WM – Chapter 4: Takatsuki Makoto meets the Goddess

“A Goddess…?” (Makoto)

An unbelievable beauty was standing in front of me.

Her glistening silver hair and sapphire-like eyes. Her pristine clean white skin. Her body that still has a bit of childishness remaining but is charming and bewitching. 

She is so perfect like a doll, it is actually a bit scary. 

“Uhm, do you have any business with me?” (Makoto)

This world is ruled by Gods. 

If she really is a Goddess, then it would be better not to go against her. 

Thanks to my [Clear Mind], I can stay calm even in front of a Goddess.

“I have been watching you all this time. Saving that merchant from the goblins just now regardless of the danger was a splendid act. I will welcome you as one of my own.” 

The Goddess smiles.

“A Goddess welcoming me…?” (Makoto)

Those words make my memories of 1 year ago resurface.


Soon after coming to this world, there was someone who called herself the Oracle of the Water Temple. 

An Oracle is a special existence even within this country’s sacred professions.

They can hear the voice of the Goddess. 

The words of the Oracle are taken as the words of the Gods.

I heard that she normally acts within the church, but this time around, she came to see the otherworldlers.

Her objective was scouting.

Oracles have the ability to grant divine protection to the people that become believers of the Goddess. 

The powerful Stats and rare Skills of otherworldlers must be attractive.

The one who showed up in front of us was the Water Oracle, Sofia Rozes. 

She is also the princess of the Water Country, Rozes.

An important among the important. The most important person in this country.

The skills of my 1-A classmates must have been that excelling that someone like that came directly.

“You are a High Grade Mage, huh. That’s great. I will grant you the divine protection of the Water Goddess. In order to make that possible, you will have to become a believer of our Goddess, is that okay?” (Sofia)

“Ara, you have the Golden Knight skill. I will grant you the divine protection of the Water Goddess. In order to make that…” (Sofia)

And like this, she would invite more and more of my classmates.

Mostly people with rare skills.

And then, the moment she saw my Soul Book…

“You have Water Magic…Elementary Grade, huh. Do your best.” (Sofia)

She smiled at me and passed by.


“I-Is that all?” (Makoto)

“Oi, the Oracle-sama is busy.” 

When I tried to draw closer to her, a knight blocked my way.

Later I learned that he was the guardian knight of the Oracle.

“I will become a believer of the Water Goddess! So please can I get her divine protection?!” (Makoto)

At that time, I was desperate because I only got weak skills, so I pleaded.

When you obtain the divine protection of a Goddess, you get a variety of benefits. 

I wanted the divine protection of the Water Goddess no matter what.

I was that desperate. 

But the attitude of the Oracle was ice-cold.

“It seems like you need to train a bit more. Maybe next time.” (Sofia)

The Water Oracle, Sofia, didn’t even look back and left.


After that, no matter how much I trained, I didn’t get the divine protection.

Not only my classmates, but even the people of the temple were looking at me with pity, and I wet my pillow with my tears.

Since then, I began to hate the Water Oracle and the Church. I ended up hating the Goddess they worship too.

It was a bitter memory.

Remembering those times pisses me off even now. 

Calm down… Don’t mind it, don’t mind it.

“That matter with the Oracle was terrible. It is okay to not believe in the Goddess that those kinds of people worship.” 

She spoke as if she read my mind.

Did she? 

Or more like, she knows about the incident with the Water Oracle, too?

So the part about ‘I have been watching you’ was true.

“I don’t want to remember that, so let’s stop there. By the way, can you tell me your name, Goddess-sama?” (Makoto)

The Goddesses of this world have names.

The Light Hero, Sakurai, got the divine protection called [The Favor of the Sun Goddess Athena], and it is a cheat divine protection that doubles his stats related to battle. 

Seriously, doesn’t he have it way too easy?

Even if I don’t get a divine protection as strong as that, if it is a famous Goddess, I can expect a divine protection, so I tried asking with that kind of ulterior motive.

“Fufu, I am a minor Goddess, so I don’t think you would know me.” 

“You may say that, but I would like to know the name of the Goddess I might be following.” (Makoto)

“Then, I will tell you one day.” 

She is trying to push it off.


Can’t do anything about it, so I changed the topic.

“Will I be able to make it as an adventurer in this world?” (Makoto)

“You are worried about your low stats, right?” 

“Kinda…” (Makoto)

With my magic alone, I cannot even defeat a single slime.

The power is way too low.

Also, I run out of mana in an instant.

How’s that gonna function as an adventurer?

“You have handy skills, don’t you?” 

