, scorn flew my way. I hated it…I hated the Goddess that made this worthless person into an Oracle. But as I grew, my Charm power became stronger and stronger, and I could Charm anyone. I controlled the power of others with my Charm. I couldn’t live without the power of someone else. Why? I actually want to live with my own strength. But I didn’t have it. Why is the world so unfair? Hey, can you answer me?” (Nevia)

“That’s…something decided by the Goddesses.” (Noel)

The one who answered was Queen Noel.

The one who decides the Skills is the Destiny Goddess, so she isn’t exactly wrong.

“Goddesses… Right, the Goddesses. They are the ones making the world unfair.” (Nevia)

This is the first time something similar to hatred is shown in the voice of the Calamity Witch.

But it was only for an instant, and it soon returned to her usual gentle tone.

“Hey, Apostle-sama, I have asked Furiae-chan about you and have investigated your past achievements. You suffered quite a lot when coming to this world, right? You trained in your lonesome at the Water Temple, and yet couldn’t get strong, and continued being an adventurer despite all of this. It was only after all that hardship that you obtained Spirit Magic.” (Nevia)

“Yeah, if I remember correctly, after fighting the Griffon and getting my whole body burned, wandering between the border of life and death, I learned the Spirit User Skill.” (Makoto)

How nostalgic.

“Don’t you think we are similar? A witch that can’t do anything aside from Charming; a mage that can’t do anything properly without Spirits.” (Nevia)

By the time I noticed, the Calamity Witch-san was right in front of me.

Her appearance is that of Furiae-san though.

“You could say that.” (Makoto)

“Then, won’t you understand my ideal? A peaceful world where no one is hurt and everyone is equal. There’s no need for the Goddesses, the skills, or magic. I will manage everything. I will make a happy world as if you were having a dream.” (Nevia)

There was something that bothered me in what the Calamity Witch said.

“No need for Goddesses…?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. This world has no need for gods. It is because there’s a bunch at the Divine Realm guiding us with self-satisfied looks that the weak ones suffer. The voices of gods don’t reach this ashen world. There’s no need for that after all.” (Nevia)

“That’s why…the voices of Noah-sama and Ira-sama aren’t reaching, huh…” (Makoto)

1,000 years ago, the voice of Ira-sama didn’t reach me for a certain period of time.

But I could hear her after a while.

However, she is stating firmly that, this time around, the voices of gods won’t reach. 

“Fufu, Apostle-sama, you seem to be slightly flustered here.” (Nevia)

“That’s not true.” (Makoto)

I hide the agitation in my heart.

But I feel like she has seen through me. 

“I can’t Charm the Apostle-sama, so I have to reduce your allies. The voices of the Goddesses don’t reach, so next, I have to do something about your cute Familiar-san, right?” (Nevia)

I was taken aback by those words and looked at my feet.

“…I am sorry, Master.” (Tsui)

“Tsui…” (Makoto)

The eyes of the black cat were muddied in gold.

He has been Charmed. 

“I was bothered by it. By the fact that the cute Familiar-san of the Apostle-sama that Furiae-chan took care of wasn’t around. I judged that it didn’t have much fighting power, but it was a far more intelligent cat than I expected. But that’s as far as you go. It seems like you don’t have a resistance to Charm as your master does.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch brushes the back of the black cat that came to her while she was saying that. 

Tsui purrs. 

(He has been…completely Charmed, huh.) (Makoto)

I doubt he will be helping me out the next time I get caught. 

In other words, this is my only chance to run away. 

“Please look at this.” (Nevia)



My body stiffens.

Even Lucy and Sa-san showed up.

“The two of the Crimson Fangs who are now highly famed and are the number one adventurers of the continent, and also the Great Sage-sama who is a master of Teleport. And also the undead Demon Lords that are here. Do you really think you can run away?” (Nevia)

All of those eyes were looking at us. 

The ones lined up there are all famous adventurers, warriors, and the members of the Sun Knights. 

“Ryosuke-san!” (Noel)

“…No…el?” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun was standing by the side of the Calamity Witch.

His eyes were blank. It seems like he is under a stronger Charm than the other people. 

But his consciousness seemed like it was going to return for an instant there at the voice of Queen Noel.

“That won’t do.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch quickly takes the hand of Sakurai-kun.

Sakurai-kun fell on his knees the next instant. 

