WM – Chapter 202: Takatsuki Makoto receives a shock

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“The Snake Church has been annihilated!” (Fuji)

What did you saaaaay?! 

Is this what Ira-sama said about ‘I have played my card’? 

But how? 

“Fuji-yan, just what happened…?” (Makoto)

“I still don’t know in detail, but…what I know is that by the orders of the Destiny Oracle Esther-sama and the Pope, the Country Designated Hero of Highland, Alexander-dono, moved alone into the Demonic Continent, and attacked the hideout of the Snake Church. He apparently killed all the Archbishops of the Snake Church that were hidden there.” (Fuji)

“…I-I see.” (Makoto)

I was explained with plenty enough detail.

Seriously, what’s with the information network of Fuji-yan?

“At any rate, that spaced out Highland Hero Alex did it all on his own? Not together with the Sun Knights and the Templars?” (Makoto)

“That’s…they apparently didn’t move the army, he moved alone-desu zo.” (Fuji)

Fumu, so he really was unbelievably strong. 

Couldn’t we have been able to defeat the Demon Lord more easily with the help of Hero Alex? 

For some reason he was acting separately from Sakurai-kun in the plan of before. 

“The chief members of the Snake Church are having their gibbeted heads displayed at the plaza in front of the Highland Castle. The head of the Archbishop Isaac that you have been deeply involved with, Takki-dono…” (Fuji)

“Eh?! He is?” (Makoto)

I was shocked.

He made a Taboo Monster rampage at Horun, caused a stampede of monsters at Symphonia, wanted to resurrect a Demon Lord in the Wood Country, and was the one who proposed (most likely) the plan that the demon lord army utilized at the Commercial Country. 

Archbishop Isaac.

I see…Isaac-san has died, huh.

Moreover, his head is being displayed. 

In the end, I couldn’t see his face while he was alive.

Wonder how he looks…

“Takki-dono, want to go take a look?” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan asked me hesitantly.

“No…best not.” (Makoto)

I shake my head to the sides.

Let’s not do something like watching the corpse of the dead. 

Even though a problematic enemy is gone, it for some reason left a sour taste. 

“There’s also one more big piece of news-desu zo!” (Fuji)

“Hooh.” (Makoto)

Fuji-yan says with a cheerful tone as if brushing away the serious mood.

“Princess Noel has safely completed the Trial of God and has become the Holy Maiden-sama!” (Fuji)

“Trial of God?” (Makoto)

I tilt my head. 

“Hero Makoto, Noel-sama has overcome the Trial of God and has obtained the same power as the Holy Maiden Anna-sama.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia appeared. 

Right, there was that story. 

I see, so Princess Noel has become the Holy Maiden-sama, huh.

She must have gotten stronger, but…can the Holy Maiden-sama fight?

“Takki-dono, the Skill of the Holy Maiden Anna-sama ‘the Victory March Song’ is a legendary skill that’s said can turn several tens of thousands of soldiers into one-man armies-desu zo.” (Fuji)

I see… A buff skill, huh. 

Buffing several tens of thousands at once is quite crazy.

Buff spells normally can only buff a few tens of people at most. 

So it is a unique skill of the Holy Maiden-sama, huh.

“And you are saying Princess Noel can use that?” (Makoto)

“Yes, it seems Noel-sama has been entrusted with the Victory March Song.” (Sofia)

“That’s reassuring.” (Makoto)

I wanted that reassurance in the war of before though. Oh well, it is good that it has at least managed to make it to the battle of the Great Demon Lord, huh.

“By the way, did you come here with business today, Princess Sofia?” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan steers the conversation as if reading my mind.

“Yes, that’s right. I am sorry for Lord Fujiwara, but I will be borrowing Hero Makoto and bringing him to Princess Noel.” (Sofia)

“Of course-desu zo! Take him!” (Fuji)


Decided without my answer? 

Well, she is my superior, so I will go though.

Princess Sofia and I went off to the Highland Castle. 

“That’s…” (Makoto)

There’s a whole lot of people gathered at the plaza in front of the Highland Castle. 

Looks like they are watching the heads of the chief members of the Snake Church.

There’s even people who are throwing stones. 

…I can’t really say that’s in bad taste. 

The Snake Church is a group that chanted the freedom of the devilkin, and their methods were extreme and were indiscriminate terrorism.

Highland and Camelon, where the Goddess Church has strong influence, are targeted often, and it is apparently common for the common populace to be caught in it. 

There must be people who have lost family because of them. 

If looking at the pitiful state of their hateful enemies reduces their bitter emotions, that in itself has meaning…probably. 

The onlookers are talking. 

I listen to what they say with Eavesdrop. 

“What a damn relief. Who knows how many times they have gotten in the way of my business!” 

“Yeah, it is thanks to the Hero-sama and the Pope-sama.” 

“Who knows how many have lost their lives because of them…” 

“But the Pope-sama is kind. They should just eradicate all the devilkin.” 

