WM – Chapter 123: Crisis of Makkaren (2)

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“Lucy!” (Makoto)

I jump down the rampart and hold Lucy in my arms.

With Clear Mind, I resolve myself, and clad my body in mana before we crash onto the ground.

“Guh!” (Makoto)

We crashed into the ground after falling for several meters, but…by changing the Mana into Aura, I somehow managed to avoid severe injuries.

“Lucy, are you okay?!” (Makoto)

“Haha…I messed up… Why is it that Griffons always aim for me…” (Lucy)

Lucy laughs weakly.

She had big wounds on her side and arm, and a lot of blood was flowing out.

“Damn it! Wait for a bit!” (Makoto)

I hurriedly pour a healing potion on Lucy.

“Ma…koto…your back…” (Lucy)

I confirmed with RPG Player that a number of Ogres were approaching.

Sword Magic: [Water Dragon Claw].

I cut them all down without looking back.

Argh! At this busy time!

That was the last bit of mana from the Spirits I had.

The bleeding of Lucy stops with the healing potion.

But the wound isn’t completely gone.

I continue pouring healing potions, but anymore healing requires healing magic…

“Takatsuki-kun, Lu-chan, are you okay?!” (Aya)

Sa-san sends the monsters approaching us flying as she comes down.

“The wound is deep, but the blood has stopped!” (Makoto)

What do I do? 

The density of monsters is increasing more and more.

We will eventually be crushed.

“You! Don’t get any closer!” (Aya)

Sa-san is fighting them off on her own, but monsters are approaching from the other places that are not being protected by her as well.

(Spirit Magic…won’t make it in time.) (Makoto)

My own mana is zero.

But I can’t separate from Lucy.

…I grasped my dagger.

I have no choice but to fight with this.

—”Obey me, you lowly beasts!” 

A pleasant voice that doesn’t fit in a battlefield resonated.

The monsters suddenly began fighting each other! 

The one standing between us and the monsters was a girl with beautiful black hair. 

“Princess! What are you doing?!” (Makoto)

Furiae-san, who was supposed to be together with Princess Sofia, was for some reason here.

“Princess Sofia has finished evacuating the residents, and she is currently establishing a refuge to accept the wounded. I can’t use healing magic, and…I had a bad feeling, so I came here.” (Furiae)

“…Thanks. You saved us.” (Makoto)

I am supposed to be the Guardian Knight, yet I was protected by my princess…

Furiae-san is a user of Destiny Magic which can peer into the future.

Then, her ‘bad feeling’ must be correct.

The threat of monsters towards Lucy has been dispelled temporarily thanks to Sa-san and Furiae-san.

Now, we just have to find the timing to return to the ramparts and—while I was thinking that…


A giant aura blade cuts down several monsters.

A warrior with a thick bladed sword in one hand and armor that has seen the wear of time stands in front of us and the monsters to protect us.

“Makoto, Lucy, are you okay?” 

“Lucas-san! Why did you come down?!” (Makoto)

But once I took a look, I could see that the other swordsmen, brawlers, and close quarter combat adventurers were coming out one after the other.

“We won’t last with just mages. From here on we have to use all of our forces.” (Lucas)

Lucas-san shouts an order to the people around.

“Listen here! From here on, the people that are Gold Rank and higher will be fighting the Ancient Dragon. The Silver Rank and lower will protect the gates together with the soldiers! Mages! When you recover your mana, provide cover fire. The injured ones return inside the walls immediately! We have prepared a path in a size that people can pass!” (Lucas)

“Can you…win against the Ancient Dragon?” (Makoto)

Ancient Dragon.

That’s what the dragons who have lived for more than 1,000 years are called.

Dragons are said to be the strongest living beings, but there aren’t many that live more than 1,000 years.

That’s why an Ancient Dragon is special within dragons.

It is said that just meeting one in your lifetime as a normal adventurer would be lucky.

You could brag about it your whole life.

Of course, if you survive, that is…

“It might be rough this time around…” (Lucas)

Deep creases are made between the eyebrows of Lucas-san.

