WM – Chapter 273: Takatsuki Makoto heads to the Demonic Continent

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Black clouds that continue on endlessly. 

We are riding a black dragon as we fly on.

Of course, the one we are riding on is the White Dragon Mel-san though. 

A white dragon would stand out too much, so she is apparently using Transform to change her appearance. 

Mel-san can do so many things she is reliable. 

“Spirit User-kun, is this the correct direction? I feel like we are going through a terrible roundabout route.” (Mel)

“Yeah, the elites of the demon lord army are hiding there, so we are taking a detour.” (Makoto)

“I am impressed that you can tell that, Master.” (Momo)

“I can’t see that even with my Farsight as an elf though…” (Johnny)

Momo and Johnny-san were straining their eyes. 

“I saw the future. It is handy.” (Makoto)


Everyone made dubious looks at me. 

I am not lying here though. 

Why are you looking over here with those faces? 

(They are thinking you are getting further and further away…from being a human, Takatsuki Makoto…) (Ira)

Ira-sama read the minds of everyone and told me. 

Even if you tell me that, the Clairvoyance activates on its own and I’ve got nothing to do with it. 

I am not the weird one.

(It will take a few days before you reach the Great Demon Lord’s castle in the Demonic Continent. Don’t go wasting your Divinity too much, okay?) (Ira)

I really want to do that, but…as I said, I can’t control my Clairvoyance. 

(Anyways, reserve your strength! Got it?!) (Ira)


Ira-sama has gotten as noisy as Noah-sama. 

Wonder if Noah-sama is doing well…

“What are you thinking about, Makoto-san?” (Anna)

Anna-san peeked at my face. 

“Uhm…about an acquaintance of my homeland.” (Makoto)

I can’t speak in detail about the Evil God Noah-sama. 

“I see~. About the 4 girlfriends you say you have? Which girl were you thinking of?” (Anna)

Anna-san pouts as she asks me this.

Didn’t you say you didn’t believe me? 

“Sadly to say, it is a different one from those 4.” (Makoto)

““A 5th one?!””

Not only Anna-san, even Momo joined in for the retort. 

“…The imaginary girlfriends of Makoto-san have increased (in a low voice).” (Anna)

“…What will the background story for this one be? You ask him, Anna-san (in a low voice).” (Momo)

“…Eh?! I don’t wanna! You ask, Momo-chan (in a low voice).” (Anna)

“…It gives me conflicted feelings, so I don’t wanna (in a low voice).” (Momo)

“I can hear you, you two.” (Makoto)

Let’s stop this talk. 

After that, we had harmless talk as we continued our journey. 


“Let’s camp here for today.” (Johnny)

Johnny-san found a spot to camp at, and made a table and chairs with wood magic. 

He is also making simple beds. 

Johnny-san is really dextrous. 

Mel-san sets a barrier, and Anna-san and Momo prepare the meal. 

I was also wondering if I can help out with something, so I looked around for a job to do, but…there was nothing. 

It couldn’t be helped, so I trained in my magic together with Dia as I waited.

I shape a variety of living beings with water magic.

I would have them do stuff like fly, run, and converse.

It is so lively it is fun.

“What’s going on here…? Why is there a need to make them talk with magic?” (Mel)

Mel-san was directing eyes here that were as if she were looking at something creepy. 

“With Saint Rank Magic, the magic talks.” (Makoto)

I answer with a slightly triumphant tone. 

It reminds me of the Saint Rank Magic of Rosalie-san. 

That was the fire angel spell, right? 

It is only with Water Magic, but I feel like I have finally reached that level. 

“Communicating with the spell one has made is in order to reinforce the power of the spell. There’s no need to make them talk freely.” (Mel) 

“I also use Saint Rank Magic, but I don’t use it like you, Makoto-dono.” (Johnny)

Even Johnny-san had his opinion after Mel-san.


(Your way of using magic -to put it bluntly- is pretty weird, you know?) (Ira)

Eh? No way! 

Even you, Ira-sama?! 

Even though Noah-sama praised me! 

(So it is because of Noah, huh… Why isn’t she teaching her own Apostle the efficient way to use magic?) (Ira)

Magic doesn’t have any strict rules, so Noah-sama told me ‘do as you wish’.

I see. 

So my magic is inefficient. 

It is true that I did feel my growth  has stagnated lately. 

As proof of that…

“Hey, Dia, my Water Magic Proficiency isn’t getting any higher than 999. Do you know why?” (Makoto)

I ask the Great Water Spirit as I show her my Soul Book.

“Hmm… A magic tool of the Holy Gods, huh. I don’t mind such numbers, but there’s no doubt Our King is getting stronger, you know?” (Dia)

“Really?” (Makoto)

I really can’t tell myself, but Dia says I am properly growing. 

When is it going to increase…? 

I was glaring at my Soul Book, and someone called me from the back. 

