WM – Chapter 73: After the Chaos

-Fuji-yan POV-

Children bawling.

Parents soothing them.

Elderly trembling in uneasiness.

Everyone is being guided by the Water Country Knights to the evacuation area while being encouraged by them.

“It has turned into quite the problem, hasn’t it?” (Chris)

The complexion of Chris-dono isn’t good.

“Are Takatsuki-sama and the others okay? I would like to participate in the subjugations if possible…” (Nina)

“This is the Water Country’s capital, so there should be a lot of capable knights and mages… Let’s believe in them.” (Fujiwara)

Even though I have an isekai cheat, I am powerless in these kinds of situations.

I curse my lack of combat power.

“Nina, you will be a part of the Makkaren household. I won’t allow you to mix with the adventurers and go to dangerous places.” (Chris)

“But putting Takatsuki-sama, Sasaki-sama, and Lucy-sama in danger, while I alone am in a safe place is just…” (Nina)

Chris-dono is worrying for Nina-dono, and Nina-dono who is worried about Takki-dono and the others.

The fact that I understand the both of them makes it more painful.

The evacuation area is filled with uneasiness, sadness, and…Hm?

“Nina-dono, Chris-dono, there’s something I want to talk to you about.” (Fujiwara)

I stop the conversation of the two that has divided opinions.

Within the people that are in fear by the sudden appearance of monsters…there’s one who is trembling in happiness.

…Could that man possibly be…

“Nina-dono, that man over there that is wearing a hat deeply, can you capture him alive?” (Fujiwara)

“Eh?” “Danna-sama? What are you saying?!” 

They of course were surprised.

“I will take full responsibility. We cannot allow him to escape.” (Fujiwara)

“…There must be a reason why, right? Understood.” (Nina)

“Fujiwara-sama, please explain it later, okay?” (Chris)

I’m sorry.

…I have to tell the two of them about the Galge Player Skill one day.

“I will pull him into a secluded place. I count on you for the rest, Nina-dono.” (Fujiwara)

“Yes, leave it to me.” (Nina)

“Fujiwara-sama, Nina, be careful.” (Chris)

Takki-dono is putting his life on the line in an even more dangerous place.

I will do what I can, too.

-Princess Sofia POV-

I returned to the castle, and left the treatment of Leo to the medical team, and ordered the knights to help in rescuing the citizens.

“Uhm, Princess-sama, won’t you rest for a bit…?” 

“No need. I will head to the Temple that is serving as a shelter, and check the state of the people. Mother and father are safe, right?” (Sofia)

“Yes! His Majesty and the Queen have taken refuge in a safe place.” 

“Good. I will go change.” (Sofia)

“I will help.” 

“No need. Wait there.” (Sofia)

After ordering this to my escort, I closed the door to my room.

“…Fuuuh.” (Sofia)

I take a breath, and deactivate [Cold Heart].

The Cold Heart Skill helps me keep my mind composed at all times.

Its detrimental point is that it makes my expression look cold.


My emotions that were calm until now welled up all at once.

I put both of my hands on my face.


I walk to the front of the mirror, and look at my face.

“How can this be…” (Sofia)

A beet red face was reflected there.

Is this the face of the Ice Sculpture Princess? 

“Takatsuki Makoto…” (Sofia)

Just calling that name made my body tremble.

I hold my body with both of my hands.

It is not cold, it is the contrary.

“That…synchronization thing…” (Sofia)

Holding the hand of a princess without any reserve, and entering me.

My body and my heart.


I remembered.

It was as if my back was being penetrated…that sensation.

It was as if I was being embraced by that man…

“How vulgar!” (Sofia)

Me, the Oracle that serves the Goddess Eir-sama!

Even though this body that has been offered to the Gods has not been dirtied in any capacity! 

The smiling face of Takatsuki Makoto that surfaces in my mind is not going away.

Leo had been cornered.

