WM – Chapter 175: Takatsuki Makoto is an Evil God Apostle

“The Crazed Hero, Cain, who killed many Heroes in cold blood 1,000 years ago. The god that man was following was an Evil God that desired the destruction of the world.” 

The Destiny Oracle Esther continues her talk flowingly. 

(…This is bad.) (Makoto)

Cold sweat flowed down my cheek.

(Y-Yeah, this is troubling. That Eir, did she not tell Goddess Ira?) (Noah)

Noah-sama was seriously agitated by this, and it stirred my uneasiness. 

(Right! What about Eir-sama?) (Makoto)

(She hasn’t been showing her face lately.) (Noah)

My lifeline…

“And with the approaching resurrection of the Great Demon Lord, the Apostle of the Evil God is scheming to bring chaos to the world once again. That very Apostle has infiltrated our ranks.” (Esther)

“How can this be?! This must not be overlooked!” 

The one who followed those words of hers was the first prince of Highland (I think) with a grin on his face.

I don’t remember his name. 

“Can you tell us who in the world that is, Esther-dono?”

The Goddess Church Pope gives the finishing blow question with a calm demeanor. 

Eir-sama is missing. 

The only one I can ask for help right now would be the person Princess Sofia is looking at, Princess Noel, huh.

But Princess Noel is expressionless, and I can’t read what she is thinking. 

“…Rozes Hero, Takatsuki Makoto; speak the name of the god you follow.” (Esther)

The words of the Destiny Oracle Esther make everyone turn to me. 

(Now then, what should I do?) (Makoto)


Keep silent? 

But the Destiny Oracle seems to be awfully confident that I am the Apostle of Noah-sama. 

Moreover, I don’t really want to say the name of someone aside from Noah-sama here. 

(I don’t really mind, you know?) (Noah)

That’s not the problem. 

(But can you get out of this situation…?) (Noah)

That’s the problem…

I look around at the people who are looking at me.

Sakurai-kun was looking over here as if uneasy.

As for Lucy, Sa-san, and Princess Sofia, it goes without saying.

Furiae-san’s expression is firm.

The other ones were tensely awaiting my response.

“Haaah…” (Makoto)

I sigh, and look straight at the Destiny Oracle.

“The Goddess I follow is Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

I calmly and proudly announce this. 

The surroundings grow noisy. 

…The fact that I am an Apostle of an Evil God has finally been revealed to a bigger audience. 

There’s 3 people who heard that I am the Apostle of an Evil God and weren’t surprised.

The Destiny Oracle, the first prince of Highland, and the Goddess Church’s Pope. 

It looks like the 3 are in cahoots. 

It is not like the situation is gonna get any better with that information though.

“Evil God Noah…the Old God that was defeated in the Divine Realm War… How disgusting. We should hang him right this instant.” 

Oi oi oi, what a thing to say, this Pope.

I glanced at him, and he was glaring at me with religious fanaticism. 

As if saying ‘Evil God, I won’t forgive you. I will definitely kill you’.

This old man is scary.

“Now, wait for a moment, Your Holiness. There’s someone that wants to make the Evil God Apostle there a core component of the Northern Expedition. In terms of responsibility, it should be heavier on her. Isn’t that right, Noel?” 

The Highland Prince directed his gaze at Princess Noel with a grin on his face.

(Hmm…this is…) (Makoto)

Looks like the target of the prince isn’t me, but Princess Noel. 

He is pointing out the blunder of Princess Noel, to drop her down from her number one spot as the successor of the throne? 

Princess Noel, who had all gazes gather on her, was expressionless…no, she looked at me and smiled.

And then, she slowly comes over here.

“It is okay, Makoto-san.” (Noel)

Princess Noel came close to me. 

“What’s okay?! That guy is following an Evil God, you know?!” 

“Yes, that’s right. And Althena-sama has allowed it.” (Noel)


(Eh?) (Makoto)

(Really?) (Noah)

A lot of surprised voices were let out from the people in the place.

