WM – Chapter 347.5: Gossip – Isekai New Year

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Author: This one is a side story that has nothing to do with the main story. 

It is short, but it would be great if you enjoy it.


…My head hurts.

My consciousness is hazy as if there’s mist in it. 

“Oh, good morning. Oversleeping is rare for you, Makoto.” 

The sun was high up in the sky by the time I woke up.

Lucy is playing around with the Fire Spirits with an outfit that has more exposed skin than usual.

“…………Good morning. Where was this place?” (Makoto)

I held my dizzy head and looked around. I am inside the magic cottage I am used to seeing. 

“You don’t remember?” (Lucy)

Lucy looked baffled as she gave me a glass of water. 

“Thanks.” (Makoto)

I received that and drank it in one go. 

My head is finally clearing up.

“Uhm, if I remember correctly, there was a big party in the Rozes Castle of the Water Country…” (Makoto)

“To be more precise, it still continues though. Sofia said it was okay for us to leave ahead.” (Lucy)

“It is a big party with all 7 countries present…and I remember being made to drink a whole ton…” (Makoto)

“Obviously. You are a God, Makoto. The nobles of the whole West Continent would obviously want to get along with you, right?” (Lucy)

For 3 days and nights, I was offered alcohol with greeting me being their intention, and I finally collapsed. 

“That was horrible…” (Makoto)

My physical strength and magic resistance should have been enhanced to outrageous degrees after becoming a God though…

“Good morning, Takatsuki-kun!! You weren’t showing signs of waking up at all, so I was worried~.” 

A small person hugged me. 

“Sorry for worrying you, Sa-s—” (Makoto)

That’s all I could say.


My mouth was covered by the lips of Sa-san. 

“Aah!! Aya, that’s not fair!!” (Lucy)

Even Lucy hugged me now. 

“It is not unfair! You kissed Takatsuki-kun a whole ton while he was asleep, Lu-chan!” (Aya)

“T-That’s…because Makoto was defenseless! You were doing the same too, Aya.” (Lucy)

“I was cooking just a while ago, so I couldn’t do it~. That’s why I am doing it now!” (Aya)

“Then, me too.” (Lucy)

Even Lucy kissed me. 

The two were crushing me in between them. 

“Come on, you two…” (Makoto)

Stop assaulting someone in their sleep. 

No, it might also be an issue that I didn’t notice that happening to me when I was asleep. 

“Let’s have breakfast for now.” (Aya)

“Right. Makoto has just woken up after all.” (Lucy)

Lucy and Sa-san brushed it off and sit in front of a small table in the cottage. 

There’s food you don’t see in an isekai, but it is an incredibly nostalgic dish.

“Sa-san, is this…” (Makoto)

“What’s this, Aya?” (Lucy)

This must be the first time Lucy sees this, she makes the natural question. 

“O-Zoni~.” (Aya)

“O-Zoni?” (Lucy)

That’s right, O-Zoni**. 

The inside of the bowl most likely has broth flavored with soy sauce, root crops and chicken, and grilled square rice cake. 

It is the Kanto style. 

“Sa-san, where did you obtain the rice cake?” (Makoto)

“Fujiwara-kun brought it. He got it from the East Continent.” (Aya)

“So it really was Fuji-yan…” (Makoto)

Even mochi now. 

Lucy poked the mochi with the fork and then slowly carried it to her mouth.

“Wow, this is tasty! Aya, is there more?” (Lucy)

Looks like Lucy liked it. 

“I could grill some more, but…Lu-chan, this is pretty high in calories, you know?” (Aya)

“Eh?!” (Lucy)

Lucy’s cheeks cramp.

“Oh well, it is fine even if Lu-chan were to get fat.” (Aya)

“It is not fine! I ate too much with the continuous parties these few days!” (Lucy)

“Oh? Lu-chan, have you become soft~? You feel like mochi~.” (Aya)

Sa-san hugged Lucy and groped her all over.

“Aren’t you slovenly over here too, Aya?” (Lucy)

Lucy retaliates, pushing Sa-san down and touching the stomach and sides of Sa-san. 

“Wa, Lu-chan, that tickles!” (Aya)

“You did that to me too, Aya.” (Lucy)

“Ahn, Lu-chan, you are touching a weird pla—!” (Aya)

“Hn! Aya, where are you fondli—” (Lucy)

Lucy and Sa-san get along as well as always. 

I watched two cute girls playing around while I slurped on the dearly missed zoni. 

Broth that goes well with the fish that’s like dried sardines.

This seeps into the mochi and the ingredients, and it tastes great. 

I managed to rest my liver that was stormy from the booze of the party. 

(Speaking of which, it has been a while since I have eaten food on New Year with a lively table…) (Makoto)

That barely happened even in my previous world. 

My parents were rarely at home because they were busy with work after all. 

New Year was no exception.

The end of the year and the first three days of New Year as well. I feel like I just played games the whole time those days. 

I got a whole ton of money in New Year, so I poured all of it into games. 

That’s so nostalgic. 

(Mako-kun…you had it rough… *Sob*) 

I heard the voice of Eir-sama.

Looks like she was listening in again. 

(Oh my, that’s rude. I wasn’t eavesdropping. I am simply keeping an eye on you under the orders of Althena-neesama☆.) (Eir)

Isn’t that the same? 

“Hey, Makoto, what are you doing spacing out alone there?” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun☆, pamper me. Let’s do the Himehajime♡.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san, who were playing around just a few moments ago, began to approach me. 

Or more like, Sa-san! 

What are you saying with a smile?! 

(By the way, ‘Himehajime’ refers to eating the rice burned in an iron pot for the first time to welcome the New Year, okay? Well, it also means the first woman you do lewd things with in that year though.) (Eir)

Eh, really? 

I didn’t know. 

Alright, let’s display my wisdom here (half-baked) to them -is what I thought when…

“Hey, Aya, what’s Himehajime?” (Lucy)

Lucy doesn’t know the meaning, so she asks. 

“Lu-chan, Himehajime means to eat soft rice at New Year.” (Aya)

“You said that while understanding the meaning?!” (Makoto)

I ended up retorting.

“And…” (Lucy)

Lucy tilted her head, seemingly out of the loop here. 

“It also means to do lewd things with your lover for the first time in that year.” (Aya)

“I see☆.” (Lucy)

Lucy straddled me with a grin. 

I tried to get up, but Sa-san restrained me. 

(Mako-kun…you can’t win against the girls even after becoming a God.) (Eir)

I heard the mutter of Eir-sama.

I could resist if I tried, but there’s no point, so I won’t. 

“Speaking of which, there were a lot of women hitting on Makoto at the parties.” (Lucy)

“He was all giddy~.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san said that while I was still pinned by them. 

“I wasn’t!” (Makoto)

I am being falsely accused.

Due to my standing of being engaged to Princess Sofia, I have to greet the nobles with a smile no matter what. 

“Alright, let’s have Himehajime with Makoto, Aya!” (Lucy)

“Let’s do it, Lu-chan~!” (Aya)

They are most likely not using that right. 

I can’t give details beyond this point, but this is most likely the liveliest New Year I have had until now. 

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