WM – Chapter 229: Takatsuki Makoto meets the Great Sage

“Momo…” (Makoto)

I grab the arm of Momo.

Thin arms.

I could also feel her cold body temperature.

“Y-You must not! Please let go of me, Makoto-sama!” (Momo)

“Makoto-san, it is dangerous! She is already the familiar of the Demon Lord!” (Abel)

Momo and Abel shout.

“It is…dangerous?” (Makoto)

“Yes. Right now I can move on my own will, but the voice of Bifrons-sama is always resonating in my head. If he were to give me the order to restrain Makoto-sama, I am sure I wouldn’t be able to go against it…” (Momo)

“Makoto-san…the vampire father and child have a strong String of Fate connecting them. The child cannot go against their parent. Momo who has turned into a vampire by Bifrons is already…” (Abel)

String of Fate…I have heard about that.

If I remember correctly, it was from Furiae-san.

That she could see the Strings of Fate as a user of destiny magic.

Bifrons is using Strings of Fate to control vampires…?

“Momo, you are okay currently, right?” (Makoto)

“Yes… I can hear the voice of the Demon Lord-sama, but I can move my body freely. But I think I can’t go far away from the Demon Lord Castle.” (Momo)

I see.

This is troubling.

With this, I can’t run away together with Momo.

At that moment, words floated in front of me.

[Will you abandon the Great Sage-sama Momo?]


No ←

A bad natured choice showed up.

It must be asking me full well I will choose No, right?

But what should I do?

What can I even do to something like a String of Fate?

In the first place, I can’t see it…or can I?

I have the destiny magic Ira-sama gave me.

I am still a complete newbie, but could I use this?

I pondered for a bit, and used the Perspective Change of RPG Player to check Momo.

Destiny Magic: Elementary Rank.

I gather mana in my eyes and look at Momo.

I couldn’t see anything at first, but…I slowly managed to see string-like lines that were extending from Momo.

Oh, looks like I can do it.

Within all of those, there was one red string glowing ominously like blood.

It must be this one…

This is what’s tying down Momo.

Because of this string, she can’t go against Bifrons.

If I could cut this…

I take out the dagger of Noah-sama from its sheath.

“Makoto-san?!” (Abel)

“M-Makoto-sama?! What are you going to…?!” (Momo)

Hero Abel and Momo raised their voices in surprise.

Of course they would react like that if I were to unsheathe my dagger all of a sudden.

“Momo, trust me. Can you stay still?” (Makoto)

“…Yes, I trust you.” (Momo)

When I asked this, Momo nodded as if she had resolved herself.

“Thanks.” (Makoto)

I wrap destiny magic mana around the dagger of Noah-sama.

And then…slowly cut the blood red string extending from Momo.

“Hau!” (Momo)

Momo quivered.

“Momo!” (Makoto)

I hurriedly catch her in my arms.

“…Haah…haaah…haaah…” (Momo)

I could hear the rough breathing of Momo from her small mouth.

I waited for her to calm down.

“Momo-chan, are you okay?!” (Abel)

Abel must have gotten worried too, he came running.

“M-Makoto-sama…” (Momo)

“Momo, can you still hear the voice of the Demon Lord?” (Makoto)

“Makoto-san, just what in the world did you…” (Abel)

Momo fixed her breathing, and she looked at me with her red eyes.

I can’t! I don’t hear the voice of the Demon Lord-sama anymore. Also, the pressure that was tying my heart is gone too!” (Momo)


Alright, it went well.

As expected of the dagger of Noah-sama.

It can cut anything.

“What did you do just now, Makoto-san?” (Abel)

“I cut the String of Fate.” (Makoto)

“…Huh? No, there’s no way…” (Abel)

“Momo, are you free now?” (Makoto)

“Yes…it is completely different from just a moment ago. I have been freed from what was tying me. Makoto-sama…that’s amazing.” (Momo)

Momo grabbed my sleeve with spellbound eyes.

It feels weird having her make that kind of face when she looks like the Great Sage-sama.

