WM – Chapter 184: Takatsuki Makoto and Sasaki Aya

◇Sasaki Aya POV◇

(Takatsuki-kun and Fu-chan are…) (Aya)

I erased my presence and watched their state. 

By the way, I am around 200 meters apart from them.

It should be outside the detection range of Takatsuki-kun who is always cautious of his surroundings. 

Takatsuki-kun and Fu-chan are close to each other.

To the point that their shoulders could touch.

Muuh, they get along real well. 

I remember the conversation I had with Lu-chan a few days ago.


“Hey hey, Aya, listen listen. The eyes Furi has when she looks at Makoto have been strange recently! What do you think, Aya?” (Lucy)

“What, you ask… That Fu-chan likes Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

“That’s right! This is trouble!” (Lucy)

My love rival and best friend Lu-chan was waving her arms as she spoke passionately. 

But I was calm compared to Lu-chan. 

“Wasn’t that a pretty long while ago?” (Aya)

In my eyes, she has been suspicious since around Spring Log.

“No way. You noticed it, Aya? Then tell me.” (Lucy)

“But why is it trouble? Takatsuki-kun has been popular with Sofi-chan and Jane-chan lately.” (Aya)

‘At this point?’, is what I said.

And then I sighed.

Where did the innocent Takatsuki-kun that said stuff like ‘you are the only girl I have spoken to properly, Sa-san’ in the middle school days go?

He has become a popular Hero-sama in an isekai. Haah…

“I see. You don’t know much about this world… Listen here. Furi is the Moon Oracle, right? The person chosen to be the Moon Oracle is the most beautiful in the world. This is a legend that has been passed down since 1,000 years ago. And the past Moon Oracles have been peerless beauties without exception! Furi is an unbelievable beauty as well, right?!” (Lucy)

“Then, that means Takatsuki-kun is being courted by the world’s number 1 beauty…?” (Aya)

“That’s right!” (Lucy)

I see, that’s indeed trouble. 

Hmm, but…

“Fu-chan apparently likes Sakurai-kun though?” (Aya)

This is something I heard from Takatsuki-kun.

Also, I could tell from how Fu-chan acted that that was the case.

“That’s in the past. But women having a change of heart is something common, right?” (Lucy)

Lu-chan was making a face as if she were a love relationship expert. 

(You already told me you haven’t had a single boyfriend before, you know…) (Aya)

That’s the same for me though! 

“Then, maybe Lu-chan will eventually have a change of heart too.” (Aya)

I said jokingly. 

“Huh? Don’t say such stupid things.” (Lucy)

Lucy’s eyes narrowed and she glared at me. 

“I won’t have a change of heart. Not even if Aya ends up falling in love with someone else!” (Lucy)

“Huh?” (Aya)

That struck a nerve in me and I moved my face close to Lu-chan.

“No matter what happens, I will only love Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

I stick my forehead to Lu-chan, and we both glare at each other. 

“How many times has it been already that we have argued about something like this?” (Lucy)

Lu-chan said.

“Hmm, I stopped counting by the 50th.” (Aya)

It is most likely in the hundreds.

“Let’s stop that. What’s the point of us fighting?” (Lucy)

“What were we talking about?” (Aya)

We stopped glaring at each other. 

We love rivals are currently in a truce. 

Or more like, we are currently working together. 

Because Takatsuki-kun raises flags everywhere after all! 

Seriously, geez! 

“The problem is what Makoto thinks of Furi!” (Lucy)

“Can’t you just ask him directly? Wanna go ask right now?” (Aya)

“N-No! What if Makoto has fallen in love with Furi?!” (Lucy)

“Haah, you are a scaredy-cat in the weirdest of places, Lu-chan.” (Aya)

I shrugged my shoulders. 

I was acting as if I am calm, but I was actually a bit worried.

…Which is it, Takatsuki-kun?

That was the conversation of just a few days ago.


I once again look at Takatsuki-kun and Fu-chan.

It seems like they are talking about something, but I can’t hear it well with the wind being so strong.

Fu-chan slapped the shoulder of Takatsuki-kun.

Takatsuki-kun shrugged.

They really look like they are getting along. 

Mumumumu… Wonder what they are talking about.

I narrowed my eyes and tried to read their lips to catch what they were saying, and…


Fu-chan turned over here.

Takatsuki-kun looked over here right after.

And he waved his hand.

Fu-chan had a stiff smile, and Takatsuki-kun had his usual cool expression.

Could it be that Takatsuki-kun had noticed from the very beginning?