“Really. If we leave the Dirty Land of Laphroaig, new chief members of the Snake Church will obviously be born.” 

“The Moon Country should be burned down.” 

“Because of them…my father…!” 

“Devilkin should just be gone from this world!” 

I didn’t know how to feel.

The Snake Church is comprised of devilkin, but it is not like all devilkin follow the Snake God. 

The sister and children in the 9th District slums are peaceful devilkin that follow the Sun Goddess.

But for the normal populace, the devilkin themselves must all look evil. 

Laphroaig…is the homeland of Furiae-san. 

The compatriots of Furiae-san are living every minute of their life in poverty underground.

Will there be a day they can live their lives with peace of mind? 

I should try consulting about this matter with Ira-sama. 

Thinking this, Princess Sofia and I cross the gate. 


“…Sorry, Hero Makoto. I did make an appointment, but…” (Sofia)

“Princess Noel’s secretary made a double booking, so it is not your fault, Princess Sofia.” (Makoto)

When we went to the Highland Castle, Princess Noel was absent. 

Princess Sofia pressed on saying ‘What’s the meaning of this?!’, but the response was a cold one of ‘Noel-sama is on a different matter. Try later, and adjust your schedule’. 

Even though it was their mistake…that’s some terrible treatment. 

This is the difference in the next queen of the big country that is Highland, and the princess of a small country, huh…

We had no choice but to reschedule the meeting at another time, and that scheduled time was several days from now. 

We tottered our way back to the hospital room. 

“Oh my, welcome back, Makoto-sama, Sofia-san.” 


And then, when we returned to my hospital room, Princess Noel was there. 

What’s going on?! 

And here I was wondering why there were so many Templars in the hospital!

All of them were the bodyguards of Princess Noel, huh.

“She apparently came to meet Princess Sofia and My Knight.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san was brushing the black cat in a bad mood.

Lucy and Sa-san seem to be nervous themselves in the presence of the next to the throne of Highland. 

“What happened, Noel-sama?!” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia hurriedly runs to her side. 

Now then, what I should say here is…

“Princess Noel, congratulations on the matter of the Trial of God.” (Makoto)

“Thank you very much, Makoto-sama. Sofia-san, I apologize on behalf of my secretary’s rudeness. I have ended my arrangement and headed here.” (Noel)

“No way… I am flattered by this.” (Sofia)


So she prioritized us, huh. 

Princess Sofia is frozen stiff at this. 

But Princess Noel’s schedule really must be packed. 

So why is she here? 

I tilted my head, and Princess Noel giggled as she came over here.

“Makoto-sama.” (Noel)

“Y-Yes?” (Makoto)

What is it?

“It seems like you have become the Guardian Knight of the Great Sage-sama… Counting the Demon Lord subjugation the other day, the Highland Castle is filled with talk about you.” (Noel)

“Is that so…?” (Makoto)

That’s indeed an honor. 

Well, the Great Sage-sama is a popular one. 

The cost of popularity, huh.

“Ryosuke-san is also always talking about you, Makoto-sama. Please stay with us to defeat the Great Demon Lord too, okay?” (Noel)

She holds my hand tightly and looks at me. 

I felt as if light had covered me. 

I-Is this the power of the Holy Maiden-sama? 

The cold gazes of Lucy, Sa-san, and Princess Sofia were stabbing my back.

But it seems they are refraining themselves since it is Princess Noel. 

“I will try.” (Makoto)

I give a safe answer.

“You definitely must, okay?!” (Noel)

Princess Noel approaches even harder. 

Wait, you are way too close! 

I was about to take distance, when…

“Can you not act so overly familiar with My Knight?” (Furiae)

I was pulled by Furiae-san.

“Oh my, excuse me for that, Moon Oracle Furiae.” (Noel)

“Hmph.” (Furiae)

Princess Noel didn’t even spare a glance at Furiae-san as she separated. 

“Highland has a lot of capable Heroes and fighters, right? My Knight is weak, so can you please not get him involved in your matters, Sun Oracle Noel?” (Furiae)

“Of course Highland will stand at the front in the battle against the demon lord army. But everyone should be joining hands. Also, I am the Holy Maiden now.” (Noel)

“I see, so you are bragging?” (Furiae)

“No, I am not. There’s no need to put it that way, Furiae.” (Noel)

Furiae-san and Princess Noel won’t make eye contact. 

Their tone is calm though…

The air is a bit thorny and it is uncomfortable. 

Princess Noel must have noticed that atmosphere, she turned my way and smiled as if trying to change the topic. 

“Right! I have a message for you, Makoto-sama.” (Noel)

“Me?” (Makoto)

“It seems Ryosuke-san has something to talk with you about. Please meet him at least once.” (Noel)

Princess Noel said that. 

(…Hm?) (Makoto)

But the words of Princess Noel bothered me.