“Something like that…that’s…in the realm of Gods.” (Abel)

Hero Abel was still absentminded.

“Really?” (Makoto)

Well, it is the sacred treasure of Noah-sama after all.

It should be able to do at least that much.

“Then, Momo, Abel-san, let’s hurry and ru—” (Makoto)

“To think you would brazenly appear.” 

A voice as if ridiculing us resonated and a squall of wind blew.

The Mist that I made with water magic was cleared out.

At the other side of the cleared up mist…there’s demons and monsters surrounding us, their eyes directly looking at us.

We are surrounded from all directions.

A trap, as expected.

Even within the demons and monsters surrounding us, there’s a demon who pulls my attention.

A demon in his prime of life wearing red armor and helmet. 

He is more than 2 meters tall and the mana covering his body was stronger than any demon around.

“Impenetrable Demon Balam…” (Abel)

I heard Hero Abel gulping.

I have heard that name before.

Momo and the Earth Hero-san told me about it.

One of the confidants of Demon Lord Bifrons.

“But the Earth and Wood Hero are not here, huh… The only one here is the Lightning Hero. The other one is…a weak human. A miss.” (Balam)

Balam brushed his beard while saying this unamused.

“The Demon Lord-sama told me to capture all Heroes aside from this so-called Light Hero. But cut off their legs so that they don’t run away again.” (Balam)

““Yes sir!””

The subordinates of the demons responded to the order of Balam, and the monsters roared in response.

(‘So-called Light Hero’…huh.) (Makoto)

The demon lord army isn’t aware that Abel is the Light Hero?

I glanced at the person at my side.

Hero Abel is on guard of the surroundings with a nervous expression.

He didn’t react to the words ‘Light Hero’.

There’s a number of points that bother me, but we must overcome this first.

I pulled Momo closer by the shoulder in order to protect her.

Momo held my clothes tightly.

She is trembling.

But it is not from fear…it is a different emotion.

She is glaring at the confidant with eyes of hatred.

It is the first time I see those kinds of eyes from her.

“Momo…did he do something?” (Makoto)

“He is…the one who devoured my mother…” (Momo)

“?!” (Makoto)

When I met Momo, she told me that her mother died 3 days ago.

It has already been several days after that, but it must be a fresh memory in Momo.

The memory of her mother being killed.

I don’t know how that chagrin of being used by the killer of your mother could feel. 

“Makoto-san, we are surrounded. There’s not that many. We should aim for one point to break through, and run away -before reinforcements come.” (Abel)

Hero Abel whispers to me.

Hearing this, Momo nodded hatefully.

“…Within the confidants of Bifrons, General Balam is the one with the most seniority. He is really strong…” (Momo)

“Right, we must not fight him. Let’s run.” (Abel)

Abel nodded at the words of Momo.

The voices of the two were filled with tension and stiffness.

“Makoto-san?” (Abel)

“Makoto-sama?” (Momo)


I didn’t answer the call of Abel and Momo.

I look around.

The hundreds of monsters and demons surrounding us.

They all must have the Divine Protection of the Great Demon Lord, I could sense powerful mana from them.

They must be monsters far stronger than the ones in my present. 

It is a despairing situation.

And yet…my heart was at peace.

Even though I am in this kind of situation, the words that surfaced in my mind were ‘not even a match’.

 …Is it because of my Skill?

(Clear Mind…undo.) (Makoto)

But it didn’t change.

My heart wasn’t shaking at all.

It was completely calm.

This must be that.

Noah-sama is not here with me now, so I can’t talk to her which is a shame, but if she were here, I am sure she would have told me…

‘Makoto! Kick the ass of these small fries already!’

“Right, Goddess-sama.” (Makoto)

When I muttered this, Hero Abel and Momo looked back.

“Momo, as an apology for being late in getting you, I will avenge you.” (Makoto)

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      1. Happy WM anniversary!
        Your work made this year a bit brighter, and the goddesses know how much we needed that!
        Thanks a lot!