As for my mind, it was me and Noah-sama.

…Why are you surprised, Noah-sama? 

(Cause you know, I haven’t spoken to Althena for around 1,000 years.) (Noah)

(That’s quite the long time.) (Makoto)

So since the subjugation of the Great Demon Lord?

“Impossible! There’s no way Althena-sama would say something like that!” 

The Pope was making a ruckus.

“Then, do you want to ask the Goddess herself? I can have Althena-sama Descend here right now, you know? In that case, you would have to ask her ‘Did you really say that, Althena-sama?’, your Holiness.” (Noel)

“…I…I can’t say something like that.” 

The Pope pulls back with a bitter expression.

“Nii-sama, any opinions?” (Noel)


The prince clicks his tongue. 

“So it seems, Makoto-san, Sofia-san.” (Noel)

Princess Sofia did a big sigh and was about to fall over, but a knight closeby helped her stay on her feet. 

(That’s impressive.) (Makoto)

Everything can be pushed back by just bringing out the name of Althena-sama, huh.

That’s like cheating. 

Now, what will you do? I return my gaze to the Destiny Oracle. 

Oracle Esther still looked composed. 

As if she predicted this would happen.

“If it is the words of Althena-sama, it can’t be helped.” (Esther)

She easily pulled back.

“Then, next point. There’s one other thing I must say.” (Esther)

Oi oi, there’s still more? 

Give me a break.

“The Cursed Oracle over there, Furiae. That girl will bring calamity to this world. We must confine her in the underground prison at once, and must not be allowed out until after the Great Demon Lord has been subjugated.” (Esther)

(Huh?) (Makoto)

What is this woman saying?

“Huh?! Don’t joke around!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san shouted.

“What are you saying, Esther-san?” (Noel)

Even Princess Noel is flustered by this.

She was caught off guard by that outrageous statement. 

“…Esther-san, about the Moon Oracle, she has saved the Symphonia capital in the past, and we are in a cooperative relationship with her now. That information is supposed to have already been relayed to the other countries though.” (Noel)

Princess Noel says this as if criticizing her.

“Esther-sama, the Moon Oracle has currently been entrusted to the Water Country, and she hasn’t shown any hostile actions and has cooperated without holding anything back.” (Sofia)

“In the Wood Country, she saved our people who were petrified, even skipping meals and sleep at times. I won’t allow such actions towards her.” (Flona)

Princess Sofia and the Wood Oracle Flona-san continued after Princess Noel.

That’s a relief. Everyone is allying with Furiae-san.

“You are talking about what it has been like until now, right? I am talking about the future here.” (Esther)

Oracle Esther responds with a bad natured smile.

“In regards to seeing the future, there’s no one who surpasses the Destiny Goddess, Ira-sama. That goes for Althena-sama as well. And Ira-sama said: ‘The Cursed Oracle Furiae will bring disaster to this world’. In that case, that future is settled. Or could it be that you will leave it be despite knowing a disaster will occur? I would have to question your sanity.” (Esther)


Everyone falls silent at the words of Esther.

“Now, someone, take away that Moon Oracle there.” (Esther)

“No.” (Makoto)

“…My Knight?” (Furiae)

I stand in front of Furiae-san.

I was silent in that Evil God Apostle business, but this time, that won’t fly. 

“Disgusting Evil God Apostle, learn your place.” (Esther)

“Taking away Princess is something that I, as her Guardian Knight, cannot overlook.” (Makoto)

I glared at the Destiny Oracle and stated clearly. 

“The Apostle of an Evil God, and the dirty Cursed Oracle. Truly befitting.” (Esther)

Oracle Esther warped her mouth cruelly. 

(…This woman…) (Makoto)

She seems like she is having fun.

Looks like she finds it amusing to toy the weak. 

What a nice personality she got there.

(…How irritating.) (Noah)

Exactly my feelings, Noah-sama.

