Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun

Synopsis from Novelupdates: “Understanding” is “Stronger” than a Sword! There is no magic without any weapons!

But! This is the story of a man who wishes to live safely!

“So, I’ve come to a different world.”

That man stood alone in a mountain full of plants and creatures that he never knew nor saw before. He goes down the mountain by avoiding encounters with a big slime (and bandits), and is caught as a suspicious person in the castle he reaches. In interrogation the female knight Ilias met at the imprisoned place, when talking about the bandits seen in the mountain, Illias, who was stuck in the search for said bandits, hurriedly strikes the bandits . My wish to be a Hero, or to build a harem?

“I just want to live in a safe place” – a story that such a man survives the different world with “Understanding” as a weapon!

Translation: Ongoing


Table of Contents:

  • Adaptation Arc

Chapter 1: I would like to meet people
Chapter 2: Please help me for the time being
Chapter 3: Nice to meet you for the time being
Chapter 4: Put me down for the time being
Chapter 5: You are cruel for the time being
Chapter 6: Tell me for the time being
Chapter 7: Let’s do it for the time being
Chapter 8: Just as planned for the time being
Chapter 9: I will leave it to your for the time being
Chapter 10: Do your best on the rest for the time being
Chapter 11: Settling for the time being
Chapter 12: Wrapped up for the time being
Chapter 13: Water for the time being
Chapter 14: Let me take a break for the time being
Chapter 15: It looks dangerous for the time being
Chapter 16: Let’s drink for the time being
Chapter 17: A pinch for the time being
Chapter 18: For the time being..
Chapter 19: There’s nothing that can be done about this for the time being
Chapter 20: Let’s learn for the time being
Chapter 21: Let’s eat for the time being
Chapter 22: Let’s get ready for the time being
Chapter 23: Finding employment for the time being
Chapter 24: I have adapted for the time being

  • Exposure Arc

Chapter 25: A report for now
Chapter 26: I was looking forward to it a bit for now
Chapter 27: The future looks bleak for now
Chapter 28: It pains my heart for now
Chapter 29: It felt like my life was suffocated out of me for now
Chapter 30: I give in for now
Chapter 31: No, definitely for now
Chapter 32: Are you ready for now?
Chapter 33: Done for now
Chapter 34: It has become cramped for now
Chapter 35: Let’s think about what to do for now
Chapter 36: Rain for now
Chapter 37: It is wide for now
Chapter 38: Overdoing it is not good for now
Chapter 39: The weight on my shoulders has been lifted for now
Chapter 40: I will teach you for now
Chapter 41: Treasure for now
Chapter 42: This is bad for now
Chapter 43: Show me for now
Chapter 44: I don’t understand duels for now
Chapter 45: The natural thing to do for now
Chapter 46: It has been entrusted to me for now
Chapter 47: The next move for now
Chapter 48: A gift for now
Chapter 49: Scheming for now
Chapter 50: It has been exposed for now

Chapter 51: Are you doing well at present?
Chapter 52: Tapping the place at present
Chapter 53: Difficult problem at present
Chapter 54: This is the fastest at present
Chapter 55: I don’t know about that at present
Chapter 56: Irreversible choice at present
Chapter 57: There’s no turn for you at present
Chapter 58: It stabs deep at present
Chapter 59: Match Set at present
Chapter 60: Big problem at present
Chapter 61: Do my best at present
Chapter 62: Let’s take a break at present
Chapter 63: Meeting a deceased person at present
Chapter 64: It is Shishou at present
Chapter 65: Enough preparations at present
Chapter 66: A matter solved at present
Chapter 67: Repose at present
Chapter 68: Decision at present
Chapter 69: Back at present
Chapter 70: Let’s begin at present
Chapter 71: The small Sage-san at present
Chapter 72: Anecdote at present
Chapter 73: Amazing at present
Chapter 74: A good bath as of present
Chapter 75: Safely at present
Chapter 76: Throat at present
Chapter 77: Chance Meeting at present

Chapter 78: Strategy meeting first
Chapter 79: Broken from the onset first
Chapter 80: The magnitude is weird first
Chapter 81: Breaking through the 1st barrier to start with
Chapter 82: Declaration of war to start with
Chapter 83: Cooking to start with
Chapter 84: Victim to start with
Chapter 85: The strength of the mask to start with
Chapter 86: A newcomer to start with
Chapter 87: Penetration to start with
Chapter 88: You are talking too much to start with
Chapter 89: Favorable to start with
Chapter 90: First question to start with
Chapter 91: An unexpected one to start with
Chapter 92: Tea to start with

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