“What did you do to Sakurai-kun?!” (Makoto)

“I simply overwrote the Charm. The resistance to abnormal status effects of the Light Hero Skill is truly fearsome. Even though this ashen world should be shutting out the light of the sun… Just by hearing the voice of the Sun Oracle was enough to almost return him to his senses.” (Nevia)

Looks like Sakurai-kun simply has lost consciousness. 

It seems as if the stab wound of the black knight Demon Lord has also healed. 

“Now, please surrender obediently, Apostle-sama, Noel-sama. I don’t want to be rough here.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch calls to us with a composed voice. 

“I…if I obediently let myself be caught, will the world be at peace…?” (Noel)

Queen Noel stood up with unsteady feet in order to answer her. 

She hasn’t been Charmed, but it seems like her composure is lacking here. 

“Yes, of course! As someone who can’t be affected by Charm, you will end up being imprisoned for the rest of your life, but in exchange, there won’t be wars, won’t be social hierarchies, and no racial discrimination; the ideal world that you so desired will come to be. That’s right, just by you enduring, all the people in the world will be happy!” (Nevia)

“B-By my sacrifice alone…the world will be at peace…” (Noel)

I could feel that Queen Noel could say yes at any moment here. 

“There’s something I would like to ask.” (Makoto)

I cut into their conversation.

“What is it, Apostle-sama?” (Nevia)

“In the world that you wish for, there’s no need for Goddesses?” (Makoto)

“Yes, there’s no need for gods. There’s no need for the people of the Mortal Realm to be thrown about by the fighting of the Holy Gods and the Devil Gods. There’s no need to pray to gods.” (Nevia)

“That would be troubling.” (Makoto)

I am the Apostle of the Goddess Noah-sama. 

“I understand how you feel. But I would like you to undertake an even more important role as the one Furiae-chan loves, Apostle-sama.” (Nevia)

“An important role…?” (Makoto)

A fishy word came out from the smiling Calamity Witch.

“Please marry Furiae-chan and have babies with her——-Wait! What are you saying?!” 

The first half was the Calamity Witch and the latter half was Furiae-san?

Her way of speaking suddenly changed.

“M-My Knight! Don’t take what this woman is saying seriou—please shut up for a bit. Didn’t you also say that you wanted to make babies with the Apostle-sam—I didn’t!” 


She suddenly began to flap around.

Queen Noel and I look at each other. 

“Haah…you are not honest, Furiae-chan. Basically, what I am doing here is inviting you to rule this world together. My Charm doesn’t work on the Apostle-sama, so as long as I am using the body of Furiae-chan, I can’t kill you. That’s why I might as well just bring you into my side. Also, if the child of the Apostle-sama and Furiae-chan were to be born, I will move there. When that happens, Furiae-chan’s body will be free. Isn’t that a wonderful proposal?” (Nevia)

“…Weren’t your souls merged?” (Makoto)

“Yes, that’s why I can’t move to a random stranger. But I think it would be possible for only the part of the Calamity Witch to move and reincarnate into the body of my own child.” (Nevia)

She said something outrageous like nothing.

But if that’s true, Furiae-san would be free. 

I look at the smiling Calamity Witch.

Honestly speaking, I don’t know if she is saying this seriously. 

Is she trying to deceive me here? 

At that moment…

[Will you become the husband of the Moon Oracle and rule the world?]



The choices of RPG Player showed up.

“Kuh?!” (Nevia)

Seeing this, the Calamity Witch moved back as if agitated by this. 

“You can see this?” (Makoto)

I poke the choices.

“…Just what in the world…are you doing? That’s…” (Nevia)

Her way too composed attitude made a complete turn, and she was looking at me…and the choices at my side as if she were truly repulsed by this.

Queen Noel, who most likely can’t see the choices of RPG Player, was dumbfounded by this. 

“S-So, what will you be doing, Apostle-sama? If you become the husband of Furiae-chan, the world will be at your whim. Why not forget about the Goddesses and obtain all the wealth and fame of this world?” (Nevia)

“Hmm…” (Makoto)

I cross my arms and think. 

I could catch glimpses of Queen Noel being super nervous at my side. 

In front of me, there’s the Calamity Witch…who is inside the body of the number one beauty of the world, Furiae-san.

Lucy, Sa-san, and my comrades who have been Charmed yet haven’t been hurt. 

And the people who I have met in my travels. 

A variety of memories resurface. 

I can rule everything. 

If I take the hand of the Calamity Witch.

I didn’t have a single moment of hesitation.

I look at the RPG Player Skill choices…and choose No.

“Sorry, but…I can’t betray the expectations of Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

I stated clearly. 