    1. Who said it was the snake church that did it? Well that could be it, but I don’t think they’ve gotten specific with “how” it was done, let alone “who” specifically made it happen. Though I do have a theory on how. I don’t think it was the snake church though, but I could be wrong. I just don’t see them being able to pull off something like this. I think it would be a far more powerful being by necessity. Someone at least on the level of a Demon Lord.

      But again I could be wrong.

      1. The Snake Church are followers of Typhon, it was mentioned that the history-changing spell was Typhon’s work, it also requires a lot of sacrifices, to facilitate Typhon bypassing Divine World Regulations since it’s technically a sacrificial spell. All of those point towards the Snake Church doing things, since that sort of big-ass sacrifice has to be done by a correspondingly big organization. It’s not actually the Snake Church that does the spell, they’d mostly just provide the sacrifice and made the request, but it’s also not technically Typhon who did it, since a sacrificial spell is apparently an okay form of divine intervention that bypasses the prohibition of direct intervention by divinities.

        If you’re wondering, most of that was mentioned around the end of the previous arc, just before Makoto time traveled. Mainly the sacrifice and Typhon’s intervention part. So yeah, someone very powerful did it, way above the level of a Demon Lord.

      1. I clicked as soon as the e-mail came in. You have the dedication of a tarantula, waiting patiently for sometimes weeks on end, but you also have reflexes like one, upon encountering the prey, you strike swiftly without missing even a second…

        Before beating you, I‘ll have to train for at least another 100 years, or so it seems

    1. Makoto’s on fire right now. How does he get delusions of hearing Noah-sama saying ‘Makoto! Kick the ass of these small fries already!’ She never concerns herself with small fries like those.

      Anyways, Makoto cutting the string of destiny. That’s already some high level technique he just broke like its nothing. Bifrons would probably have noticed that his spell was broken too. Will he come and fight Makoto as well after the defeat of his senior general?

      “Momo…” (Makoto)
      I grab the arm of Momo.
      Thin arms.
      I could also feel her cold body temperature.
      “Y-You must not! Please let go of me, Makoto-sama!” (Momo)

      What are you making Momo say Makoto? Is it bad that I heard this in my head THAT way? My lecherous mind is imagining something right now. And Rule 34 artists are screaming with joy too. Don’t make lewd of the loli!


  1. Thanka for the chap! I asked a long time ago (like chap 120 or so was just released) but what chap are the raws up to now? At that time they were at about 240-250 somebody told me.

  2. “Momo, as an apology for being late in getting you, I will avenge you.” (Makoto)
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    He didn’t react to the words ‘Light Hero’.
    Abel doesn’t seem to have the Light Hero skill yet. Was it part of the history rewriting ? Also, how are they aware of the existence of the Light Hero ? Did someone from the demons’ side came from the present ?

    I couldn’t see anything at first, but…I slowly managed to see string-like lines that were extending from Momo.
    Oh, looks like I can do it.
    Within all of those, there was one red string glowing ominously like blood.
    I wrap destiny magic mana around the dagger of Noah-sama.
    And then…slowly cut the blood red string extending from Momo.
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    1. If we think about it it should be obvious why he hasn’t awakened as the light hero.
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      The sky is completely covered by dark clouds like when Sakurai was fighting against the demon lord.
      Without light he isn’t aware he is the light hero until Makoto clear them up

      1. Didn’t they say that the clouds didn’t clear up until after Iblis was defeated? Iblis meanwhile could only be defeated with the Light Hero skill so that would make this a catch-22 situation. I think Instead it’ll be like your standard situation where the hero gets cornered or has just experienced something traumatic and that awakens his hidden secret power. That happens so often in games or stories.

      2. so at least Makoto need kill few demon lord and iblis executive to clear up sky abit then once again Make a sunlight with his magic to help Abel.

    2. Wow, Kara no Kyoukai had such a fitting scene…
      Still, I’m once again surprised by the immediate readiness of your weeb materials.

