WM – Chapter 94-95: Takatsuki Makoto speaks to the Boss of the Mafia

A man with a strong presence was sitting at the chair right in the middle.

He had a big scar on his face.

(Scar in his face. Scarface…? That’s the Head Don of the Castor Family, right?) (Makoto)

You said he wouldn’t be here, Fuji-yan.

I glanced at my friend, and his face was stiff.

Was it unexpected for Fuji-yan too?

“Brother! This is my family which I am proud of!” (Peter)

Peter guides Sa-san and I to our seats with a smile.

Looks like for Peter, family is not a family with bloodties, but the whole mafia.

The mafia has close ties with members of their own family, and I heard that they don’t allow the ridiculing of their comrades.

I have to be careful with my words…

“Brother, who are the two over there?” (Peter)

“My friend Fuji-yan and Nina-san.” (Makoto)

“My name’s Fujiwara. Nice to meet you-desu zo.” (Fuji)

“N-Nice to meet you, I am Nina.” (Nina)

“Yeah, nice to meet you. I am Peter. Now now, come sit here.” (Peter)

I sit at a chair that is as comfortable as the ones in the royal castle. 

In this place where we are surrounded by stern-looking members of the mafia, a blonde refreshing man invited us to have a drink.

Is that the eldest son of the Castor household? 

His looks are that of a young man though.

“…I am Jenova Castor. My idiotic son has been in your care, Hero-dono.” (Jenova)

The voice of the Boss was low, but it travelled well. How masculine.

“N-No, it isn’t much.” (Makoto)

So they really do know that I am a Hero, huh.

Even so, the presence of Peter’s father is crazy.

“Father, I have reflected on it already…” (Peter)

Peter is scratching his head.

This father and son don’t resemble each other much.

“Today, we are having the best chefs of Highland cook with the best ingredients of Highland. We have also prepared the finest of women. Have fun. Ah, right. I am late in my introductions. I am Jack Castor.” (Jack)

The refreshing blonde guy of before.

So he really is the eldest son.

Everyone from the mafia followed suit and began to introduce themselves in a free fashion.

“I am the no.1 knife user of the family.” “If it is about push-ups, I am number one in the family.” “If it is about techniques in seeing through deceptions, leave it to me.” “I haven’t counted the women I have slept with since the hundreds.” 

They were often boasting.

Well, that much is fine, but…

“…I killed around 10 at the dispute of before.” 

“I can crush the head of a human with my bare hands…” 

What’s with that, that’s scary.

…No good. This is impossible! 

They really are the mafia! 

I am no good at dealing with even my yankee classmates! These people are impossible for me!

From what I see, the hands of Fuji-yan and Nina-san have stopped moving from their plates.

(Sorry, Sa-san. Bringing you to a place like this…) (Makoto)

I used Perspective Change to look at Sa-san by my side, and…

“Waah~, what’s this? Oooh! This is tasty~!” (Aya)

She was enjoying the food like crazy.

Sa-san has nerves of steel.

You guys! The guests are getting scared here! Don’t go saying weird stuff!” (Jack)

Seeing that we are not eating anything (aside from Sa-san), the eldest son, Jack-san, shouted at the subordinates.

“““““I am sorry!”””””

Looks like Jack-san can’t be judged by his looks alone either…

He looks normal at a glance, but him changing his face to a mafioso one is similar to that of Peter.

“Sorry. These guys were really excited at being able to meet the rumoured Hero-sama.” (Jack)

He changed back to his refreshing face in an instant and apologized to us.

What a fast change.

“O-Okay…” (Makoto)

I meekly nodded.

When I finally managed to direct my eyes to the food, it was indeed extravagant.

“Takatsuki-kun, look look! This is foie gras!” (Aya)

“Sa-san, don’t speak while eating.” (Makoto)

There’s caviar-looking delicacies, and there were a whole lot of high class liquors that you definitely wouldn’t ever see at your regular bar.

And then, when I opened a bottle, a beautiful woman poured it for me.

When I glanced at her, she smiled at me.

She is wearing even more risque clothes than Lucy.

I can’t relax.

“Takatsuki-kun, you are fidgeting.” (Aya)

“You are way too calm, Sa-san.” (Makoto)

We converse in a low voice.

