WM – Chapter 315: Takatsuki Makoto participates in the conferral of honors

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“Hey, we are going, Makoto!” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun, Sofi-chan is waiting~!” (Aya)

“Sorry, sorry.” (Makoto)

I apologize to Lucy and Sa-san as I get on the carriage with hurried steps. 

Great Demon Lord and Demon Lord subjugation conferral of honors: day of the ceremony. 

We are heading to the venue barely in time. 

The reason for that…is me. 

“Good grief, Makoto. To think you would try going there with your casual clothes.” (Lucy)

Lucy says, baffled. 

I am currently wearing the rented outfit that we ordered from Fuji-yan.

…So asphyxiating. 

Is there really a need for the necktie? 

“There were no dress code specifications though?” (Makoto)

At the very least, in the Demon Lord subjugation ceremony of before, I participated with the usual clothing. 

“That’s not good, Takatsuki-kun. You are the leader of the Crimson Fangs. There’s appropriate attire for places where there’s royalty and nobles.” (Aya)

“Hmm…” (Makoto)

Sa-san, who was admonishing me as if I am a bad little brother, is wearing a business casual dress cutely. 

Lucy is wearing a ceremonial dress, and this one also suits her extremely well.

These two who have become top figure adventurers of Rozes seem to be used to public events. 

“But is there the need to go by carriage? You have your Teleport, Lucy.” (Makoto)

I feel like this is a big waste. 

“Listen here. The big shots of every country will be participating in this time’s ceremony, and the security is super tight, you know?” (Lucy)

“There’s several folds of barriers put up, so I think it would be difficult to teleport there, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

“I see.” (Makoto)

My suggestion was easily rejected. 

But I suddenly remembered. 

“Momo and Rosalie-san apparently use Teleport on these occasions without reservation though?” (Makoto)

This is something I heard from Momo before. 

“You shouldn’t put me in the same sphere as Mama… It is normally impossible to teleport while ignoring the barriers.” (Lucy)

“In the first place, that’s bad manners, Takatsuki-kun. We shouldn’t imitate them.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san directed baffled looks at me. 

Even while chatting like that, the carriage was slowly heading to the venue while making clop noises. 

“Speaking of which, you are going to continue being an adventurer, Makoto? Honestly speaking, you have more than enough wealth and fame, right?” (Lucy)

Lucy asked that. 

What a foolish question. 

“I will of course be challenging the Deep Sea Temple… That said, I don’t see the means to clear it, so I don’t know what I should do.” (Makoto)

“If it is impossible for Takatsuki-kun who won against the Ancient Dragon King, no one can…” (Aya)

Sa-san makes a dejected expression to my words. 

“No, the problem is that Spirit Magic doesn’t work at all…  There’s a God Rank barrier in the Deep Sea Temple, and I can’t do anything. If I could do something about that…” (Makoto)

“Hmm, for you, not being able to use Spirit Magic is rough…” (Lucy)

“I don’t really get magic after all…” (Aya)

The 3 of us make complicated expressions. 

“If only there were a trigger to connect into a clear… Like a cheat level magic tool.” (Makoto)

Lucy and Sa-san look at each other at my words. 

“Is there something, Lu-chan?” (Aya)

“Hmm, there were a decent amount of weapons and magic tools lying around in the Great Demon Lord Castle, but there were no legendary weapons…” (Lucy)

“Right. Was there any other rare thing? The scholars were making a ruckus about it, right?” (Aya)

“Aah, about how the corpses of the past generations of Demon Lords were preserved? That’s some real distasteful hobby.” (Lucy)

“Right right, there were a whole ton of mummies. It was disgusting.” (Aya)

“What’s all that about?” (Makoto)

I interject in the talk of Lucy and Sa-san.

The two were exploring the fallen Great Demon Lord Castle as per request of the Adventurer Guild. 

I heard there wasn’t much danger, but this is my first time hearing about there being corpses of Demon Lords.

“Uhm, there’s apparently the corpses of Demon Lords from 1,000 years ago, and corpses from even an older time.” (Lucy)

“But the scholars said that there’s no need to worry about them reviving. Also, the templars said that they will be carefully sealing them or discarding them.” (Aya)

“…Hmm, I see.” (Makoto)

I thought for sure that they were planning on having them revive like the Immortal King, but it looks like that wasn’t the case.

