WM – Chapter 113: The Princess came to Makkaren

◇Christiana Makkaren POV◇

An office room in the Makkaren feudal lord’s residence.

The ones confronting each other there were me -Christiana- and my little sister, Constance Makkaren. 

“Christiana-oneesama, how about stopping the pointless struggle? Most of the influential people of Makkaren have been taken in by me and Violet-oneesama, you know.” 

“Kuh…” (Chris)

My little sister shows a confident smile.

It is vexing but she is right.

In the time I was away from Makkaren, the people who were on the side of Fujiwara-sama had switched sides.

If they want even more profit, they should take the side of the Fujiwara Company that has good momentum.

But the people that have been doing business for long in Makkaren have their own connections.

Also, depending on the situation, there’s times when they are being blackmailed.

My elder sister Violet and my little sister Constance managed to make a reversal in that short time.

“Also, the one backing me is the number one Grand Duke of Rozes, Benriach. Fujiwara-sama, who you are engaged with, can’t even be compared to him, you know?” 

The man standing behind Constance must be an envoy of the Benriach household.

How prepared.

But I know. 

The reason why Constance wants to become the lord is to live a more luxurious life than now.

She simply wants to increase her own private funds.

She has no intentions of improving our territory.

She is simply playing the good girl to draw the attention of our father.

The people of Makkaren won’t become happy with Constance as the feudal lord.

(But I am currently the one at the worst standing…) 

I managed to magnificently develop the project of the Flying Ship together with Fujiwara-sama, and I even got a strong connection with the capital of Horun.

But to think that my position at my own home would be shaken…

*Knock knock*

Someone knocked on the door.

“Excuse me-desu zo. Sorry for the interruption.” 

The one who came in hesitantly was my future husband.

“What’s the matter, Fujiwara-sama?” (Chris)

“What is it? We are currently in an important meeting.” 

I was annoyed by the tone of my little sister.

He is going to be my husband, you know?

But Fujiwara-sama didn’t pay any mind to it, and went straight to the point.

“Princess Sofia Rozes has come to Makkaren.” (Fuji)


I let out my voice in surprise.

On the other hand, my little sister had her mouth wide open.

But she soon fixes her expression.

“I will go meet her at once!” 

It is rare for the first princess of Rozes to visit a rural place like this.

As the daughter of the feudal lord, the decision of my little sister is natural, but…

“There’s no need for that, Constance-sama.” (Fuji)

“What are you saying, Sir Fujiwara! Stay out of this!” 

My little sister shouts orders around noisily, so I was about to speak out to reprimand her but…

“Princess Sofia has ordered the Fujiwara Company to guide her around.” (Fujiwara)

Fujiwara-sama says in his usual subdued manner.

“T-There’s no way that’s possible! You are saying she contacted a new noble like you instead of the feudal lord of Makkaren?! Nonsense!” 

My little sister was getting hysterical, but I had an idea as to why.

“Did she come to meet Makoto-sama?” (Chris)

“Yeah…she went directly to the Adventurer Guild.” (Fuji)

Fujiwara-sama answered with a wry smile.

…What. Princess Sofia is that infatuated with him?

“W-What does this mean? Makoto is the new Country Designated Hero, right? He hasn’t done any meritorious deeds yet.” 

Aah, so that’s how it is in Makkaren, huh.

In the Horun incident, it was publicly announced that it was Prince Leonard who saved the day.

The information regarding what happened at Symphonia hasn’t circulated yet.

“Constance, I will go meet Princess Sofia. Let’s continue this later.” (Chris)

“…No way.” 

Her confident attitude of before crumbled, and she looked dumbfounded.

The envoy of the Grand Duke Benriach was flustered, unsure of what to do.

Fujiwara-sama and I hurried to the Adventurer Guild.

◇Takatsuki Makoto POV◇

“Princess Sofia?” (Makoto)

“Hero Makoto, it has been a while.” (Sofia)

The princess smiles.