“Man, to think Brother was a Hero. You said you were an adventurer, so you had me completely fooled!” (Peter)

“I am sorry for hiding it, Peter.” (Makoto)

I answered feeling slightly awkward, but Peter doesn’t seem to mind it.

“That’s the Hero, huh.” “Doesn’t look like it.” “But the rumors say he defeated the Lightning Hero.” “That mad wolf, Geralt…?” “He is an otherworlder after all.” 

I can hear the people whispering.

So Heroes are a rare sight even for the mafia, huh.

“I heard you defeated that Geralt brat.” (Jenova)

Oh, a question from the Boss.

Gotta be careful here.

If I remember correctly, Geralt-san’s household, the Valentine Household, is in good relations with the Castor household.

“That was simply luck.” (Makoto)

“Oi oi, Brother. You can’t defeat Bro Geralt with luck. Ain’t that right, Bro Jack?” (Peter)

“Yeah. Geralt was the strongest warrior in Highland before the Light Hero appeared.” (Jack)

That was just the Spirit Magic going out of control! 

Kuh! I want to explain, but would it sound like sarcasm?! 

Anyways, it seems like Peter and Jack-san are close to Geralt-san.

Maybe due to relations between families?

The nobles and mafia are totally close to each other then…

“There’s a lot of times when they would come ask for ‘advice’ when there’s people that go against the Valentine household though…” (Jenova)

Jenova-san mutters.


The four of us got tense.

T-This is…

So we really shouldn’t have come!

“It is rare that Bartolomeo-dono hasn’t said anything to us.” (Jenova)

“I-Is that so.” (Makoto)

Bartolomeo Valentine, the Grand Duke.

The father of Geralt, and one of the Five Sacred Nobles.

He was glaring at me like crazy in yesterday’s meeting.

He most definitely hates me…

“Father, the Valentine Household is a family of proud knights. I’ve heard it was a one-on-one match against the Water Country’s Hero-dono. He wouldn’t get back at him from the shadows.” (Jack)

Jack-san refutes softly.

“Right.” (Jenova)

Jenova-san says, somewhat unamused.

Aah, I can’t calm down. 

The scar on the Boss’s face has so much presence it is scary.

Can’t it be healed with magic?

While I was thinking that…

My shoulder was tapped.

(Takki-dono, the scar in Jenova-dono’s face was when he was defeated in a mafia dispute in his young days. Because of that, talks about his scar are taboo-desu zo.) (Fuji)

(O-Okay. I will be careful. Thanks, Fuji-yan.) (Makoto)

Fuji-yan whispers in my ear.

I didn’t know.

I might have slipped.

That was close, that was close.

“Ah, old man, that scar on your face is amazing.” (Aya)


Sa-san! What are you saying?! 

  • Chapter 95: Takatsuki Makoto speaks to the Boss of the Mafia (2)

“Ah, old man, that scar on your face is amazing.” (Aya)

Sa-san, what are you saying?!


The air freezes.

The beautiful escorts, the tops of the black suit people, and the sons of the Castor household visibly strained from this.

The faces of Fuji-yan and Nina-san stiffened. Probably mine too.

“I-I am sorry! Sasaki-sama, apologize too—” (Nina) 

“…Hey, little girl.” (Jenova)

The words of Nina-san were cut.

Sa-san tilts her head with a ‘Hm?’.

“What’s that about the scar on my face?” (Jenova)

“That’s a cool scar.” (Aya)

“Hoh?” (Jenova)

“It kinda gives that feeling of The Boss!” (Aya)

Within this space where everyone’s faces were frozen, Sa-san was smiling brightly.

Being pulled by that, the Boss grinned.

That smile was scary.

“Hooh… Hey, Hero Boy. What do you think?” (Jenova)

He came here!

Of course, I should just say the same thing as Sa-san to be safe…

[Praise the scar of the Mafia Boss.]



Choices at this timing.

I feel like this is to warn me about avoiding the danger.

…I should avoid giving the same answer. Let’s be honest here.

“Uhm…personally, it is a bit scary.” (Makoto)

The eyes of the Boss-san are strong, and his scar increases the intensity even more.

“Hoh…I see. Scary, huh. Ahahahahahaha!!” (Jenova)

The Boss laughs in amusement.

The people around, including me, were dumbfounded by this.

“Did you hear that, guys? My scar looks cool for the lady, and for the Hero Boy, it is scary.” (Jenova)

He seems to be having fun.

Did I choose correctly?

