WM – Chapter 351: Takatsuki Makoto and the Moon Country’s Queen

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“You idiot! For how long were you planning on making me wait?! …Hn!” (Furiae)

“Prin…cess…” (Makoto)

I couldn’t speak until the end, was pushed down by Furiae-san, and was kissed. 

I wondered whether this is appropriate for the queen of a nation, and was worried about this being seen by others, but there’s no one around. 

How much time passed? 

After what was most likely a long kiss that lasted more than 1 minute, Furiae separated her lips. 



Furiae-san stood up with an unshaken face. 

I also stand up to match her. 

“Hmph! Nice of you to have come, My Knight.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san said this with a majestic attitude while brushing her hair to the side. 

Ah, it is her normal tsundere mode. 

So it would be better to ignore what happened just now? 

I also followed the example of Furiae-san and used Clear Mind to fix up my expression.

“It has been a while, Princess. I have come to mee—eh?” (Makoto)

Furiae-san pulled me into the room, most likely because she didn’t like my calm attitude. 


She locked the door.

“Come here!” (Furiae)

“O-Okay.” (Makoto)

The place Furiae-san pointed at was a canopy bed that was deep in the room. 

From this early in the morning…? -is what I thought, but when I sat on the bed, Furiae-san sat really close to me with a distance it was hard to tell whether we were touching or not. 

Her long black hair was reflecting the light, showing off its lustre. 

The rosy scent of Furiae-san tickled my nose. 

“Hey.” (Furiae)

“What is it, Princess?” (Makoto)

“Why do you have black hair and black eyes?” (Furiae)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

It was an unexpected question. 

It is true that my hair has turned silver and my eyes blue after becoming the familiar of my Goddess.

But I currently have the same black hair and black eyes from before. 

The reason being…

“Lucy and Sa-san said they didn’t like it. Sofia is most likely the same even if she doesn’t say it straight on.” (Makoto)

That’s the opinion of my comrades.

Their evaluation of silver hair and blue eyes is low for some reason. 

“…I see.” (Furiae)

“Should I turn it back to silver?” (Makoto)

“No need. I also prefer black hair.” (Furiae)

“Is that so.” (Makoto)

I personally don’t hate the silver hair though. 

By the way, I return it to silver when I go meet Noah-sama. 

“Anyways, you have opened your schedule tomorrow, right?” (Furiae)

“Yeah, I plan on staying in the Moon Country for a few days.” (Makoto)

We have agreed beforehand on that. 

“I see. Then, we will be traveling a bit far tomorrow. The location is going to be the national border between Laphroaig and Highland.” (Furiae)

“Hm? Do you have work? Did I impose on you when you are busy?” (Makoto)

I was feeling sorry here and…

“That’s not it. It is work, but it is a regular meeting between the Moon Country and the Sun Country. Ryosuke said he wanted to meet you.” (Furiae)

“Aah… Speaking of which, I haven’t met Sakurai-kun lately.” (Makoto)

“…Also, that woman said she wanted to meet you, too.” (Furiae)

“That woman?” (Makoto)

“The queen of the Sun Country, Noel.” (Furiae)

“I see, Noel-san. It is true that it would be better to greet her.” (Makoto)

I muttered this without any special thought to it and Furiae-san directed a judging look at me.

“…Hey, why do you use ‘-san’ with Noel?” (Furiae)

“I have said this before, but it is because she was my comrade when we fought Leviathan before.” (Makoto)

“She was a temporary ally. That’s not the case right now.” (Furiae)

“I thought so too and tried to return it to -sama, but she got angry at me.” (Makoto)

— “Why are you creating such a distance when we are comrades that faced the same Trial of Gods?! I don’t mind you calling me without honorifics either, you know?” 

She approached me with the same face as the Holy Maiden Anna-san, so I couldn’t refuse her. 

I obviously couldn’t call her without honorifics.

And so, I am doing something rude like calling the queen of the continent’s strongest nation with ‘-san’.

It is the request of the person herself, so I can’t refuse.

