WM – Chapter 265: Demon Lord Battle 5

The big black scythe of Bifrons cuts the wind. 

There were more than ten metres of distance between Bifrons and us. 

There’s no doubt we were outside the attack range. 

And yet, I had a bad feeling.

“Evade!” (Johnny)

Johnny-san shouts.

“Makoto-san!” (Anna)

My arm was pulled to a painful extent along with the scream of Anna-san. 

The next instant, a black something passed by in front of us. 

A few strands of my hair flew in the air.

“Eh?” (Makoto)

A giant blade had gouged out the floor where I was standing at just a few moments ago.

If I had stood there without any care, I would have been split in two. 

“Hooh…you managed to avoid that?” (Bifrons)

The Demon Lord Bifrons said this as if impressed. 

Just what in the world was that attack just now…?

I couldn’t see that blade wave at all.

We can’t approach him carelessly.

While we were observing the state, the Demon Lord spoke.

“That attack just now was a blade wave of mana that was sent flying with Teleport. It is a sword spell that a Hero of some era was using as their trump card. Humans think of interesting things. I don’t mind you people imitating it, you know.” (Bifrons)

He himself revealed the trick! 

So this is what leisure is, huh.

“I’m going.” (Johnny)

Johnny-san must have felt it was pointless to take distance, he unsheathed his katana and lunged at the Demon Lord.

“I will assist you, Chief!” (Julietta)

The elf Julietta-san also follows.

“Red haired elf, good swordsmanship. Young elf woman, you could have reached master level if you had 10 more years. What a waste. It is a shame that I can’t make Heroes into my familiars.” (Bifrons)

The Demon Lord does pointless talk as he avoids the fierce attacks of the two with ease. 

“I will buy time together with Johnny-san and Julietta-san. You continue the plan together with Volkh-san please, Makoto-san.” (Anna)

Anna-san also rushed towards the Demon Lord.

…If possible, I wanted Anna-san to stay in the backlines.

But she must have felt we have no leeway to reserve our forces. 

Then, I will do what I can. 

“Volkh-san!” (Makoto)

“Got it, Makoto-dono!” (Volkh)

Volkh-san and I prepare for the next spell as planned.


Mana gathers in the magic sword of Vokh-san.

I myself am not simply watching. 

“Lend me your strength, Spirit-sans.” (Makoto)

Water Spirits gather at my call. 

It would be faster if I were to ask Dia, but my lifespan has decreased drastically because of the Comet Fall of before. 

Asking her anymore would be difficult. 

“Hm? Is the Undine not going to fight, Masked Boy?” (Bifrons)

The Demon Lord spoke here with a disappointed expression as he evades the fierce attacks of Johnny-san and the two Heroes. 

Julietta-san was frowning. 

“I am the type that saves his trump card, you see. What about you? Aren’t you going to use those red magic circles?” (Makoto)

I answered the conversation of the Demon Lord to buy time. 

Of course, I continue gathering mana with the Water Spirits. 

And most of all, the presence of the red magic circles surrounding the Demon Lord that continue to grow in numbers for a while now is ominous. 

The blade wave teleport combo of before is most likely unrelated to this. 

It seems to be a bigger spell than that, but I can’t tell what it is. 

I don’t think he will tell me, but I wanted to at least get a hint. 

“This spell takes time. I will unveil it later… Fufu, this is my first time using this spell too, you see.” (Bifrons)

So he really does have a spell he hasn’t shown yet. 

He has a tone as if he were having a casual talk, but even in the midst of this conversation, the swordsmanship of Johnny-san and his rain of magic arrows, the high speed thrusts of the Wood Hero-san, and the continuous slashes of the Light Hero-san were not working at all.

The Demon Lord is clearly not being serious. 

I don’t know the reason as to why, but every single second of this will be our lifeline. 

(Volkh-san…can you do it?) (Makoto)

(Yeah, it is okay.) (Volkh)

Volkh-san and I communicate with our eyes.