The knights and adventurers were in fear. 

I thought we were already done for.

The capital of Horun…would be trampled down by a single Giant.

I was in despair.

—I will finish it with the next one. I am going full power.

In that despairing situation, he spoke with a cool tone as if he were having a casual talk.

—It is thanks to Princess Sofia.

That face when he smiled at me…

“This is not the time for that, Sofia!” (Sofia)

I once again activate the Skill [Cold Heart] and return to my previous expression.

I quickly change and exit the room.

I look at my uneasy subordinates.

“We are heading to the city. The ones who can move, come together with us. But make sure not to push the injured.” (Sofia)


Let’s forget it for now.

Right now…I am the symbol of peace for the Water Country.

I must keep a calm and cold mind.


-Takatsuki Makoto POV-

Looks like all the monsters in the city have been defeated. We didn’t encounter any monsters on our way back.

We returned to the inn, and had Sa-san and Lucy rest in our room at the inn.

I headed to the Adventurer Guild, and reported about the clown guy and the mysterious voice.

“The Princess has ordered the investigation of the people involved with the circus troupe. Thank you for the information.” 

“…About that mysterious voice…I can’t really say anything about that…” 

The staff member of the guild listened seriously to the talk about the clown.

But the talk about the mysterious voice, it seemed like they didn’t know what to do with that.

Well, there’s the chance that I was just hearing things after all.

After that, I walked around the city, but seeing the knights guiding the citizens, there didn’t seem to be any work as an adventurer, so I returned to the inn.

As for Fuji-yan, it seems like he had something important to deal with, was the message that Nina-san left to me.

That he would be busy for a few days, so to wait in the inn.

I gave him my okay, and decided to rest on that day.


That night, I went to sleep…

And was standing in the space of the Goddess.

“Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

I looked around, and Noah-sama appeared with a gleeful smile.

“Hello, Makoto. Good work today.” (Noah)

“Noah-sama, you helped me out greatly today in the fight with the Giant.” (Makoto)

I lower to my knees and give my thanks.

That hint helped out a lot.

Without that, we wouldn’t have been able to defeat the Giant.

“Well, I think you would have been able to find a solution on your own though, Makoto. In that scenario, Aya-chan would have probably died at least once, I think.” (Noah)


Shivers run down my spine.

Thinking about it again, the fight of today was like walking on a tightrope.

We were saved by the fact that there was a powerful water magic skill holder.

“Not really. The Water Country has a lot of water related skills, and Leonard-kun has the Supreme Water Magic, so you could have synchronized with him.” (Noah)

“Yeah, there was that hand too.” (Makoto)

But the Prince was fighting the Giant.

It was impossible to use synchronization in that situation.

“By the way, that child-like voice that sounded before the Taboo Giant appeared, what was that?” (Makoto)

Noah-sama might know about it.

“Aah, that? That was the voice of the person you call the Great Demon Lord.” (Noah)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Noah-sama nonchalantly speaks out a shocking statement.

“The Great Demon Lord has revived?!” (Makoto)

“No, they don’t. That voice was just a residual will. A past log.” (Noah)

“…Okay?” (Makoto)

I don’t understand well.

It looked like it was doing conversation though.

“You don’t need to worry about it. Anyways, the revival of the Great Demon Lord will be happening. In 1 year more, I think.” (Noah)

“…You are cascading important information as if nothing.” (Makoto)

My head can’t keep up.

“Well, you don’t need to worry about that, Makoto. I will give you the information you need, when you need it.” (Noah)

“I feel like everything is on the palm of your hand, Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

Is this okay?

Well, I am the Apostle of Noah-sama, so it should be okay.

“We godkin cannot interfere directly with the mortals. That’s why we use Apostles, Oracles, and a variety of other things. It is not only me.” (Noah)

‘See?’, Noah-sama says in a cute manner.

What she is saying isn’t that cute though.

