WM – Chapter 266: Demon Lord Battle 6

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There’s a full moon in the sky. 

(…Why…?) (Makoto)

Even with my mind calm with Clear Mind, my brain couldn’t compute this. 

There’s no doubt that we raided the Demon Lord Castle at daytime.

We confirmed the presence of the sun ourselves just a few minutes ago. 

Then why is it night now?

Were the red magic circles of before…for this? 

But is it really possible to change day to night? 

“What a beautiful moon. Don’t you think so too?” (Bifrons)

We hurriedly take stance with our weapons at the words of Bifrons. 

But the Demon Lord didn’t direct his gaze at us, and went outside from the hole that was made in the castle. 

“Wait! Demon Lord!” (Johnny)

Johnny-san chased after him, and Julietta-san and Volkh-san follow after him.

“Let’s go, Makoto-san!” (Anna)

I can’t use flying magic, so Anna-san pulled me and we chased after the Demon Lord. 

When we got outside from the hole, there was a beautiful starry sky with the light of the stars and the moon. 

There’s no doubt it is night. 

I use Night Vision to survey the surroundings. 

There’s a group heading our way. 

I thought it was the demon lord army, but I soon noticed that’s not the case.

“Is the Chief okay?!” 

“Volkh-dono, what’s going on?!” 

“Spirit User-kun…” (Mel)

The warriors of Laberintos, the Iron Hero-san, and Mel-san were there.

Everyone had flustered expressions.

“Mel-san, what happened outside?” (Makoto)

“I don’t know. The surroundings suddenly got dark.” (Mel)

Mel-san answered my question with confusion too. 

Looks like the people outside don’t understand the situation either…

“Where’s Ira-sama?” (Makoto)

“Over here. I wanted to have her evacuate if possible though…” (Mel)

There was the small Destiny Oracle at the back of Mel-san.

I can only rely on this Goddess. 

But she was completely pale. 

“No way…there’s no way something like this is possible…” (Ira)

“Ira-sama?” (Makoto)

My question fell on deaf ears and she continued mumbling. 

Doesn’t look like I will be getting an answer. 

(This is…rough.) (Makoto)

“Johnny-san, let’s retreat. Mel-san, please help us carry everyone away.” (Makoto)

“Makoto-san?!” (Anna)

“Makoto-dono… But…” (Johnny)

“Got it, Spirit User-kun.” (Mel)

Anna-san faced this way in surprise after hearing me, and Johnny-san showed disapproval. 

Only Mel-san doesn’t seem to have any objections to my opinion.

It is mortifying that we will be retreating after coming this far, but it isn’t a good plan to stay here for too long. 

Let’s come back at another time.

“There’s no need to leave in a hurry, right?” 

A voice resonated from above.

The one who spoke was the white haired and lean figured Demon Lord Bifrons. 

That figure of his looking down at us with the moon at his back…had an overpowering presence that can’t even be compared to the time inside the Demon Lord Castle. 

No, the miasma around the Immortal King had amplified with the night. 

The warriors of Laberintos were hit by that pressure of his and stepped back. 

“I have summoned my subordinates to welcome you people, so take your time here.” (Bifrons)

The moment he said those words, the moon darkened. 

(Clouds…?) (Makoto)

I thought it was the Pitch Black Clouds, but it wasn’t.

It was moving more erratically than clouds. 

As if it were a huge swarm of grasshoppers.

It took a while for me to notice that those were all monsters.

“Those are…all monsters?” 

“We are surrounded…?” 

“No way…” 

I could hear the voice of people falling into despair. 

Those small spots that were moving as if trying to surround us. 

If those are all monsters, then there’s several thousands…to tens of thousands of monsters gathering. 

“I used quite a lot of my power calling the night after all. I will leave the rest to my familiars.” (Bifrons)

“Wait, Bifrons!” 

The one who cut into the words of the Demon Lord was Ira-sama.

“You are an Oracle…? I heard from Cain that all the Oracles had been killed, but there was a survivor, huh.” (Bifrons)

“Why…Why can you use that?! That Miracle Magic is power too excessive for people of the Mortal Realm!” (Ira)

Ira-sama’s shout made the Demon Lord chuckle. 

“This is the power that that great personage lent me. Returning the Mortal Realm laws -that the Olympians decided on their own convenience- to their ancient origins. Living for 1,000,000 boring years wasn’t a waste. The boundary between the Heaven Realm and this plane the Gods call Mortal Realm and look down on will be gone…  There’s no need for the Gods that restrain us.” (Bifrons)

“It is impossible! No matter if it is the Great Demon Lord Iblis, an action like switching day and night would be impossible unless it is m—it is the Destiny Goddess!” (Ira)

“…Fuh.” (Bifrons)

The Demon Lord simply gave a meaningful smile at the words of Ira-sama. 

