WM – Chapter 200: Furiae is waved about by her Guardian Knight

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◇Furiae POV◇

Haah… So peaceful.

I silently sighed.

I rubbed the back of the black cat on top of my laps and was looking at the outside view from the window of the hospital room.

Since Takatsuki Makoto -My Guardian Knight- got hospitalized, peaceful days have continued. 

It would be nice if it were always like this. 

There were a lot of rough things too.

The demon lord army led by the Beast King Zagan invaded from the Demonic Continent. 

But the Demon Lord Zagan was defeated by the teamwork of My Knight and Ryosuke. 

Of course, the biggest threat that is the Great Demon Lord Iblis hasn’t happened yet, so the danger is still there. 

(But…I think he would be able to do something about it. My visions of the future have been missing a whole lot lately after all.) (Furiae)

Since meeting My Knight, my Destiny Magic hasn’t been reliable at all.

The rebellion in the Highland capital was easily stopped.

The Demon Lord resurrection in the Wood Country was put to an end.

And the future of the demon lord army winning was avoided.

All of them had My Knight involved in it.

At this rate, the future of the Great Demon Lord resurrecting and the Light Hero being killed might disappear.

I ended up having that positive thinking.

In the past…I hated this world that oppressed the devilkin even more than I do now.

I thought that it would be better to just have this unfair world be destroyed.

But now…I feel like this world isn’t that bad.

Since when did this change? 

It is most likely since the time I followed that weird Guardian Knight of mine.

I thought that one day our Guardian Knight pact would be cancelled. 

That being the Guardian Knight of the Cursed Oracle would not last long.

But I don’t have that feeling anymore. 

Everyone from the party are good people. 

They don’t shirk me even though I am called the Cursed Oracle.

As for My Knight, it feels as if he isn’t even interested in me at all.

…At least show a bit of interest.

“Naah Naah.” 

The black cat on top of my laps tapped my arm. 

Looks like it is hungry.

“What a glutton of a demonic beast. Wait for a bit. I will prepare some food.” (Furiae)

By the time I noticed, I had become the caretaker of the black cat, but now that I think about it, isn’t this black cat the familiar of My Knight? 

It isn’t attached to My Knight at all though.

‘Princess has stolen my familiar!’, is what he made a ruckus about before, right?

Fufu, just remembering that made me laugh.

I went to the place where we placed our luggage, took out the cat food that the merchant Fujiwara-san prepared, and set a silver bowl.

What luxury for a cat.

You are getting such luxury thanks to the achievements of your master, you know? 

Be nice to him once in a while. 

“Nah! Nah! Nah!” 

The black cat taps my leg, demanding me to give it food quickly.

Good grief, what a greedy cat.

Once we return to the hospital room… 

At that moment, I heard the voice of the Rozes Princess and My Knight.

Oh my, looks like the two of them have returned.

When I was about to enter the room…

“Hero Makoto has become the Guardian Knight of the Great Sage-sama.” 

(………….Huh?) (Furiae)

I heard something unbelievable. 

W-Wait a minute! 

T-That’s a lie, right?! 

I haven’t heard anything about this!

This must be me mishearing. 

That must be it! 

But my hands were trembling.

A-Am I going to be thrown away?

By the time I noticed, the silver bowl had fallen onto the floor, but my confused head had no leeway to worry about that.

I fumble my way in search of Takatsuki Makoto.

“M-My Knight…?” (Furiae)

“Aah, Princess, I have become the Guardian Knight of the Great Sage-sama tod—” (Makoto)

This man! 

So shamelessly! 

Steam filled my head.

“YOU TRAITOOOR!!” (Furiae)

I lunged at him, straddled him, and tried to choke him (apparently).

After that, the Mage-san and the Warrior-san tore me off from him, and was pinned down.

I don’t remember it properly though.


“Eh? Then you are still my Guardian Knight?” (Furiae)

What, so getting all shocked was a waste. 

“That’s why it should be okay, right?” (Makoto)

My Knight had a nonchalant expression without a single sign of being apologetic.

How odious.

“…I didn’t hear about this.” (Furiae)

I pucker my lips and criticized My Knight.

“I think becoming a Guardian Knight just like that on your own volition is questionable, you know, Makoto.” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun, you have to consult with Fu-chan about things like this beforehand.” (Aya)

“Hero Makoto, you must not fight with your party members.” (Sofia)

My Knight must have noticed he is in a bad position, he averted his gaze.