“[Clear Mind] and [RPG Player]? They are indeed handy, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the skills of mages and warriors.” (Makoto)

I ended up taking a sulking tone towards a Goddess.

But these are my true feelings.

“Do you know about your classmates Suzuki-san, Yamashita-san, and Endo-san?” 

She suddenly changed the topic.

The classmates I came together with.

It is not like we got along, but I do know them.

They all should have had warrior and mage skills that were above High Grade.

“Those 3 are currently missing, or dead.” 

“Huh?” (Makoto)

“They were overconfident about their skills. They fought monsters that were above their ability, and challenged a high difficulty dungeon, and failed.” 

“I see…” (Makoto)

I was cooped up in the temple for a year, so I didn’t know.

“You were in a peaceful country like Japan after all. No matter how strong of a skill you people get, your hearts won’t change. [Clear Mind] is a good skill that stops overconfidence and negligence, you know?” 

“About the RPG Player skill, this is a unique skill of an otherworldler. I think this is an interesting skill, too.” 

“Isn’t it just a skill that changes the perspective?” (Makoto)

“By looking at yourself from the outside, you can stop surprise attacks, look 360°, and see from a far perspective. Also, it automatically does a [Mapping] of the places you have gone to. Moreover, it also has [Treasure Box Detection]. Such a handy skill like this is pretty rare, you know?”

Hmm, when you put it like that, it doesn’t sound that bad.

 I see. 

Meaning that it is all about how you use it.

I feel a little bit better.

I try another question.

“You said you were watching me all the time, but why is it that you didn’t talk to me until now?” (Makoto)

“The Water Temple is under the jurisdiction of the Water Goddess. I was showing restraint.” 

“There were scouts of other Gods even within the Water Temple though.” (Makoto)

The Light Hero Sakurai became a Light Goddess believer after all.

“Well, isn’t it fine?” 

She gives a vague response.

“Makoto, will you become my believer?” 

The Goddess is really pushy. 

I ponder.

At first, I had my eyes stolen by her astounding beauty. 

But now that I am calm, the Goddess in front of me is a bit suspicious. 

Why does she want to make a person like me with weak stats and weird skills into her believer?

In the RPGs that I have played, early events like this that look good at a glance normally have something behind it when you easily choose [YES].

That’s what my gamer instinct is telling me.

Moreover, this is not like a game where I can reset.

“Let me think about it for a bit.” (Makoto)


The elegant gestures of the Goddess were gone after that, and she made a panicked expression.

“W-Wait, please. You will be the follower of a Goddess, you know?! Moreover, a Goddess spoke to you personally. That’s an incredible honor, you know?!” 

That’s right.

A Goddess appearing personally almost never happens.

Even the Oracle we talked about just a moment ago would only hear the Goddess’s voice at most. 

It may be within a dream, but for a common person like me to see and talk with a Goddess personally…I have never heard of it before.

If she is the real deal, that is

My [Clear Mind] is whispering to me.

“I am the real deal!” 

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“Ah, shoot!” 

She really is reading my mind.

“Well, if you are a Goddess, you should be able to do at least that much.” (Makoto)

“Y-You are really calm…” 

That’s my only redeeming feature.

I did panic a bit before though.

“H-Hey, a God coming to the human plane is difficult, you know? Can you form the contract today?” 

She holds my hand as if pleading, and talks to me with an upward glance.

Kuh, her body is close.

Her beautiful face closes onto mine.

It is like how cabaret girls would deal with their customers in that TV show I saw before.

The blue eyes of the Goddess were glowing lightly. 

My head is getting hazy, and it felt like it shut down for a bit there.

Is this…charm magic?

I learned about the existence of charm magic in the magic lessons of the temple.

It is a Skill that’s apparently often used by women working in brothels. 

There’s a variety of charm spells in this world, but the basics are: ‘Look at the target’s eyes’, ‘and while speaking to the target in a soft voice’, ‘touch their body’.

Beginner adventurers who get caught in this charm magic, would pour all their money into the industry, and end up in debt.

It is apparently something that happens often.

Isn’t this exactly what’s being done to me right now?

But because of the third person perspective of [RPG Player] always being on, I am looking at my own state, as well as the state of the person I am speaking to, from several meters apart.

Because of that, in principle, I don’t end up in situations where I am meeting eye to eye with the other party. Also, because of the skill, it is hard to feel like the body contact is with me.

On top of that, the [Clear Mind] skill.

My mind is calm.

‘I think it would be really hard for you to get caught in charm magic, Makoto-kun’, is what the teacher at the temple told me.