“L-Lucas-san.” (Makoto)

I am surprised by his uncharacteristically weak statement.

You said at the bar that you have fought and survived battles against any kind of monsters!

“I have fought an Ancient Dragon once when I was at the Heart of Laberintos. At that time, it was a party of more than 10 Mythril and Platinum Ranks…and more than half died. We were just lucky that some survived. Makoto, you are a Hero. Think of your survival first.” (Lucas)

“…No way, but…” (Makoto)

Lucas-san doesn’t wait for my rebuttal and orders the other adventurers.

In a short amount of time, an improvised party to subjugate the Ancient Dragon was created.

“Takatsuki-sama, please take care of Danna-sama, okay?” (Nina)

“N-Nina-san…?” (Makoto)

By the time I noticed, Nina-san was close by.

No, what did she say just now…?

“I am a Gold Rank adventurer. I am in the Ancient Dragon subjugation team.” (Nina)

“Wait! You are the wife of Fuji-yan!” (Makoto)

You are going to be marrying soon!

“But if we don’t defeat the Ancient Dragon, Makkaren is done for. Danna-sama, Chris, and everyone will die.” (Nina)

Nina-san smiles. It is the usual smile of Nina-san.

The veteran adventurers of Makkaren are leaving.

I was made fun of because I was weak even though I was an otherworlder. 

I was given a weird nickname.

Every day making an excuse to have a drinking party…

(No…) (Makoto)

This ‘route’ is no good.

It is the Bad End.

The veteran party with Lucas-san as the leader rushed into the Great Forest.

Obviously, not through the path where the stampede is.

They will be hiding with the trees, avoiding the monsters, and arrive at the Ancient Dragon.

(But if they arrive to where the Ancient Dragon is…) (Makoto)

It will become an intense battle.

That Ancient Dragon is most likely controlling the monsters.

Powerful monsters will gather where the Ancient Dragon is, and Lucas-san, Nina-san, and the others will be attacked, not only by the Ancient Dragon, but by a horde of monsters too.

When that happens, there’s no hopes of winning.

…They will all die.

Even so, Lucas-san who has the title of Dragon Hunter might be able to bring the situation to a point where they will both take each other down.

That’s the plan of Lucas-san.

No, it is not a plan.

It is a suicidal charge.

I look around.

Monsters burned to cinders from fire magic, and clouds of dust rising.

There’s practically no Water Spirits due to them loving silence and peace.

My magic is useless.

The useless…Hero.

Damn it!

Game Over.

That screen showed up in my mind.

And despair began to cover my whole body.

“XXXXXXXX (UNDINE)!!” (Makoto)

I unconsciously shout in Spirit Language!

Come out already! 

…Even so, the Great Spirit doesn’t show up.

Sa-san is fighting a Rock Giant with her hammer.

Furiae-san was having a hard time charming the pack of Big Wolves that were moving fast.

The other Silver Rank adventurers were somehow managing by having the rampart at their backs, but…

(We will most likely not last long…) (Makoto)

What can I do? 

My mana is zero.

There’s no Water Spirits.

If I didn’t have Clear Mind, I would be scratching my head in frustration.

I could only hold Lucy who was lying down.

Do I not have anything? Any other choice?!

As if hearing this…

Words show up in mid-air.

[Who will you sync with?]



(…Eh? RPG Player…) (Makoto)

Choices float in front of me.

Letters I am used to seeing.

But the choices were not the usual Yes and No.

It is as if the Skill is advising me.

But I have no time to hesitate.


(But who?) (Makoto)

Sync with Furiae-san?

If I do, what I can use is Charm Magic?

It is convenient to use Charm Magic and have the monsters kill each other, but I don’t think I am that skilful with it.

In the first place, Moon Magic shows its power at night.

Not now.


“Lucy, let me synchronize with you. Sorry, even though you are injured…” (Makoto)

“…It is okay. But you might get burned like last time…” (Lucy)

“That’s okay then.” (Makoto)

According to Noah-sama, due to the Love Pact, Lucy and I can synchronize better than before.

That’s why, it should be okay…probably.

