WM – Chapter 182: The shock of a certain knight captain

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◇Sun Knight First Division Captain Ortho POV◇

A few days ago.

“I will be intruding here.” 

“Great Sage-sama?! What brings you here today?” (Yuwein)

The one who suddenly appeared in the captain meeting of the Sun Knights was the 3rd most influential person in Highland. 

General Yuwein flusteredly speaks to her. 

The Great Sage-sama is the descendant of the Savior-sama’s comrade that saved the world 1,000 years ago…is the front, but she is actually the legend herself.

It is a fact of absolute secrecy that only a number of people are told about. 

The vampire that has been living for 1,000 years and the guardian of Highland.

Even if it is the leader of the Sun Knights that’s prided as the strongest war power of Highland, he couldn’t hide his agitation when close to her. 

“It is not much. Just wanted to ask something and request of something.” 

“What…could that be…?” (Yuwein)

This is rare. 

I don’t even have a memory of a time the Great Sage-sama, who doesn’t have interest in authority and politics, has given an order. 

I think it is related to war though, but what…?

“Who is going to be acting together with the Spirit User-kun of the Water Country?” 

“I-It is me! The First Division Captain, Ortho!” 

I hurriedly spoke out. 

I didn’t expect that it would be about me at all.

The Great Sage-sama looked over here and narrowed her eyes in amusement. 

“Hoh? Putting the First Division on him, you have quite the leisure. Aren’t they our elites? Is it okay to not send them to the main battlefield?” 

“I will of course be acting together with the Light Hero in the main forces as the General. However, the security in Laphroaig is bad, and it is said that there’s a lot of the Snake Church hiding there. We judged that it is necessary to place capable people.” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein said without stuttering. 

“I see. That’s true. Oi, 1st Division Captain.” 

“Yes!” (Ortho)

My body stiffened at being called by the Great Sage-sama. 

“About the Spirit User-kun…if he tries to do something to the Demon Lord army, don’t stop him.” 

The order of the Great Sage-sama was something I didn’t expect.

“…What do you mean by that?” (Ortho)

“Great Sage-sama, we plan on avoiding any meaningless battle in this time’s war. Were you not notified of this?” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein added to my question.

Even if he is the Rozes Hero, arbitrary actions won’t be forgiven.

Even if he wants to fight the monsters, we will have him follow our plan.

“You have heard about the story of the Spirit User-kun having stopped a comet, right?” 

“We have received reports from General Tariska about that, but…” (Yuwein)

A report saying that he stopped a comet with enough size to blow up the whole capital of Great Keith. 

There’s people who doubt this,  but it is Makoto-dono who used water magic to swallow all the 5,000 thousand year monsters at Symphonia. 

As someone who witnessed this with my own eyes, I was able to believe that story. 

“The Spirit Magic of that man most likely has already surpassed the power of more than 10,000. Then, there’s no reason not to use him, right?” 

The Great Sage-sama who usually has an emotionless expression was currently showing a grin as she continued speaking.

In contrast to that, General Yuwein’s expression was grim.

“Hmm…but…” (Yuwein)

What Great Sage-sama was saying went against everything that held our plan. 

Also, if we allow the Evil God Apostle to achieve a great contribution, there might be the chance that we would anger the Pope who hates Evil Gods. 

And so, I proposed to the General and the Great Sage-sama.

“Excuse me for speaking out of line here but, Great Sage-sama, if we allow only the Rozes Hero to do as he pleases, it will throw off the order. About the actions of Makoto-dono, can I explain them as ‘the Great Sage-sama’s secret life’?” (Ortho)

“Ortho, that’s…” (Yuwein)

“I don’t mind. If the people get noisy, just tell them that you couldn’t go against it because it was my order.” 

Even I think I said something unreasonable there, but the Great Sage-sama easily agreed to it. 

“But His Holiness won’t be convinced with that. It would be great if it were to just wrap up without anything happening, but this could be seen as the Great Sage-sama getting involved with the army, and trying to create a new faction. I thought you hated those kinds of troublesome things. Is it okay?” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein voices out his worry. 

It is as he says.

The nobles and the ones in sacred professions of the Sun Country don’t look kindly to the rise of a new power. 

“It doesn’t matter. You just have to shut up the stupid crying with actual results. I am sure the Spirit User-kun is going to do exactly that.” 

I could feel clear trust in the voice of the Great Sage-sama.

How can she place so much trust in a Hero of another country?

“You view the Water Country’s Hero quite highly.” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein spoke out the feelings of everyone there.

“Not really. The Light Hero-kun wouldn’t lose to 100,000 monsters. Spirit User-kun isn’t on that level yet.” 