Serves you right. 

“I will talk about the matter of Hero Makoto to Noel-sama.” (Sofia)

The Rozes Princess exited the place.

“Maybe I should go to the church in the 9th District~.” (Aya)

“Ah, is that the church that Emily was in? I want to go there too.” (Lucy)

Looks like the Warrior-san and Mage-san are going to be going out together.

It is rare for them to not be together with My Knight.

“Eh, what about an adventure?” (Makoto)

“No, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

“Rest, Makoto.” (Lucy)

Being rejected by his two comrades, My Knight got dejected.

Maybe these two are also angry that he became the Guardian Knight of the Great Sage-sama without consulting them.

I was the one who got pissed the most though.

After a while, the two left.

There’s only Takatsuki Makoto and me in the hospital room.

“Guess I will explore the capital…” (Makoto)

My Knight muttered this.

Muh, this guy, he immediately planned on leaving.

“Want to come with me?” (Makoto)

“What’s with the invitation as if I am an aside?” (Furiae)

“It is fine if you don’t want to though.” (Makoto)

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to.” (Furiae)


I will have you pay for giving me a heart attack there, okay?! 

Takatsuki Makoto and I go out to the Symphonia capital.


“What’s…this place?” (Furiae)

What’s in front of us was a giant building shining in gold all over.

How flashy.

“The Grand Highland Casino. Let’s go in.” (Makoto)

“Casino…? You gamble?” (Furiae)

When I was a child, the granny that looked after me often said ‘men that gamble are all trash’.

It seems like she was fooled by a useless man in the past.

My Knight didn’t answer my question and approached the guard of the casino. 

“Heya~.” (Makoto)

“Ooh, Bro. You brought some mo—T-Takatsuki Makoto-sama?!” 

My Knight greets the guard that was watching over the entrance.

The guard was giving out pressure at first, but he immediately changed his attitude. 

“Can I go in? Uhm, if I remember correctly, Peter’s badge is somewhere around here…?” (Makoto)

“I-It is okay! You and your comrade can enter freely!” 

“Is Peter-san here?” (Makoto)

“I will call the young master!”

The staff-looking people of the casino were all flustered. 

Looks like he has an acquaintance here.

Mumuh…My Knight liked gambling? 

That’s a hidden side of him.

I remembered the words of the granny…and it worried me. 

My Knight isn’t a hopeless man, right?

“Princess, let’s go.” (Makoto)

“Wait, I’m going.” (Furiae)

I hurriedly follow after him so that I am not left behind.

We passed a sturdy looking door, and we entered the golden building. 

“Uwaah…what an impressive place.” (Furiae)

“Is this your first time entering a casino?” (Makoto)

“…It is.” (Furiae)

I look around restlessly. 

There were a lot of people coming and going on top of a bright red carpet. 

The sound of overflowing coins from the slots. 

A crowd of people were gathering at the poker tables and roulette.

And then there’s the cheers of the gallery and the winners. 

The cries of the people that lost. 

What a noisy place. 

“My Knight…you come here often?” (Furiae)

“No, this is my 2nd time here. This is my first time playing at a casino.” (Makoto)

“Then you are a beginner too.” (Furiae)

I thought I was brought to a place he came often to play around, but it looks like that’s not the case. 

He is not a hopeless man.

“And so, how do you play here?” (Furiae)

I ask this in excitement.  

I might have been affected by the peculiar atmosphere of the casino.

“Hmm, I don’t know much about it, so let’s just go around and check the place.” (Makoto)

“Got it! …By the way, do you have money?” (Furiae)

I got uneasy. 

You can’t play in a casino unless you have funds, right?

“It is okay. The Great Sage-sama gave me some pocket money!” (Makoto)

“…I-I see.” (Furiae)

He responded all nicely, but…that’s not your own money, is it?

You are a Country Designated Hero, so you get money from the royalty of Rozes, right? 

On top of that, you are even getting money from the Great Sage-sama of Highland…?

I feel like My Knight is becoming a leech. 

Moreover, he is using the money he gets in gambling… Maybe he really is trash?

“Come on, Princess. Let’s go.” (Makoto)

“Hey.” (Furiae)

He grabbed my hand and pulled me.

“Why are you grabbing my hand?” (Furiae)

Feeling the warmth of My Knight, my body got a bit hotter as if being affected by it. 