“Makoto-sama…why?” (Noel)

I could hear the whisper of Queen Noel.

Looks like she thought I would accept the invitation of the Calamity Witch.

“I…see. That’s a shame. But I won’t let you escape from here. I will have you stay with me until the Charm of the planet is completed.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch slowly raises her arm. 

With that as the signal, everyone around began to close the distance. 

“Dia.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Our King.” (Dia)

I call the Undine Dia and heavy mana took over the area. 

But the ones surrounding us are seasoned warriors and past Demon Lords. 

They wouldn’t stop their feet for that. 

“Makoto-sama…my apologies. Wood Magic: [Binding Ivy].” 

“Earth Magic: [Eternal Prison].” 

“Sun Magic: [Light Chains].” 

With the Great Sage-sama as the first one, the warriors controlled by the Calamity Witch began casting their magic onto me and Queen Noel.

It doesn’t seem like they plan on harming us. They were all spells that take away the freedom of the target. 

“This is the end…Apostle-sama.” (Nevia)

There’s no escape from all sides. 

The magic cast by the powerhouses of the whole continent was approaching to seize us…


And they bursted into nothing without reaching us.


Queen Noel was caught off-guard by this. 

Of course she would be. 

The one who came in to protect us was the jet black full armor knight. 

“Sorry for the tardiness, Makoto.” 

“I believed in you, Cain.” (Makoto)

I answer nonchalantly at the voice of my old comrade.

“Cain-san…what is the meaning of this? Right now you are an undead revived by me, you know? Do you think an undead going against their necromancer is something that can be forgiven?” (Nevia)

“Sorry, Nevia. I do feel bad for this, but there’s no way we would approve of a world where Noah-sama is not present… [Teleport].” (Cain)

Saying this, a magic circle appeared below me, Queen Noel, and Cain. 

“This world will eventually be dyed in gray. There’s no escape.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch said this as if hammering that reality. 

Her way of speaking is that of the Calamity Witch, but the face is that of the Moon Oracle Furiae who I am the Guardian Knight of.

That’s why what I must say here is…

“Princess…I will come back. Wait for a bit.” (Makoto)

“…Got it. I will wait. Be sure to come back, My Knight.” 

The one who said this with a smile was without doubt Furiae-san. 

And then, we were enveloped by light and teleported. 


“Where’s this?” (Noel)

Queen Noel looks around restlessly. 

The coast of a large stretching sea. 

An unfamiliar place. 

“It is at the north of the West Continent. A coast somewhere in the Moon Country. Unfortunately, I am not good with the minute coordinates, but you should be able to manage something if you are close to the sea, right, Makoto?” (Cain)

The one who answered was Cain.

“Y-You are the swordsman that stabbed Ryosuke-san…” (Noel)

Queen Noel directed a gaze of suspicion and caution. 

“Cain, why did you try to kill Sakurai-kun…the Light Hero?” (Makoto)

“That was…right after I had woken up as an undead. My consciousness wasn’t clear, and I was moving as the necromancer ordered. It was only a few days ago that I managed to move freely like now.” (Cain)

“I see… Got it.” (Makoto)

I can’t forgive what he did to Sakurai-kun, but that wasn’t the will of Cain. 

Also, since Cain is an undead…

“As if I can believe your words! Makoto-sama, just who in the world is he?!” (Noel)

Queen Noel’s anger was not going away.

Of course it wouldn’t.

He intruded in the wedding ceremony and her husband was stabbed.

“Black Knight Cain. The Hero Killer Demon Lord.” (Makoto)

“T-That legendary Hero Killer?!” (Noel)

Queen Noel fell on her butt as if she had lost strength in her legs. 

“Are you okay?” (Makoto)

“Y-Yeah… Sorry, Makoto-sama. Showing you such an unsightly sight.” (Noel)

I take her hand and help her up.

“Makoto, was she the woman you made a promise with when you returned to the present? She is the spitting-image of Anna. You married Anna, right? She was crying quite a lot when you left though.” (Cain)

Cain said something outrageous as if nothing.

“Eh? …Makoto-sama and Anna-sama…married?!” (Noel)

“Oi, Cain, you…” (Makoto)

“What is the meaning of this?! The Great Sage-sensei didn’t tell me in detail about Anna-sama. It seemed as if she was hiding something… Makoto! Please tell me! I don’t mind if you are the one telling me either!” (Noel)

As if she had forgotten about how she had fallen on her butt, Queen Noel even pressed for answers onto Cain. 