(Sakurai-kun shows up pretty often here though…) (Makoto)

Actually, he came to my hospital room not that long ago. 

He would talk with me, Furiae-san, and Sa-san.

At those times, there was only casual talk…

Does that mean he wants to talk with just us two alone?

“Now that you mention it, the Light Hero-sama is not with you today.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia jumps onto that topic. 

“Yeah, Ryosuke-san is busy after all. I also won’t be having much free time in my schedule for a good while.” (Noel)

Princess Noel smiles with a sad tint in it. 

Oh, is that so?

Sakurai-kun and Princess Noel are living a lifestyle where their schedules don’t match, huh. 

But it looks like it would be a bad idea to tell Princess Noel that Sakurai-kun has been stealthily coming here.

When I looked at Sa-san, she gave me an eye as if saying ‘you understand, right?’.

I know, I know. 

I can read the atmosphere in those aspects I’ll have you know! 

“Oh my, but Ryosuke comes here every now and then though. Isn’t that right, My Knight?” (Furiae)

“Geh.” (Makoto)


Don’t say unnecessary stuff, Furiae-san! 

Ah, the smile in Princess Noel’s face disappeared.

Furiae-san made a very feigned ‘oops’ face.

That rascal, she did it on purpose, didn’t she? 

“…Furiae, is what you said true?” (Noel)

“I said nothing. Forget it.” (Furiae)

“I haven’t met him for a week here, you know?!” (Noel)

“I see. You’ve got it tough, huh. I pity you.” (Furiae)

“And yet, he is meeting you?!” (Noel)

“Hey, don’t grab my hand! That hurts.” (Furiae)

“Ryosuke-san! Is this woman that good?!” (Noel)

Aah, Princess Noel is losing it. 

“Say that to the person himself.” (Furiae)

“…I can’t.” (Noel)

“Ha! Wearing the mask of a saint must be rough.” (Furiae)

“I don’t want to hear that from a person that Charms people indiscriminately.” (Noel)

“Hah?” (Furiae)

“What?” (Noel)

Furiae-san and Princess Noel glare at each other at point-blank range. 

We can’t let this go any further! 

“Alright, Princess, stop.” (Makoto)

“Noel-sama, please calm down.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia and I pull them apart. 

These two really are cat and dog! 

I thought it couldn’t be helped when Sakurai-kun was present, but even when he is not, it is like this.

“Excuse my behavior, Sofia-san. Well then, meet Ryosuke-san, Makoto-sama. Okay?” (Noel)

“O-Okay.” (Makoto)

Princess Noel smiles elegantly. 

I nod fervently. 

“…Fufufu, Ryosuke-san, I will have a nice and long talk with you tonight.” (Noel)

I ended up hearing what Princess Noel mumbled as she left with Eavesdrop.

T-This is bad.

Princess Noel is falling into the yandere path. 

Sorry, Sakurai-kun.

I offer a prayer to him within my heart. 

Princess Sofia ran after Princess Noel.

Looks like she wants to consult her about something on the way. 

Taking time from a busy person is really tough, huh.

And in this way, peaceful times came back to the hospital room.

(Now then…my next move should be…) (Makoto)

It is a rare request from Princess Noel. 

Let’s finish that one quick.

I went to Gentle Katana to ask Fuji-yan. 

“Fuji-yan, Fuji-yan.” (Makoto)

“Oh, what is it, Takki-dono?” (Fuji)

“I have a request…” (Makoto)


A place where I can talk with Sakurai-kun.

Right now it isn’t easy to get time with Sakurai-kun who was a central part of the Demon Lord subjugation. 

And so, I had Fuji-yan adjust it for me. 

I thought that even Fuji-yan would be taking time on this one, but…

“Yokoyama-dono is the one managing the schedule of Sakurai-dono-desu zo. When I said ‘Takki-dono wants to meet him’, she adjusted the schedule with utmost priority.” (Fuji)

Is how it went. 

Now that I think about it, Yokoyama Saki-san is the lieutenant of Sakurai-kun’s division, right? 

The connection of classmates is strong. 

I managed to get an appointment the very next day. 

I waited for Sakurai-kun at a bar in the prosperous streets of Highland. 

It is noisy, but the quality of the customers isn’t bad. 

It doesn’t seem like there’s any need to worry about getting involved with weird people. 

I languidly ate fried potatoes and sausages as I drank beer to wait. 

What is it Sakurai-kun wants to talk about? 

Could it be that he saw Furiae-san kiss me (on the forehead) the other day?! 

No, on my island, that doesn’t count…

(Really?) (Noah)

That’s right, Noah-sama.

(Be careful with any bloodshed affairs~☆.) (Noah)

No no, there’s none of that. None none.” (Makoto)

…None, right? 

While I was thinking silly stuff…

“Heya, Takatsuki-kun. Sorry for the wait.” (Sakurai)

“H-Heya there, Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

The slightly unenergetic childhood friend of mine (the Light Hero) showed up.

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