No, it can’t be called ‘a while’…

We were together pretty recently.

“Wow, he is having a conversation with Sofia-sama as if normal.” “He really is a Hero…” “Damn it, that’s nice.” “Looks like he is also acquainted with the captain of the Water Templars.” “Haah, the rising star of Makkaren, huh…” 

The surroundings are noisy.

By the way, the Water Templars are apparently the knight division of the Guardian Knight Old Man.

So cool!

“I-Isn’t this her Highness, Princess Sofia? What business brings you to the Adventurer Guild of this countryside?” 

An old man with a scary face and a big scar on one of his eyes kneeled towards Princess Sofia.

Is that…the Guild Master?

I have only gotten a glance of him once a long time ago.

“I have come to check the city that Hero Makoto is based in. There’s no need for any grandiose welcoming. Can you guide me to his house first?” (Sofia)



The Guild Master and the adventurers of Makkaren all look over here.

I answered while scratching my cheek.

“I don’t have one though…” (Makoto)

“What do you mean by that?” (Sofia)

“I sleep at the resting area of the guild.” (Makoto)

I answered honestly.

Princess Sofia’s eyes grew sharper.


That’s normal for an adventurer though.

“Who is the one in charge of Hero Makoto?” (Sofia)

“I don’t have anyone in charge of me—” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes! It is me, Princess Sofia.” 

Mary-san hurriedly came.

{Eh? You are the one in charge of me, Mary-san?} (Makoto)

{We have to put it that way or the responsibility will fall on the Guild Master. Play along.} (Mary)

{Okay…} (Makoto)

Mary-san sticks to me and whispers in my ear.

Her breath is ticklish.

The eyes of Princess Sofia turned even sharper.

“The clothing, meals, and housing of the Hero are supposed to be shouldered by the royal family, and yet, Hero Makoto says he is sleeping in the Adventurer Guild. Don’t you know there’s a rule to treat the Hero as a state guest?” (Sofia)

The voice of Princess Sofia that demanded an explanation resonated in the now silent guild entrance.

The Guild Master, Mary-san, and the staff averted their gazes as if finding it hard to answer.

There’s also the 1,000,000 designation fee the other day.

Heroes are really treated specially.

“Looks like the Adventurer Guild of Makkaren doesn’t know how to keep regulation.” (Sofia)

The cold voice of Princess Sofia made the Guild Master, Mary-san, and for some reason all the adventurers in the place pale.

Maybe they think they will be punished by the Rozes royalty?

(The way Princess Sofia says things is scary after all~.) (Makoto)

Yup yup, I understand that feeling.

After being together with Princess Sofia in Horun and Symphonia, I now understand her nature better.

She is simply diligent. 

I also misunderstood her when I first met her at the Water Temple.

“Princess Sofia, they all celebrated with me the other day about becoming a Hero. There was no time to check for the house.” (Makoto)

This is not a lie.

Well, parties in the Adventurer Guild of Makkaren are a daily occurrence even without me though.

“…Is that so?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia looks around, and the staff of the guild all hurriedly nod repeatedly.

“If Hero Makoto says so, fine.” (Sofia)

Looks like she accepted it.

The Guild Master and Mary-san made blatant relieved faces.

At that moment, a familiar face entered the guild.

“Princess Sofia, glad to see you are doing well-desu zo.” 

The one who came was my classmate and his future wife.

“Fuji-yan and Chris-san?” (Makoto)

It is rare for them to come to the Adventurer Guild.

“If it is about the house of Takki-dono, I have a good one. It is a mansion that has a guest room that even royalty can stay in.” (Fuji)

“Is that so… That sounds nice.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia nods widely.


It is my house, right?

I am fine with a normal small apartment room though.

What does he mean by mansion?

I look at Fuji-yan and…

He directed me a face of ‘Leave it to me!’.

He must have a plan.

Fine then. I will leave it to him.

While we were talking about this and that, we arrived at a mansion close to the center of the city with a big garden.