“Goddess-sama, for now, please get away from me. You are close.” (Makoto)

The result is that I didn’t really get distracted and I took a step back.

“E-Eh? Why isn’t it working?!” 

Isn’t that a slip of the tongue, Goddess-sama?

Using charm magic to get a believer?

It feels like a recruitment for a suspicious cult.

“It isn’t suspicious!” 

“Right, you can read minds.” (Makoto)

Muttering things in my mind is pointless.

“In that case, you understand why I am doubting you this much, right? It would be great if you were to give up for today.” (Makoto)

“No!! This is the chance I finally got after 1,000 years to obtain a believer, so I will definitely have you become my believer!!” 

She finally fell on her back and began to flail her arms and legs.

Her majesty from the beginning is completely gone. 

Her one piece is short, it feels as if I would be able to see it…and yet I can’t.

Is this the absolute territory of the Goddess?

While I was thinking something stupid, the Goddess asks.

“If I show you the inside of my skirt, will you become my believer?” 

“What are you even proposing?” (Makoto)

The Goddess was still on her back as she looked at me with tears in her eyes.

Cute. Cute, but…

Becoming a believer is another story.

“Please please please! Become my believer. Please!” 

She grabbed my shoulders and was shaking me.

As I said, you are too close.

What to do…

Honestly, I don’t know her intentions.

But I can feel how serious she is.

Anyways, I wasn’t planning on becoming a believer of any of the 6 major Goddesses. 

Mostly because of the bad impression the Water Oracle gave me though.

She is going so far here.

Let’s believe that she won’t be treating me badly.

The RPG Player skill brings out the decision window.

Become a believer ←

Don’t become a believer

“Got it. I will become your believer.” (Makoto)

“Eh, really? Y-Yay!” 

The Goddess cheers and hops.

“Then, can you lend me your Soul Book?” 

Do I have it even within my dreams?

When I looked for it, it was in the inside pocket of my clothes. 

“Here you go.” (Makoto)

“Yes, let’s see.” 

The Goddess traces her finger on my Soul Book. 

I felt like the paper shone for a moment. 

When I look at the contract area, it was written [First Believer of the Goddess].

“You have no one aside from me?” (Makoto)

“That’s right! You are the first! Consider it an honor!!” 

My uneasiness increases. 

That’s way too minor.

Just how unpopular of a Goddess are you.

It really does worry me. 

If I had to point out another thing that bothers me, it would be…

“Will I get some sort of divine protection from you, Goddess-sama?” (Makoto)

This may be impudent right after becoming a believer, but it is an important point.

However, the Goddess makes a troubled expression.

“Actually, I am a young and minor God, so I can’t grant divine protection to my believers immediately. If you pray to me everyday, you might one day get one.” 

Eh, no way.

“Don’t worry! In exchange, I will give you this! This is the divine treasure that will be proof of our contract. It is incredible, I will have you know!” 

She gave me a dagger.

“A weapon?” (Makoto)

“You can also use it as a weapon! It is a weapon forged by a Goddess, so it won’t break by normal means! When you are praying to me, pray while holding this, okay?” 

Is it something like a cross?

“Then, it is about time I go. If you are troubled with anything, rely on me!” 

“Ah, wait, don’t you have an instruction or something?” (Makoto)

I hurriedly checked, and the Goddess had a surprised expression.

“You don’t want me to tell you what to do, right? You like free scenarios, right?” 

“Well, yeah…” (Makoto)

She really does know everything.

“In these kinds of situations, the Goddess normally gives out a mission of sorts.” (Makoto)

“To think you would personally ask for it, you are a considerate believer. Hmm, then, one thing only. Get strong!!” 

“Is that an order?” (Makoto)

“It isn’t an order. This is just a request of mine. You are my only believer, so I won’t forgive you if you just go and die, okay?! I have high expectations of you.” 

She winks at me and gives me a thumbs up, telling me: “Good luck”, as she disappears.


When I woke up, it was already morning, and there was an unsheathed dagger near my pillow. 

T-That’s dangerous.

“Hm? Isn’t this the dagger I stole from the goblin yesterday?” (Makoto)

The rusted and tattered dagger had been reborn into something beautiful.

I hesitantly hold it in my hand.

Not too light, not too heavy; just the right weight.

My hand got used to it as if it were being sucked into it, and I felt like mana was seeping into my body. 

A magic weapon?

The blade is slightly bluish, and it is releasing a mysterious light.

“Goddess-sama, thank you very much.” (Makoto)

I placed both of my hands together and prayed, and at that moment, I noticed there was a dim crest at my right hand.

