Tale of the Sword Saint beginning with Zero Attack Power ~ Abandoned by his childhood friend Oracle, he enrolled in the Magic Academy, and ended up making a contract with the Demon Lord ~

Alternate Title: The Squishy Swordsman with Zero Attack Power ~Abandoned by his Childhood Friend Oracle, he entered the Magic Academy, and ended up looking after the Demon Lord~


Top student from the Imperial Military School, Eugene Santafield. 

He had a dream. 

It is to be the Royal Sword of his childhood friend Airi Grandflare, who is aiming to become the Emperor, and bring even more prosperity to the Empire. 

But that dream crumbled. 

Due to his lacking talent. 

Eugene had no talent and was easily abandoned by his childhood friend. 

Having fallen into despair, he enrolled in the highest academic center of the Empire, the Lykeion Magic Academy, under the discretion of his father. 

The life of Eugene will be moved heavily by the many encounters in the academy. 

Eventually turning into a wave that will drag the whole continent…

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Chapter 1: Eugene drops out
Chapter 2: Eugene speaks to the Demon Lord
Chapter 3-4: Eugene explores
Chapter 5-6: Eugene participates in the trial
Chapter 7: Sumire learns about the isekai
Chapter 8: Sumire meets the student council president
Chapter 9-10: Eugene and Sumire head to the dungeon
Chapter 11: Eugene meets the Floor Boss
Chapter 12: Eugene gets requested
Chapter 13: Eugene fights the Floor Boss
Chapter 14: Gossip – From the Student Council Building
Chapter 15: Eugene and Sumire move even further ahead
Chapter 16: Sumire encounters students of the academy
Chapter 17: Eugene talks with Sumire
Chapter 18: Eugene aims for the 20th Floor
Chapter 19-20: Eugene meets despair
Chapter 21: Eugene faces the Divine Beast
Chapter 22: Eugene makes a contract with the Demon Lord
Chapter 23: Partner
Chapter 24: First Arc’s Epilogue

Chapter 25: Gossip – Childhood Friend
Chapter 26: Eugene speaks to the Demon Lord
Chapter 27: Eugene speaks to the Academy Principal
Chapter 28: Lykeion Magic Academy
Chapter 29: Eugene is approached by the student council president
Chapter 30: Eugene is bewildered
Chapter 31: Caldia’s Holy Maiden Candidate
Chapter 32: Eugene is called by the Dungeon Union
Chapter 33: Zenith Tower – Floor 50
Chapter 34: Eugene thinks about the Demon Lord
Chapter 35: Eugene starts over
Chapter 36: Sumire meets a senpai
Chapter 37: Eugene consults with the Demon Lord
Chapter 38: Eugene faces the Floor 60 Boss
Chapter 39: Eugene meets the Floor 70 Boss
Chapter 40: Fire Half-God
Chapter 41: Eugene acquires the Challenge Rights
Chapter 42: Trial of Gods
Chapter 43: Fallen Angel Lord
Chapter 44: Eugene is requested
Chapter 45: Eugene faces the Demon Lord
Chapter 46: Fallen Angel Lord – Part 2
Chapter 47: Conclusion
Chapter 48: Eugene meets an angel
Chapter 49: Everything of Eugene is exposed
Chapter 50: 2nd Arc – Epilogue

Chapter 51: Eugene returns to the Empire
Chapter 52: Eugene’s reunion
Chapter 53: Eugene’s reunion Part 2
Chapter 54: Eugene has an audience
Chapter 55: Eugene speaks to the Prime Minister
Chapter 56: Sumire meets the princess
Chapter 57: Great Demonic Beast
Chapter 58: Eugene visits a grave
Chapter 59: Eugene meets his mother
Chapter 60: Eugene is taught by his mother
Chapter 61: Imperial Princess Airi
Chapter 62: Eugene speaks to his childhood friend
Chapter 63: Great Demonic Beast Subjugation Plan
Chapter 64: Eugene challenged to a duel
Chapter 65: Eugene faces the Great Demonic Beast
Chapter 66: Great Demonic Beast Haagenti (1st Part)
Chapter 67: Great Demonic Beast Haagenti (2nd Part)
 Chapter 68: Eugene is confessed to
Chapter 69: Eugene and Childhood Friend
Chapter 70: 3rd Arc’s Epilogue

Chapter 71: Eugene returns to the academy
Chapter 72: Eugene speaks to an angel
Chapter 73: Eugene is notified
Chapter 74: Eugene meets the president of the school festival commitee
Chapter 75: Eugene challenges the Zenith Tower
Chapter 76: Eugene meets ****
Chapter 77: Eugene promises
Chapter 78: School Festival – Day 1
Chapter 79: School Festival – Day 2
Chapter 80: School Festival – Day 2-3
Chapter 81: School Festival – 3rd Day
Chapter 82: School Festival – Day 4
Chapter 83: Stampede
Chapter 84: Lord of the Zenith Tower
Chapter 85: School Festival – 6th Day
Chapter 86: Eugene Trains
Chapter 87: Last Day of the School Festival – Part 1
Chapter 88: Last Day of School Festival – Part 2
Chapter 89: Last Day of School Festival – Part 3
Chapter 90: Last Day of the School Festival – Part 4
Chapter 91: Sudden Trial
Chapter 92: Eugene fights the Divine Beast (1st Part)
Chapter 93: Eugene fights the Divine Beast (2nd Part)
Chapter 94: Eugene fights the Divine Beast (2nd Part – 2)
Chapter 95: Eugene fights the Divine Beast (3rd part)
Chapter 96: 4th Arc Epilogue

Chapter 97: Eugene and Sumire change classes
Chapter 98: Zenith Tower and Dungeon Master
Chapter 99: Eugene receives the request
Chapter 100: Eugene arrives at the holy capital
Chapter 101: Holy Capital of Arshaam
Chapter 102: Eugene has an audience with the 8 Holy Maidens
Chapter 103: Eugene accompanies the crusade
Chapter 104: Eugene meets the Bird of Death
Chapter 105: Eugene heads to the Mountain of Death
Chapter 106: Darkness Bird Raum
Chapter 107: Eugene searchs for his classmate
Chapter 108: Eugene fights the Bird of Death
Chapter 109: Eugene’s contract is discovered
Chapter 110: Eugene heads to a new land
Chapter 111: Eugene reunites
Chapter 112: Eugene reunited Part 2
Chapter 113: Eugene participates in the strategy meeting