“Makoto-san♡, preparations for dinner are almost done.” (Anna)

“T-Thanks, Anna-san.” (Makoto)

For some reason, the Light Hero-san wrapped her arms around my neck and pushed herself against me.

She has been really close to me lately.

“You are working hard on your training today as well. After dinner, please check my magic.” (Anna)

Saying this, she pulled my hand. 

She was nervous when we just left, but right now she is calm.

That’s a relief. 

(Women are always happy as long as they can be with the man they love.) (Ira)

Ira-sama’s voice resonates. 

The battle with the Great Demon Lord is approaching though. 

(Be kind to Anna-chan, okay? The power of the Light Hero Skill will change greatly from that.) (Ira)

I see…

I don’t really like such calculative actions though.

But the only attack method that works on the Great Demon Lord is the Light Hero Skill.

The Light Hero Skill is affected by the emotions of the user…apparently.

So, I can’t sour the mood of Anna-san. 

But well, Anna-san was talking to me all smiles while we were eating. 

For dinner, we cooked animal meat that we got from the forest, fruits that we collected nearby, and bread that we brought from the dungeon city. 

They are all tasty. 

After dinner, I tagged along in the training of Momo and Anna-san. 

Mel-san who had been carrying us all the way here was lying down and resting, and Johnny-san was sipping the liquor he himself made. 

After a while, Momo and Anna-san said their concentration was lacking already, so we were taking a break. 

I was continuing my water magic training. 

Lately, no matter how much magic I use, I don’t get tired at all.

Is this even serving as training?

I am a bit unsure about this. 

I continue the use of water magic as I look around, and I noticed that Johnny-san was looking up. 

“Johnny-san, what are you looking at?” (Makoto)

“Aah…this tree is a cherry blossom tree, isn’t it?” (Johnny)

“Cherry blossom tree?” (Makoto)

Being told this, I direct my gaze there.

There’s no flowers or leaves, but judging from the trunk and branches of the tree, it does look like a cherry blossom tree.

But this is a parallel world. 

(A guy had been transferred to this world and spread cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom trees aren’t rare in this world.) (Ira)

Ira-sama told me. 

Hooh…I see. 

In my previous world, I didn’t really take a careful look at cherry blossoms, but it is nostalgic now.

But well, it is currently in a saddening state of having no flowers or leaves though.

“Let’s see. Since there’s the opportunity, let’s have it bloom.” (Johnny)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Johnny-san says as if it were nothing and chants something. 

Buds were visibly showing from the cherry blossom, and faint pink petals were opening. 

“Wow…” (Anna)

“So pretty…” (Momo)

Anna-san and Momo let out their voice in admiration.

“Hooh, this is impressive.” (Mel)

I heard the voice of Mel-san. 

Looks like it is a spell that can impress even an Ancient Dragon.

After a few minutes, a cherry blossom tree in full bloom showed up.

It stands out quite a lot, but thanks to the barrier of Mel-san, they shouldn’t be able to find us. 

The wind blew and faint pink petals danced in the air. 

“It is beautiful.” (Makoto)

“Nice, right? A cherry blossom dance.” (Johnny)

I nod at the words of Johnny-san.

“We are having a cherry blossom viewing. Makoto-dono, let’s drink.” (Johnny)

“Let’s.” (Makoto)

I am in the middle of training, but I gratefully accept the cup.

If I don’t drink here, I wouldn’t be japanese. 

“Do you like these flowers, Master?” (Momo)

“Yeah, they are flowers that bloom in my homeland too.” (Makoto)

I would like to show Sa-san too. 

I am sure she would be happy. 

“Then, once we are back at the dungeon city, let’s plant a whole lot of this.” (Momo)

“Nice idea, Momo-chan. I will help out too.” (Anna)

Momo and Anna-san were heating up there. 

Rather than flowers, it is a tree though. 

I won’t go saying tactless stuff. 

I definitely would like cherry blossom trees to spread more in this world. 

I finished that day with a peaceful mood as I watched the cherry blossom I hadn’t seen in a while. 


After that, we take two whole days to cross the West Continent, and we arrived at a deep black sea. 

The sea that separates the West Continent and the North Continent. 

We are travelling on the back of Mel-san to fly above that sea. 

By the time I was getting bored by the dark view of the sea, an ashen land showed up in front of us. 

“It’s coming into view.” (Mel)

“White Dragon-san, that’s…” (Makoto)

“Yeah, that’s the homeland of the demons. You humans call it the North Continent, right?” (Mel)

Those words made everyone talk less. 

Even Johnny-san seemed to be nervous. 

The North Continent…its other name is the Demonic Continent. 

(Now that I think about it…this is my first time coming here…) (Makoto)

I have fought demons and a Demon Lord in the future, but I never went there. 

This would be my first time landing there. 

And in this way, we stepped into the continent where the Great Demon Lord is. 

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