WM – Chapter 294: Takatsuki Makoto achieves the reunion

“Alright! Then, we will be breaking into the room of Furi now!” (Lucy)

“Wait wait, Lucy.” (Makoto)

I hurriedly stopped Lucy who was steaming ahead.

We got involved with the devilkin children in the 9th District and we also had our time eaten in front of the embassy. 

The celebration party that Fuji-yan prepared will be beginning soon.

Since I am the one they are celebrating for, I can’t be late.

We returned to the Fujiwara Company. 


That night. 

A grand party was held in the gigantic hall that the Fujiwara Company reserved. 

The objective is to celebrate my return.

And so, I showed how I am fine to many people. 

(T-There’s more people than I thought…) (Makoto)

I thought for sure there would only be a few acquaintances. 

I thought there would be 13 people at most. 

But there’s actually 10 times more than that.

There were actually hundreds of people here.

Looks like Princess Sofia and Fuji-yan invited a whole lot of influential people from many countries that were in Highland using their connections. 

Of course, there’s a reason why. 

I asked Princess Sofia to be reinstated as a Country Designated Hero.

Using the celebration party to publicize that Takatsuki Makoto is healthy was the efficient option.

It is something that I myself said, so I can’t complain.

Or more like, I am impressed that so many people have gathered today. 

The people who seemed to be of high class were exchanging glasses, and were asking me of my heroic stories about the Beast King Zagan and the Immortal King Bifrons. 

While being careful not to talk about 1,000 years ago, I just gave them a rough story about it and they were happy about it. 

With all of that going on, more than two hours passed since the party began. 

For now, I haven’t been able to talk with an acquaintance at all.

(Can I rest already…?) (Makoto)

Dead tired from the business smiles and all the courtesy talk, I used Stealth and sneaked my way to the corner of the hall, and escaped to the balcony. 

I have finished most of my greetings to the influential people that Princess Sofia introduced me to. 

I have finished my job…I think.

I’m hungry…

There was fancy food lined up around the hall in this buffet that hasn’t been touched that much.

It seems the leftover food will be thrown away. 

How wasteful.

This is an amount of food that would be enough to feed the whole population of Laberintos. 

The lesson 1,000 years ago…food is important.

Alright, I am digging in! 

When I was bringing dish after dish onto my plate while still using Stealth…

“Thanks for the hard work, Makoto.” (Lucy)

“Must have been rough, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

Looks like Stealth is useless on Lucy and Sa-san.

The two approached me with a smile all dressed up.

Lucy with a bright red dress that has a big open front. 

Sa-san with a blue frilly and cute dress that has a daring slit. 

There’s a lot of beauties in the party venue, but the charm of these two stands out from the rest. 

Even so…

(The two have grown up a lot…) (Makoto)

I think this again after seeing them in dresses. 

Lucy and Sa-san have grown slightly taller and more curvy. 

It is as if after graduating from school, you see them again after a while in a class reunion, and they have become incredible beauties. 

“What’s the matter, Makoto? Making a weird face.” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun, are you not feeling well? Want to rest somewhere?” (Aya)

They peeked at my face with worry.

“You two have become beautiful in the time I wasn’t here.” (Makoto)

I tell them my honest feelings.



Lucy and Sa-san opened their mouths wide. 

“M-Makoto! What’s the matter?!” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun has become a womanizer!” (Aya)

“I am not a womanizer.” (Makoto)

Their appearances have changed, but their reactions haven’t.

“But I am happy you told me that.” (Lucy)

“Right? I bought this dress together with Lu-chan. But this chest area is shameless.” (Aya)

“Where are you touching? Even though you are showing that much leg.” (Lucy)

“Lu-chan, don’t flip it! My underwear will show!” (Aya)

These two are flirting again.

I was being healed by this yuri yuri interaction.

They are wearing matching bracelets on their arms. 

They really get along well.

While I was watching them pleasantly, Lucy looked my way. 

“Hey, now that I think about it, how long have you been adventuring 1,000 years ago, Makoto?” (Lucy)

“He doesn’t look that different, so maybe half a year?” (Aya)

“Aah, about that…” (Makoto)

It is true that my appearance hasn’t changed much compared to the two.

I haven’t explained to the two about this. 

“I was in the past for 3 years.” (Makoto)

“Huh?!” (Lucy)

“Eeeeeeeh?!” (Aya)

Their shouts resonated in the balcony. 

Oi, what’s the point of stealth then.

“W-W-Wait a moment there!” (Lucy)

“3 years?! So you have become 3 years older than me, Takatsuki-kun?!” (Aya)

“To be more precise, 2 years. 1 year has passed in the current era.” (Makoto)

A long time passed after defeating the Great Demon Lord too.