The crest of a dog-like animal holding a dagger in its mouth. 

First time I have seen a crest like this. I should research it later.

The Soul Book says I am a believer of the Goddess.

It wasn’t a dream.

“Hm? Takatsuki-san, you had a dagger?” 

Oops, that’s dangerous.

I didn’t notice that the merchant was up.

“Yeah, I was praying to the Goddess for a bit.” (Makoto)

“I will pray, too. Goddess of Luck, I thank you for my meeting with Takatsuki-san.” 


“Now, let’s depart. I think we will arrive in the city at around noon.” 


 —Water City, Makkaren.—

It is the 20th biggest city on this continent. 

The stream that flows from the Spirit Forest and the Great Forest becomes a waterway, and eventually arrives at the Shimei Lake. 

At the end of the causeway of that lake there’s a beautiful city. 

Inside the city there’s a lot of waterways, and people use ferries as transportation. 

Wine brewing prospers here, and it is popular. The strong alcoholic drinks made in Makkaren are liked by the whole continent.

That’s what I heard from the merchant.

“We arrived safely. I truly thank you very much, Takatsuki-san.” 

“Same here. Thanks for teaching me a variety of things.” (Makoto)

Before arriving at the city, he taught me information about the influential people of the city, the place where the adventurer guild is, the stores where I can buy cheap weapons and items, good eateries, and a decent inn. 

While at it, I had him check the dagger I got from the Goddess, but he said he couldn’t check it with the [Appraisal: Elementary] of his.

We bid farewell when he arrived at his own company. 

I head to the Adventurer Guild that’s downtown. 

By the way, the church is apparently at the center of the city.

The power of the church in the Water Country is strong.

Because of that, a city was created with the church as the center.

However, the Water Goddess is the one that the Water Country worships, and at the center of it, there’s that Oracle.

I won’t go anywhere close to there, okay?

I fervently swore in my heart.


 I soon found the Adventurer Guild.

It was bigger than I imagined, and it is a well-made stone structure. 

When I went in, there was a wide open space where food and weapon stalls were lined up. 

Is this the entrance?

“Ooi, how about a drink? We got nice cold ale!” 

“We got some good weapons here that we just got from the Earth Country. If you buy them now, it will be 10% off.” 

It is lively.

There’s simplistic tables here and there, and there’s people who are partying as well.

When I look at the information board: there’s the resting area (you can stay the night as well, men and women separated), the training area, and there’s a storehouse for the subjugated monsters. 

I thought the Adventurer Guild was simply the place where you get the adventurer license, so I thought it would be like when getting a car license, but this is more like a sports gym with entertainment facilities included. 

The place to issue a license is the same place where you get quests.

Luckily, there weren’t many lined up, and I was able to get to the reception window.

“Good day, what will your business for today be?” 

The receptionist lady is a beauty. 

When I looked around to check the other receptionists, they were all high level as well.   

“Can I register as an adventurer?” (Makoto)

“Your first time here, I see. Then, please fill the required information in this paper here. Also, you have a Soul Book, right?” 

I gave the Soul Book to the receptionist lady.

I write my name, personal history, skills, and class.

“I’m done.” (Makoto)

“Thank you very much. I will confirm it then.” 

The receptionist lady was slightly surprised at my name and personal history saying I am an otherworldler, but she didn’t say anything.

“There’s no issues. Will you leave your class as ‘Mage Apprentice’?” 

“Yes, just as it is.” (Makoto)

“Please give us a bit of time to issue your license. Take this numbered paper and wait to be called.” 

I thought that I would get in some trouble with hoodlum adventurers since a newbie is joining the Adventurer Guild, but even when looking around, nothing like that happened.

I was able to get my adventurer license without any issues.


Takatsuki Makoto: Mage Apprentice

Level: 2

Adventurer Rank: Stone

Unique Skills: [Clear Mind], [Water Magic: Elementary], [RPG Player].

Common Skills: [Stealth], [Detection]…….

Strength: XX

Endurance: XX

Mana: XX

Dexterity: XX




I got to level 2 from defeating the goblins.

About the other things, there’s the average stats that I have seen a whole lot at the temple.

I am weak.

I knew that, but it really drops my mood every time I see it.

“Oh well.” (Makoto)

Thanks to [Clear Mind] I can switch gears fast.

I put away the license card, and left the Adventurer Guild.

Okay, next place.

The place I am heading to now is the Fujiwara Shop that I heard from the merchant of.

Right, my classmate Fuji-yan already has his own store.

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