Contrary to the time when he explained the trick behind the blade wave teleport, it looks like he doesn’t have any intention of revealing the trick behind this one. 

But there was something that bothered me from what Ira-sama said.

“Ira-sama, Ira-sama.” (Makoto)

I bend to match the small Oracle-sama, and whisper in her ear.

“T-Takatsuki Makoto?” (Ira)

She finally noticed me. 

“If it is you, you can change night to day, right, Ira-sama? Then, please do that.” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Ira)

Ira-sama opened her eyes wide at my words.

“You can, right?” (Makoto)

“I-I can’t!” (Ira)

Ira-sama shook her head vigorously.

“You said you could just a few moments ago…” (Makoto)

“That’s…!” (Ira)

Ira-sama got closer to my ear and whispered to me in a low voice and rough tone. 

“I-If a Goddess interferes directly in a conflict of the Mortal Realm, it won’t only be the Olympians, the Devils, and the Titan Gods, and even outside Gods would interfere. If it turns into a battle between Gods, all the people of the Mortal Realm will perish!” (Ira)

“I see.” (Makoto)

In other words, that’s no good. 

In other words, we have to manage something on our own. 

Even while we were talking, the monsters were approaching us. 

The subordinates of the Demon Lord will most likely get here in around 1 minute. 

The mob of monsters that think of us as food. 

When I looked around, I could see that everyone was making grim faces. 

Anna-san was grabbing my sleeve tightly. 

(There’s way too little time…) (Makoto)

I have no choice but to buy time. 

I look at my right arm shining blue. 

(This will be my last one…) (Makoto)

I sighed lightly. 

“Dia, counting on you.” (Makoto)

“Is that okay, Our King? Your mana is…” (Dia)

“It is okay. Please do it.” (Makoto)

“Understood.” (Dia)

Dia was showing a nervous expression as she pushed both hands to the front. 

XXXXXXXXXX (Great Ice Barrier).” 

The next instant, giant ice walls appeared from all sides and ceiling as if enclosing us. 

Their thickness is more than several meters. 

These walls that were created with the mana of an Undine won’t be easily destroyed even if it is the familiars of a Demon Lord.

Even so, this is just a temporary measure. 

This barrier will last…

“Around 30 minutes till the barrier is broken…” (Ira)

The now calmed down Destiny Goddess mutters this.

The words of a Goddess that can see the future. 

That’s our time limit. 

“Then, let’s make a plan to escape…” (Makoto)

The moment I said this, my vision turned pitch black. 

I lose my balance. 

“Eh…?” (Makoto)

By the time I noticed, the ground was in front of my eyes, and Anna-san was supporting me. 



I hear the voices of those two. 

(I…lost consciousness…?) (Makoto)

Fortunately, it was only for an instant. 

“Our King…the mana in your body is on the verge of running out…” (Dia)

“Takatsuki Makoto, you have no remaining lifespan. You are going to die in a few days…” (Ira)

The Great Water Spirit and Ira-sama point this out.

(Die… I used too much lifespan.) (Makoto)

If it were in the future, Noah-sama would have scolded me here no doubt. 

It is a bit sad that there’s no such thing happening here. 

While I was brooding on these feelings, I felt a gaze. 


Volkh-san, Julietta-san.

The warriors of Laberintos. 

Mel-san and the other Ancient Dragons. 

And Anna-san and Momo who were on the verge of crying. 

Looks like I have worried everyone. 

“Let’s make a plan to escape.” (Makoto)

I continue the words I couldn’t say before.

“Is your body okay?” (Johnny)

Even Johnny-san who normally doesn’t change expressions spoke to me in worry. 

“Looks like my lifespan will last for a few days, so I am completely fine. For now, we have to think about a way to survive today.” (Makoto)

I tried to smile with my empty tank. 

Did I manage to make an expression properly? 

“Johnny-san, please lead everyone away. White Dragon-san, please instruct the Ancient Dragons. Also…” (Makoto)

“I will stay with Master! I definitely won’t separate from you!” (Momo)

Momo clung onto me. 

I look at the white haired and red eyed Momo.

Momo is a vampire. 

She should be able to mix in with the Demon Lord army and escape. 

She can also use Teleport. 

If things get dicey, she can escape on her own. 

“Sorry, Momo. Please help me out.” (Makoto)

“Obviously! I will be together with Master till death!” (Momo)

I have currently used all my lifespan, and my mana has run out. 

I have no choice but to borrow the mana of the Water Spirits, and use every trick possible to fight, but who knows how long I can last…

If not for my Clear Mind, this situation would have long broken my heart. 