“Is that so. You haven’t put a hand on her, right?” (Furiae)

“There’s no way I would!” (Makoto)

I don’t know how many times this exchange has happened already. 

It seems like Furiae-san doesn’t like the fact that I get along well with Noel-san.

“By the way, what are you going to talk about in tomorrow’s meeting?” (Makoto)

I changed the topic somewhat forcefully. 

“Nothing big. Actually, the topic doesn’t matter at all. What’s important is to bring it to a talk. The people of the Moon Country and the people of the Sun Country don’t get along, so we are simply making a place for both sides to speak. By the way, the one who proposed this was the Destiny Goddess-sama.” (Furiae)

“Ira-sama, huh.” (Makoto)

Even though she should be swamped with work. 

She has even poked her head in such petty stuff…

(That’s wrong. If a war were to happen between the Sun Country and the Moon Country, my work would get terrible. So these are the steps in order to avoid a war.) 

A voice echoed in my head.

It seems like she was listening to my conversation with Furiae-san.

(You’ve got it rough, Destiny Goddess-sama.) (Makoto)

(That’s why you should come help me!!) (Ira)

She said this and one-sidedly cut off the thought transmission.

“What’s the matter? My Knight, are you listening?” (Furiae)

“O-Of course.” (Makoto)

I was a bit absentminded there after talking to Ira-sama.

After that, I had a chat with Furiae-san (was made to listen to her complaints).

She probably has no end to her worries as the top of a nation. 

I can’t even imagine how hard she’s got it. 

I chimed in on the talk of Furiae-san’s hardships for a while. 

“…Especially lately. My aides have been really annoying, you know. They are telling me to make an heir.” (Furiae)

“…I see.” (Makoto)

Nonchalant talk. 

Is how it was supposed to be, but I felt the atmosphere change. 

I most likely wouldn’t have noticed if it were the past me. 

I have changed now that I have become a God. 

(Is that something you should be saying all proudly?) 

(I think this is an approach that anyone aside from Mako-kun would be able to notice, you know.) 

I think I heard the voice of Noah-sama and Eir-sama in my head, but I ignored it. 

“What do you think, My Knight?” (Furiae)

“You are the only royalty of the Moon Country after all, so your subordinates must be worried.” (Makoto)

“But electing candidates for me to marry on their own is troubling. I am only yours after all, My Knight.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san said this with a sidelong glance and leaned her body onto me. 

“…Princess.” (Makoto)

“…My Knight.” (Furiae)

Her eyes shining suspiciously are peeking at me. 

I tell the peerless beauty of mesmerizing black eyes this.

“Charm doesn’t work on me.” (Makoto)

 “…I know.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san puckered her lips. 

Charm doesn’t work on me.

But the desire of Furiae-san was transmitted to me. 

I placed a hand on the cheek of the girl in front of me and kissed her. 

“Eh? My Knight…” (Furiae)

I pushed down the flustered Furiae-san.

And then, I slowly stretched my hand towards the topmost button in her black dress.





“You seemed experienced.” (Furiae)

“R-Really?” (Makoto)

Once things ended, me and Furiae-san spoke languidly in bed. 

Furiae-san covering her naked body with the bed sheets is sensual. 

“Fine. My Knight was the one to approach me anyways. At the time with Lucy and Aya-san, the two of them were the ones that did the approach; and with Sofia, she used an aphrodisiac, right? Fufu, it was only with me that My Knight initiated.” (Furiae)

“…Excuse me, how do you know that?” (Makoto)

My private history is completely exposed here.

“Secret☆.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san giggled.

“…Fuah.” (Furiae)

And then yawned lightly. 

She seems sleepy. 

“…My Knight, I will be sleeping for a bit. You must not leave, okay?” (Furiae)

“I know, Princess.” (Makoto)

I hear rhythmic breathing not long after.

Now then, I was thinking about training my destiny magic while fulfilling my duty as Guardian Knight but…


I felt a gaze.

(A spy?) (Makoto)

But I don’t feel hostility. 

