WM – Chapter 105: Mayhem in the capital of Symphonia (5)

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“What’s with these guys?! They are pretty strong!” (Geralt)

Geralt-san was cutting down one 1,000 year old monsters one after the other while saying this.

Ooh! I am glad he is okay.

With his magic sword (?) that’s making cracking sounds, a monster is cut and gets burnt black every time it is swung.

It looks like it isn’t that big of a difference for the Lightning Hero that they are 1,000 year old monsters.

“Looks like he is going to be okay.” (Makoto)

“Umu! As expected of the Lightning Hero-dono!” 

Seems like the Sun Knight Captain-san is also relieved.

But it is not like everything has been solved.

“Let’s support Geralt-sama!” 


The Sky Order Lieutenant and his little sister’s unit move to help the Lightning Hero.

It is true that putting all on Geralt-san is way too much weight.

“Mage units, continue the support fire!”

The 2nd Division Captain continued giving out orders.

“But mages that have run out of mana are beginning to show up…” 

“This is bad. The knight units and priest units are somehow managing, but…” 

The knights are having an intense physical battle.

And the priests who are supporting them at the backlines are showing fatigue.

There’s exhaustion showing in the whole area.

Compared to that, the monsters are attacking with reckless abandon.

So this is the attack of controlled monsters, huh.

What a nasty attack, Snake Church!

(…What to do?) (Makoto)

I glanced at the place, and my eyes made contact with Prince Leonard who was looking at me uneasy.

“M-Makoto-san…at this rate…” (Leonard)

We will be pushed in before the reinforcements arrive.

If the gate is broken, there will be more than hundreds of civilian casualties.

I can feel gazes.

The Sun Knights and the Water Country soldiers were looking over here.

(‘If they are Heroes, they might be able to do something’…or like, is Sakurai-kun always getting this treatment?) (Makoto)

I am not good at dealing with this kind of attention.

I am surprised he can keep doing the Savior reincarnation role.

Let’s have a drink next time, Sakurai-kun.

Before that, we have to deal with the problem in front of us.

What can I do right now?

I set [Clear Mind] at 99% and ask myself.

I have no mana.

In order to use Spirit Magic again, I will have to wait a bit more.

Prince Leonard only has a little bit of mana left. 

I can’t borrow anymore.

If Princess Sofia were here…no, a princess wouldn’t come to a battlefield like this.

Don’t rely on things that are not here.

Is there anything…

A card I can use…

“XXXXXXXXXXX (Spirit-sans, please lend me your strength…)” (Makoto)

I unconsciously extend my hand and speak in Spirit Language. 

The small Blue Spirits that are floating in front of me.

That hand of mine touches nothing.

I can’t touch the Spirits.

I thought that maybe I could sync with Spirits, but…if I can’t touch them, it is impossible, huh.

“M-Makoto-san?” (Leonard)

The confused voice of Prince Leonard reached my ears, but I continued.

“XXXXXXXXXXXXX (If there’s something I can do…I will do it. Anything…)” (Makoto)

I continue speaking with an extended hand.

There’s no response.

(It isn’t working, huh…) (Makoto)


I heard a laugh in my ear.

It is not the childish voice of Spirits that I usually hear?

When I turn around, there’s a beautiful girl whose whole body is blue.

I could tell at a single glance that she isn’t a human.

“…Spirit?” (Makoto)

There’s human-like Spirits like this…?

That figure of hers is somewhat similar to that of Noah-sama.

“XXXXXXXXX (Do I just need to help you out?)” 

“Eh?” (Makoto)

The girl shaped Spirit held my hand.

A cold and pleasant sensation wraps around my hand.

I-I can touch her?

In that case…

I can synchronize with her?

◇Lightning Hero: Geralt◇

How many monsters have I cut down now?

I stopped counting when I reached 10, and just concentrated on defeating monsters single-mindedly.



I could see the guys of the Northern Sky Knight Order coming to assist.

“You guys, don’t come too deep! Keep it at providing support!” (Geralt)

I can tell real well since I am fighting here.

These are not normal monsters.

A normal high level knight won’t be able to stand against them.

I confirm the situation while fighting. I could tell that the Sky Order is fighting in the middle, and the Sun Knight Divisions are fighting at both sides. 

The pegasus knights and the mages are attacking the flying monsters, but…

(…This is bad.) (Geralt)

We are slowly being pushed back.

(What is that bastard doing?!) (Geralt)

I saw the figure of the Water Country’s Hero at the corner of my eye.