The moment I looked up…

Johnny-san approached me. 

“Looks like we have relied too much on you, Makoto-dono. I will protect the rear. The ones who want to die together, stay here.” (Johnny)

“Chief, I will accompany you!” 

“I told you I would die together with you!” 

Many warriors of Laberintos joined.

Wait, that’s bad! 

Johnny-san still has the job of fighting the Great Demon Lord with the Savior.

I can’t have him die a honorable death here. 

“You must not! Ru—” (Makoto)

“Makoto-dono.” (Johnny)

My words were interrupted.

“What’s important for a warrior is Who to protect and How you die.” (Johnny)

“Johnny-san…” (Makoto)

I could feel the strength of his resolve from his expression.

“That city in Laberintos has become a good city. With the help of the Ancient Dragons, that city has become a splendid city where many people can live safely without being found by the demon lord army. Even if I were to perish here, the children will be able to grow healthily.

I have led my people for more than centuries, but I have seen countless people call themselves Heroes and challenge the Demon Lords just to fall. No, they didn’t even manage to reach the Demon Lords…

But in this war we destroyed the Demon Lord Castle, and clashed blades directly with the Demon Lord. We were one step lacking for victory, but…this should be plenty enough of a parting gift. Isn’t that right, everyone?!” (Johnny)


The voices of the warriors resonated at the words of Johnny-san. 

The warriors of Laberintos had their spirits raised.

No, I want you to escape…

“We can’t just leave it to Johnny-dono and Makoto-dono, and have the Heroes run away.” 

“Haah, so this is where my life ends, huh… I wanted to live for a bit more.” (Julietta)

“Julietta, you can run away with Anna, you know?” (Volkh)

“What are you saying?! I will also fight till the end!” (Julietta)

“Anna…you are still young. You were put under our care by the Fire Hero. There’s no need for you to push yourself here.” (Volkh)

“I don’t want to! I wouldn’t be a Hero if I were to run away here! Even if I can’t use the power of the Light Hero, I can fight till the end with the power of the Lightning Hero!” (Anna)

“Anna-chan, you’ve grown into a splendid person.” (Julietta)

“I see, then I’ve got nothing more to say.” (Volkh)

By the time I noticed, even the Heroes were resolute. 

No, that’s troubling!

Anna-san is the main point of salvation, so she must survive at all cost! 

“Everyone hasn’t lost their fighting will!” (Momo)

“Oi oi, Little One, you are a child. You can run away, you know?” (Mel)

“White Dragon Master too, is it okay to not run away quickly?” (Momo)

“We Ancient Dragons are far stronger than humans. We won’t be dying so easily.” (Mel)

“If you are going to bring that up, I am a vampire! I won’t lose to anyone at night! I will show you the results of my training with you, White Dragon Master!” (Momo)

“Hmph, the little one is talking big. Then, show me.” (Mel)

“Watch!” (Momo)

Even the White Dragon-san and Momo? 

What’s with this atmosphere?! 

“Takatsuki Makoto…looks like everyone is burning with fighting spirit after seeing your dying state…” (Ira)

“No, burning with fighting spirit is troubling…” (Makoto)

The only one who understands my sentiment, Ira-sama, spoke to me. 

(Isn’t this situation bad?) (Makoto)

Several tens of thousands of monsters against 100 comrades. 

Moreover, against an undead army at night. 

It isn’t a situation that you can do something about with fighting spirit alone. 

What should I do…?

“This is bad. We are done for… Althena-sama is going to get super mad at me…” (Ira)

“W-What should we do, Our King…? I want to be of help, but what should I do…?” (Dia)

Ira-sama, who I was relying on, was holding her head, and my trump card, Dia, was all shaken up.

The ice barrier I made is being destroyed little by little. 

I don’t think there’s even 10 minutes left. 

(We have been checkmated here…) (Makoto)

I was feeling like holding my head together with Ira-sama. 

At that moment, words suddenly appeared in front of me. 

The RPG Player Skill.

The strange Skill that has saved me many times until now. 

That is bringing out choices in this dangerous situation. 

“Eh?” (Makoto)

I read that choice and furrowed my brows. 

I read it over and over again. 

This is…is it really okay for me to do this?

I glanced at Ira-sama by my side. 

Ira-sama is holding her head and hasn’t noticed my choice. 

If she did, she definitely would be against it. 

There’s no time to mull over this. 

There’s no other way. 

I have no choice but to do this…right? 

I don’t really want to though.

(Noah-sama…please grant me your protection…) (Makoto)

I pray to the image of Noah-sama lazily lying down in the Deep Sea Temple.

—I quietly grab her arm.

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