WM – Chapter 283: Takatsuki Makoto tells everything

“Aah, that was tiring.” (Makoto)

I left the castle of Astaroth alone.

Mel-san is apparently going to be staying. 

It seems there’s still some issues between parent and child, but it has been a while since they have met, so they must have things they want to talk about. 

I would like them to get along with each other after this.

If possible, I wouldn’t want to have the Ancient Dragon King as an enemy at this current point in time.

I did promise to eventually fight him though.

I leisurely walk through this demonic metropolis that’s bustling with many demons. 

I know my way back to the inn thanks to [Mapping].

It was a bit scary when we just arrived, but walking the street like this, I felt like taking a bit of a walk.

(You… You are going to be fighting the Great Demon Lord tomorrow, you know? Take a rest.) (Ira)

Ira-sama spoke to me. 

It is just as she says, but there was something bothering me. 

Ira-sama, why is the Demonic Continent this peaceful?

In this city, and even in the village of before, we were not attacked. 

(That’s because…that Calamity Witch has Charmed them.) (Ira)

I understand that. 

That’s why I couldn’t help but think this way. 

—Won’t there be world peace if all the people were to be Charmed like this?

(T-That’s no good! Definitely no!) (Ira)

The agitated voice of Ira-sama resonated.

(I am joking, Ira-sama.) (Makoto)

(Eh…? Really? I sensed seriousness from your thoughts though.) (Ira)

I wouldn’t change my policy after going through the trouble of coming 1,000 years to the past. 

But that Queen Nevia just doesn’t look like the kind of villain that was depicted in history books. 

(Idiot, there’s no way a woman that Charms others because they don’t obey you is a good person.) (Ira)

Hmm, but the people in the Moon Country that were Charmed by the Queen were living happily. 

It was at the time when I was having these conflicting feelings…

(…Hm?) (Makoto)

(What’s the matter, Takatsuki Makoto?) (Ira)

“XXXXXX (Come here).” 

I was called in Spirit Language.

A Water Spirit. 

But it is strangely uncourteous.

(Ira-sama, I was called by a Spirit.) (Makoto)

(Is it okay? …Isn’t it a trap?) (Ira)

(No, this is most likely that guy.) (Makoto)

The promise was that we wouldn’t meet each other until the Great Demon Lord’s battle is over, but did something unexpected happen?

“XXXXX (Here, hurry).” 

A Water Spirit with a dark and cold voice that would be unthinkable from the Water Spirits I normally speak to and Dia.

The user of this Spirit has not managed to get along with the Spirits at all.

I advance without much obstruction.

I followed with quick steps so as to not lose it.

I was guided further and further to the outskirts, and was brought to a place that looks like ruins where there’s no one.

Is this the spot? 

(The one coming here is the Black Knight Demon Lord, right?) (Ira)

(Yeah, most likely.) (Makoto)

The only ones I have met here who can use Spirits are Cain and Johnny-san.

Johnny-san wouldn’t do something as roundabout as this. 

That’s why I think it is him.

I wait and wait and wait, but no one’s coming. 

Oi, if you are going to be calling me, wait for me properly. 

(He isn’t coming. I am going back to work. If anything happens, call me.) (Ira)

I answer with ‘Yes~’ and the transmission is cut.

Demon Lord Cain is a believer of Noah-sama, so Ira-sama can’t see the future of when he will come. 

(I should just wait patiently…) (Makoto)

1 more hour after that…

“Makoto! Glad to see you are alive!” 

A man in full black armor appeared. 

It is Demon Lord Cain as expected.

He doesn’t have his usual full face helmet probably to not stand out. 

Even so, his full black armor gave out plenty enough presence.

“Did something happen?” (Makoto)

“What happened, you ask? A God Rank Spell, Cocytus, was activated. Are you okay?!” (Cain)

Aah, it looks like he came all the way here worried.

“I am okay. In the first place, I was the one who casted that spell.” (Makoto)

“W-What…?” (Cain)

Cain was surprised.

Well, Cocytus is a Holy God Spell.

It can’t be helped that he would be surprised.

I was thinking about how to explain it to him, but…


A shout filled with bloodlust resonated.

That startled me.

“Eh?” (Makoto)

I hurriedly turn around and freeze. 

“Hm.” (Cain)

Cain quickly stood in front of me and readied his sword.

The one there was…

“Anna-san…” (Makoto)

It is not her usual self. 

She had her eyes wide open and had her sword ready with rough breathing.

(This is bad.) 

I was careless.

Why didn’t I notice?

Even though I was confirming all sides with RPG Player.

“Makoto-san…please explain this to me. Why…are you talking with Demon Lord Cain in such a familiar manner…?” (Anna)


“Please say something!” (Anna)

The voice of Anna-san felt as if it could explode at any moment now.