The rent is on the Rozes royalty.

And so, I don’t know how much it costs. I am scared of knowing.

Am I really going to be living in a big house like this?

“Waaah, what a big residence.” “This is incredible, Takatsuki-kun.” “A Hero really lives in luxury.” 

We ended up telling Lucy, Sa-san, and Furiae-san after the fact, but it looks like they took a liking to the big mansion.

They each chose their room of preference.

I chose the room that was closest to the entrance so I can come and go with ease.

“Hero Makoto, I would like to talk with you a bit more if possible…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia says once we decided on the house as if reluctant to part.

I thought for sure she would be staying in Makkaren for a while though.

Looks like she will be inspecting the neighboring settlements.

The recent monster activity increased.

This area is specially close to the Demonic Forest, so there’s a lot of damage from monsters.

Just like that time with the kidnapped girl by goblins.

It looks like she will be checking the settlements for that.

What a hard worker she is.

“Be careful, okay?” (Makoto)

“I will come back after finishing my inspections. You must not go on a journey before that, okay?” (Sofia)

She nailed me down.

I am a Country Designated Hero.

A hired hero.

My employers are the rozes royals. Princess Sofia is my superior. 

In other words…

(This is an order from my superior, huh…) (Makoto)

I was actually thinking about having a journey far away somewhere. 

“I will wait for you in Makkaren.” (Makoto)

“Promise.” (Sofia)

She held my hands tightly.

“Y-Yes.” (Makoto)

I nod with my heart beating slightly fast.

Princess Sofia, the Old Man, and his Water Templars, went to do their inspections.


Fuji-yan and the others invited me to dinner that night.

Apparently because Chris-san will be able to stand at an advantage against her little sister.

“It is thanks to you, Takki-dono!” (Fuji)

“Here here, Takatsuki-sama.” (Nina)

“Please eat as much as you want.” (Chris)

Fuji-yan, Chris-san, and Nina-san were being abnormally grateful to me.

I haven’t done anything though?

“You were the one who called Princess Sofia, you know.” (Fuji)

“No, I didn’t call her…” (Makoto)

I was also surprised by her sudden visit.

“Now now, there’s no need to mind the details.” (Chris)

It didn’t sit well, but that night, I was given a great reception.

From that day on…

I didn’t have much to do until Princess Sofia returns, so I went monster subjugating at a place close to the city.

At times solo.

At times in a party.

Today is a solo day.

On my way back, I came across the party of Jean and Emily.

“Heya, Jean.” (Makoto)

“Oh, Makoto.” (Jean)

“Makoto-kun, good work today. Jean, I will be going to the guild first, okay?” (Emily)

Looks like the two hunted ogres nearby.

Emily ran off.

Jean and I walked together and had a talk about recent events. 

“Hey, Makoto.” (Jean)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

Jean suddenly made a serious expression.

“Actually…Emily and I have decided to marry.” (Jean)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

I got a light shock.

You just began going out recently, right?

But well, these guys are childhood friends.

Even with that, isn’t that too sudden?

“It is thanks to you, Makoto. You helped out the orphanage we were raised in, right?” (Jean)

He spoke with a passionate gaze.

No, that was…just how things turned out.

“The money we got from our adventures until now was mostly sent to the orphanage. But thanks to you, Makoto, I was told by the sister that the orphanage is okay. And so, we can use our money for ourselves. Really, thank you very much!” (Jean)

“Hmm…I see.” (Makoto)

I got the Castor Family to owe me, so I simply asked Peter for that favor. 

Sa-san was worried about the children of the orphanage too.

“Makoto, you are our benefactor.” (Jean)

“You’re welcome.” (Makoto)

I answered with a chuckle, but Jean was seriously giving me his thanks.

After that, I met with Lucy and Emily who were having dinner at a stall of the guild.

Emily has told Lucy about their marriage too, it seems.

That night, we celebrated their marriage with our comrades.

I see. Jean and Emily are going to marry.

…Everyone is solidifying their lives.