“Disperse!” (Johnny)

Johnny-san noticed our intent, and ordered Julietta-san and Anna-san. 

The two quickly obey. 

“Fumu, what will you be showing me?” (Bifrons)

Bifrons was looking over here as if interested. 

“Uoooooooooooh!!” (Volkh)

Volkh-san shoots a sword magic wave to the ceiling

“Water Magic: [Comet Fall].” (Makoto)

I match that and drop the second Comet Fall of the day.

I didn’t borrow the power of a Great Water Spirit, so it is drastically weaker than the one of before, but the objective this time around is just to destroy the upper area of the castle. 

We should be able to make a big hole if I match my attack with Volkh-san. 

The words of Ira-sama resurface in my mind.

“Bifrons has overcome his weaknesses after many years. ‘Fragrance’, ‘Running Water’, ‘Silver’, ‘Oil and Fire’…most of those are ineffective against that Demon Lord… But only the light of the sun is different. That alone you can’t overcome as long as you are an undead. You understand what you should do, right?” (Ira)

The words that Ira-sama said as she looked at the warriors of Laberintos. 

We made a plan with that as the guideline. 

For the first phase, I blew away the Pitch Black Clouds temporarily with my Spirit Magic.

I wanted to destroy the Demon Lord Castle completely with that if possible, but I couldn’t.

Bifrons is inside the Demon Lord Castle, so we have no choice but to bring him out in order to have him be hit by the light of the sun. 

But that would be difficult. 

Then, what if we pinpoint the location of the Demon Lord and destroy the ceiling of that place? 

The king of the undead will be exposed to the sunlight. 

It is a simple plan, but there were no other better ideas. 

The Demon Lord is currently isolated, and the subordinate monsters are being stalled by the sunlight, the warriors of Laberintos, and the Iron Hero-san, so they can’t come help the Demon Lord. 

Mel-san and the Ancient Dragons along with Momo are providing them support. 

It is okay. It is going well. 

(Right, Ira-sama?) (Makoto)

I don’t hear the voice of Ira-sama who is normally noisy with her thought transmissions. 

That had me a bit uneasy. 

Mel-san is protecting her, so I think it should be okay though.


An explosive sound resonated on the second floor

The sound of the impact from Volkh-san’s sword magic and the sound of my Spirit Magic having penetrated the Demon Lord Castle. 

The ground shook violently, and the walls and ceiling came crashing down. 

The surroundings were clouded because of the dust. 

“Be careful, Makoto-san!” (Anna)

Anna-san readied her sword as if protecting me. 

“Wind Spirits.” (Johnny)

The cloud of dust was instantly cleared up by Johnny-san. 

I could also see the Wood Hero-san and Earth Hero-san a few ways away. 

They are all okay. 

At that moment, I could tell that the asphyxiating air inside the Demon Lord Castle had air from the outside cut through it. 

Wind blows inside the Demon Lord Castle. 

A giant air hole had been opened on the ceiling. 

“We did it!” (Julietta)

The voice of Julietta-san resonates. 

I was about to pump my fist too…but then I noticed something was off

We are currently in midday. 

We chose the Demon Lord subjugation to be at the time slightly before the sun was at its highest. 

It still hasn’t even been 1 hour since we charged into the Demon Lord Castle. 

That’s why, if we destroy the ceiling, sunlight should have come in.

And yet, the light coming in is far weaker than expected. 

(The Pitch Black Clouds have come back…?) (Makoto)

The Immortal King that specializes in regeneration. 

So the red magic circles of before were for that! 

I looked up to confirm…and my mind went blank for a second. 

(…Eh? …Why?) (Makoto)

What did I mess up? 

“No way…” (Anna)

The dumbfounded voice of Anna-san reached my ears. 

At the other side of the hole made in the Demon Lord Castle…

The sky that could be seen there…had a beautiful full moon displayed.

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