WM – Chapter 334: Chat of the Goddesses

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◇Water Goddess Eir’s POV◇

“Here, this.” (Noah)

Saying this, what Noah showed was the Soul Book of Mako-kun, and we peeked at it. 

Nyarlathotep, who was further away, shrewdly peeked at it together with us. 

“Wait, what’s this?!” (Ira)

The one who managed to find it with sharp eyes was Ira-chan. 

I look at the place where she pointed and…

[■■■■■■■■■■■] Number of Activations (XX)

I can’t read it. 

Everything about the skill’s name is dyed black. 

“Hey, Noah, did Mako-kun always have this skill?” (Eir)

I asked. 

I have seen the Soul Book of Mako-kun a number of times already, but there wasn’t anything like this written in it. 

“He had it since the time he became my believer -I hid it though.” (Noah)

“Why did you do that?! Also, what’s with this weird black stuff?! I can’t read it!” (Ira)

Ira-chan is going ‘Kiiih!’ and complaining at Noah. 

Looks like Ira-chan can’t see the skill in the Soul Book of Mako-kun. 

“Noah-kun, Noah-kun, don’t tease us and tell us what it is written.” (Naia)

“Yeah, there’s no point hiding it now.” (Althena)

The Moon Goddess and Althena-neesama. 


Noah was smiling suggestively at us. 

And then, slowly opened her mouth. 

I am not hiding it anymore. This is how it is shown.” (Noah)

“There’s no way that’s the case! Then why can’t I read it?!” (Ira)

Ira-chan instantly objected. 

“I can read it… That said, I only managed to read it all just recently. After I made Makoto my familiar, that is.” (Noah)

“The deeper your relationship with the corresponding believer, the more letters are shown…? I can only read 2 letters.” (Althena)

“Same here. Honestly speaking, I can’t tell what power it is by just looking at this.” (Naia)

Letters that even Althena-neesama and the Moon Goddess can’t read…

These two who have the highest Divinity? 

Is that even possible? 

Mako-kun, just what skill do you have? 

“And so, in the end, what skill does Takatsuki Makoto have?” (Althena)

Althena-sama asked with a sharp tone. 

“Activation of Multi Ending…is what’s written there.” (Noah)

“Multi Ending…? A skill I have never heard of.” (Ira)

Ira-chan tilted her head. 

Does that mean this is not a power that’s from this world? 

“A unique power from an otherworlder, huh. It happens rarely but…” (Althena)

Althena-neesama crossed her arms as if thinking of something and the Moon Goddess urged the conversation on. 

“The effect is to increase the futures. That’s all it is.” (Noah)

Increase the futures…?

Does that mean…

I look at Ira-chan’s face. 

Seems like she also reached the same conclusion. 

“Could it be that…the reason why I was missing in all of my divinations was because…” (Ira)

Ira-chan was trembling. 

“Might have been because of Makoto.” (Noah)

Noah said as if nothing. 

“That guy!!! So that was it?! Do you know just how much pain I had to go through?! Unforgivable!!” (Ira)

“Now now, calm down, Ira-chan. Hey, Noah, does Mako-kun know about this skill?” (Eir)

“He doesn’t. Makoto says he is ‘simply picking choices’.” (Noah)

“Aah, he certainly did say something like that.” (Eir)

Mako-kun has come to the Deep Sea Temple often inside his dreams. 

I feel like I heard something like that from him in one of our conversations…

“Eir…you knew about it?” (Althena)

“Eh?” (Eir)


I am supposed to be the one keeping an eye on Noah! 

At this rate, I am going to be scolded! 

“Hey, Noah-kun, even if it is increasing the futures, it doesn’t mean that it will go as you want it to, right? You could even say that Knight-kun was having it pretty rough. Is there even that much of an appeal in this Multi Ending power?” (Naia)

“I wonder. Honestly speaking, I would say it is unwieldy.” (Noah)

“Figures… Then, why did you go as far as giving your own Divinity to Knight-kun to make him your familiar?” (Naia)

Everyone’s attention was directed there at the Moon Goddess’s words. 

Nice, Naia! 

“Right, I also think the same. Did you bring in Takatsuki Makoto because you wanted this power? You lost your Divinity even if only a bit, you know?” (Althena)

“Even if you tell me that, there was no deep meaning to it.” (Noah)

Noah simply shrugged her shoulders at the questioning of Althena-neesama. 

The Moon Goddess was observing this intently. 

Noah is…still hiding something. 

It seems that’s what the two far higher Goddesses than me were thinking. 

Honestly speaking, I don’t know what Noah is thinking at all. 

Even though I have come to the Deep Sea Temple that much…

I didn’t even imagine she would try to destroy the world. 

This is a bit saddening. 

Noah, Althena-neesama, and the Moon Goddess were releasing a prickly atmosphere. 