In the end, 2 years passed going around all 5 continents. 

“Why don’t you look different…?” (Lucy)

“You don’t look older at all…” (Aya)

It doesn’t go as far as looking at something creepy, but they were watching me as if I am a mysterious being. 

Now then, how should I explain this…

“This is the side effect from the Miracle of the Destiny Goddess. When Makoto-sama went to the past, his outer appearance couldn’t age anymore.” 

A young girl intruded in the conversation.

But her tone is clear and it is a pretty voice that travels well.

“Esther-san?” (Makoto)

“Yes, I am honored to be able to speak to you, Takatsuki Makoto-sama.” (Esther)

The one who greeted me elegantly was the Destiny Oracle, Esther-san.

There isn’t a trace of the cold tone of before, and she was smiling cutely. 

And then, she grabbed my hands with her small hands.

“Uhm…” (Makoto)

“Aah, so wonderful. I have been hearing about you from Ira-sama every night. About just how wonderful your achievements were in the past. I have wanted to speak with you since forever… Do you have plans tonight? I will provide you with the best of treatments in my residence at Camelon.” (Esther)

“Wait a moment! This is the first time I hear of this!” (Lucy)

“Esther-chan, what’s this about side-effects?! Are you saying Takatsuki-kun won’t grow old? That’s not fair!” (Aya)

Esther-san was approaching me, and Lucy and Sa-san tore her away from me. 

The point Sa-san is bothered about is slightly different though.

Even so, was Esther-san like this? 

Ira-sama had descended on her when I met her before, so this is the first time I met Esther-san.

“Eh, is that not good? Then, I will be moving aside for you two for today, okay? My night with Makoto-sama will be on another day.” (Esther)

“Any other day is not good either!” (Lucy)

“That’s right, no matter if it is you, Esther-chan, it is a no!” (Aya)

“I won’t give up.” (Esther)



While I was thinking what to do since I can’t join the conversation of the girls…

“Heya there, Takatsuki! Welcome back!” 

My shoulders were suddenly slapped.

“Eh?” (Makoto)

When I look back, there’s a japanese face with flashy blonde hair. 

She is beautiful and has big assertive eyes. 

This is…a gal! 

W-Why is a gal in an isekai? 

No, that’s not what’s important.

For an introvert like me, a gal is my natural enemy. 

I must run away.


When I was moving away, the girl in front of me looked at me dubiously.

When I look closely, she does seem familiar.

“Could it be that you are Kawakita Keiko-san…?” (Makoto)

A classmate of mine in my previous world. 

A friend of Sa-san, and the girl that was saved by Fuji-yan when she was about to become a slave in Great Keith. 

She had black hair when I met her before, but it looks like she is back to blonde hair. 

Or more like, you can dye your hair in this world too, huh.

I didn’t know.

“…Eh? Could it be that you forgot about me…?” (Keiko)

Kawakita-san made a shocked expression.


What should I say here?

“Ooh, Takki-dono. You were here.” (Fuji)

“Takatsuki-sama, thanks for your hard work.” (Nina)

The husband and wife Fuji-yan and Nina-san showed up.

“Michio~, Takatsuki forgot about me~! Isn’t that horrible?!” (Keiko)

Kawakita-san cried crocodile tears as she hugged Fuji-yan.

(Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh?!!) (Makoto)


Even if you are the friend of Fuji-yan, isn’t doing that in front of his wife Nina-san bad?!

But Nina-san was unfazed.

“Isn’t it because of the color of your hair? He didn’t notice because it was blonde.” (Nina)

“That’s not it! My hair color was this when I was at school. That’s why I thought he would notice.” (Keiko)

“Or more like, I think black hair suits you better.” (Nina) 

“Hmm, if Nina says so, maybe I should switch back to black.” (Keika)

Nina-san and Kawakita-san were having a cheerful conversation. 

But Kawakita-san is still hugging Fuji-yan.

W-What’s with this situation…?

“Takki-dono is confused here, so I will explain…” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan said apologetically.

“Actually, I have married Kei-dono…” (Fuji)

“Married?!” (Makoto)

Fuji-yan and Kawakita-san?

In just one year there was such a sudden development…? No, Kawakita-san seemed to be aiming for Fuji-yan in the Fire Country. 

Even so, married, huh.

Is his partner from the very beginning, Nina-san, okay with this? 

She must have noticed that gaze of mine. 

Nina-san approached me. 

“You don’t need to worry. Danna-sama is currently the biggest merchant of Rozes. Having only 2 mistresses is way too little. There’s only one heir for now. Chris is together with the baby, so she isn’t participating in the party. She told me to give you her regards.” (Nina)

“…Eh?” (Makoto)

My head froze at the words of Nina-san.