No, her anger might have already peaked a long time ago.

I could hear the grinding of her teeth all the way here. 

“He killed my master, the Fire Hero.” (Anna)

Saying this, mana began gathering in her Holy Sword with incredible force.

It was comparable to the time when she cut down the Demon Lords.

The air shook, and the ground was trembling. 

It felt as if she would jump at any moment.

On the other hand, Demon Lord Cain had his sword ready, but he wasn’t releasing any aura at all.

“Makoto-san! …Why are you not saying anything?” (Anna)


What should I say?

What should I do to escape from this?

“…Makoto-san, were you deceiving me?” (Anna)

Her eyes were bright red, and there were tears overflowing.

I choked on my words seeing those eyes.

This isn’t an atmosphere where I can say ‘Calm down for now’, or ‘you must not waste your mana here because we will be fighting the Great Demon Lord tomorrow’.

Just when I was about to speak…

“I see, you are the Light Hero, huh.” (Cain)

Demon Lord Cain returned his sword to his waist. 

And then, he spoke these next words with a gentle voice.

“Please cut off my head with that Holy Sword.” (Cain)

◇Anna’s POV◇

“Eh?” (Anna)

A dumbfounded voice came out from me. 

“Cain…you…” (Makoto)

Makoto-san spoke to Demon Lord Cain with a complicated expression.

“It is okay, Makoto. An incompetent Apostle like me can’t do anything for the sake of Noah-sama aside from offering my life here. By being slain by the Light Hero here, we will approach the original history, right?” (Cain)

What is this man saying?

Anger and confusion were scrambling the thoughts in my head. 

“Now, Light Hero, cut me. And then, save the world.” (Cain)

The Demon Lord Cain approached me with a gentle face.


I ended up taking a step back at this abnormal sight. 

My own heart began to encourage my hesitant self…

Kill him! 

He is the one that killed Master! 

I clenched my teeth, held the handle tightly, and raised my sword. 

Demon Lord Cain wasn’t moving. 

He had a peaceful expression.

I glance at Makoto-san.

He was still making a complicated expression.

Are you not stopping me?

Are you not an ally of Demon Lord Cain?

I don’t understand…

Just what’s the correct thing here?


I charge at Demon Lord Cain with my head still in a mess.

He didn’t avoid my sword.

The slash cuts the neck of Demon Lord Cain.

Blood gushed out, and Cain fell on his knees and collapsed.

The ground is stained in bright red. 

“Ah…Aaah…I…” (Anna)

I finally avenged my Master…

It should have been my desire…

Since the day my Master died, I pledged vengeance. 

I achieved it. 

And yet, there’s no sense of achievement at all.

The dull sound of a sword falling to the ground resonated.

“Cain…” (Makoto)

Makoto-san approached the Black Knight Demon Lord with a sad expression.

Why are you making such a face? 

So he really was your ally.

Did you betray me?

But he didn’t stop me from cutting Cain.

“What’s the matter, Makoto?” 



Demon Lord Cain stands up.

Now that I look closely, the cut I made has completely closed.

“Wa…Wa…?!” (Anna)


I definitely cut him.

With my all.

Why can he stand as if nothing happened?

“You were alive, Cain?” (Makoto)

“Looks like I couldn’t die thanks to the armor of Noah-sama.” (Cain)

“Right, there’s a complete recovery spell on it.” (Makoto)

“Exactly. As expected of the Divine Protection of Noah-sama.” (Cain)

“That’s such nice armor. I would have liked one when I became her Apostle.” (Makoto)

“If I die, I will pass it onto you, Makoto.” (Cain)

“The sizes don’t match.” (Makoto)

“Don’t worry. It is a sacred treasure made by Noah-sama, you know? When you wear it, it will fit the wearer.” (Cain)

“I see… But I can’t equip anything heavier than my dagger anyways.” (Makoto)

“Isn’t that an exaggeration?” (Cain)

“I am serious.” (Makoto)

“You should train your body a bit more.” (Cain)

“Even when I train, my physical strength stat isn’t going up at all.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san and Demon Lord Cain were continuing their talk all carefreely. 

(What’s with these two?!) (Anna)

Aah, my head is already completely blank.

My anger had disappeared somewhere. 

“Please explain to me!” (Anna)

I demand Makoto-san.

The troubled face of Makoto-san was right there.

His usual face.

“Makoto-san!” (Anna)

“…Actually…” (Makoto)

He began speaking as if finding it hard to say. 

—And in this way, I learned the identity of Makoto-san.

“You came from 1,000 years in the future…?” (Anna)

I sat on something nearby that looked like a tar and held my dizzying head. 

I couldn’t stay standing after hearing the truth.

“And so, I came here to help the Savior Abe—Anna-san under the oracle of Althena-sama.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san stretched widely and went ‘I finally said it~’.