I don’t think I will be able to enter this. 

“Hey, Ira-chan.” (Eir)

“Hmm…I really can’t see what is written here… Did you say something, Eir-oneesama?” (Ira)

I looked at the Soul Book of Mako-kun from the side, and spoke to my little sister Goddess who is looking through it. 

“Why do you think Noah made Mako-kun her familiar?” (Eir)

“Eh? Isn’t that obvious, Eir-oneesama?” (Ira)

“Oh my, you know, Ira-chan?” (Eir)

I got an unexpected answer. 

“Of course!” (Ira)

When I asked, my little sister said full of confidence. 

“It is because Noah has fallen in love with Takatsuki Makoto! She even desperately tried to stop me when I was about to kiss him. There’s no doubt that was jealousy! That’s why she made him her familiar so that other Goddesses can’t take him away from her, Eir-oneesama!” (Ira)

Ira-chan said while going ‘hmhm!’.

“Haaah.” (Eir)

I sighed.

Well, I figured it would be an answer like that. 

Althena-neesama and the Moon Goddess, who were silently listening to our conversation here, sighed as well. 

Good grief. 

The Goddess Noah who bewildered all of the great gods of the Divine Realm and even the vanguards of the Holy Gods. Even the angels couldn’t point their spears at her because of her beauty. 

There may be many who fall in love with Noah, but Noah falling in love is impossible. 

That’s the common knowledge of the Divine Realm. 

Good grief, even Noah would snort at that. 

Thinking that, I direct my gaze there. 

—What was there was Noah lowering her head with a beet red face


I don’t know if the one who let out that dumbfounded voice was me or Althena-neesama. 

(I-It is…an act, right?) (Eir)

Noah is good at lying. 

There’s countless people who have been deceived by her in the Divine Realm. 

But…I am a Goddess myself. 

My God Eye is seeing her as seriously being shy here. 

Silence controls the place.

No, Ira-chan alone doesn’t seem to understand the atmosphere here…

The one who broke the silence was Naia. 

“Ahahahahahaahahahahahahaha!! I-It hurts! I am going to die laughing! Noah-kun…! To think that Noah would fall in love with mortal trash!” (Naia)

“Hah? I will kill you.” (Noah)

Noah’s eyes shone dangerously at the laughing of the Moon Goddess, and she grabbed the Moon Goddess’s collar. 

Even with that, she doesn’t stop laughing. 

“Sorry, sorry, Noah-kun. You have my blessings. I have to apologize to Knight-kun too. It has been a while since I have laughed this much. Man~, Noah-kun just now was a sight to behold. I can laugh for 100 years more.” (Naia)

“You~~~!! Just disappear already!” (Noah)

Noah was tightening her grip on the Moon Goddess’s neck. 

It is making a chilling grinding sound. 

Isn’t that dangerous…?

“Give! I give up! Forgive me, Noah-kun. Ain’t we buddies? Want me to lick your feet?” (Naia)

The Moon Goddess slipped out of the strangling of Noah, and got to her back like a snake. 

“Tch, don’t run away.” (Noah)

“Fufu, over here.” (Naia)

Naia hugged Noah from behind and kissed her cheek.

“What are you doing?” (Noah)

“Fufufu…a celebration. You gave Divinity to Knight-kun, right? Replenish yourself with my Divinity.” (Naia)

“I don’t need your muddy Divinity though… Well, fine. I will take it.” (Noah)

“Aah, that was a good laugh. Then, I am being called to a different world, so I will be going back now. I will be coming back, Noah-kun.” (Naia)

“You don’t have to come back anymore.” (Noah)

The Moon Goddess winked and disappeared while laughing. 

Looks like Ira-chan has also noticed the issue of what she said at this late point in time. 

Noah glared at Ira-chan. 

“Speaking of which, I have to return to work! I also have to confirm whether Takatsuki Makoto has safely arrived in the Mortal Realm!” (Ira)

By the time I heard that, Ira-chan was already gone. 

S-She left her voice here and teleported beforehand?! 

My little sister is top class in the Divine Realm when it comes to the deftness in magic as always. 

“I-It is about time I leave too…” (Eir)

I tried to stealthily go back but…

“Eir, you stay here.” (Althena)

“Yes!” (Eir)

Althena-neesama stopped me. 

“Noah.” (Althena)

“What?” (Noah)

Althena-neesama and Noah glare at each other. 

“Congratulations.” (Althena)


Althena-neesama said something unexpected, so me and Noah let out our voices in surprise. 

“Kuku…but to think the day would come when Noah would have her first love…” (Althena)

“You…” (Noah)

The shoulders of the strict Althena-neesama were shaking. 

Uwaah, what a rare sight. 

“But there’s still something I want to ask.” (Althena)

“Hm?” (Noah)

Noah looked back at Althena-neesama who returned to her usual expression. 