Heir? Baby?

Eh? Fuji-yan has a baby? 

(Isn’t that normal? Or more like, it would be more problematic if a company the size of the Fujiwara Company didn’t have an heir.) (Ira)

While I was here shocked, Ira-sama pointed this out.

I-I see.

So it is normal.

(How about you make one already?) (Ira)

Please don’t be unreasonable. 

…Everyone changed in the short time I didn’t see them. 

“Takatsuki-kun! So you were here. I was searching for you.” 

“Sorry for being late.” 

When I was spacing out again, a cheerful couple called out to me.

An attire that has the crest of the Sun Knight Order.

The refreshing pair was Sakurai-kun and Yokoyama-san.

“…Aah, you came too.” (Makoto)

I squeeze out those words.

“You are lacking energy there. Did something happen?” (Sakurai)

“Fuji-yan showed me the difference in manliness…” (Makoto)

“Fujiwara-kun did?” (Sakurai)

“Yeah, what I have achieved is trifling.” (Makoto)

“You saved the world-desu zo, Takki-dono! What are you saying?!” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan jumped into my conversation with Sakurai-kun.

Now that I think about it, Sakurai-kun also has children.

And yet, I am the only virgin here…

(No, you can throw away your virginity at any moment. If you want to, I can guide you into the path to losing your virginity by today. Who do you want your first partner to be? Sofia-chan? Lucy-chan, or maybe Aya-chan?) (Ira)

Ira-sama was saying something outrageous. 

[Will you have the Goddess guide you and climb the stairways to adu—]


I rejected it before the choice came out.

I can at least do that much alone! 

(Really?) (Ira)

Don’t treat me like a fool, Ira-sama.

I am a man. 

When the time comes, I will do it!…I think.

While we were having that silly talk…

“Ah, Saki-chan, Keiko-chan~!” (Aya)

Sa-san must have found friends, she joined their group and were having fun talking.

What about Lucy? Is what I thought, and she was having fun talking with the Wood Oracle, Flona-san, who had come to the place of the Destiny Oracle-san.

Now that I think about it, the Wood Oracle-san was the sister-in-law of Lucy, right? 

I caught a glimpse of the Fire Oracle too, so it looks like the Oracles have all gathered. 

But I don’t see the Sun Oracle.

“Sakurai-kun, Princess Noel didn’t come, right?” (Makoto)

Sakurai-kun opened his eyes wide at what I said casually. 

Did I say something weird? 

Fuji-yan had read my mind and followed up for me. 

“Right, I still haven’t told you, Takki-dono. Noel-sama has become the ruler of the Sun Country.” (Fuji)

“R-Ruler?!” (Makoto)

“Right now she is Princess Noel.” (Fuji)

So she has already succeeded the throne. 

The previous king seemed to be doing fine the last time I met him though.

“You were away then, but the previous king had to take responsibility for losing the battle of before… Ah, sorry about that, Sakurai-dono.” (Fuji)

“It is okay, Fujiwara-kun. If I had been stronger, we might not have lost.” (Sakurai)

“No, that was a mistake on the planning side. The strength of Astaroth was far more than expected.” (Fuji)

“Him, huh…” (Makoto)

Even when borrowing the Divinity of Ira-sama and using a God Rank Spell, he was an abnormal Demon Lord that still seemed to be fine after it. 

“Were you not hurt, Sakurai-kun?” (Makoto)

I asked worriedly, but from what I can see, there’s no problems. 

Also, there’s a lot of skilled healers in the Sun Country. 

“There’s no problem-desu zo, Takki-dono. Sakurai-dono managed to get the great achievement of defeating the Sea Monster King Forneus on his own.” (Fuji)

“Defeated an active Demon Lord by himself?!” (Makoto)

No way. 

Just how much trouble do you think I had defeating the Immortal King Bifrons? 

Looks like the Light Hero Skill of Sakurai-kun really is a lot stronger than the one of Anna-san.

“But isn’t Forneus normally hidden deep in the sea? I heard that’s why he was the most troublesome Demon Lord to defeat.” (Makoto)

And in reality, I didn’t meet Forneus in the past.

We reached peace without fighting it. 

“Yeah, Forneus doesn’t show up at all… I thought that, but the demon lord army suddenly marched onto the Moon Country. Forneus was the one leading it.” (Sakurai)

“The Holy Maiden Furiae-dono -now the Queen Furiae- predicted that future, and managed to subjugate them!” (Fuji)

“I see…” (Makoto)

So that’s how it was.

I would have wanted to hear that story from the person herself.

