WM – Chapter 15: Takatsuki Makoto gets the Goddess’s divine protection

I am dreaming.

I am in a space of nothing.

How many times is this now? I am already getting used to this sight.

But this time around it was a little different.


The Goddess that normally welcomed me with a smile had her hands on her waist and glaring at me.

Uhm, are you angry?

“Hey.” (Noah)

Noah-sama’s voice is cold.

“Do you remember what was the first thing I asked of you?” (Noah)

“Uhm…” (Makoto)

If I remember correctly…

“Get strong?” (Makoto)

“Right.” (Noah)

The face of a squinting Goddess-sama is pretty nice.

“Idiot.” (Noah)

She retorted to my heart’s mutter.

“Remember what I said next?” (Noah)

“Ah, yes yes.” (Makoto)

Good luck, right?

Ah, before that, she told me she had high hopes for me.

“You don’t remember!” (Noah)

Goddess-sama flails her arms and goes ‘kiiih!’.

“I told you that you are my only believer, so I wouldn’t forgive you if you died!” (Noah)

“Aah.” (Makoto)

Right right. Eh?

“…Could it be…” (Makoto)

I could feel the blood draining from my face.

“I…am dead?” (Makoto)

“Haah, you really push yourself too hard.” (Noah)

Noah-sama snaps her fingers and a monitor appears in midair.

“Here, look.” (Noah)

That magic is cool.

That monitor is showing the state of everyone.

“Right now your priest friend is doing her best in healing you.” (Noah)

“Makoto! Hey! Makoto, are you okay?!” (Lucy)

“Lucy! Calm down. He has lost consciousness, but he is still breathing. First we need to provide emergency treatment, and head to a hospital immediately.” (Emily)

“Makoto, don’t die! We are arriving to the city real soon!!” (Jean)

Jean is carrying me, and Emily is casting healing magic on me.

Lucy seems to be panicking quite a lot.

I am sorry, everyone. Making you guys worry like this.

“It was thanks to you that the Griffon was defeated, so of course they would get desperate to save the one who saved them.” (Noah)

I see. At any rate, I am glad everyone is okay.

“Noah-sama, I am sorry. I was way too reckless today. I was about to die there.” (Makoto)

“You really are an idiot. Today’s injuries normally would have killed you!” (Noah)

“Eh?!” (Makoto)

What do you mean by that?

“Look at this.” (Noah)

Noah-sama showed me a Soul Book.

“Wait, isn’t that mine? Please don’t take it without my permission.” (Makoto)

“That much should be okay. We are buddies here, right? More importantly, look at this.” (Noah)

She wraps her arms around my shoulders and pulls me close.

Wait, too close.

“Now now, look.” (Noah)

Goddess-sama sticks even closer.

I look at the Soul Book while activating [Clear Mind].

Goddess Noah’s Divine Protection.

Those words were added.

“This is…” (Makoto)

“Huhum, you did it, Makoto! Thanks to your everyday prayers, you managed to gain a divine protection! Thanks to that, you were able to resist the attack of the Griffon and the fire magic.” (Noah)

When you get the divine protection of a Goddess, the believer gets a strong power, and there’s times when it might make their body sturdier.

Looks like I was saved today thanks to that.

“I see…” (Makoto)

It has been long.

It has been 1 year and several months since I came to this world.

I feel like I have finally gotten a bit closer to where my classmates are.

“You seem to be happy. This isn’t all I wanted to tell you.” (Noah)

“There’s something else?” (Makoto)

“Look at this!” (Noah)

What Noah-sama pointed at read [Spirit User].

“Spirit User?” (Makoto)

If I remember correctly, it is a skill elves and dwarves have.

Lucy had it too.

“That’s right! We Titan Gods get along well with the Spirits after all! This is a Gift Skill of a Goddess.” (Noah)

“Spirit User…Spirits, huh.” (Makoto)

There were no users of that in the Water Temple.

Or more like, there’s no users of that in the human race.

It is a minor magic that elves use minutely.

“Oh, not happy?” (Noah)

“No no, that’s not it!” (Makoto)

I am not dissatisfied, but I just don’t know if it is strong or not, and it seems like those feelings leaked out.