“I don’t doubt that you think fondly of Takatsuki Makoto. But that skill…tell me the truth about the power called RPG Player.” (Althena)

“I already told you.” (Noah)

“Tell me what you are hiding.” (Althena)

“…What an untrusting woman.” (Noah)

“I have known you for long after all.” (Althena)

“Tch… When you know someone for 15 million years, it is impossible to hide things, huh.” (Noah)

The one who bent was Noah. 

Then, does that mean she is still hiding something just like Althena-neesama guessed? 

“Just to be clear, what I am going to be saying from now on is pure speculation.” (Noah)

“…What do you mean by that?” (Althena)

“You have made Mako-kun your familiar, so you should know everything about his powers, right?” (Eir)

I tilted my head, but Noah still had a serious expression. 

“About the Multi Ending of Makoto…its effects probably affect even me and the Holy Gods.” (Noah)

“No no no…” (Eir)

I retorted to what Noah said. 

“There’s no way that’s possible. A skill given to a mortal is based on the tools that us Gods somewhere in the Divine Realm use. The spells and skills that the mortals use are all inferior versions of the Miracles we use. There’s no way something like that would be able to affect us Gods.” (Althena)

I also nod at what Althena-neesama said. 

This is obvious. 

A resident of the Mortal Realm cannot wound Gods no matter what. 

“Then, why did I -a Goddess- fall in love with Makoto?” (Noah)


What Noah said made us choke on our words. 

“You all as well. Makoto should be an Apostle of the shunned Old Gods, and yet, you all see him pretty favorably, right?” (Noah)

“That’s…” (Althena)

“That’s because Mako-kun is the fiancee of Sofia-chan, and he saved the Water Country…” (Eir)

“That goes for Nyaru as well. It is unthinkable of her to lend a hand to a mortal.” (Noah)

“…Right.” (Althena)

It is true that the usual Moon Goddess is more disinterested in mortals. 

She is the kind of Goddess that would rather bring them to their demise. 

“Then, are you saying the skill of Takatsuki Makoto can move the world? There’s no way something as outrageous as that—” (Althena)

“There’s no way that’s the case. Just how many times do you think Makoto was on the verge of dying?” (Noah)

Noah denies the words of Althena-neesama.

“In the end, what is Takatsuki Makoto’s skill?” (Althena)

“As I said, this is just my speculation. This is on the basis that I myself am being affected by it after all.” (Noah)


Me and Althena-neesama nodded in silence. 

“Makoto’s power -the Multi Ending- shows up choices in important decisions when it comes to Makoto. When he chooses, the futures increase at that instant. However, it is not assured that those futures are limited to convenient ones for Makoto…” (Noah)

“Even though it is the power of Mako-kun?” (Eir)

“You see, Makoto doesn’t choose on the basis of ‘it looks safe’ or ‘looks correct’. He chooses with the mindset of ‘it looks fun’.” (Noah)

“Aah, that certainly does sound like Mako-kun.” (Eir)

I can agree with that.

“Makoto probably survived all the way until now with insurmountable luck…or with maddening hard work. Multi Ending probably activates whenever there’s more margin of error. I doubt it would have brought the same results with anyone aside from Makoto.” (Noah)

“Sounds like a skill that exists for the sake of Mako-kun.” (Eir)

“But there are still mysteries. Just who in the world gave him a skill that even Holy Gods can’t detect? Are Outside Gods like the Moon Goddess involved in this?” (Althena)

“Probably not. Nyaru probably has nothing to do with this.” (Noah)

“Then, just who…” (Althena)

“It is because you summoned them to this world, right, Althena?” (Noah)

Noah said something unexpected.

“Does that have anything to do with this?” (Althena)

“Otherworlders are given random skills. That’s when the skill was coincidentally created.” (Noah)

“But it can even affect Holy Gods and we don’t notice…” (Althena)

Genesis Gods.” (Noah)

“Eh?” (Althena)

“If it is a skill that originates from the beings that are said to have created Gods, it might be possible.” (Noah)

“That’s…do they really exist?” (Althena)

“I don’t know. Even the Old Gods have not seen them.” (Noah)

“Then, that’s a thoughtless remark.” (Althena)

“That’s why I told you this is purely my own speculation.” (Noah)


We couldn’t say anything at the words of Noah.

“In the end, we still don’t know anything, huh.” (Althena)

Althena-neesama shook her head troubled.

“There’s the need to consider the future use of summoning from a parallel world. There’s no assurance that a second Takatsuki Makoto won’t show up.” (Althena)

“I don’t think there are many people like Mako-kun though…” (Eir)

“It is fine to think about the future and all that, but there’s something more pressing than that, you know?” (Noah)

Noah said something ominous. 