But Furiae-san isn’t participating in this party as if it were natural.

“When can I meet Furiae-san…” (Makoto)

I muttered this unconsciously. 

“She wanted to meet you, you know?” (Sakurai)

“Yeah, whenever I came to the Moon Country to sell commodities, she would always ask me whether you have returned, Takki-dono.” (Fuji)

Looks like Sakurai-kun and Fuji-yan have met her recently. 

I am glad to hear she hasn’t changed.

(The chances of Furiae-san being the transmigration target for the Calamity Witch Nevia seem to be low.) (Makoto)

She was going as far as helping out in defeating a Demon Lord after all.

If that were the Calamity Witch, she wouldn’t have done that.

After that, the three of us were chatting around when…

“Takatsuki-dono! Your body is fine now, right?” 

“I am honored to be able to fight together with you again.” 

I was surrounded by Sun Knights. 

“Oh! Isn’t that Takatsuki? Are your injuries fine already?” 

“Hey hey, what’s your current relationship with Aya? Tell me, like real low.” 

I was even spoken to by classmates I am not really that close to. 

“Bro!! I missed you!” 

My friend and mafia member, Peter, hugged me to a painful degree. 

Or more like, you even called the mafia here, Fuji-yan?

I was greeted endlessly by acquaintances for a while.

By the time that was coming to an end…

“Makoto~, it seems this party is going to be continuing all night. Want to go back?” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun, I am a bit tired here, so how about the 3 of us slip out?” (Aya)

By the time I noticed, Lucy and Sa-san had pincered me. 

No, the main guest shouldn’t be leaving.

“It is okay, Hero Makoto. You must be tired already, so go ahead and take your leave.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia showed consideration.

“Is that okay?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, there’s no problem.” (Sofia)

It seems like the people remaining are people that want to create political connections and talk about business.

Then, I am not necessary. 

I took that offer and headed to the lodging that Fuji-yan prepared for us.


(It was a long day…) (Makoto)

Even though I just came back from the past.

But I am glad to see everyone is doing well.

I couldn’t meet Furiae-san personally, but from what everyone says, she seems to be doing her best. 

Sakurai-kun has cheat levels of power as always. 

I am sure he will be a great help in the battle against the Great Demon Lord.

Also, the fighting force in this era is plentiful.

There’s the White Great Sage Momo, the Heroes of the countries, and their armies. 

The adventurers affiliated to the guild.

Now that I think about it, Sa-san is now the highest rank, Orihalcon, right?

Lucy is a Saint Rank Mage.

Also, there’s the mother of Lucy and the legendary hero of Spring Log, Rosalie-san.

Our side is strong.

On the other side, leaving aside the Great Demon Lord, the only remaining Demon Lord is the Ancient Dragon King.

We’ve won.

Doesn’t look like I will have a turn here.

I fall onto my bed while thinking that.

I was made to drink a whole lot, so I was attacked by drowsiness really soon. 

Right after falling into my slumber, I noticed I was standing in a completely white space.

It is a dream and not a dream.

A mysterious space.

How long has it been since I have come here?

It is so nostalgic. 

While I was being overwhelmed by emotions…

“Great to see you have come back, Makoto.”

I heard a voice.

That voice that reached my ears was like a melodious instrument. 

I picked up the scent of flowers which shouldn’t exist here. 

That divine presence that I felt the first time we met. 

That has increased even more and it made me feel dizzy. 

My hairs stood on end and words wouldn’t come out.

Even when using Clear Mind, I couldn’t calm down the beating of my heart. 

“I have returned after fulfilling my oracle…Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

By the time I noticed, I had gone to my knees before even seeing her figure. 

Aah, I really am back…

Right, to the presence of Noah-sama. 

While my chest was burning with excitement…a strange *clank* sound was made.

I raise my head. 

And then, I look at Noah-sama directly. 

(Hm?) (Makoto)

At that place…there’s Noah-sama with jewel rings in the fingers of both of her hands , and necklace over necklace.

There’s also a whole lot of jewels adorning her clothes. 

It looked like the illumination of a Christmas tree.

I wonder why. Even though Noah-sama’s beauty has been polished to an even higher degree, because of the fashion deaf accessories decorating her whole body, she instead feels pitiful…

“…Eh? They are things that were offered to me by my believers though… Do they look weird on me?” (Noah)

Noah-sama scratched her cheek.

It feels slightly awkward.

Aah, she got a whole lot of tributes from her believers, huh.

“……No.” (Makoto)

They don’t suit her at all!!! -I swallow those words.

I didn’t show it in my face with Clear Mind, but I sigh inside my heart. 

……Noah-sama now looks like an upstart Goddess.

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