I scratched my cheek, and then landed close to them in around 3 steps. 

“Good evening, Takatsuki-kun, Fu-chan.” (Aya)

“W-Warrior-san, since when were you watching?!” (Furiae)

“Heya there, Sa-san. What’s the matter?” (Makoto)

The flustered Fu-chan and the usual Takatsuki-kun.

“I didn’t see you two around, so I was wondering where you were. I found you two just a few moments ago.” (Aya)

“I-Is that so! We have finished talking, so I am going to go to sleep! Good night, My Knight, Warrior-san!” (Furiae)

“I will accompany you back, Princess.” (Makoto)

“It is okay! There’s knights everywhere. This place is safe.” (Furiae)

Saying this with a red face, Fu-chan was about to leave.

There’s no need to be in such a rush as if you were running away. 

At the instant Fu-chan passed by, I looked at her side-profile. 

Glossy black hair with the light of the moon shining on it.

White skin that felt as if it sparkled.

Even I, who am used to seeing her, think…

…She is breathtakingly beautiful.

The story of Lu-chan about the Moon Oracle being the most beautiful person in the world…her inhuman beauty professed this statement. 

What was Takatsuki-kun talking about with a girl like this all alone?

“What’s the matter, Sa-san?” (Makoto)

It is vexing, but Takatsuki-kun is thoroughly the same as ever. 

This man…it is not ‘what’s the matter’.

Can’t you get a little red in the face? 

“What were you two talking about all alone at this late in the night~? So suspicious~.” (Aya)

I gave him an upward glance while asking with a slightly sulking tone. 

I am actually a bit…no, I am pretty jealous here too.

“I was training alone. And then, Princess showed up.” (Makoto)

But the response of Takatsuki-kun was a light one. 

“She thanked me for saving Laphroaig. To not push myself for her sake. That wasn’t my intention though.” (Makoto)

“Then what was your intention?” (Aya)

“Eh, uhm…hmm, well, isn’t it fine?” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun’s gaze swam to where the sea is. 

Aah, I think I get it. 

“You came to the sea for the first time, and you saw a whole lot of Water Spirits, so you wanted to try it out, right?” (Aya)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

He made a face as if saying ‘how did you read my mind?’.

“How did you read my mind?” (Makoto)

And he even said it out loud.

“I can tell by looking at your face.” (Aya)

“Really.” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun raised his hand a bit ashamed by that, and continued training his water magic.

I am impressed he doesn’t get bored by it. 

“Fu-chan has been talking to you pretty frequently lately, right?” (Aya)

For now, I try to investigate a bit while disguising it as casual talk.

“Really? Isn’t it the same as always?” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun’s reaction was an indifferent one though.

“No, it is completely different. She was more thorny before.” (Aya)

“Aah, she is a tsundere after all.” (Makoto)

“Right right. She has been showing more of the dere side recently.” (Aya) 

“I am getting kicked frequently though?” (Makoto)

“That’s because of your sexual harrassment, Takatsuki-kun…” (Aya)

Like touching her boobs, looking at her panties…

We talked about silly stuff for a while. 

But I couldn’t see his true feelings.

(Alright, then…) (Aya)

Let’s step in a bit. 

“What if…Fu-chan were to fall in love with you. What would you do?” (Aya)

I tried asking with my heart beating a little bit…a real little bit. 

In order to confirm the feelings of Takatsuki-kun, which I discussed with Lu-chan before.

The response of Takatsuki-kun was…

“There’s no way that would happen.” (Makoto)

A displeased face, as if that’s troublesome

“Princess is the girlfriend of Sakurai-kun, right? I am simply being her Guardian Knight in place of Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

“Ah, yeah… Right.” (Aya)

Takatsuki-kun had an annoyed tone, so I stopped the topic there. 

Fu-chan has feelings for Takatsuki-kun…I think.

I don’t know if those feelings are of love though.

On the other hand, Takatsuki-kun only thinks of her as the girlfriend of Sakurai-kun.

No, not only that. It is exactly because he thinks she is the girlfriend of Sakurai-kun that he didn’t like that kind of topic. 

(Takatsuki-kun has hated those kind of complicated relationships after all…) (Aya)

I let out a small sigh while making sure he doesn’t notice.

Looks like the worry of Lu-chan and me was unnecessary. 

“Sa-san, Sa-san, look at this.” (Makoto)

As if trying to forcefully change the topic, Takatsuki-kun raised his blue right arm.

The right arm shone, and magic circles of varied sizes showed up in the surroundings. 

The ground shook and the air trembled. 