    3. Since there have been more clues revealed, I’ll go ahead and give my theory as to how the past was changed. I didn’t want to a few chapters ago, but we can see Bifrons went to The Great Demon Lord for information… in other words The Great Demon Lord HAS INFORMATION about Abel, and clearly he should not. This makes me think they didn’t send anyone back in time, and they didn’t cast some spell that directly changes the past (something obviously god level would be required to do that). I think they sent DATA. Was it something like connecting consciousness/memory of the past and present Great Demon Lord? Some other method? But sending information might be a loophole to the rules? If not maybe they just sent a letter? I mean if Makoto could be sent without being noticed, a single piece of paper could also be sent as well.

      I think it is like this –
      Original history: Chalk (white) Statue Edition.
      There was no Makoto. Just Abel and crew. They didn’t get captured. It was Abel who originally stumbled upon Momo (Great Sage) being attacked, and saved her. But eventually Momo did get captured, and Abel went to save her. She was a vampire when he found her (just like here) but he freed her by defeating Bifrons. Furthermore I am assuming there was no blackened sky. Simply put, the demon side didn’t know where was a reason to do so. Perhaps the spell itself hadn’t even been developed until the end of this loop. But it seems to me to be an anti-Abel counter measure, and they didn’t even know about Abel until after he became a big problem. They may not have know the finer details of his abilities (including the requirements of sunlight) until after everything was over already. But this info could be sent to the past…

      Second history: Green (copper?) Statue Edition.
      Makoto getting things “close enough” – of course we’re all assuming he’ll succeed at that. Presumably Abel does indeed win over The Great Demon Lord, but with the help of Makoto too (who will be intentionally written out of this history). No doubt because Makoto ordered that his existence was to be erased from all their stories. I think that at the point the changes from this loop started to affect “present time” (sometime after Makoto first saw that white statue of Abel), Great Sage suddenly became so much more accommodating to Makoto. I don’t think the first time they met (from Makoto’s perspective) that she recognized him. But at some point she clearly was favoring him entirely too much… and clearly she lied about meeting him in the past (probably by his own orders). And then Bifrons also reacted to seeing Makoto. So the changes rippled in before that point.

      As we see clearly now, the demon side knows entirely too much in any case.

      3rd history: Ashen Statue Edition.
      Abel was only known as a “hero”, not a “savior”. The “current time” was likely in a very tentative/unstable state. As we know, Makoto departed from this point. Probably I shouldn’t say more about this, at this time. But through all those, Makoto alone wasn’t affected while everyone else was.

      And a reminder, this is only my theory and could still be wrong. Maybe I’m spot on, close, or totally off. Time will tell.

      1. The thing about the Pitch Black Clouds though, is that it has been mentioned pretty consistently, and even Makoto remembers being taught it when he went to the Zagan fight. Considering that he seem generally unaffected by the ripple effect, it would seem inconsistent for the Pitch Black Clouds to be a result of time tweaking. One way to reconcile the clouds with Abel somehow having access to his powers is…, remember the dragon? It’s possible that the dragon can fly above the clouds, stay there for a while for Abel to recharge, and then swoop down, rinse and repeat.

        I do want to see though, when Makoto finally returns, he is the one greeted as the Savior Returned. Seems to me that the last change is heading there, with Hero Abel being disassociated from the Savior. Maybe once the timeline stabilized, Hero Abel will be separate from the mysterious Savior, who disappeared after the defeat of Iblis. Maybe rather than the Savior, Hero Abel will be known as someone who worked closely with the Savior instead?

      2. Remember Makoto’s fight against Zagan alongside Sakurai and Momo?
        The cloud won’t be totally cleared unless Iblis is defeated, but they might be able to make little crack for finisher when fighting Demon Kings

    4. Either he doesn’t have it yet, or he simply doesn’t realize that he has it. The most glaring aspects of the Light Hero skill needs sunlight after all. And I don’t think there’s any precedent of someone having two hero skills, so he had no reason to suspect anything. There’s the question of Soul Books, but I don’t think a Soul Book is something you check on routinely. Again, since there’s no noticeable changes, it might simply be that there was no reason for him to remember about checking his Soul Book. And that’s assuming in the dark times of the past there are still Soul Books.