Does that mean they were using that place like a pyramid? 

But it should have been the Great Demon Lord’s Castle, at the time I was thinking that…

*Pang Pang!*

Sounds like that of a gunshot were heard from faraway.

White smoke spread in the sky.

“Is that…fireworks?” (Makoto)

“Today’s a festival, so it must be an announcement of that.” (Lucy)

“The conferral of honors is a festival?” (Makoto)

I tilted my head since it didn’t click with me. 

“That’s not it, Takatsuki-kun. Today isn’t only the ceremony, but the wedding of Queen Noel and the Light Hero Sakurai-kun, so the Sun Country is celebrating.” (Lucy)

“From today to 3 days onward, there will be national holidays and festivities.” (Aya)

“Heeh…” (Makoto)

I see. 

Along with the celebration of subjugating the Great Demon Lord, they will be showing the foreign countries that the Legendary Hero that defeated the Great Demon Lord will be marrying the Sun Country’s queen. 

How efficient. 

It is true that, as we approached the Highland Castle, the main street was growing further and further in energy. 

Aside from the stores that I see often, there’s also stalls selling unusual wares, lined up to a great degree. 

Also, maybe because they were influenced by the atmosphere of the festival, the children were super festive themselves. 

“This is nice…” (Makoto)

I would like to go check the stalls too. 

If it is just getting down the carriage for 10 minutes and checking out 2-3 stalls…

“Makoto.” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san grab both of my arms. 

“W-What is it?” (Makoto)

“You know we are barely going to be getting there in time, right?” (Lucy)

“Do you know whose ceremony this is for?” (Aya)

“Sakurai-kun, right?” (Makoto)

“And yours too! Who do you think was the Legendary Hero that defeated Astaroth!” (Lucy)

“We can take our sweet time checking out the stalls later, okay, Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

“Okay.” (Makoto)

My plan was easily found out. 

I absentmindedly watched the scenery on our way to the Highland Castle obediently from the window of the carriage. 


“The Legendary Hero of Rozes, Takatsuki Makoto-sama! And the Crimson Fangs, Lucy J. Walker-sama and Sasaki Aya-sama have arrived!” 

The moment we arrived at the Highland Castle, we were called in a loud voice.

“Go ahead this way! Everyone is waiting!”


Lucy and Sa-san glance at me after what the guide said.

Yes, it is my fault we were late. 

We weren’t guided inside the Highland Castle, but the spacious training grounds of the Sun Knights. 

It is normally just used as training grounds, but it is currently being utilized as the ceremony venue. 

The influential people of the various countries have already taken their seats. 

On top of that, there seemed to be spectator seats, and the seats lined up like stairs looked down on the venue. 

There’s thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of people gathered here. 

We were guided to the seats where the nobles and royals of the Water Country are at. 

Princess Sofia and Prince Leonard are already sitting there. 

“Makoto-san, we have been waiting!” (Leo)

“You are finally here, Hero Makoto.” (Sofia)

The smiling Prince Leonard and the wry smile of Princess Sofia.

“You are fast. The ceremony begins at noon, right?” (Makoto)

When I say this, not only the two, but everyone of the Water Country went ‘Eh?’.

Hm? …Did I say something weird here?

“Hero Makoto, the only ones who would come exactly at the time when ceremonies of this fashion happen are the central figures of the Sun Country. The foreign countries have to come 1 hour beforehand, and the weak countries like the Water Country have to be on standby for several hours early.” (Sofia)

“S-Several hours?!” (Makoto)

Oi oi, Princess Sofia was here from that long ago?

I looked at Lucy and Sa-san, and the two shook their heads to the sides.

“I heard of no such rule!” (Lucy)

“That’s right. We were only told to come here 30 minutes before it began!” (Aya)

“It can’t be helped. Lucy-san and Aya-san normally participate in these events as main guests after all.” (Leo)

Prince Leonard told us. 

Looks like the two of the Crimson Fangs didn’t know much about the rules of the nobles. 

At any rate, it has been a while since I have met the big shots of the Water Country.

The king and queen are here as well. 

…I went and came after all these people. 

That’s not good.

“Sofia, should I greet the king?” (Makoto)

I stealthily whisper to Princess Sofia.