(Is she copying Ira? Even her way of speaking is similar.) (Noah)

The Destiny Goddess is like this? 

I don’t wanna meet her…

“If you are going to oppose us, how about we deal with you both?” (Esther)

Oracle Esther continues speaking without breaking her smile. 

“However, killing the Cursed Oracle will cast the Death Curse. If it is just cutting off an arm, I can use Revive.” (Esther)

She is a Saint Rank Mage, huh.

She is an Oracle after all.

The lined up Sun Knights and the Heroes of the Goddesses were watching us. 

By the time I noticed, there was a crowd as if surrounding Sa-san, Lucy, Furiae-san, and me. 

Princess Sofia and Prince Leonard were about to run over to our side, but the Guardian Knight Old Man is stopping them.

The eyes of the Old Man were saying: ‘If anything happens, I will be fighting together with you’. 

…Now then, what should I do?

“Now, Heroes that hold the Divine Protection of the Goddesses, crush those two wild dogs there.” (Esther)

Oracle Esther pointed at me and gave the order.

The Heroes of the six Great Goddesses are all gathered here.

If they were to join forces and capture Furiae-san and I, I wouldn’t be able to win.


“I won’t fight Takatsuki-kun. Of course, neither Furiae.” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun answered without missing a beat.

I trusted in him; my childhood friend.

“Huh? There’s no way I would do that.” (Geralt)

“Pass.” (Olga)

“I refuse.” (Max)

Lightning Hero Geralt, Scorching Hero Olga, Wind Tree Hero Maximilian-san; they all didn’t obey the order of the Destiny Oracle.

The Earth Country and Commercial Country’s Heroes were kinda…confused here. 

(…No one’s coming?) (Makoto)

Esther-san was talking all big there, but she doesn’t have much popularity…

“Ha! You aren’t liked!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san! You don’t have to provoke her! 

But the expression of the Oracle Esther didn’t change.

She was still smiling faintly. 

What’s with that face as if she could see ahead of everything?

“Fools… To think you would take the side of an Evil God Apostle. Come, Alexander.” (Esther)

Several magic circles suddenly appeared at the side of Oracle Esther, and then a large build man appeared by her side.

A height surpassing 2 meters and with bulky muscles. 

A man in white armor appeared.


The new Country Designated Hero of Highland, Alex.

His eyes were spaced out, as if there’s no telling where he is even looking at.

“Sun Hero, Alexander, show him your power.” (Esther)


The big man didn’t say anything and nodded lightly. 

This Hero lacks energy. 

That Hero Alex turned over here with his unfocused eyes.

And then…

Hero Alex’s body shone in a rainbow color.

The next instant, I was hit by an overwhelming and fearsome pressure. 

“Kuh!” (Makoto)

My voice leaks out. 

The mana was raging about like a storm.

And there was an actual powerful gale attacking the room. 

Even when synchronizing with Lucy, there’s not this much mana. 

This is…mana comparable to the time with the Titan Old Man and when Eir-sama Descends in Princess Sofia. 

Of course it doesn’t match those gods, but…it is mana that’s far beyond a human’s. 


The Highland Prince fell on his butt. 

The same happened to the other nobles that have experienced no battles.

The father of Geralt-san was standing there with arms crossed and pale face.

As expected of a militaristic noble household. 

Furiae-san has a pale face, but Lucy and Sa-san were standing in front of her as if to protect her from it. 

The other Heroes with Sakurai-kun as the first one were taking battle stances -though without their weapons out. 

Looks like everyone’s taking our side.

I am thankful, but…

(…Are they seriously going to be fighting here?) (Makoto)

This is a room in the Highland Castle.

Moreover, there’s people of high standing here. High enough to even call them central figures of their countries. 

I have to question their sanity. 

“L-Let’s stop! Hero Alex! What are you doing at a place like this?!” 

The Pope shouted loudly. 

It is pathetic that he has fallen on his butt though.