“Hey, by synchronizing, you mean that, right?” (Lucy)


Lucy wraps her uninjured hand around the back of my head as she smiles.

“Lucy, don’t force yourself to move, it w—” (Makoto)

It will worsen your wound…is what I was about to say, but I couldn’t.

“Here…Hnnn.” (Lucy)

She kissed me.

At that instant, my sight became bright red.

There’s a whole lot of bright red lights.

Just like at that time when the Giant Old Man showed me the Spirits for the first time.

No, it is more than at that time.

It is overflowing with Fire Spirits as far as my eyes can see.


(No, wait. Remember…) (Makoto)

Fire Spirits love fires and festivals.

Source: First time Spirit Language.

Fire Spirits are the rowdy type?!

What dangerous Spirits…is what I thought at the time I read that.

Fire Spirits had nothing to do with me at that time, so I forgot about it.

The surroundings are a state of war with monsters and Makkaren adventurers and soldiers.

For the Fire Spirits, this must be like a brawl.

“Hot! XXXXXX (Stay a bit away).” (Makoto)

The Fire Spirits nearby were scorching me! 

I hurriedly warned them with Spirit Language.

Aah…so I got burned in the past because of these guys.

Lucy, looks like your demon blood had nothing to do with it.

“…Makoto?” (Lucy)

Lucy stopped kissing me and looked up at me in wonder.

The Fire Spirits are…not disappearing.

“XXXXXXXXXXXXX (Fire Spirit-sans, please lend me your strength).” (Makoto)

“““““XXXXX (Alright!).”””””

A powerful response came back!

We can do this.

“Takatsuki-kun, what are you doing while Fu-chan and I are desperately fighting here~?” (Aya)

“My Knight! Keep the flirting in moderation!” (Furiae)

Ah, crap.

They saw my sync kiss with Lucy.

“Sa-san! I will be using Spirit Magic that’s powerful enough to blow up all the monsters! Tell everyone to evacuate!” (Makoto)

“Eeeh? Geez, I got it!” (Aya)

Sa-san puffed her cheeks in anger and took a deep breath.

“EVERYONE!!! Takatsuki-kun is going to be blowing up all the monsters, so run awaaaaaaay!!” (Aya)

Even though she is not using communication magic, she shouted in a loud enough voice that it resonated through all the Great Forest.

That’s my Sa-san! 

Alright, let’s do this!

I held the hand of Lucy tightly.

The magic I will be using is…

Fire Magic: Fireball.

I am a newbie in Fire Magic.

I haven’t trained with it at all compared to Water Magic.

That’s why I will be using Elementary Magic.

But right now I have infinite mana…

(For now, it should be okay to make as many as the number of monsters, I guess…) (Makoto)

I activate the spell.

◇Furiae Naia Laphroaig POV◇

“What’s…this?” (Furiae)

I stare dumbfounded at the sky.

An amount of fireballs that’s enough to cover the whole sky as far as my eye can see.

Not only the monsters, even the adventurers were fazed out by this.

“Run away close to the ramparts quickly! Make a roll-call to see if there’s comrades that have not managed to run away!” (Aya)

The warrior Aya-san is shouting out loud.

The adventurers hurriedly run away.

The monsters chase after them, but…

But fireballs shot at an astounding speed were hitting those monsters.

The fireballs that hit the ground made a vertical fire pillar.

When I looked around, I could see monsters chasing after the adventurers getting burned by fireballs here and there.

Unbelievable magic accuracy and a wide field of vision.

The one controlling those is…

“Hey, Sa-san, Nina-san and the others entered the forest from the left side, right?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, so I think it is okay to attack the monsters at the right side.” (Aya)

“Okay~.” (Makoto)

The moment My Knight said that, several hundreds of fireballs were shot at the monster horde, and several hundred of fire pillars were raised.

The pitiful cries of monsters resonate. 

The monsters there must be in a hellish situation right now.

But I thought that cruel sight was beautiful.

Perfectly controlled magic can be this beautiful.

At that moment, a giant shadow passed by in the sky.

“Takatsuki-kun! A Green Dragon showed up!” (Aya)

“Geh, again?” (Makoto)

My Knight makes a displeased expression.