“There’s a lot of people, so it would be troubling if we were to get separated, right?” (Makoto)

My Knight looks at me with a dumbfounded face.

(Kuuh…his usual carefree face.) (Furiae)

I was vexed by this, so I hold his hand too in order to show that I don’t mind it either as I follow after him.


Roulette, poker, black jack, slots, baccarat…

We went around checking a lot of places.

Our wins were…well, it felt like luck.

But this is my first time in a casino, and I enjoyed it to a decent degree. 

When we didn’t know what the rules were, we watched other people play, which was fun in itself.

At certain intervals there would be shows in the center of the casino, and we would watch that. 

Women with flashy clothes would do sensual dances, and the jesters would show tricks. 

The audience would heckle depending on their taste, and if they liked it, they would throw chips onto the stage. 

I took a break at a table that was a bit apart from the stage. 

As for My Knight, he is talking to a bunny girl nearby that’s giving out drinks.

“What’s that cocktail?” (Makoto)

“This here is a gimlet.” 

“Is it easy to drink?” (Makoto)

“Yes, it has a refreshing taste, and it is easy to drink.” 

“Then, I will have two.” (Makoto)

He came back to the table with drinks in hand. 

“Here you go, Princess.” (Makoto)

“…Thanks.” (Furiae)

What’s with you. So you can be considerate. 

We toasted and I took a sip of the cocktail. 

It is indeed refreshing and tasty. 

Good job, My Knight.

“Uwah, what’s this? The ratio is so high!” (Makoto)

My Knight frowned. 


In these cases, not showing it in your face is what’s cool, you know?

“Oh well.” (Makoto)

My Knight gulped the whole cocktail down.

“Are you okay? You can’t hold your liquor, right?” (Furiae)

“Well, yeah…” (Makoto)

By the way, from the many games we went to in this casino, I lost almost all of them. 

When I challenged the games with small sums at first and then went ‘I think I understand it now’ and would go for higher sums, I would almost always lose. 

And I would lose all the money I won. 

It seems like Takatsuki Makoto has never used money on gambles, so he gave it up quickly saying ‘this is not for me’.

I led a paltry lifestyle in the Moon Country, so I am bewildered by a place like this where large sums of money fly around.

“Didn’t you play around with the money that you got from your believers, Princess?” (Makoto)

“There’s no way I would do that!” (Furiae)

What a thing to say! 

You saw me like that?! 

That’s why you brought me to a casino, huh.

“So, what do we do now? Do we move somewhere else?” (Furiae)

It seems like we don’t have any gambling talent, so I proposed to move elsewhere. 

“Hmm, it should be about time…” (Makoto)

“Brother! So you came!” 

“Wah!” (Furiae)

That scared me.

A young beastkin man placed an arm around the shoulders of My Knight from the back.

He is a young man, but his attire is quite good, and he is wearing expensive-looking clothes. 

“Oh, who is the one there…? I see! Is that the Princess-sama that I have heard about that my Brother is being a Guardian Knight of?” 

“Y-Yeah… And who are you?” (Furiae)

This man is acting overly familiar. 

But it doesn’t give an overbearing feeling.

“Ah, sorry about that. I am Peter Castor. Our family is the one managing this casino. Please have fun!” (Peter)

“I-Is that so… Nice to meet you.” (Furiae)

I avoid mentioning that I am the Moon Oracle and just answer in a vague way. 

“Thanks for your help in the incident before! Our family has a lot of beastkin, so it really helped us out. I want to give you our thanks in place of my father and brother.” (Peter)

He lowered his head deeply. 

Looks like he knows that I am the Moon Oracle, and yet, he is still talking to me without minding that. 

“I-I didn’t do much. Half of that was from My Knight after all.” (Furiae)

There was a rebellion planned by the beastkin and the demi-humans in Symphonia. 

The Snake Church sold drugs that served as intermediaries for their curse magic, in order to cause the rebellion. 

I used my Curse Dispel which was carried by the rain of My Knight to stop that. 

“It is a big deal for our family. You can ask anything of us today. Brother, too.” (Peter)

“Hmm, we learned just a few moments ago that we are not suited for gambling.” (Makoto)

He told him about how we were losing all the games until now. 