    5. I think Abel was unaware of the skill thanks to the clouds covering the sun. We have to remember that bifrons is a king of vampires who’s weakness is the sun, it really isn’t an option for the clouds to not be present. He only became aware of it after Bifrons was defeated in the original timeline and the clouds cleared up over the human continent. Why did the clouds clear after bifrons was sealed instead of when Iblis fell? Listen, as strong as Iblis is do you really think they have the power to spare to cover the whole world (or at least every continent) in clouds? Either Bifrons cast the spell alone, Iblis lent him the power to cast and keep it maintained since his people majorly benefit from it or Iblis used him as some sort of medium to cast the spell themselves.
      Unless I’m remembering hints in past chapters wrong.

    1. Not gonna lie I quite pity makoto cause of this… as it was once said that the time he fought goblins for first time was last time he fell thrill in fight… I think that after he got spirit magic then his skill rpg player started to consider every enemy weak thats why he wouldnt be able to feel any thrill or emotions in fight… its sad for person that will still have to fight for rest of his life

      1. ? I remember that in his other fights he felt emotions, but this time he don’t feel fear probably because of the transformation in Spirit King, I mean, after reach that level, fight a demigod, and be in the past when there are no interference with the spirits, is probably natural, could also be Clear Mind, but in that case he wouldn’t had feel anything with Momo.

      2. Yeah, no Makoto can still feel, but his lack of fear is not from RPG Player or Calm mind. Its probably from the Spirit King transformation and spirit magic in general being war magic.

        He has been fighting people using what is equivalent to tactical nukes as if it was normal. I think he finally realized that spirit magic is super strong after hearing what happened to Alex.

  3. People talking about the thread of fate, but Makoto straight up turned off Clear Mind while surrounded without even flinching. What a badass move, they are all fucking dead.

    1. Side effect of Clear Mind and all the other mind stabilizing skills is that it makes the user lose some of his emotions. Or at least there’s a risk of it. Makoto who almost always use it 24/7 will have a higher chance of losing his emotions which is why he’s like that right now. Noah explained this when Janet was proposing to Makoto back then. I just fear that when he returns to the present, he’ll become an unemotional killing machine.

      1. That’s only when it’s at 100% that he runs the risk losing his emotions. They never said there was a negative side effect for having it on below 100% all the time. I think he’s not feeling any danger here even without Clear Mind on because these guys are literally small fries compared to the enemies Makoto has already faced.

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  5. Thank you kami-sama.

    So that’s how it is. My new theory is Makoto is the true light hero. Abel is just someone who followed him around and took credit for his work because of Ira’s rewrite.

      1. Huh, where was that? I’ll be clear here, I’m pretty much agreed on the line of thought that Althena likes him. But mine is borne from observing how Althena seem to be a bit too quick to lower her defenses against Makoto.

        1. It was mentioned before he went to the past that Althena chose her heros for the light skill based on their looks. Basically Sakurai and Abel are her type which is why I doubt Makoto will get the skill, but there’s nothing stopping him from leveling his light magic and using the lens trick to look like the light hero by accident

          1. Oh that. Honestly, I’d take Noah’s statement with a pinch of salt. Lots of third party observations end up proven wrong later after all. Would be nice of we ever get to see Althena’s so-called first love though. The one that fell for Noah.

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    But in the alternate timeline where Makoto didn’t visit how did Abel save Great Sage since he can’t cut the string of fate? Maybe when Abel killed Bifrost she got freed? Or the alternate timeline never existed and goddesses just acted that way and Makoto was fated to go to the past all along? I think the latter since there was an unknown game changer party mentioned before

    Also it’s been a while Makoto undid Clear Mind. It probably also affected his soul for the future lol

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    1. Rather in the alternate timeline if Makoto never met Momo she would probably never meet the heroes so she would never be kidnapped as a bait. So in the original timeline rather than being saved why did Bifrost turn a random little girl into his servant in the first place

    2. This is the current timeline even autor in previus note stated that they met in the past. Every chapter to this point only confirm that there wasn’t any change in timeline. There were varius hints that Momo hide past from Makoto.