If I remember correctly, it caused quite a lot of trouble last time.

I heard it was defeated by Ryosuke in the end though…

“Fire Magic: [Hundred Fire Arrows].” (Makoto)

After muttering those words.

The Green Dragon was pierced by an astounding amount of fire arrows and crashed down.

Eh? That easily?

“Waah, Takatsuki-kun, it is well-done now!” (Aya)

The Warrior-san applauds.

“Green Dragons burn easily, huh.” (Lucy)

Mage-san chuckles as if amazed.

There’s no tension at all.

“Hero Makoto! All adventurers and soldiers have finished evacuating!” 

“Everyone aside from the group of Lucas-san that headed to the Ancient Dragon should be here already.” 

The adventurers report to My Knight.

Looks like they have finished retreating.

“Alright. Then, let’s put an end to this.” (Makoto)

Saying this, My Knight raises his dagger.


The one who screamed is someone I don’t know, but it must be a mage.

(Well, I can understand why you would scream…) (Furiae)

I myself am a Moon Mage.

Seeing the mass of mana that’s swirling around My Knight is making me shake.

How can he look so fine being in the middle of that?

The several thousands of fireballs that are still covering the sky to the point of being dazzling had increased by more than three times its numbers now.

Even if there were more than 100 high rank mages, I don’t think they would be able to replicate this.

Moreover, it is only one person that’s making this possible.

That guy that’s easily controlling this mind numbing amount of mana so easily…

Fire Magic: [Fireball Rain].” (Makoto)

(There’s no such spell!) (Furiae)

He seems to be improvising.


The fireballs rain on the horde of monsters without giving room to breath.

Ah, the monsters are finally beginning to run away.

They obviously couldn’t endure this.

(When he was kissing the Mage-san at our back while the Warrior-san and I were fighting, I was thinking about kicking him, but…) (Furiae)

What a guy.

It is just as Ryosuke said…

‘Takatsuki-kun will always be able to resolve it in the end’, was it?

Is that what they call trust?

Ryosuke’s attitude when talking about My Knight feels kinda different from trust.

The Light Hero, Sakurai Ryosuke.

The Water Country’s Hero, Takatsuki Makoto.

The two of them are the complete opposite.

As a Monarch Rank Destiny Mage, I can see Fate Threads with Destiny Magic.

The people have Fate Threads proportional to their influence. 

The Light Hero is especially exceptional in that front.

He has several thousands of Fate Threads worthy of being the person who will be saving the world.

On the other hand, from the Water Country’s Hero…from My Knight…I can’t see a single Fate Thread.

That’s why I thought at first that he was a weak existence that doesn’t have any influence at all.

But I was wrong.

Takatsuki Makoto has a lot of influence in the Warrior-san and the Mage-san, and he is loved.

On top of that, he is loved by the Rozes Princess.

And yet, I can’t see anything.

I can’t see his future.

A person who my powers don’t work on.

It bothers me…

Maybe he is hiding unbelievable power…

That’s why I had him become my Guardian Knight.

I didn’t expect him to easily accept it though.

But the result was that, even when he became my Guardian Knight, I couldn’t see anything.

It is not like Takatsuki Makoto was hiding any power. He was simply a diligent Hero that likes to train.

Fortunately, Takatsuki Makoto and his comrades are not bad people. 

They don’t discriminate against me, the Cursed Oracle, and spoke to me without any worries.

The Water City of Makkaren they brought me to is also a good place.

My Knight and Ryosuke get along.

This place is pleasant.

That’s what I thought.


I saw the future of Makkaren falling with my Destiny Magic.

A stampede that would be impossible to block in a rural place like this.

But clairvoyance isn’t definite.

I don’t want to do nothing and wait for destruction.

Thinking this, I came all the way to the battlefield.

(…But this is crazy.) (Furiae)

The despairing amount of monsters I thought would bring the downfall of the city…has been brought to screams and were made to run away by a single apprentice mage.

It is already completely different from the future I saw.

…The stampede of monsters pushing Makkaren…disappeared.

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