“Alright, then I will guide you to the recommended places of the Castor Family! Of course, there’s no need to pay!” (Peter)

“No no, we can’t do that…” (Makoto)

“This is our thanks for saving Symphonia. Please allow us at least this much, Brother!” (Peter)

“Well, if that’s the case… Princess, is that okay with you?” (Makoto)

“I don’t mind.” (Furiae)

The casino was fun, but I am also beginning to get tired of the noisiness. 

We were guided to the stores of the capital by Peter-san.

Unsurprisingly from someone of a mafia, they were pretty deep establishments. 

◇Takatsuki Makoto POV◇

“Good grief, you drank too much.” (Furiae)

“…Thanks, Princess.” (Makoto)

Peter introduced us to a whole lot of high class establishments, and then we returned while I borrowed the shoulder of Furiae-san.

We were treated by Peter in all the establishments, so it was hard to find the timing to wrap it up.

By the way, most of the establishments that Peter introduced us to would have beautiful women giving reception, so the moment we arrived, they would immediately offer drinks. 


“Oh, you…are you trying to get close to My Knight while ignoring my presence?” (Furiae)

The Princess would say this to intimidate the hostesses, and would drive them away. 

That’s the most beautiful person in humanity for ya.

Even the beautiful assistants would shrink in front of Furiae-san.

Peter had a wry smile at that. 

Well, talking to women I don’t know would only tire me out, so it did help me out though.

And that’s how it went as we drank in the expensive restaurant, and I ended up getting drunk.

“Here, we are back.” (Furiae)

“Thanks…Princess.” (Makoto)

She brought me back to my own room. 

I told Furiae-san ‘I am fine on my own now’ once we got back, but she went ‘it is fine!’ as she brought me back to my room.

So kind. 

“Aah, I’m not feeling well. What should I do about today’s training…” (Makoto)

“You… You are planning on training after?” (Furiae)

I fall flat on my bed while having Furiae-san looking at me like a weirdo. 

Aah, so fluffy…

I wanna sleep. 

But I couldn’t train much today…

Maybe I should train for 2 hours at the very least…

“Hey, want me to cast you a spell that will sober you up?” (Furiae)

“Eh? You can do that?” (Makoto)

I didn’t know Furiae-san could use healing magic.

Since there’s the chance, let’s ask her to.

“Princess…please do.” (Makoto)

“Turn over here.” (Furiae)

“Okay.” (Makoto)

I turn and look at the ceiling. 

Furiae-san was looking down at me with her beautiful face.

After looking at each other for a while, Furiae-san’s face approached mine. 

Wait, eh? 

The long hair of Furiae-san brushed my face, and her face got really close to mine. 

W-Wait a moment.

The lips of Furiae-san lightly touched my forehead before I could react. 

“?!” (Makoto)

“It is a sleep curse. Sleep for today.” (Furiae)

I could faintly see Furiae-san smiling, but my eyelids felt heavy soon after.

Looks like the sobering spell was a lie.

“Oi…Prin…cess…” (Makoto)

“Good night, My Knight.” (Furiae)

I fell fast asleep with those last few words of hers.


By the time I noticed, I was standing in a space where there’s nothing. 

The space of the Goddess.

But my heart is slightly stirred at present. 

“I was kissed by the girlfriend of Sakurai-kun…?” (Makoto)

Isn’t this bad?

No, but that was on the forehead.

That’s normal overseas, right? (Internet knowledge)

No, she isn’t even from that world.


“What stupid thing are you thinking, Makoto?” (Noah)

“Ah, Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

I hurriedly kneel and greet her.

No good, no good.

I should change gears here. 

Clear Mind, Clear Mind.

“Aah, Mako-kun has put his hands on a new woman~.” (Eir)

“Eir-sama, that’s a…” (Makoto)

I was about to object to the words of the Water Goddess, but when I looked over there…I noticed.

What’s at the back of Noah-sama and Eir-sama…

There’s a small and cute girl with a displeased expression at their back.

“Who are you calling cute? That’s disrespectful, human.” 

She read my mind.

Also, it is true that ‘cute’ isn’t the most accurate way to describe her.

That perfect appearance of hers was inhuman.

A beauty impossible to reach by people.

“You… Didn’t you come to thank Makoto?” (Noah)

“You shouldn’t do that, Ira-chan. Saying something like that.” (Eir)

I understood with those words.

(…So it was you.) (Makoto)

The Destiny Goddess, Ira-sama, was standing there.

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