WM – Chapter 211: The Moon Oracle Furiae is in shambles

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◇Furiae Naia Laphroaig POV◇

It has been several days since My Knight Takatsuki Makoto has disappeared. 

My Knight used Spirits to cause a storm, and left somewhere with the Sun Hero. 

He saved me from the verge of being kidnapped, and…disappeared.

The wind and rain didn’t stop for a while, and on a certain day, it stopped completely. 

We waited for My Knight, Takatsuki Makoto, to come back.

But he didn’t return. 

Princess Sofia desperately continued her search. 

That he is definitely alive.

But as the days passed, her face darkened, and she was growing weary. 

My Knight Takatsuki Makoto was nowhere to be found.

And then, one day the Water Goddess Eir-sama apparently told her something, and Princess Sofia came. 

— “Takatsuki Makoto has died.”

That’s what the Water Goddess apparently said.

Princess Sofia had an expressionless face like that of ice…and she seemed to be enduring something.

Her shoulders were trembling.

She said she would be preparing the national funeral…and left.

I…couldn’t say anything.

Hero Aya-san was crying all the time. 

She was killed by the Sun Hero Alexander, but she revived with the special ability called Remaining Lives.

It is apparently an ability that revives you in a safe place after activation, and she woke up at a place far away from the location of the battle. 

By the time she arrived in a hurry, everything was over.

She was losing her temper at first.

After learning that Takatsuki Makoto and the Sun Hero had disappeared somewhere, she said ‘I have to go save him!’ and rampaged.

We all desperately tried to stop her, and then the next thing she said was ‘I will kill the Pope!’ and we stopped that. 

She has been crying the whole time since returning to the inn.

“Guuh…why…Takatsuki-kun…wuuh…” (Aya)

She has barely been eating and drinking these few days. 

The people around were worried that her body might break at this rate, but it seems like the body of a Lamia Queen is tough, so she is apparently okay. 

But her mental state is in shambles.

“…I don’t like this at all… Without Takatsuki-kun…I…” (Aya)

To think that such a strong hero like Aya-san would become so brittle without My Knight…

It doesn’t seem like she will be recovering anytime soon.

The Mage Lucy-san continues training.

“Makoto is definitely alive!” (Lucy)

Princess Sofia told us that Eir-sama said ‘Takatsuki Makoto has died’, but even with that, the Mage Lucy-san didn’t believe it. 

No, the words must have reached her.

She was about to fall in tears for a moment. 

But she soon stood back up.

She was mindlessly training as if she were glaring at someone. 

“I will definitely find him. I will master Teleport, and we will go find him at once! Aya! Furi!” (Lucy)

“…Yeah, Lu-chan. I…will go too…” (Aya)

It may simply be an act to cheer up Hero Aya-san. 

“……Yeah.” (Furiae)

It took my all just to answer.

It was as if she had been possessed by My Knight Takatsuki Makoto and was training while barely sleeping. 

The Teleport that she would mess up once every ten tries, she is now able to succeed once every three tries.

Moreover, chantless.

She will most likely become one of the few users of Teleport in the continent.

I think she is strong. 

So the Mage Lucy-san was this strong of a person, huh…

And I couldn’t do anything.

Didn’t search for My Knight.

Didn’t cry.

Couldn’t try to become strong, or devote myself to something.

I simply couldn’t accept reality. 

Days of nothing passed.

At that time, Princess Sofia, Hero Aya-san, and Mage Lucy-san didn’t blame me even once.


Even though…it is my fault! 

Because I am the Moon Oracle! 

Because I am a cursed existence! 

That’s why My Knight Takatsuki Makoto died! 

…He is already dead.

I am just a thorn in this party where My Knight Takatsuki Makoto is not in.

I want to run away this instant.

But that would be an insult to the Mage Lucy-san and the others who are working hard. 

That’s why I can’t move.

I just passed my days while trying to kill the sound of my breathing, and as if trying to kill my heart. 


Sixth day of Takatsuki Makoto’s disappearance.

We were made to gather at the Holy Maiden Anna’s Great Church. 

The Sun Oracle Noel was waiting there.

At that moment, my emotions that were accumulated like mud had exploded all at once.

“Noel! Why did the Hero of your country attack us?!” (Furiae)

I grabbed the collar of the Sun Oracle and shouted, but Noel didn’t say anything.

She simply closed her eyes as if in pain.

Acting like a victim! 


The one who stopped me was the Light Hero Ryosuke.

“But…!” (Furiae)

I looked at his face and was shocked. 

His face had sorrow on the level of Princess Sofia and the Hero-san, or even worse than that. 

I let go.

He was also terribly hurt.

By the fact that he couldn’t protect My Knight Takatsuki Makoto.

That’s right…Ryosuke was the one who has known him for the longest. 

There’s no way he wouldn’t be hurt…

…Why has it turned out like this? 

Was it because I made him my Guardian Knight?  

That everyone meets misfortune when involved with me…?

I don’t know.

I don’t know what would have been the right choice…

The sound of footsteps resonated.

The one who entered was the Destiny Oracle Esther. 

But her countenance was different from the last time I saw her. 

Her eyes were shining golden, and the mana that was overflowing from her whole body…no, that’s Divinity? 

She had a majestic atmosphere around her that was different from before.

I wanted to complain to the Destiny Oracle Esther who seemed to be close to the Sun Hero.

But for some reason, I couldn’t.

My mouth can’t open.

My legs couldn’t move forward.

It was the same for everyone else. The Mage-san, Hero-san, and Ryosuke were silent.

The air was heavy…

“Everyone, I have something to tell you.” 

There was a pressure in her words that allowed no objections.

“But before that…” 

The Destiny Oracle Esther waved her right hand.

The next instant, all the windows of the Great Church and everything resembling that were shut, and a giant magic circle appeared in front of the door. 

On top of that, I felt as if the space around warped. 

She is affecting the space? 

This is…a barrier? 

A barrier that surpasses Saint Rank. 

The Destiny Oracle Esther was such a skilled mage…?

Due to the overwhelming pressure, silence ruled the place.

Even the Sun Oracle Noel was gulping down in silence. 

“There’s something I would like to say about the incident the other day…the matter of the Sun Hero’s rampage… First, I would like to undo the worries that you have.” 

The Destiny Oracle Esther says this and mumbles something.

…What is about to begin?

Rainbow colored magic circles appeared one after the other.

Those clock-looking magic circles are for destiny magic…?

I don’t know much of other magic aside from moon magic, so I couldn’t read the meaning of the magic circles, but I could tell that it was quite the complex spell.

“Destiny Magic: [Miracle of Resurrection].”

I could hear these words muttered lowly. 

A magic circle shining brightly appeared in front of the Destiny Oracle Esther.

And then, the white figure of someone appeared inside the magic circle.

That pure white figure slowly grew clearer. 


The one laying down inside that shining magic circle was My Knight, Takatsuki Makoto.

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