      1. I know that but Althena mentioned demons altered the past by kidnapping Abel before he got strong so that’s why Makoto went to past. So what i mean is there was supposed to be an original timeline that demons didn’t interfere and Abel didn’t get captured right?

        I also think the same but i just can’t understand this contradictory statement

        1. The likely reason is either A this is all predetermined and the goddesses did that as a reason to send Makoto to the past to keep the loop on track, B certain main points remain the same each loop but the details can change and it’s the details the demons are targeting that the goddesses worry about. They said it themselves that the only thing that must not change is Abel living and everything else is alright since Ira will make adjustments. I think Makoto time traveling and saving Abel is pretty much the forced event while the rest is subject to his decisions and RPG player

      2. So what if demons never interfered with the past and Abel got captured in the main timeline? That would make Makoto going to the past the only timeline right? (It’d make a loop though)

        1. Pretty sure the reason Abel was caught was due to a tip off from the future demons to the past demons hence why they are looking for the light hero. I must admit though it’s odd that they have orders to capture him alive since if they want him dead the surest way is to kill all the heros regardless, there is another peice to this puzzle we are missing

    3. To answer it in a way that makes sense, the Gods had banned spirit magic before this, and to name the legendary hero as someone who only had elementary water magic (the weakest in offense) and spirit magic that was not tied to any God at this time (Noah can only have 1 believer which is the Hero Killer), it would not look good nor leave a legacy. Abel having Light Hero skill eventually (even if he is not the one doing all the work) is a much better scapegoat. And by making him the legend, and saying he is in danger as opposed to saying makoto was really the savior, makoto is more willing to go back in time, save abel, and in trying to stop ‘interference’ he actually guides abel to the final fight. Also with RPG player and no God at this time, fate and gods probably cant even sense him so they believed it was abel and may not have known better. But hey this is all just a theory.

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      Remember that Ira said to look for her oracle in the past in order to be able to converse with her? Just wait until that time

    5. The entire line of thought that ‘makoto is the original abel’ is just straight not right. We get proper details on the original timeline when Makoto meets with Ira in this timeline, so just wait until then.
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  8. Just a thought here but maybe makoto being calm and not considering the demons a threat might be an after effect of the spirit King thing?

      1. That Titanic thing is really a challenge to the higher powers. Titanic means like the titans…, the same titans who got overthrown and then locked up in Tartarus. And IIRC one of the more outrageous claims is that not even God can sink her. So not only were they challenging the old Greek gods, they’re challenging the Abrahamic God as well.

  9. I kind of get the feeling that Makoto is disassociated from the hands of fate, otherwise I’m of the belief that he would have mentioned that there was one really thick rope connecting him with the Great Sage-sama.

    1. That’s something that has been mentioned by Furiae earlier. He has nothing under the Sight of a Destiny Mage. Despite which, he affects his surrounding like someone with a lot of strings do. Personally, I believe it ties to his “foresight immunity” that people keep on attributing to his (nonexistent) fanaticism.

      1. Can you really say Makoto isn’t a fanatic? He refused some pretty good offers, including to only temporarily become Ira’s believer just to get a skill/blessing. And constantly thinking about how to free Noah with no concern over difficulty/viability.

        He may be (mostly) sane, but he’s definitely a fanatic.

        1. Nope, a fanatic wouldn’t even consider denying the words of their Goddess. A fanatic wouldn’t even dream of arguing against their Goddess. A fanatic wouldn’t even consider looking at their Goddess with lewd thoughts. All those, Makoto is guilty of.

