WM – Chapter 17: The first Spirit User

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You can’t see Spirits.

Spirits are whimsical.

Spirits are everywhere. They are currently flying around you.

You can’t hear the voice of the Spirits.

But you can speak to them.

A long time ago, in an era when the Titan Gods spoke to the Spirits. 

This is a summary of a part of the conversation at that time. 

[1st day 1st minute, Spirit Magic you can do from day one.]

“Didn’t they have any other title?” (Makoto) 

I was lying on the surface of the water while flipping through the pages of the book Mary-san lended me. 

The place is the waterway at the back of the Adventurer Guild.

The guild has a learning area, but according to this book, there’s more Water Spirits in places with water.

“Let’s try chanting something for now.” (Makoto) 

The pronunciation of the spirit language is difficult as well as speaking it. 

But it says that unless I don’t do the pronunciation right, it doesn’t reach the Spirits. 

But once it does, the effects are impressive. You can even do things like changing the weather, or generating enough water to make a flood.

1,000 years ago, there were a whole lot of human Spirit Users as well, but they have died out. 

I wonder why. 

“Ah, Makoto-kun, what are you doing?!” 

I was found by Emily. 

Right, she did tell me I still have to rest this week.

“Reading a book.” (Makoto) 

“You are using Surface Walk!” (Emily!) 

“This much should be okay, right? Jean’s not with you?” (Makoto) 

Let’s change the topic using Jean. 

“Today we are taking a break from adventuring. Doing it everyday would accumulate fatigue. More importantly, Makoto-kun, get out!” (Emily)

I couldn’t trick her.

No choice but to move from the waterway to the ground.

“Geez, even though I told Lucy to keep an eye on you.” (Emily)

“You told her something like that, huh. But Lucy herself is in the middle of training.” (Makoto)

She has been trying harder and harder lately.

I would like to go on adventures together.

“By the way, what book are you reading?” (Emily)

Emily peeks at it.

“A Spirit Language book.” (Makoto)

“Oh, feel like you can use it? Ah, but don’t, okay? Only when you get better.” (Emily)

“I only began studying yesterday. No way I can use it immediately.” (Makoto)

“Hmm, but Spirit Magic is pretty rare. You are the first I see that can use it.” (Emily)


I am the only user in the Adventurer Guild, so I don’t even know if it is awesome or not.

In the first place…

“The pronunciation is incredibly hard. That might have been the reason it died out.” (Makoto)

“Really?” (Emily)

“Yeah, for example; even a short sentence like, [Water Overflow], is…” (Makoto)


I speak out what’s written in the book.

“I couldn’t really pick up what you said.” (Emily)

“Right? It has been really tough learning up to this po—” (Makoto)

I only managed to say til that part…before a large amount of water poured on my head.

It must have taken around 5 seconds.

What’s there now is a completely drenched Emily and I.

“Hey…Makoto-kun?” (Emily)

She glared at me.

Her bright dyed brown hair had turned into a dark gray, and her baggy priest clothes were now showing her body line perfectly.

You have a pretty nice body there, Emily-san.

Wait, that’s not it.

“Sorry…” (Makoto)

Let’s apologize first.

I didn’t expect it to activate so easily.

“Haah, just what are you doing? Even though these are the clothes I had Jean buy me… Even my underwear is completely wet now.” (Emily)

“I am really sorry. Wait a bit, I will dry it real quick.” (Makoto)

“There’s no way it will dry so qui—” (Emily)

I lightly touch Emily’s clothes.

[Water Magic: Evaporation]

I take out the water from the clothes of Emily.

If I overdo it, I will injure the clothes.

It is magic that requires pretty minute control.

“Eh? Eeeeeh?!” (Emily)

Emily’s clothes return to normal in a few seconds.

“W-What’s this?” (Emily)

“I dried you with Water Magic. It is normal.” (Makoto)

“It is not! I haven’t seen this magic before. Wow, incredible! Even my panties are dry.” (Emily)

Too much information.

I cough.

“Haah, your magic is truly amazing.” (Emily)

“Uhm, you okay now?” (Makoto)

Emily lets out a sigh and is using her hand to fix her hair. 

“Well, fine. I can allow reading, but don’t go training just yet, okay? You have to rest this week.” (Emily)

After saying this, Emily leaves.

Looks like she has forgiven me for getting her drenched.

What a relief.


I fall into thought now that I am alone.

The large amount of water that came pouring down on top of us…where did it come from?

It far exceeds what my mana can generate. 

Even so, it is not water I controlled from the waterway.

The quality of the water was different from the water in Makkaren.

“The Spirits generated it?” (Makoto)

That easily?

With a few words?

I look around.

Emily isn’t here anymore.


In an instant, a massive amount of water appears.

[Water Magic: Water Current].

I control the water.

It turned into a giant waterball.

T-This is…! 

I can use this.

Have the Spirits generate the water, and control it.

I might be able to fight even when not around a water source.


I will try using it in my next adventure.

I unsheathe my dagger and put both of my hands together.

Goddess-sama, thank you very much.

(Good good, devote yourself.) (Noah)

Lucy appeared while I was praying.

“What are you doing?” (Lucy)

“I am thanking the Goddess.” (Makoto)

“…I see.” (Lucy)

Looks like she is in a bad mood. 

She is still dragging the anger from yesterday?

“Just now, Emily told me that you got her completely wet. What was that about?” (Lucy)

“?!” (Makoto)


Didn’t you forgive me?

“What are you doing getting all happy by pouring water onto girls when you are not a kid anymore…” (Lucy)

Lucy-san’s eyes weren’t those of anger but scorn!

“That’s not it!” (Makoto)

Even when I activated [Clear Mind], it was at the moment when I was already panicking.

After that, Jean was also fuming too.

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