The words that came back from the Great Sage-sama were cold.

The eyes of everyone gather on the 7th Division Captain and Light Hero, Sakurai-sama.

“…I haven’t fought 100,000 monsters, so I can’t really say…” (Sakurai)

The response of the Light Hero Sakurai-sama was a reserved one.

But it could also be taken as him saying that if he had to, he intended to win.

I think so as well.

Even if everyone of the Sun Knight captains here were to fight him all at once, we wouldn’t be able to win against the current Light Hero-sama.

“Oi oi, that’s a troubling response. 1,000 years ago, we fought against the 1,000,000 of the Demon Lord army, you know.” 

But the Great Sage-sama wasn’t satisfied with the response of Sakurai-sama. 

She must be talking about the legendary battle where Abel-sama and his party of 4 defeated an army of 1,000,000.

“Great Sage-sama…that’s a story of the times of Savior Abel-sama, right? We know from our investigations that the Demonic Continent can’t prepare an army of more than 1,000,000.” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein denied it softly. 

“Hmph, I know that. Anyways, the magic of the Spirit User-kun will be of use in the war. Have him continue training without letting him rot on the side. I will take responsibility.” 

Saying this, the Great Sage-sama left with Teleport. 


Silence took over the place.

A while after, General Yuwein spoke.

“Ortho.” (Yuwein)

“Yes!” (Ortho)

Being called by General Yuwein, I straightened my posture.

“Do as the Great Sage-sama ordered. No need to restrict the actions of the Water Country’s Hero-dono. However, in the case where it would bring heavy bad influence into the situation of the battle, judge for yourself as the First Division Captain and act accordingly. The Water Country’s army is under the command of the Sun Knights. They won’t disobey the order of the captain.” (Yuwein)

“Yes sir!” (Ortho)

If it is the decision of the General, I just have to obey.

“But…what is the Great Sage-sama thinking?” 

“Maybe those rumors…were actually true.” 

I heard those voices.

About the rumors of the Great Sage-sama…I have heard them as well.

“Hey, Ryosuke-dono, are the rumors of the Great Sage-sama being the lover of the Water Country’s Hero-dono true?” 

The one who brought out this topic that was none of his business with a grin on his face was the 6th Division Captain.

It is because he is young and is close to Sakurai-dono that he can bring out a topic like that with him.

It is slightly inappropriate for the place though.

“No…I don’t think Takatsuki-kun and the Great Sage-sama are lovers.” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-dono denied it with a bitter smile.

The Water Country’s Hero and Sakurai-dono were close to each other in their previous world.

So it really was a rumor. 

But the consideration of the Great Sage-sama wasn’t just anything. 

The other captains were also noisy. 

“Don’t swallow the rumors you hear on the streets. According to the reports of the intelligence department, the Great Sage-sama and the Hero-dono have only met 3 times. We have information that they are not in that kind of relationship.” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein glared at the captains and stopped any further discussion. 

…He has investigated that much?

When you are the top of the Sun Knights, you really need to gather a variety of info aside from having strength. 

That sounds like suffering. 

“Then, there has been a change in a part of the plan, but I will be confirming the Northern Expedition Plan.” (Yuwein)

We nodded at the words of the General.

That was a conversation from a few days ago.


In front of me, there’s the Water Country’s Hero-dono watching the sea while clad in raging mana akin of a storm. 

“Ortho-san, is it okay to drive those monsters there away?” (Makoto)

How can this be?

It ended up exactly as the Great Sage-sama said. 

“Makoto-dono…did you forget what Esther-sama said? Doing anything to them carelessly in this time’s war has been prohibited. We must preserve our forces for the coming battle with the Great Demon Lord.” (Ortho)

I remind Makoto-dono about this time’s plan. 

“Yeah, but they think our magic doesn’t reach them. Don’t you think there’s meaning in doing a preemptive strike on them all the way there?” (Makoto)

“…Can you reach?” (Ortho)

This is only a rough measurement, but I think the distance between them and us is around one end of a capital to the other end. 

There’s almost no mages in the Sun Knights who can shoot effective magic at that distance.

If it were possible, it certainly would be ideal.


“That mana won’t be enough against 10,000 demon lord subordinates.” (Ortho)

I clearly stated.

The mana Makoto-dono has borrowed from the Spirits is massive. 

But the monsters currently at the open sea are directly under the Demon Lord Forneus.

The mana of Makoto-dono right now is higher than any of the First Division mages, but even with that, it still isn’t enough to fight against the Demon Lord army. 

That’s my judgment as the captain.

“Yeah, of course.” (Makoto)

Makoto-dono responded with this to my words as if it were nothing.