At that moment, I noticed the abnormality…

—The body of Cain was slowly crumbling.

“Cain, your body…” (Makoto)

“Must have been the Calamity Witch. There’s no reason for her to leave me be when I have opposed her. Thanks to the Sacred Treasures of Noah-sama, my body is still keeping up, but it is reaching its limit.” (Cain)

Saying this, his black sword fell onto the ground.

The right arm of Cain was already gone. 

Queen Noel was making a complicated expression.

He is a hateful and fearsome Demon Lord that tried to kill Sakurai-kun, but he is also the one who helped us escape. 

As for me, he is a comrade that fought together with me against the Demon Lords 1,000 years ago.

And also a believer of Noah-sama like me. 

“So even you can make a face like that, Makoto.” (Cain)

Cain laughed as if amused. 

“What kind of face?” (Makoto)

I say this as I change my perspective with RPG Player and check my own face.

…That’s indeed a pathetic look.

“Makoto, do you know the condition of creating undeads with necromancy?” (Cain)

“No…” (Makoto)

A sudden topic change. 

Why talk about that right now?

“It is having regrets in this world. You understand why the Demon Lords of the past have become undead, right? They were killed by Heroes after all. I also had regrets…until I was revived, that is.” (Cain)

“What was your regret?” (Makoto)

Cain smiled faintly at my question.

“I wanted to see Noah-sama being worshiped…even if only a glimpse of it.” (Cain)

“How was it?” (Makoto)

“It was splendid! I looked around the whole West Continent, but the place called the Water Country was especially plentiful with Noah-sama believers! There were also a lot of people who were talking about Noah-sama favorably despite not being believers. 1,000 years ago, no matter how many times I would drop them in fear and threaten them, no one would worship Noah-sama. Even the demons in the demon lord army! And yet, even in the North Continent of this era, there were demons who were trying to convert to Noah-sama! This elation! I can’t describe it in words!” (Cain)

“So the religion of Noah-sama has reached the Demonic Continent too, huh…” (Makoto)

I didn’t know that. 

It seems like the popularity of the 8th Goddess of the Goddess Church is higher than I imagined. 

Even while we were having that talk, the body of Cain continued crumbling. 

He is already missing both arms, and he is kneeling from his legs crumbling. 

“Cain…” (Makoto)

I support the body of my senior believer who was about to collapse. 

Queen Noel at my back doesn’t say anything.

“I have no regrets at all. I won’t be reviving as an undead anymore. The seal of Noah-sama has not been undone yet, but you are the Apostle of this era, Makoto. I have no worries.” (Cain)

“I wanted to challenge the Deep Sea Temple with you again though.” (Makoto)

The days we challenged the Last Dungeon in the past. 

It was a painful challenge that didn’t even show ways to succeed, but even with that, it was fulfilling. 

We finally reunited, but it seems like we won’t be adventuring together. 

“That’s right. After you left the past, I stopped challenging the Deep Sea Temple, so I gathered my family that had scattered in the South Continent and revived it. I couldn’t convert them to Noah-sama either, so I made them worship your name instead, Makoto. If you feel like it, please search for them. They are living in secrecy on a small island, so it might be hard to find, but you can act like a god there.” (Cain)

“Please don’t do stuff like that.” (Makoto)

History has definitely changed. 

A matter that would anger Ira-sama. 

…Half of Cain’s face had already crumbled.

The gaze of Cain switched to Queen Noel.

“Woman who looks just like Anna… I…” (Cain)

“It is Noel, Demon Lord Cain.” (Noel)

“Sun Oracle Noel, I will eventually disappear. I am sorry for the selfish request, but I want you to help Makoto for the sake of this world…” (Cain)

“I can’t forgive you…but I understand. Thank you for saving us.” (Noel)

‘They really look the same’, Cain whispers with a faint smile. 

And then, as if squeezing out the last of his strength, he returned his gaze to me.

“These armor and sword…the sacred treasures of Noah-sama, I entrust them…to you…” (Cain)

“Got it… I gratefully accept them.” (Makoto)

“Bye…Makoto… Tell Noah-sama—” (Cain)


The empty jet black full armor rolled on the ground.

“Cain…” (Makoto)

I picked up the armor.

Just picking it up was taking me my all.

I don’t think I will be able to put it on and move around with it.

“It really is too heavy for me…” (Makoto)

And in this way, the first believer of Noah-sama I met in this world, the Hero Killer Cain, crumbled into dust and disappeared. 

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