“What is it, Noah?” (Althena)

“Do you know…the next objective of Makoto?” (Noah)

“Eh? He saved you from the Deep Sea Temple, so it is a Happy End, right?” (Eir)

“You should know, Eir. Makoto is the type of boy that sets an objective and dashes his way there without stopping.” (Noah)

“That’s…true, but…” (Eir)

A mortal has overcome the Deep Sea Temple, saved Noah, and joined the Gods. 

What more could you even wish for?

“That Makoto…said he wants to cause a Divine Realm War and bring back the Old Gods, the Titans, back…for my sake…” (Noah)


This is the first time since I was born that I have seen Althena-neesama’s face frown this much. 

My face must be even more than that. 

“He is still not conscious of it, but once the world is peaceful, that’s probably what Makoto will think. However, that’s a bit…” (Noah)

“Noah! What do you plan on doing?! Are you thinking the same?!” (Althena)

“No, I think it is premature, or like, I just barely came back… But if Makoto were to press me on, I don’t have the confidence that I can refuse…” (Noah)

It is rare to see Noah fidgeting. 

I-It is cute, but scary. 

“Eir…” (Althena)

The low voice of Althena-neesama rang.

“Y-Yes…?” (Eir)

“I order you to keep an eye on Takatsuki Makoto. If I remember correctly, he is bethrothered to the Water Oracle, right? We have to make that official at all costs, and after he finishes his natural lifespan, we will welcome him into the Divine Realm. Don’t let a Divine Realm War happen, no matter what!” (Althena)

“U-Understood.” (Eir)

Uwaah, I have more woork!!

“Makoto would work hard even though he knows he is the weakest of the Gods after all.” (Noah)

“If you know that, then stop him!” (Althena)

“That boy doesn’t listen to me at all.” (Noah)

“Even though Mako-kun was the weakest among the children that came from the parallel world…” (Eir)

“But he passed them in the blink of an eye.” (Noah)

I know.

And that’s scary. 

Him being the weakest isn’t giving me any peace of mind. 

It would instead motivate him and do his best; that’s Mako-kun. 

Moreover, it is still a mystery just how much influence this skill of Mako-kun has. 

“Must observe him 24/7. When he is sleeping, eating, bathing, even when having a tryst with his lovers…don’t let your eyes wander for even a second.” (Althena)

“…Okay.” (Eir)

I don’t really wanna. 

But the orders of Althena-neesama are absolute. 

I will have Ira-chan help me out too. 

She does seem to like that. 

I secretly decided that. 

◇Takatsuki Makoto’s POV◇

—I felt chills run down my spine. 

My body is trembling. 

“Is something the matter, Makoto-san?” (Noel)

“Hmm, is it the wind? I felt a bit cold there.” (Makoto)

“You became a God, right? Can you catch a cold…?” (Noel)

“Now that you mention it, that’s true.” (Makoto)

We are currently moving in the skies of the West Continent on top of a Water Dragon. 

I was thinking about calling a Great Wind Spirit, a Sylph, to carry us there, but around 100 tornadoes appeared and things turned hectic. 

…I didn’t train my wind magic at all after all.

I gave up on using it for now. 

Also, maybe because I have become a God, my water magic is feeling extremely well. 

We are moving as if we are riding an airplane. 

I am having Queen Noel stop the headwinds with her magic. 

At this pace, we will be reaching the capital of the Sun Country in the blink of an eye.

But it would be scary to face the enemy with no plans.

We have to rest somewhere and form a plan, but…

“Noah-sama~?” (Makoto)

I have been calling her for a while now, but there’s no response. 

Is she busy? 

“Is there no response from the Goddess-sama? I am also calling Althena-sama here, but…” (Noel)

Queen Noel seems dejected. 

Noah-sama and Althena-sama might be talking about something right now. 

They are both important Goddesses, so they must have a lot in their hands. 

But at the moment when I thought this was troubling…

—Takatsuki Makoto!!

A voice rang from the heavens.

This voice is…

“Destiny Goddess-sama?” (Noel)

“It is the voice of Ira-sama.” (Makoto)

Me and Queen Noel look at each other. 

“Is something the matter, Ira-sama?” (Makoto)

I shouted at the sky. 

— “You are troubled, right, boy that has just become a God?! I will help you out!” (Ira)

“Ooh!” (Makoto)

That’s reassuring, but it at the same time gave me a tinge of uneasiness, but Ira-sama came with that proposal.


■Comment Response:

There were a lot of comments with ‘Is there an Ira-sama route?!’.

People hope for it…?

■Author’s Comment: 

I feel like the comments will be getting rowdy this time around, so I will explain it properly here. 

◇About the feelings of Noah.

It is written ‘I have fallen in love with Makoto because of his skill’, but she is just being shy. 

She has properly fallen in love with him. 

Her first love. 

Adding to that, Noah’s plan was actually to order Makoto to destroy the world, but that was until she met him directly in the Deep Sea Temple. 

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