No, don’t just make a refreshed face all on your own here. 


Demon Lord Cain was facing who-knows-where with an absentminded face.

I couldn’t feel the pressure he had when he attacked Laberintos at all.

He is waiting for our conversation to finish.

“And so, your relationship with Demon Lord Cain…?” (Anna)

“The Apostle of the Old God Noah-sama. Cain is the one of this era while I was the one from 1,000 years in the future.” (Makoto)

“That Goddess is an Evil God…right?” (Anna)

“She is a God that lost in the Divine Realm War, so she is treated as an Evil God, but the reality is that she is a weak Goddess that is trapped in the Deep Sea Temple and can only have 1 believer.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san said this as he shrugged his shoulders. 

I once again look at both Makoto-san and Demon Lord Cain.

The two are believers of the same God, and it was not as if he had betrayed me. 

These circumstances far surpass my imagination.

“Then, what should I do? I would happily give my life for the sake of Noah-sama.” (Cain)

I twitch at the words of Cain.

Why so easily…?

Rather than anger, I felt disturbed by this. 

“What do you want to do, Makoto-san?” (Anna)

Makoto-san was surprised by what I said.

A while after troubling himself on what to say, he mutters.

“Noah-sama would be sad if she lost her only believer.” (Makoto)

He said with a sad countenance. 

That was all.

He didn’t tell me not to take my revenge. 

He didn’t tell me not to kill Cain.

In other words, he is leaving it to me. 

Telling me to do as I wish.

It was just like before. 

I am sure he wouldn’t stop me from cutting down Cain.

That’s because Makoto-san is here for my sake after all.

Because that’s the mission of Althena-sama. 

Makoto-san will always take my side. 

He came from the future for the sake of that. 

All by himself. 

“Makoto-san, will you be returning to the future one day?” (Anna)

I asked worried. 

“I want to, but I have to find a way to first.” (Makoto)

He laughed saying ‘the spell of Ira-sama was a one-way ticket after all’.

I couldn’t laugh.

(This person has continued fighting on in a past where he knows no one, all by himself…) (Anna)

I didn’t know anything. 

I continued relying on him without knowing anything. 

I have been saved by him the whole time. 

And if I cut down Demon Lord Cain, Makoto-san will lose the first believer friend he met. 

I still hate him for killing my Master. 

Even so, hearing how Makoto-san sacrificed everything in order to come save the world, I didn’t feel like performing my personal revenge.

(…Aah, Master, please forgive me.) (Anna)

“Demon Lord Cain, if you are the ally of Makoto-san, please help us out in the fight against the Great Demon Lord tomorrow.” (Anna)

I gave up my revenge. 

“…Is that okay?” (Cain)

“Is that okay with you, Anna-san?” (Makoto)

Makoto-san and the Demon Lord look here in wonder. 

“It is okay! Let’s go explain to everyone!” (Anna)

I pull the hand of Makoto-san before I change my mind. 


We returned to the inn and we explained to everyone that Demon Lord Cain has become an ally. 

The White Dragon-sama and Momo-chan opened their mouths so wide in surprise it felt like they could drop to the ground. 

On top of that, Makoto-san told them that he came from 1,000 years in the future, and the two were on the verge of fainting.

“That was…unexpected.” (Mel)

The voice of the White Dragon-sama was trembling. 

“Are you going to return to the future, Makoto-sama?!” (Momo)

Momo-chan made the same question as me.

And then, when she heard the response ‘I want to, but I don’t have the method to’, she made a complicated expression.

After that, we listened to the various stories of Makoto-san about the era he was in.

Demon Lord Cain said ‘I will take my leave’ and disappeared into a free room.

The story about Makoto-san actually being an otherworlder, and not being a resident of this world in the first place. 

The story about him being a Hero of a place called the Water Country. 

The story about him fighting Demon Lords in the future together with his comrades.

The story about the lovers he left in the future.

……And the story about being transferred to the past with no way to return. 

Hearing this, we gasped.

How overwhelming. 

I want to hear more. 

But we decided to go to sleep early in preparation for tomorrow. 

By the way, Johnny-san was not here. 

Just as he said, he returned in the morning. 

When we told him the situation the next morning, Johnny-san laughed and said ‘that’s just like Makoto-dono’.

This person is too calm.

He did get slightly shaken when he saw Demon Lord Cain though.

Makoto-san, Momo-chan, White Dragon-sama, Johnny-san…and Demon Lord Cain.

We waited for their call with this strange gathering. 

Afternoon came and…

“Everyone, I have come to get you. Now then, I will guide you to that personage.” (Nevia)

There were Laphroaig knights lined up in front of the inn.

From within them, Queen Nevia showed herself with a smile filled with affection.

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