WM – Chapter 212: Takatsuki Makoto wakes up

When I opened my eyes, I saw an unfamiliar ceiling.

Or more like, the ceiling is high.

There’s more than 10 meters from the ceiling. 

There’s murals and stained glass with stuff like angels and gods. 

Where am I?

The next moment I thought about looking around, something jumped in front of me. 

“Makoto!” “Takatsuki-kun!” 

Lucy and Sa-san.

Ugh! …I am being crushed.

I was hugged with incredible force.

“L-Lucy, Sa-san…” (Makoto)

I was about to tell them to calm down, but I choked on my words.

The faces of Lucy and Sa-san were a mess from tears and snot. 

E-Eh? …What situation is this? 

If I remember correctly, I was fighting the Sun Hero, and then…ah, I remember now! 

“Sa-san!” (Makoto)

“W-What? Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

“What happened to the wound dealt onto you by the Sun Hero?!” (Makoto)

“Eh? I am totally okay. I revived from the Remaining Lives. See?” (Aya)

She says this and flips her clothes. 

It was a beautiful stomach with no wounds at all.

“Want to try touching it?” (Aya)

Sa-san placed my hand on her stomach.

It is so smooth…

Wait, that’s not it.

“I-I get it already.” (Makoto)

I move my hand away from Sa-san a bit embarrassed and fix her clothes.

“Hey, you are only going to worry about Aya?” (Lucy)

Lucy hugged me as if sulking a bit.

“Sorry. Are you okay, Lucy?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, I’m fine.” (Lucy)

She says this and buries my head on her chest. 

Sa-san hugs me again.

“Hero Makoto.” 

Someone spoke to me from the back.

“Sofia?” (Makoto)

“Dummy…” (Sofia)

She gently held my head with both of her hands.

She was crying. 

…Eh? What’s happening right now?

My memories are a bit hazy here.

“When Eir-sama told me that you died…I…I…” (Sofia)

“……Sorry, Sofia.” (Makoto)

I see.

I died from the cost of transforming into a Spirit, huh.


The next one that came running towards me was Sakurai-kun.

“Heya, looks like I worried you guys.” (Makoto)

“…Of course, but I am relieved.” (Sakurai)

He directed me a face that seemed on the verge of tears.

Right, what about Furiae-san?! 

I look around restlessly, and I find a black haired beauty a little bit further away.

Furiae-san had her mouth wide open that didn’t fit her beauty. 

“Ooi, Princess…” (Makoto)

The moment I stood up and tried to go there…

“T-Takatsuki-kun! You should wear something…” (Sakurai)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

At that moment, I noticed…

I am naked.

(Uoooooooooo! Why?!) (Makoto)

Lucy, Sa-san, Princess Sofia; no one told me! 

“Takatsuki Makoto, wear this.” 

“Ah, thanks.” (Makoto)

At some point in time, the Destiny Oracle Esther-san gave me something that looks like a robe. 

I hurriedly wear that.

Fuh, saved.

I once again look around.

Aside from my party members, there’s Princess Sofia and her bodyguards, Princess Noel and her bodyguards, Sakurai-kun, and Oracle Esther-san.

What a weird combination of people.

Of course the Sun Hero Alexander is not here.

The Pope doesn’t seem to be here either. 

I ask a question I had.

“Was the one who revived me…the Destiny Goddess Ira-sama?” (Makoto)

I looked at Oracle Esther-san and said this.

“…That’s right. I used the miracle of resurrection.” (Ira)


The ones around were stirred up more than I did.

And then, the people around took distance one after the other. 

“The Destiny Goddess Ira-sama…has descended then.” (Noel)

Princess Noel says as if representing everyone. 

At those words, Princess Noel, the bodyguards, Princess Sofia, and even Lucy kneeled. 

Sakurai-kun and Sa-san hurriedly kneeled too. 

A Goddess has descended. 

Normally, I should be following their example. 

But I wanted to complain to her. 

“Ira-sama, what is Sun Hero Alexander? I faced a terrible experience. Keep a proper eye on him.” (Makoto)

“M-Makoto-sama?!” (Noel) 

“Hero Makoto?! That way of speaking is just…!” (Sofia)

Princess Noel and Princess Sofia were pale white. 

It is okay, it is okay. 

Ira-sama is unexpectedly kind after all.

“About the matter of the Sun Hero Alexander, I will be explaining it from now on. Also, correct that ‘unexpectedly’. I am overflowing with kindness.” (Ira)

“Okay~.” (Makoto)

“Child of Noah, you have a foul mouth… Well, fine.” (Ira)

She really did forgive me.

Ira-sama is a tsundere goddess.

Right, I want to talk to Noah-sama too.

She must be angry that I died…


Are you watching~? 


There’s no response.

Is she angry?

“Noah is watching. I have currently set a Divine Precinct Barrier, so Noah’s voice doesn’t reach.” (Ira)

Ira-sama speaks.

I see. 

I should apologize later.

“Now then, next…” (Ira)

Ira-sama continues.

“A certain personage will be explaining the details this time.” (Ira)

Saying this, a giant magic circle appeared in the center of the Great Church. 

A magic circle that shone rainbow. 

The magic formula was for ‘summoning’.

Who is it calling?

Mana was flowing from Ira-sama like a flood. 

All of it was being sucked into the magic circle.

This spell…is impossible for a human.

The mana of a normal person would dry up before even activating.

Something shiny came out from the giant magic circle. 

“Eh?” (Noel)

The surprised voice of Princess Noel resonated.

The one who showed up was a long, slender, and well-proportioned blonde haired beauty wearing white armor. 

She had a halo that couldn’t be seen directly. 

She is not a person.

My instincts were telling me that she is on a whole other plane of existence. 

“Raise your head.” 

Being told this, I noticed…

Not only Princess Noel, Sakurai-kun, and Princess Sofia, even Lucy, Sa-san, and Furiae-san had kneeled. 

Their heads hanging down as if they had forgotten how to breathe. 

The only one who was standing absentminded was me.

Ah, there’s one other.

Ira-sama was standing with a meek face.

…Should I kneel too? 

I made eye-contact with Ira-sama, but she didn’t say anything.

It seemed like even Ira-sama was refraining from opening her mouth. 

Even Ira-sama… 

In other words, this personage is…

“I am the Sun Goddess, Althena.” 

It is not like she answered the question in my mind.

With a slightly curt tone, the ruler of the world appeared in front of me. 

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    1. Well, Makoto offered his body so i guess he died by human standard but not his soul. Maybe he didn’t have his spirit arm anymore.

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      1. About how he died, remember the Alex’s POV’s chapter? Esther-sama, or should i say Ira-sama said that the Titan Gods gave nature a will and Undine is one of them. I remember how Alex mentions that there’s several blue skinned women helping Makoto.
        Ira-sama also taught Alex :
        – An existence that ruled over them, the Great Spirits
        – The Spirit King apparently shows up from within the most experienced believers of the Titan Gods, in an Apostle that offers their flesh.

        Idk why they need the Apostle’s body, but i think they shared the Nature’s will, their own will with the soul of the Apostle. That could explains why Undine and other water spirits helped Makoto in the fight against Alex.

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