You, use the spell that you used to defeat me already! 

But he shows no signs of using his magic.

“Damn it, you coward.” (Geralt)

Is he getting scared at the mob of monsters?! 

I concentrate on the monsters in front of me.

After a while…

I was attacked by a despairing pressure that felt like it could freeze my back.

At the time when I was a child and fought my first dragon.

At the time when I challenged the Great Sage Old Hag and got beaten black and blue.

At the time when the Light Hero that suddenly appeared from a different world stole my childhood friend fiance from me.

I felt something that was comparable to that and turned around.

“W-What’s that?” “Magic…?” “I have never seen this before…” “R-Run! You are going to get caught in it!” 

The knights were making a ruckus.

There was an enormous water giant that felt like it could pierce the heavens.

Water Giant

“What…?” (Geralt)

That gigantic something that appeared all of a sudden scared the Sun Country soldiers and even the monsters.

That giant looks down at us…and slowly sweeps its long arm to the ground.

“Uwaaa!” “S-Save meee!!” “I-I’m going to die—eh?” “What?” “Nothing’s happening?” 

It looked like it was attacking indiscriminately, but it is skillfully only hitting the monsters.

The monsters on the ground, the monsters flying, they were all swallowed into the body of the giant.

They were captured inside the body of the water giant. The monsters were struggling to get out, but it looks like they can’t.

(Could this possibly be a variation of Water Magic: Ice Prison?) (Geralt)

The shape is already completely different though.


Everyone looked at it with mouths wide open.

The giant who had caught all of the monsters inside its body…slowly went to where the sea is.

I looked around the people that were dumbfounded, and found a brat that I am familiar with.

I run to where he is.

“Oi! Is that spell the doing of the Rozes Hero?!” (Geralt)

“Yes! It is the spell of Makoto-san!” (Leonard)

The brat speaks with sparkly eyes.

What are you saying all happy?

“Is that fine with you? The representative Hero of the Water Country is going to be him now, you know?” (Geralt)

I told him that.

“Makoto-san really is amazing!” (Leonard)

The Glacial Hero was blushing and had a face like that of a maiden. I didn’t feel like saying anything anymore.

“Tch, if you had a spell like that, use that from the very beginning…” (Geralt)

I look like an idiot for hurriedly coming here.

“What. Even though I came all the way here to provide reinforcements, it is already over.” 

“Uah!” (Geralt)

“Great Sage-sama!” (Leonard)

That scared me.

“Don’t appear all of a sudden, Old Hag.” (Geralt)


I got punched.

That hurts, damn it.

“What a horrible mouth this student of mine has. Anyways, that’s quite the peculiar spell.” 

The Old Hag looks at the water giant that’s leaving as if impressed.

“Hey, what’s the spell? Even though I only feel trash-like mana from the Rozes Hero as always, why can he use crazy magic like that?” (Geralt)

I don’t know.” 


Don’t lie.

The Great Sage knows everything, right?

“It is similar to the Spirit Magic that Johnny used, but…I can’t use Spirit Magic after all…” 

“The one you are comparing him to is the Legendary Mage, Johnny Walker…?” (Geralt)

The comrade of the Great Sage Old Hag 1,000 years ago.

One of the members of the Legendary Party of four.

Even if you tell me it is similar to him…

Every single one of the Heroes of that other world are just…

“Oi, Geralt. The Spirit User-kun is probably out of control right now, so go save him.” 

“Huh?” (Geralt)

What is she saying?

It kidnapped only the monsters just a moment ago, you know?

There’s no way it is out of control.

“The Water Giant is staggering. He might be using the spell unconsciously. At this rate, the Spirit User-kun will be in danger. He had to be reckless here in order to save you guys of the Sun Country, you know.” 


I know.

It would have been dangerous at that rate.

I wouldn’t have been able to defeat all the monsters alone.

“Go already.” 

The Old Hag kicks my back.

“That hurts, you damn hag!” (Geralt)

I use the Float spell to chase after the giant.

Damn it!

What a pain!

◇Takatsuki Makoto POV◇


The Water Giant spell.

There’s a whole lot of monsters imprisoned in the water.

I didn’t know what I should do after, so I headed to where the ocean is for now.

(Aah…I’m not feeling good.) (Makoto)

It is a strange sensation like after I drink too much alcohol.

This is my first time doing this, but I know the reason why.

It is the Mana Dizziness that Lucy often feels.

When I look by my side…

XXXXXXXXXX (Fufufufu, this is fun).

A beautiful Spirit girl.

No, I heard her name a while ago.