Fuji-yan and Sakurai-kun too.

What’s this?

It is someone else’s business, but…it makes me feel fuzzy.

I am still single.


Lately, whenever I go to the adventurer guild, female adventurers that are single would come talk to me one after the other.

It means that I am popular, but…

…It is a bit tough for a person like me that has difficulties talking with strangers.

Thanks to that, I found it harder and harder to go to the adventurer guild.

I am currently training on the waterway flowing at the back of my residence.

“Nyaa, nyaa~.”

A black cat walks its way towards me.

“You again.” (Makoto)

When I was training my charm magic, it didn’t work at all with people and Spirits, but cats and dogs would gather.

Even when I undid the charm magic, there was one cat alone that has been attached to me the whole time.

“Nyaa, nyaa~.” 

It is in the middle of a kitten and an adult cat.

A black cat that’s slightly thin.

It nuzzles its head on me.

“Wait for a bit.” (Makoto)

I put my hand on the waterway and…

(Water Magic: [Water Dragon].) 

I use water magic to catch a fish.

I throw that in front of the black cat.

“Nya! Nya! Nya!” 

It made a flustered voice, and after looking around restlessly, it began to eat the fish heartily.

There’s no need to eat so fast, you know.

After it finished eating the fish, it let out a satisfied ‘naa~’, and came close to me.

It curled up and fell asleep.

It truly is a lifestyle of eating and sleeping.

What a nice life.

I rub the back of the black cat as I think.

(What should I do from now on…) (Makoto)

I did become a Hero and my name is decently known now.

I am also getting good treatment in Makkaren.

How about my party members?

Sa-san has been strong from the beginning, and Lucy got better at magic after training with the Great Sage.

Furiae-san, who I was worried about, managed to easily control the Goblin King the other day, so I don’t think there will be much problems with her.

(It is going well…right?) (Makoto)

At the very least, it can’t be compared to the time when I was left at the Water Temple.

I could hear the black cat purring.

So peaceful.

(The progress in my mission as the Apostle of Noah-sama is questionable…) (Makoto)

But I was told to become stronger for the time when the Great Demon Lord returns.

Also to get closer to the Heroes and Oracles.

I have accomplished that to a certain extent.

(The next event hasn’t activated yet, huh…) (Makoto)

I feel like Sa-san would call me a ‘gamer brain’ again if she were to hear my thoughts.

I haven’t been motivated lately.

The reasons I can think up are: the wife of Fuji-yan is working hard to become the feudal lord, and hearing about Jean marrying.

Am I getting impatient because all my friends are marrying?

Does that mean I have to search for a marriage partner?

(I don’t think that’s what it is though.) (Makoto)

Or maybe it is because I wasn’t that much of use when dealing with the goblins?

But we managed to save the girl.

It is not like I became an adventurer to hunt goblins.

“Hey, what should I do?” (Makoto)


The black cat looks at me with sleepy eyes.

It is an isekai, so it is okay for you to talk, you know?

While I was bothering the sleep of the black cat…

“Makoto, what are you doing?” 

“O-Oh, Lucy.” (Makoto)

Lucy with a pink one piece and red cardigan was standing there.

It seems her hot constitution has gotten better thanks to her control of mana improving, her attire isn’t exposing as much skin now.

In the past, I would have to use Clear Mind or I wouldn’t be able to look at her directly.

The problem is gone now.

…That makes me a bit sad, Lucy-san.

“I am in the middle of training, I suppose?” (Makoto)

“Playing with a cat is training?” (Lucy)

“I am training while playing with the cat.” (Makoto)

“This black cat has been in our house’s garden all the time lately. Want to keep it?” (Lucy)

“I won’t. It is just a stray cat. And so, did you have any business?” (Makoto)

Lucy made a pondering gesture for a bit.

She looks at me with an upward glance.

And then, she says this as if she were thinking about this phrase since way before.

“Hey, Makoto, want to tag along with me for a bit?” (Lucy)

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