I can’t tell.

“I got this scar after being defeated in an enemy organization’s dispute. I can heal it with magic, but I have left it there to remember that pain. I have crushed every single person that has made fun of my scar. By the time I noticed, I ended up being the Boss of this big group…” (Jenova)

“W-Wow…that’s incredible, Oji-san.” (Aya)

It is now that Sa-san is making a ‘did I mess up?’ face.

That’s too late!

“Just that, now no one talks about my scar. My subordinates, my sons, even the people that have met me for the first time.” (Jenova)

Well, of course they would be so scared they can’t even talk about it.

“Hero Boy, why did you say it was scary? You could have just flattered it like the lady did, right?” (Jenova)

“I am a coward, you see…” (Makoto)

I speak honestly, and for some reason, he smiled.

“A coward even though you are a Hero, huh… That’s good. The ones who last the longest in the mafia are the ones who are cowards, careful, and underhanded.” (Jenova)

From the words, it is as if he were making fun of me, but it doesn’t feel that way.

He is praising me?

“I want to get along with you guys.” (Jenova)

The Boss poured wine in my glass.

When the Boss himself pours a drink for you…you can’t refuse, right?

“Wait, Jenova-sama!” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan hurriedly jumped in.

“You are the otherworlder merchant, Fujiwara-san, right? I have heard about you too. That you are a skilled man.” (Jenova)

The Boss didn’t show any signs of being displeased by being suddenly cut in.

But the sons and subordinates were all paying attention over here, nervous.

“…It is an honor. I am sorry, but if he were to drink the alcohol that Jenova-sama poured, would it be treated as him being part of the family…?” (Fuji)

“Ah, you don’t have to worry about that, Fujiwara-san. To become a part of the Castor Family, you have to perform a ceremony called the Blood Pact. Exchanging drinks is not a style of the Castor household.” (Jack)

Jack-san tells us.

“Sorry for the rudeness then—” (Fuji)

“But I have forcefully recruited people using the excuse of exchanging drinks though.” (Jenova)

The Boss grins.


“What are you saying, Father.” (Jack)

“Brother, it is okay. This is not that case.” (Peter)

Jack-san and Peter-san hurriedly explain.

“It is a joke. I just got happy, you see.” (Jenova)

Saying this, the Boss takes a strong wine with high concentration and drinks it straight from the bottle.

Is he in a good mood?

“Kuku. This scar is my medal of honor. No one was speaking of it, so I was feeling sad. Not even my sons spoke about it.” (Jenova)

“I see. Here here, go ahead, Boss-san.” (Aya)

Sa-san pours a drink into the glass of the Boss.

How to say it, she is considerate, or more like, she has guts…

“The rumors of the Hero-dono of the Water Country are the number one talk lately. You being scared of me is an honor.” (Jenova)

“Yeah! I was shocked when I learned that Brother was that Hero.” (Peter)

Eh? Am I really that talked about?

“By the way, what kind of talks?” (Makoto)

“The number one is the incident at the capital of Horun. It is publicly known that the Glacial Hero, Prince Leonard, was the one who defeated the Taboo Giant. But it was actually the power of the new otherworlder Hero.” (Peter)

Oi oi, the information is leaking like crazy, Princess Sofia.

“There’s also rumors saying that the Ice Sculpture Princess, Princess Sofia, has high expectations of the new Hero. There’s talk between the nobles saying that the Princess Sofia and the Water Country’s Hero are ‘an item’ now, Brother.” (Peter)

“That’s a lie, Peter.” (Makoto)

If Princess Sofia heard that, she would get angry.

“Takki-dono…” “Takatsuki-sama…” “Takatsuki-kun…” 

“…What?” (Makoto)

Fuji-yan, Nina-san, and Sa-san look at me with a straight stare.

What’s the matter?

“But, you know, Brother. Princess Sofia passionately told the Highland nobles and influential people that ‘the new Hero, Takatsuki Makoto, is a talented man that’s necessary for the Water Country’. It is pretty well-known. That Princess Sofia that’s famous for being cold to others! Of course it would turn into a rumor.” (Peter)

Peter tells me.

Eeh… Princess Sofia is saying that?

I am the Apostle of Noah-sama, so that would make me a subordinate of an Evil God…

Even if we talk about the Water Country, I only have emotional attachments with Makkaren.

I am feeling fuzzy.