Her name is the Great Water Spirit, Undine.

For some reason, it seems like she has taken a liking to me and is lending me her help.

I am currently synchronizing with Undine.

Mana is flowing into me abundantly.

Spirits have…unlimited mana, was it?

I wonder what it is…

Different from the time with Princess Sofia and Prince Leonard, I can’t tell when to stop the sync.

Hmm, what should I do after heading to the ocean?

—XXXXXXXXXX (Hey hey, how about you play with me forever?).

A beautiful girl that’s pretty similar to Noah-sama invites me with a big smile.

That proposal is appealing, but…

Hm? Something is rushing towards us?

Who is that? That golden haired guy with evil-looking eyes.

Ah, he jumped into the Water Giant.

“Oi! You bastard, return to your senses!” (Geralt)

I was punched suddenly.

“Eh?” (Makoto)

After that, he grabbed my collar and shook me, and…I returned to my senses.

At that instant, the Water Giant crumbled and the monsters were thrown into the ocean.

There were some monsters who would sink just like that, and some who would escape to the open sea.

However, there were none who were trying to go back to the Sun Country.

By the time I noticed, the Great Water Spirit Undine was gone.

(Is it okay to leave the monsters be…?) (Makoto)

But they were all escaping into the open sea.

Going out of my way to chase them and finish them off is a bit…

While I was thinking that with my dizzy mind, I suddenly noticed.

(Hm? Wait a moment. I am currently floating in the air?) (Makoto)


I hear an irritated voice from above.

When I look up, I see Geralt-san who was carrying me in mid-air.

“You up now?” (Geralt)

“Y-Yes.” (Makoto)

Oh, looks like I was saved by the Lightning Hero.

“I came here on the order of the Great Sage Old Hag. She said your magic went out of control.” (Geralt)

“Geh.” (Makoto)

The second time, huh.

No good.

Do I have to donate more blood?

“Oi, we are going back. You can use Float, right?” (Geralt)

“I can’t.” (Makoto)

“Why?!” (Geralt)

Because Float is a mid rank spell.

An apprentice can’t use it.

“Damn it. Grab on tight.” (Geralt)

It ended up with Geralt-san carrying me.

“Uhm, thanks, Geralt-sama.” (Makoto)

He is the son of a Grand Duke from a large country.

I should be careful with my words.

A bit too late for that though.

“No need for the -sama.” (Geralt)

“Uhm, Geralt-san.” (Makoto)

“Don’t need the -san either. No honorifics.” (Geralt)

Eeh, I am no good with that though.

“Gera-yan.” (Makoto)

“I’ll kill you.” (Geralt)


“Thanks, Geralt.” (Makoto)


No words?! 

In the end, there was no conversation after that, and he carried me back to the North Gate where Prince Leonard and the others were waiting.

“Makoto-san!” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard hugs me.

“Hero-dono! What unbelievable magic!” 

The Guardian Knight Old Man seems to be okay too.

“Hero Makoto-sama, that was splendid.” 

“Looks like we were the ones saved, huh…” 

The Sun Knight Captains say with a wry smile.

“Are the others okay?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, thanks to you. The seriously wounded are being carried away and treated.” 

That’s a relief. I don’t know how much damage I managed to reduce though.

“Reporting! The 4 gates of Symphonia have successfully fought back the monsters!” 

“Heard that?! This battle is our victory!” 


The soldiers raise cheers at the statement of the Knight Captain-san.

I see, we won.

That’s a relief.

We conversed for a while, but…someone approached us.

A man with golden armor, blonde hair, and sharp eyes.

That guy looked around at the Water Country soldiers, and then, turned around without saying anything.

Eh? Didn’t he have some business here?

“Rozes Hero, the Northern Sky Knight Order was saved by your magic.” (Geralt)

Geralt speaks to me with his back turned.

“Don’t misunderstand! You are currently stronger! But I will have a rematch with you one day, and at that time, I will be the one winning!” (Geralt)

“O-Okay…” (Makoto)

I don’t want a rematch though…

“You saved us. You have my gratitude.” (Geralt)

He left after saying that.


“Makoto-san, let’s go back to where Nee-sama is. She must be worried.” (Leonard)

“Yeah, let’s do that, Prince Leonard.” (Makoto)

I want to see Lucy and Sa-san too.

They are okay, right?

“It is finally over?” 

I nodded at the Old Man.

“Alright, let’s go back.” (Makoto)

Aah, that was so rough.

The mayhem in the capital of Symphonia is finally over.

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