“Oh? Greet my father? It is fine either way, but if you are going, let me accompany you.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia grabbed my arm and brought me to where His Majesty is.

“Eh?! Wait wait, my heart is still not prepared…” (Makoto)

“Father, Hero Makoto wants to extend his greetings.” (Sofia)

The king was at the neighboring table, so we soon arrived in front of them. 

This is bad. I haven’t thought of anything to say. 

For now, I decide to kneel.

“…Uhm, I am the designated Hero of the Water Country, my name is Takatsuki Makoto…wait, or am I a former Hero?” (Makoto)

I was doing a completely messy introduction and…

“P-Please raise your head, Great Hero-sama! Your slaying of the Ancient Dragon King was truly a fortuitous deed!” 

The king was even more flustered than me. 

…What’s this?

I look up to Princess Sofia for help.

“Let’s leave the greetings there for today. Now then, let’s return to our seats, Hero Makoto.” (Sofia)

She once again pulled my arm and we returned to our seats as if dragged back.

“What was that, Sofia-san?” (Makoto)

“It can’t be helped. You defeated the Ancient Dragon King, are intimate with the Great Sage-sama, are close with the Light Hero-sama, and on top of that, we were told in an oracle from Eir-sama ‘make sure to treat the words of Hero Makoto as my own’…” (Sofia)

“What is Eir-sama doing?!” (Makoto)

Of course the king would be flustered!

(Eh? You said something like that, Eir?) (Noah)

The voice of Noah-sama resonated. 

Looks like she was listening.

(Eeh, that’s strange. I told them ‘the words of Mako-kun are absolute! If he tells you to die, you die☆’ though.) (Eir)

The actual words were even more extreme.

Please stop that, Eir-sama.

(Ain’t that great, Makoto. You can have as much of a harem as you want in the Water Country!) (Noah)

(Leave a whole lot of descendants, Mako-kun~.) (Eir)

Can you please not say such outrageous things? 

What unbelievable Goddesses. 

“What’s the matter, Makoto? Making that weird face.” (Lucy)

Lucy peeked at my face. 

“Aah, the Goddesses…” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki-kun, Lu-chan! The ceremony is about to begin.” (Aya)

Just as Sa-san said, a fanfare resonates from wind instruments in the musical ensemble at the front of the venue. 

Following that were the other instruments. 

“Her Majesty, Queen Noel, has arrived!” 

At the same time as those words rang, everyone stood up. 

…Except for the people of Laphroaig. 

“A few words from Her Majesty!” 

Everyone’s gazes gathered onto Queen Noel.

“I am overcome with joy at the realization that I will be able to welcome peaceful days with everyone after safely defeating the Great Demon Lord…” (Noel)

 Those words opened up the speech of the queen. 

That gentle smile and her speaking tenderly to everyone was truly the visage of a Holy Maiden.

(She is completely different from Anna-san…) (Makoto)

Even when they look the same, because of the disposition of Anna-san, her mannerisms and expression had a boyish side to it. 

She is completely different from Queen Noel who overflows with elegance. 

Queen Noel is the representative of the Sun Country, and there were also speeches from the representatives of various other countries. 

In other words, it was boring. 

I ignore the stiffening and terribly verbose congratulatory speech of their happiness that the world has been saved, and stealthily check out whether there’s any acquaintances in the surrounding seats. 

I soon found the big body of the Hero of Spring Log, Maximilian-san.

The Hero of Great Keith, Olga-san, was already dozing off. 

Esther-san was listening with beautiful posture, but when I directed my gaze there, she smiled at me. 

I will wave my hand for now.

“Hero Makoto?” (Sofia)

“Sorry about that.” (Makoto)

Princess Sofia, who was looking at me doing that, nudged me.

What got me curious were the two big fancy seats at the front. 

I think it is for some real big shot, but it stood out that they were empty. 

“Sofia, who are those seats for?” (Makoto)

When I asked this, the answer was given right away.

“The Great Sage-sama and the Crimson Witch-sama.” (Sofia)

“Aaah…” (Makoto)

Makes sense. 

And so I direct my gaze at the daughter of the Crimson Witch-san.