Clouds covered the moon, and darkness spread. 

Water Magic: [Azure Dragon].” (Makoto)

“Nothing’s happening.” (Aya)

“Look up.” (Makoto)

“Geh.” (Aya)

When I look up, I could tell that what I thought was a cloud at first was actually a giant dragon.

“It is a Monarch Rank Water Spell called Azure Dragon. It apparently can call up rain and bring about lightning.” (Makoto)

“I-Is that so… That sounds impressive.” (Aya)

“Right?!” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun’s eyes were sparkling. 

He seems like he is having fun having managed to show off his new spell. 

I thought this while I was shocked looking at the giant water dragon covering the sky. 

(Takatsuki-kun is steadily growing further and further apart from being a human…) (Aya)

At that moment, a strong wind blew from the seaside. 

“Kya!” (Aya)

“Cold!” (Makoto)

The cold squall made Takatsuki-kun and I raise our voices.

I reflexively hug myself because of that cold wind that was taking the heat away from my body.


When I thought about going back already…

“[Ice House].” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun puts up his right hand and an ice building encloses us in an instant.

There’s even a door.

Wow! In the blink of an eye? 

The wind is gone and my body temperature raised. 

Even the air felt like it warmed a bit too.

“Takatsuki-kun, what is this?” (Aya)

“I tried making it with water magic. How is it? I thought that this might help in keeping the cold away. I controlled the steam of the water, and tried blocking the cold wind to a certain extent.” (Makoto)

“Y-You are doing that much?!” (Aya)

Even I, who can’t use magic, think that that’s most likely difficult. 

“If only I could make fire like Lucy…I could warm up Sa-san.” (Makoto)

But it looks like Takatsuki-kun wasn’t satisfied with his own magic.

I think it is plenty impressive though.

Takatsuki-kun saying ‘sorry for being an unskillful mage’ was lovely. 

I suddenly noticed.

Fu-chan and Takatsuki-kun were alone just a few moments ago, but right now we are together alone.

Eh? Could this be a good mood?

(Hmm~…) (Aya)

Could this be a chance?

The face of Lu-chan while saying ‘no stealing the march!’ surfaced in my mind.

What should I do?


I will apologize a whole lot later!

“Hey hey, Takatsuki-kun. Quiz.” (Aya)

“Eh, what, all of a sudden.” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun looks over here with a surprised expression.

“There was a young man and woman at a certain place. It was cold, and the girl was trembling. Now, what do you think was the right choice for the man that was together with her? Ah, no magic, okay?” (Aya)

I asked this question to Takatsuki-kun while laughing shyly. 

He opened his eyes wide for a moment, and then, as if he noticed, he averted his gaze. 

“Ah, yeah…that’s…” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun must have noticed my intention, he slowly got closer to me with a slightly red face. 

“What would be the right answer?” (Aya)

I moved my face closer and looked at him.

“This?” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun hugged me tightly. 

Fueeh, so warm. 

I hug Takatsuki-kun back.

“Correct?” (Makoto)

The voice of Takatsuki-kun rang in my ears. 

“Hmm, half-correct, I guess.” (Aya)

“Half?” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun was making a questioning look.

“Hnn…” (Aya)

I closed my eyes and raised my chin slightly. 

“Aah…” (Makoto)

I heard the slightly amazed voice of Takatsuki-kun.

While I waited for a bit just like that.

I felt something warm on my lips

The arms around me hugged me tighter. 

I also increased my strength.

I could hear the fast heartbeat of Takatsuki-kun.

But I am sure mine is faster.

I wanted this happiness to continue forever, but it only lasted for around 10 seconds.

“Correct?” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun asks with a red face.

“Correct.” (Aya)

I answered bashfully.

“Then, next question!” (Aya)

“N-Next?” (Makoto)

Takatsuki-kun opens his eyes wide.

“What if this were a snow mountain?” (Aya)

“…No, that’s…” (Makoto)

The eyes of Takatsuki-kun swim around.

Maybe he is shy, or he is hesitating, his gaze is wandering.

“Noah-sama… No, but… Aah, even RPG Player…” (Makoto)

I could hear Takatsuki-kun muttering something in a low voice.

In that time, I undid the buttons of Takatsuki-kun’s jacket.

Takatsuki-kun made a slightly surprised expression, but that’s all he did.

“Now, what’s your answer?” (Aya)

When I asked, Takatsuki-kun made a troubled smile.

“Then, I will answer with action.” (Makoto)

Saying this, Takatsuki-kun undid a button of my clothes…

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