          He’s refused some pretty good offers, but in the end, none of those offers are things he absolutely, positively needs. The way I see it, it’s like someone being offered something along the line “I’ll give you [insert arbitrarily large amount of money], you just have to stop being her friend and be my friend instead”. Except instead of friend, it’s religious follower. And Makoto already has his own definition of faith : leaving Noah, however temporarily, to become Ira’s follower to get a Gift Skill is not okay, that is not faith, not even if he returned to Noah afterwards. That’s not fanaticism, that’s principle. You want fanaticism, you look at Peter and Fuji-yan after Ira’s concert. Fanaticism clouds your eyes, it makes you refuse other people trying to convince you something contrary to your beliefs, it makes you think the subject of your faith can do no wrong. None of those Makoto is guilty of. He’s all too aware of Noah’s failings, he doesn’t put her on a pedestal, and he’s generally pretty clear-minded while dealing with her. If anything brings him close to anything like fanaticism, it’s probably more because Noah is exactly his type. And that’s not fanaticism, that’s infatuation, or maybe love.

        2. Here’s something for definitions, courtesy Google and dictionary.com

          Fatanicism is the quality of being fanatical
          Fanatical is motivated or characterized by an extreme, uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.

          Makoto is never fanatical in his approach to belief in Noah. He’s very critical of her tendency to advise him to “save his own skin”, all too often he outright ignore such advice’s, if not while throwing in some retort for good measure. He’s enthusiastic, but not such that he blindly charged into the Undersea Temple the moment he knew where it was. The one time he considered going there he was quite literally bored out of his mind. And zeal, defined as great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or objective…, yeah he’s quite motivated in trying to free Noah, but I doubt zeal is the word for it. When he sees something resembling chance he took them, but never to the exclusion of more immediate concerns.

        3. Rather then a fanatic he is quite simply faithful to Noah, while he doesn’t blindly follow her anytime he thinks he has a chance to help her he tries (damn lustful Jupiter), everytime the goddesses have offered a reward he usually asks about something related to helping Noah before thinking of himself

      2. You don’t need fanaticism, blocking foresight isn’t pretty hard to do, you just need to have faith in other gods. The higher the faith you have, the harder it would be to see your future.

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            He’s someone whose faith were kept deep in their heart, and not exhibiting zealous personality, but through his act instead. Everytime divine entities asked him for a reward, he always thinking about Noah first and foremost (Titan, Ira’s reward, payment for going to the past).

            The only difference between Makoto and Snake Cult aside from their gods, is that Makoto’s faith came from gratitude, he doesn’t believe blindly, and he doesn’t bother people, but their faith level is about the same.

          2. I suppose this is a problem of not agreeing about the definition of fanatic-level faith bordering on madness. Makoto is certainly very faithful, that much is clear. But how strong is strong enough, and how does madness enter into the equation? I’m personally of the opinion that madness makes stronger faith, when literally nothing occupies your consciousness except your faith. Even if Makoto is mad, that’s not his flavor of madness. Makoto still has concerns other than being Noah’s believer, still does thing other than attempting to free Noah. I’m assuming that the Snake Church’s faith overrides everything and that’s the level of faith you need to become immune to Ira’s foresight, and that’s not the level of Makoto’s faith.

          3. I’m thinking more of the type of faith

            Isaac (and by extension the snake cult) came from blind faith
            Makoto came from gratitude

            Different type, same level. That’s why Makoto sometimes rejects Noah’s command to get away and prioritizing his comrades life instead.

            I also think the nature of deity they worship have a hand in that. Typhon, as typical for an evil god, seems to prefer absolute faith. Old gods and Titans loves freedom, and Makoto seems to fully embodies that idea.

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        1. Personally, I think that his lack of presence in foresight, lack of Strings of Fate, and all that are also aspects of RPG Player. Rather than the results being set in stone when the choice is made, it’s more like it refuse any predestination from outside sources, which is also what causes him to not have any Strings of Fate. It allows him to achieve things considered impossible and it’s also what was causing the reactions by Furiae and Ira (yes, Ira was also exposed to Makoto’s choice-making episode, just before he decided to accept returning to the past, she reacted but Noah kept her from making a fuss).

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