“In the end, she didn’t make it in time for the Demon Lord battle, so she might be feeling awkward about it.” (Lucy)

Lucy shrugged her shoulders. 

I look around to see if there’s any other people I know, and at the stage there’s the Moon Country’s representative doing their congratulatory speech. 

But the one talking isn’t Furiae-san.

“Eh? What about Princess?” (Makoto)

“Wonder what happened. Fu-chan seems to be absent.” (Aya)

“True.” (Lucy)

Could it be that she is not going to attend?, is what I thought, but at the table in the center of the Moon Country’s side, I saw the back of Furiae-san. 

For the other countries, their respective rulers are the ones doing the speeches. 

Only the Moon Country isn’t doing that, and that’s creating a bit of a stir around. 

There’s people in the Sun Country who are angered by this and I heard that with Eavesdrop.

But, in the end, the ceremony continued without becoming a big problem. 

A play began on stage. 

It was a story about the Heroes who came from a parallel world and saved the world.

Of course, the protagonist is the Light Hero, Sakurai-kun.

It begins from when Sakurai-kun, who was uneasy having come to a parallel world, was taken under the care of the Goddess Church of Highland and his ability as a Hero was brought out. 

And then, the Light Hero gained power steadily in the Sun Country. 

“Eh? Wasn’t Sakurai-kun under the care of Rozes at the beginning?” (Makoto)

“…Well, yeah…” (Sofia)

When I asked this, Princess Sofia responded mumbling. 

“That’s nostalgic. Princess Sofia came to the Water Temple, I pleaded about wanting to get the Divine Protection of the Water Goddess, got rejected, and after that, the Guardian Knight old man shouted at me.” (Makoto)

“Uhm…I am sorry, Hero Makoto. Could you please not make me remember that…?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia lowered her head with a bright red face. 

“Makoto is bullying Sofia.” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun, moral harassment~.” (Aya)

“That’s not it!” (Makoto)

I hurriedly objected to what Lucy and Sa-san said. 

“It is because Princess Sofia rejected me that I worked hard in my training at the Water Temple, and I managed to meet Noah-sama after that! Everything was thanks to that moment. I became strong because Princess Sofia was cold to me!” (Makoto)


Princess Sofia looked really displeased, and Lucy and Sa-san were directing me eyes of ‘that’s not it’.

(You…are an idiot at times, you know?) (Ira)

Even Ira-sama retorted.

Looks like I am wrong. 

While we were having that talk, the play continued. 

It was currently at the part when the Light Hero-kun is having a tough battle against the Beast King Zagan.

Aah, that did happen. 

At that moment, a white robed Great Sage-sama…and a tall handsome magic swordsman actor appeared. 

Who is that?

“The one who appeared gallantly at that moment was the close friend of the Light Hero-sama, Takatsuki Makoto!” 

The loud voice of the person narrating resonated. 

I hear the audience getting heated up.

That handsome magic swordsman is apparently someone called Takatsuki Makoto. 




I heard Lucy and Sa-san holding their laughter. 

Oi, what are you laughing at?

“Sofia…what’s that?” (Makoto)

“It is Hero Makoto. The one performing there is an actor that’s currently popular. I gave permission.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia showed a proud face and went ‘hmph!’.

No, I knew nothing about this though?! 

“Uhm…I don’t hold a big sword like that, and I don’t wear armor either though.” (Makoto)

“It isn’t picturesque with a dagger and traveller clothes, right? Look at that. This play will be recorded in video, and will be passed onto future generations as a saga… I am really proud that the accomplishments of the Water Hero Makoto will be passed on in this way…” (Sofia)

I couldn’t say anything back to Sofia who was making an ecstatic face.

So this is how history is distorted, huh…

The magic swordsman, Takatsuki Makoto, had taken a big hit for the Light Hero-kun and left the stage. 

The reality is that, after that, I fought the Sun Hero Alexander and had gone 1,000 years into the past, but that’s obviously not shown. 

The handsome magic swordsman, Takatsuki Makoto, once again showed up in the battle against the Ancient Dragon King. 

On the stage, there’s magic swordsman Takatsuki Makoto and the Ancient Dragon King having a flashy exchange of magic. 

And there’s also the Alliance Army of the frontlines led by General Geralt fighting the army of Ancient Dragons. 