From where…? I look around and notice. 

A single big eye watching us. 

It is not of a human but a demonic beast’s.

The identity is that of my familiar and magic cat, Tsui.

“It has been a while, Tsui.” (Makoto)

“Umu, Master. I am glad to see you have connected with Princess-sama.” (Tsui)

“…Oi.” (Makoto)

It suddenly said something unreserved. 

Or more like, even though this guy is my familiar, it is not at my side at all. 

“Princess-sama wants to go on adventures with the red haired elf-dono and the lamia queen-dono and is accumulating stress from being unable to go with them, so I am staying to be her talk partner. It seems like Master is busy seeing a whole lot of women after all.” (Tsui)

“……Thanks, Tsui. You are a great help.” (Makoto)

Tsui was a proper familiar. 

“By the way, I didn’t watch the copulation, but did you do it properly?” (Tsui)

“Don’t say copulation!!” (Makoto)

What an unbelievable familiar. 

But it seems like it didn’t peek. 

Tsui came close to me and curled up on top of the bed. 

It closed its eyes and its soft black fur was faintly going up and down. 

“Wait, you are going to sleep too…?” (Makoto)

Even though I was thinking of making it my talk partner. 

I wanted to hear about the usual Furiae-san too, but let’s leave that for some other time. 

I killed time training magic in the room where the black cat and the queen are sleeping. 

Furiae-san woke up in the night that day and she got angry, shouting: ‘Why didn’t you wake me up?!’.

I had a late dinner together with Furiae-san at the Moon Country’s castle. 

By the way, Tsui was eating a fancy grilled fish. 

It is apparently grilled fish made by an exclusive chef of the castle. 

It seems like it is leading a nice lifestyle. 

I was thinking about training magic after dinner, but Furiae-san told me ‘Come with me!’ and we toured the Moon Country’s capital. 

Stealthily, of course. 

“Won’t it turn into a ruckus if we were to be found?” (Makoto)

When I asked this…

“We can just seal their mouths with Charm.” (Furiae)

She said something scary all casually. 

Don’t say something that sounds similar to the Calamity Witch Nevia-san all casually. 

In the end, we walked around with my Stealth. 

We won’t have to worry with God Rank Stealth. 

After we walked around the capital randomly, I stayed in the room of Furiae-san that day. 

That’s how the first day of my visit to the Moon Country ended. 

◇Next day◇

“Lucy and Sa-san are late.” (Makoto)

“Could it be that they were caught in an incident… Doubt so when it comes to those two.” (Furiae)

Me and Furiae-san were waiting at the castle for our two comrades to come.

I thought for sure they would come in the morning, but they are not showing themselves even when it is close to noon.

I was a bit worried, but according to Furiae-san, there’s no idiot in the Moon Country who would pick a fight with the Orihalcum Rank adventurers of the Crimson Fangs. 

Moreover, they are friends of the Moon Country’s queen, Furiae-san. 

If they were to harm them, they would be exiled from the Moon Country. 

Also, even the Named Monsters in the Moon Country would run away when they see Lucy and Sa-san. 

It is true that there’s no chance for them to get caught in some sort of incident. 

In that case, the remaining possibility is…


The magic tool in the room made an electronic sound at that moment. 

“Oh, it is the communication device for the Hotline spell used for emergencies. Could it possibly be…Aya-san?” (Furiae)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Why would Sa-san send a Hotline to the queen? -is the question I had, but it seems like her friends Lucy and Sa-san can use it freely. 

Abusing your authority is serious, but Furiae-san is the law of this country. 

“Aya-san, where are you right now?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san asked.

— “Sorry, Fu-chan! We woke up just now. I drank too much with Lu-chan and ended up oversleeping…” (Aya)

I heard the apologetic voice of Sa-san.

“Should we go get you?” (Makoto)

I spoke from the side. 

I can use Teleport even if not at its best. 