“I will use them gratefully, Goddess-sama.” (Makoto)

“Fufu, devout yourself from here on as well.” (Noah)

She patted my head.

Light wraps around my body.

“Makoto, looks like it is about time to wake up.” (Noah)

Noah-sama smiles kindly.

“Thank you very much, Goddess-sama. Also, is it okay to invite Lucy to be your believer, Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

“Hmm, invite, huh.” (Noah)

Eh? She doesn’t seem to be that happy.

“Actually, I can only get 1 believer every 10 years as punishment for going against the God Realm, you know.” (Noah)

“Eeeh.” (Makoto)

Then I can’t invite anyone.

“Well, I am fine just having Makoto.” (Noah)

Noah-sama gives me a thumbs up and winks.

Aren’t you a bit too at ease?

“It is okay, it is okay. Now then, don’t push yourself too much, okay?” (Noah)

“Yes, take care, Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

“See ya~.” (Noah)

I was covered in light.



“Makoto-kun, how are you feeling?”

When I woke up, I was at the treatment room of the Guild.

Emily was by my side.

“Good morning. How long was I unconscious for?” (Makoto)

“Half a day. It is already night.” (Emily)

I slowly lift my body.

I asked about what happened after defeating the Griffon.

When they told the guild that we defeated a Griffon, since it was subjugated by 4 bronze rank adventurers, the guild had fallen into a big ruckus.

Especially Lucy who weakened the Griffon with her fire magic and Jean who finished it; they were heroes for a day.

The entrance is currently a festival.

The ogre subjugation was the same. Adventurers really like making noise.

On the other hand, Emily was currently treating my burns.

I am currently in a mummified state.

“My whole body itches.” (Makoto)

“That’s proof that you are healing, so endure it.” (Emily)

Being told that, I have no choice but to endure.

“Can I move?” (Makoto)

“You should be resting right now, but you sleep at the guild, right?” (Emily)

“Yeah, I don’t think I will be able to sleep with this noise. I am gonna show my face to everyone.” (Makoto)

“Then I will tag along. I do have to go get Jean after all.” (Emily)

“Makoto!” (Lucy)

On my way to the entrance, Lucy came flying at us.

Her face is red.

She must have been made to drink quite a lot.

“Hey! Is your body okay? Is it okay to not be sleeping?” (Lucy)

“It is so noisy I can’t.” (Makoto)

They are currently having a big party at the entrance.

Jean is surrounded by adventurers and going ‘wai wai’.

There’s also a whole lot of female adventurers drawing close to him.

He is popular.

“That Jean!” (Emily)

Emily plunged into that circle.

She is pulling away the female adventurers clinging to Jean.

It is someone else’s business, but you really have it tough.

“Hey, Makoto…” (Lucy)

Lucy’s eyes were wet, and she grabbed my right hand.

“Are you really okay? You were unconscious this whole time.” (Lucy)

“Yeah, I woke up just now. More importantly, you are the hero today, right? Go celebrate with the others.” (Makoto)

“I am fine! I actually wanted to be by your side, but Emily told me I wouldn’t be of use, and Lucas-san told me it wouldn’t be fun without the main cast. Everyone was making me drink and it was a pain!” (Lucy)

She puffed her cheeks in anger, but it seems like she had a decent amount of fun.

She probably hasn’t had this much attention before.

“H-Hey, Makoto…” (Lucy)

Lucy asks me hesitantly.

“Are you angry about today?” (Lucy)

“About what?” (Makoto)

“My magic severely injured you…” (Lucy)

“Aah, I am at fault there. Even though I was taught in the temple that I shouldn’t Synchronize if I don’t have the affinity.” (Makoto)

“It is true that if you don’t have the affinity, it doesn’t go well, but having your whole body burn like this time is actually not something that should happen…” (Lucy)

Lucy’s face is grim.

I wonder why…

I feel like she isn’t just talking about how she doesn’t want me to be injured.

“Lucy?” (Makoto)

Lucy raises her head and mutters.

“It is probably because of the demon blood inside me…” (Lucy)

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