In Noah-sama’s case, it would be as if I am the only pawn in her chess board.

Sounds pretty impossible of a game.

“Wouldn’t you be at least worth being a knight though?” (Noah)

“Please deny the part about being impossible.” (Makoto)

Well, being told I am not a pawn but a knight made me a bit happy. There must be something wrong with me.

“You call yourself a chess piece, Makoto, but in reality, you don’t listen to me at all though.” (Noah)

“Really?” (Makoto)

But Noah-sama, you immediately say things like ‘abandon your comrades’. There’s no way I can do that.

“…You know, normally, the Apostles of Gods would listen to their Gods more. When I tell you to run away, it is because I put your life above all else after all.” (Noah)

“Well, please give instructions where my comrades can be saved as well.” (Makoto)

“Why are you even telling your God how to give out instructions…?” (Noah)

Noah-sama made a face of amazement.

Did I say something weird? I am, huh.

“Now then, leaving that aside, you did really well today!” (Noah)

“Really? I feel like there were a lot of things I have to reflect on though.” (Makoto)

A situation where I couldn’t use Spirit Magic and my teammates Lucy and Sa-san couldn’t fight.

Moreover, we couldn’t just run.

I was naive in my predictions.

I have to rethink my strategies.

“Not that.” (Noah)


“The one about getting along better with the Oracle.” (Noah)

“…We don’t get along though?” (Makoto)

I do think that I get along better with Prince Leonard. But his sister, I wonder.

After defeating the Taboo Giant, she immediately went somewhere else.

I know that she must take command as the Princess though.

“Haaah…” (Noah)

Noah-sama made a gesture as if saying ‘good grief’.

“What’s the matter?” (Makoto)

“This is why dense guys are just…” (Noah)

“Did you say something?” (Makoto)

“This is why I don’t like dense guys.” (Noah)


She said it twice.

Must have been important.

I am not a dense guy…right?

I am consulting Fuji-yan in regards to Lucy and Sa-san after all.

“I will be doing my best in getting along with Princess Sofia. Also, I will be training even more and get stronger, okay?” (Makoto)

So that I can deal with situations like the one of before.

“How diligent. Then, this super kind Goddess-sama will give you a most useful hint.” (Noah)

Noah-sama patted my head with a big smile.

She seems to be in a good mood.

“Makoto, you are using [Clear Mind] when using Spirit Magic, right?” (Noah)

“Yeah, I am. Not only when using magic, but always though.” (Makoto)

“When using Spirit Magic, try restraining the use of your [Clear Mind].” (Noah)

“Why?” (Makoto)

A mind stabilizing Skill like Clear Mind is helpful in the use of magic.

This is something I was taught in the Water Temple.

I have felt the use of it in actual combat too.

“Spirits are happier when you lay bare your emotions.” (Noah)

“…Really?” (Makoto)

That wasn’t in the books.

“Anyone would have more fun speaking with an amiable person rather than someone who isn’t, right?” (Noah)


That hurts someone like me with communication problems.

I see. So the Spirit-sans thought I was an unfriendly person, huh.

“Well, just try it. You are still a beginner when it comes to Spirit Magic, Makoto.” (Noah)

“Got it. I will try out a variety of things.” (Makoto)

“Yup yup, do your best.” (Noah)

She pets my head. 

I have gotten used to it lately.

Noah-sama puffed her cheeks.

Oops, she read my mind.

“Now then, it is about time.” (Makoto)

Let’s give my thanks and leave.

“Makoto.” (Noah)

“Yes, what is it?” (Makoto)

—She suddenly kissed my cheek without prior notice.

“Today’s reward.” (Noah)

Noah-sama waved her hand with a bright smile.


I forgot to breath.

That was a complete surprise attack.

Even when I had Clear Mind on, my heart was banging hard.

This is bad, from all the seductions until now, that was the one that shook my heart the most.

…Let’s just accept it as my reward for working hard.

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