“Then, I will be preparing from now on, okay?” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Ortho)

I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Is that not his full power? 

I couldn’t say anything, and Makoto-dono walked to his comrades.

And then, he said this to the Moon Oracle.

“Princess, I want you to help me drive those guys away. Can you lend me a hand?” (Makoto)

“Okay, but…in what?” (Furiae)

The Moon Oracle makes a dubious expression.

He grabs her silk-like hand. 

Synchronization.” (Makoto)

I heard that low mutter.

I couldn’t tell what he was doing, but it looks like it was the same for his comrades.

“Makoto?” (Lucy)

“What are you doing?” (Aya)

“You will understand soon enough. Heya~, Great Water Spirit, Undine.” (Makoto)


A heavy shock as if something had impacted my stomach ran through my body. 

After that, a stabbing sensation assaulted my back. 

The Aura around my body was blown away, and I felt as if I were inside an intense cold blizzard.

(T-This is…?!) (Ortho)

When I looked, I could see that the Moon Oracle had a pale white face. 

“M-My Knight! If you are going to call a Great Spirit, tell me beforehand!” (Furiae)

“Ah, sorry, Princess.” (Makoto)

He laughed while scratching his cheek.

“Undine, restrain your mana a bit. Touch my right arm for a sec.” (Makoto)

Makoto-dono talks to his right side that should have no one.

…Aah, there’s someone.

There certainly is something that I can’t see. 

I couldn’t react to the fearsome level of mana, but it seems like the other 1st Division knights also came over wondering what was happening and had their legs lose strength.

The sea was going wild with high waves.

The drizzling rain was making the place hard to see like mist. 

The unsettling thing is that the only place that’s raining is here, and the other places are sunny as always, with the sun shining down.

And then, even more massive amounts of mana swirled around Makoto-dono, and the air and ground were trembling slightly. 

I wouldn’t be surprised even if I was told a natural disaster was about to happen.

“Makoto-dono, what are you planning on doing?!” (Ortho)

I hold myself back from screaming, and question him.

“Eh? As I said, I am going to use magic to drive the monsters away.” (Makoto)

There’s no need for that! 

If the monsters have intelligence, they would have without doubt run away after feeling this outrageous mana. 

No, they would run away by instinct alone.

“Then, here I go~.” (Makoto)

The same time he says this with a carefree tone, a fearsome pressure ruled over the place.

I noticed that this was being released by the right hand of the Water Country’s Hero. 

“Water Magic: Ice… No, since I have the chance, let’s put a different name to it…” (Makoto)

I heard his monologue. 

“My Knight, just do this already!” (Furiae)

“Look, Makoto! The monsters are running away!” (Lucy)

It is as Lucy-dono says, even the monsters were agitated by this and had broken formation.

They should be retreating in due time.

“Hm? Damn it, as if I will let you run away!” (Makoto)

“Makoto-dono?!” (Ortho)

His objective has changed?! 

It is okay to let them run! 

“Takatsuki-kun, have you decided on your spell?” (Aya)

The only one maintaining her calm here is the Fire Country’s Hero, Aya-dono. She has her hands linked on her back, and is peeking at the face of Makoto-dono. 

“Yeah, I will go with that.” (Makoto)

Hero Makoto smiled as if he was truly having fun.

And then, he pushed his right arm out and said…

Just what kind of spell is he…

 “[Eternal Death Blizzard]! *When it hits, the enemy dies*.” (Makoto) <Reference to Eternal Force Blizzard. ‘Target dies’ was referenced so many times it turned into own category of magic spells and special powers.>

This is the first time I hear of that spell.

A mind-numbing amount of mana was shaping up as a spell.

Magic circles that surpassed the thousands were floating in the air disorderly. 

A chaotic sight that lacked any sort of uniformity.

Totally contrary to the spells of the Highland mages that have had their useless points taken off.

Coarse magic circles that have pointless things overlapping pointless things.

They are being forcefully made into shape with infinite mana, like a miracle made out of papier mache.

And so, the spell was finished.

In the next instant, everything in front was covered in silver.

“…Snow?” (Ortho)

The rain that had been falling until now had changed into snow.

It was cold to the point that it felt as if the seasons had changed.



“C-Cold! Takatsuki-kun!” 

The voices of Makoto-dono’s comrades are trembling. 

One of them seems to be due to the cold though.

“…Wh…at…?” (Ortho)

And my voice was also trembling.

My brain couldn’t keep up with what was happening in front of me.

The sea had changed into a bone-chilling ice field that extended all the way to the horizon.

In this pure white world of death, all the monsters had been frozen.

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