Is it the guilt of hiding the fact that I am the Apostle of Noah-sama?

“Hero-san, you have the Divine Protection of the Water Goddess, Eir-sama, right? As a Hero, you must have a special Skill, huh.” (Jack)

Jack-san asks me.

“U-Uhm…” (Makoto)

I only have Water Magic: Elementary.

On top of that, I am not from the Water Goddess religion.

So they really think I am a believer of the Water Goddess, huh.

It is a pain, so I didn’t deny it.

“Don’t go asking him left and right. Don’t trouble the Hero-dono.” (Jenova)

The Boss-san is a good person.

While at it, I should try asking about that matter.

“We were searching for the Snake Church in the underground canals. Do you know something about that?” (Makoto)

“Hoh?” (Jenova)

“Really, Brother?” (Peter)

“What’s the meaning of this?” (Jack)

The expressions of the Castor household got slightly sharper.

“I will explain in regards to that matter.” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan explains the events in the Water Country incident. 

“…I see. So the next target is Symphonia, huh.” (Jenova)

The Boss falls into thought and brushes his beard.

“I haven’t seen them in the underground canals, but…the amount of weed going around has increased.” (Jack)

“Bro Jack, it isn’t only in the 9th District, but also the 7th and 8th. They are going around at half the regular price. What are they thinking?” (Peter)

According to Jack-san and Peter-san, the amount of weed being spread around has increased.

“Is it in order to obtain funds?” (Nina)

“But, Nina-dono, there’s no signs that the Snake Church has bought a great amount of weapons. Most of the weapon purchases have been from beastkin.” (Fuji)

The question of Nina-san was answered by Fuji-yan.

“…The rumors about a rebellion from the beastkin, huh.” (Jenova)

The Boss mutters.

“Do you know about it?” (Makoto)

“The 7th and 8th District’s influential people have been unmasked at once. We will investigate to see if there’s something.” (Jack)

Jack-san says with a complicated expression.

“Brother, if we learn about something, we will tell you. Can’t say it will be free though.” (Peter)

Peter smiles.

“The Fujiwara Company will buy that information, Peter-dono.” (Fuji)

“Ooh! Then, I am looking forward to our future relations.” (Peter)

And just like that, we had a casual chat, and after that, the event ended. 


On our way back.

“Haah…that was nerve-wrecking.” (Makoto)

I stretched real hard after leaving the VIP room.

“Aah, the food was delicious.” (Aya)


Sa-san and I looked at each other.

The opinions we both had were completely different…

“Sa-san, your nerves are way too strong.” (Makoto)

“Really?” (Aya)

Sa-san had a surprised expression.

How cute! Damn it.

“That’s right! What you said reduced my lifespan, Sasaki-sama!” (Nina)

Nina-san and I lightly criticize her.

“Hmm…but my [Intuition] was telling me that the Boss-san was not dangerous at all.” (Aya)

Looks like Sa-san judged from her Intuition.

But that was the Don of a mafia, you know?

“In Laberintos, I lived everyday by trusting my Intuition.” (Aya)

“It is the best environment to polish your wild instincts, huh…” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan said, amazed at the words of Sa-san.

“Fuji-yan, what will you be doing now?” (Makoto)

“I will continue investigating the Snake Church. The part about the transactions of weed increasing bothered me.” (Fuji)

Nina-san will be helping out Fuji-yan.

I feel bad for leaving this to the two of them, but when it comes to gathering information, Sa-san and I are beginners, so we returned to the inn.


“Makoto-san! Nee-sama said she wants to meet you!” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard came.

“The Prince himself came to tell me?” (Makoto)

You could have sent a messenger.

“We haven’t been training together lately!” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard puffs his cheeks.

Ooph, cute…

I trained for a while in water magic with Prince Leonard, and then, headed to the 1st District.

I thought for sure we would be going to the inn that Prince Leonard is staying at, but the place was a restaurant for nobles.

A splendorous decorated door was opened, we went up the stairs, and we were guided to the deepest room of the place.

“Please go ahead. This is the special room that can only be used by royalty.” 

“Thanks.” (Makoto)

I thank the restaurant waiter that guided us.

(I have been coming to VIP rooms a lot lately.) (Makoto)

“I have been waiting for you, Hero Makoto.” (Sofia)

The one waiting inside was Princess Sofia in a red dress.

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