(What actually happened was that, after defending the fortress, me, Lucy, and Sa-san infiltrated the Ancient Dragon’s nest though…) (Makoto)

The fort battle and the assault was wrapped up in one single event. 

At the stage, the magic swordsman Takatsuki Makoto got the assistance of the Lightning Hero and defeated the Ancient Dragon King.

It is an act that really added a lot of fake accomplishments to the Sun Country. 

When I glanced at Gera-san, he seemed to be irritated by this, and he was tapping the ground lightly. 

He must have noticed my gaze, he changed his face and muttered ‘sorry’ which I picked up with Eavesdrop.

Looks like Gera-san isn’t happy with the play. 

As for the other Hero who was there, Olga-san…she has been sleeping this whole time. 

I personally am not displeased by this that much, but…I would like them to add a part where they say I got the guidance of Noah-sama.

And then, the play entered the climax.

With nothing left, the Great Demon Lord makes a surprise attack on the capital of Highland. 

The ones taking that on were the Light Hero and the Hero Alliance of the various countries.

The Great Demon Lord boasted incredible power. 

They were pushed back at first, but with the arrival of the Holy Maiden Noel and the Holy Maiden Furiae…

Holy Maiden Noel placed a barrier to weaken the power of the demons. 

Holy Maiden Furiae enhanced the strength of her allies with a song. 

And with that, the Light Hero dealt the finishing blow to the Great Demon Lord and we got a happy end. 

When the play finished, a thunderous ovation resonated. 

I also followed suit and applauded too. 

After that, the order of the contributions made in the Great Demon Lord and Demon Lord battle were being announced. 

The number one was of course the Light Hero, Sakurai-kun.

The second one was…the Water Country’s Hero, Takatsuki Makoto.

The Water Country raised cheers at this. 

There’s also ones who made a ruckus. 

Or more like, the king is crying. 

“Uhm…Sofia?” (Makoto)

“The Water Country was always in the shadows after all. This is the first time we get the limelight like this. Everyone thinks of you as their pride and joy, so please accept it.” (Sofia)

“…Okay.” (Makoto)

That’s a bit itchy. 

Well, it is not something bad. 

While that was happening, names were called one after the other.

The long long conferral of honors finished like this. 

We moved to the next program.

“And with this, we will have the Light Hero, Sakurai-sama, put on the wedding ring on the Holy Maiden, Noel-sama!” 

Everyone cheered loudly. 

The event in itself was exactly as convention. 

Everyone was excited because they can bear witness to the moment when the reincarnation of Savior Abel and the reincarnation of Holy Maiden Anna will be tying their bond. 

Sakurai-kun was slowly putting the ring on the finger of Queen Noel on the stage.

“Hey, Makoto…” (Lucy)

“That’s so dreamy…Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san were pulling the sleeves of my clothes with spellbound looks. 

(Time for collection, Makoto.) (Noah)

(Mako-kun, don’t run away, okay~☆?) (Eir)

I hear the teasing voices of the Goddesses. 

…I am not really running, you know?

“Well then, we will have the congratulatory speech of the Holy Maiden, Furiae-sama, towards the two!” 

The voice of the person doing the narration at the play before resonated.

Looks like we are going to be hearing the speech of Furiae-san here. 

Furiae-san, who was sitting all the time until now, slowly went up the stage. 

And then, putting both hands together, Furiae-san slowly turns around.

And then, she showed a smile filled with affection which I have never seen before.


I heard those kinds of sighs of admiration from the venue. 

That’s how charming the smile of Furiae-san was.

I have no objection to that.

However…I felt something was off here. 

Long glossy black hair and deep purple eyes. 

Beauty that you would find hard to believe is from this world.

Also, a worry-free smile. 

It is different from the sarcastic smile of Furiae-san. It is as if…

Just when I was about to notice what this out-of-place feeling was, the Moon Country’s Queen slowly opened her mouth and spoke. 


2nd phase of the introduction about the illustrations published in the site of Overlap-san.

The map of the West Continent (from the 8th Volume)

The original image has very bad quality, so I felt like I was reading pixels. If there’s any errors, please tell me.

When I told the illustrator-san only the positioning of each country, they made it nicely like this. 

Introduction of the characters appearing (this is also the 8th volume)

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