“Hero Alex, stop this at once!” (Noel)

The voice of Princess Noel resonated.

She really has some guts.

But the Sun Country’s Designated Hero didn’t listen to the Pope and Princess Noel.

‘What to do?’, is the face I made as I faced Oracle Esther.

“Can’t be helped. Alexander, stop it.” (Esther)


Hero Alex calmed down his rampaging mana at the voice of Esther. 

(He is a Highland Hero, and yet, he didn’t listen to the orders of Highland’s Pope and the Princess…) (Makoto)

What’s with this guy? 

An awkward mood spreads in the place.

“Let’s postpone this meeting to another day.” (Noel)

Princess Noel announced. 

It is indeed not a mood to do talk after.

“Esther-san, I have something to talk with you about in private. Will you come?” (Noel)

“Yes, Noel-sama.” (Esther)

Princess Noel had a slightly irritated tone, but in contrast to that, Oracle Esther was calm.

(What’s with that? …What did she want to achieve in the end?) (Makoto)

She wasn’t really that adamant about her reveal that I am an Evil God Apostle.

I thought she was antagonizing the Moon Oracle, and then she tried attacking us with a Hero.

She easily pulled back from that too. 

In the first place, if she is the Destiny Goddess’s Oracle, she should have known the future? 

While feeling uncertain about a lot of things, we exited the room and left the Highland Castle. 


“What’s with that woman?!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san raised her voice. 

Once the meeting ended, the Water Country group was in the room of an inn at the Symphonia capital. 

By the way, Princess Sofia and Princess Noel said they will be having a talk and left soon after. 

“Hey…are we going to be okay?” (Lucy)

The usually strong Lucy said this in an uneasy tone. 

“It is okay, Lu-chan. If anything happens, Takatsuki-kun and I will protect you. Isn’t that right, Fu-chan?” (Aya)

“You are so strong, Aya.” (Lucy)

“Yeah…thanks, Warrior-san.” (Furiae)

A bit of Lucy and Furiae-san’s smiles returned with the words of Sa-san.

(It is my fault, isn’t it…?) (Makoto)

My standing as an Evil God Apostle is finally serving as a heavy minus. 

Should I have made the necessary arrangements in the Commercial Country of Camelon beforehand? 

But I don’t think I would be able to negotiate with that Oracle…

*Knock knock*

Someone knocked on the door.

Tension ran in the place for an instant.

The one who entered the room was a slender female knight with golden armor, Janet-san.

“Did something happen?” (Makoto)

It should have been tonight that we promised to meet.

Right now it is still a little after noon.

“It…must have been rough.” (Janet)

The expression of Janet-san was a bit grim.

She most likely heard about the ruckus of before. 

“You are probably not feeling well today, so let’s move it to another day, okay…? Just know that we have fought together in Spring Log. I am your ally. I came here just to tell you that.” (Janet)

Janet-san said this and was about to leave. 

“Wait.” (Makoto)

I hurriedly ran to her and grabbed her arm.

“Uhm…what’s the matter?” (Janet)

The female knight looks at me with a surprised expression.

“There’s a place I want to go to. Can you please come with me?” (Makoto)

Janet Valentine is the captain of the Pegasus Knights in the Northern Sky Knights which makes her simply a leader in certain situations only. 

However, she is the daughter of the Valentine household that’s one of the Five Sacred Nobles. 

Her standing is higher than any of the people here (Princess Sofia is absent).

“I don’t mind…” (Janet)

Janet-san was confused by this, but she agreed.

“Makoto…where are you planning on going?” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun, are you thinking about something weird again?” (Aya)

“My Knight…playing around with women at this kind of time?” (Furiae)

There’s no way that’s the case, Furiae-san.

But I have to explain to my comrades.

I turned around and spoke my thoughts. 

“I am going to the place of the Destiny Oracle, Esther.” (Makoto)


Everyone in the place raised their voice in surprise.

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