— “Takatsuki-kun? It is not a tavern in the capital. We moved to a camping spot for adventurers and I was drinking inside with Lu-chan, so I don’t think you will know the place, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

“True… Why are you at a place like that?” (Makoto)

I asked this and it was apparently because it was annoying how so many adventurers were trying to pick them up. 

I see, the two of them are cute, so it can’t be helped.

— “Fuaaah… Hnn, I slept good. Hm? Aya, who are you talking to?” 

— “Geez, Lu-chan, we overslept. I called Fu-chan!” (Aya)

— “Eh? Aaaaah! Eh?! It is already this bright?! This is bad. We have to Teleport!” (Lucy)

— “No, no, no! You must not go out looking like that!! Sorry, Lu-chan is still half-asleep here, so we will catch up later, okay?!” (Aya)

A *clack* sound was made and the Hotline was cut. 


Me and Furiae-san look at each other’s faces.

Lucy…what kind of look do you have right now?

“Lucy-san always begins taking her clothes off when she gets drunk…” (Furiae)

“So that habit of hers hasn’t changed…” (Makoto)

Lucy has a lot of fire mana in her body and that makes her feel hot easily. 

Her temperature increases even more when she drinks, so she normally exposes even more skin. 

(Mari-san would often reprimand Lucy when she got drunk and began taking her clothes off.) (Makoto)

I reminisce about the times in the water city. 

So nostalgic. 

That said, what are we going to move there now that Lucy is not present?

“Furiae-sama, will you use the magic circle to mobilize?” 

“Right, let’s do that. My Knight will come too.” (Furiae)


“Come on, let’s go, My Knight.” (Furiae)

“O-Okay. Thanks.” (Makoto)

They fortunately had some other means of transportation.

That said, you apparently need 10 mages’ worth of mana in order to teleport 2 people to a long distance. 

The amount of mana of Lucy and Rosalie-san, who can easily use that on their own, really is on a level of their own.

Furiae-san and I arrived at the giant fortress in the national border of the Sun Country with the help of the Moon Country’s mages. 

It seems like the teleportation point is at the highest floor of the fortress. I use the perspective change of the RPG Player to check the surroundings.

“It is more like a castle than a fortress…” (Makoto)

It is made like a fortress, but the size isn’t that different from the Rozes Castle. 

“This castle is being managed by both the Moon Country and Sun Country.” (Furiae)

“I see. So that’s why the leaders of the countries have regular meetings here.” (Makoto)

With this scale, there’s no need to worry in terms of security even if royalty were to gather. 

“Furiae-sama, we have been awaiting your arrival! The people of the Sun Country have already arrived!” 

Someone wearing the robe with the Moon Country’s emblem guided us.

“Oh, is that so. We will head there at once.” (Furiae)

Me and Furiae-san followed after the guide and go down the stairs of the fortress.

The meeting room is apparently in the 1st floor. 

We went down the 1st floor and I saw a big door. 

Looks like that’s our destination. 

Me and Furiae-san head there with slightly hurried steps and…


My name was called.

I can tell who it is by their voice.

We have known each other since we were 0 years old -from kindergarten to highschool. 

“Sakurai-kun, it has been a while.” (Makoto)

“I missed you so much!” (Sakurai)

His smile is dazzling. 

The one with a refreshing appearance and white armor that looks good on him is the current era’s Savior: Light Hero, Sakura Ryosuke-kun.

■Comment Response:

>Made it look like it was a chapter of Princess, but ended up being a Lucy and Sa-san flirting chapter again! 

-My bad habit…

>The foreshadowing of the Floating Continent…

-It is the birthplace of Anna-san. 

The Heaven Winged Folk live there and they have showed up in the light novel. 

Rosalie-san brought Makoto there. 

By the way, Zero Attack Power also has mentioned it briefly in the light novel with the Zenith Tower being the stage. 

■Author’s Comment: 

Furiae-san… I am sorry that your turn came so late. 

The 11th volume is planned to be published on May 25th.

The illustrations will be publicized a few days before. 

I will announce this on my twitter, so please check it out if you are interested.

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