WM – Chapter 130: Takatsuki Makoto arrives at the elf village

“Janet-san, where are we heading to?” (Makoto)

I rode on the pegasus and was holding onto Janet-san as I asked her.

We were several hundreds of meters up in the sky.

A big forest that went on as far as I could see spread before my eyes.

We avoided the Demonic Forest that has thick fog, and headed towards the interior of the Great Forest.

At a glance, it only looks like trees, but…

“I don’t mind you calling me Janet, Water Country’s Hero. Your standing and age are higher than me after all.” (Janet)

“Eh? O-Okay.” (Makoto)

Even if you tell me that, you are the big sister type (she is younger than me) that has a rough personality which I can’t handle well.

I find it hard to call you without honorifics.

“I will answer your question. We are going to the Kanan Village. The birthplace of the Crimson Witch.” (Janet)

“The home of Lucy, right? Then, wouldn’t it be better for her to guide us—” (Makoto)

“No need. We obviously know where the birthplace of one of the strongest powers of the Wood Country, the Crimson Witch Rosalie J Walker, is located at.” (Janet)

Is that how it works?

Even so, the mom of Lucy is quite the big deal. 

Strongest powers, huh.

According to Lucy: ‘She wanders around the whole year and rarely comes home. I myself haven’t met her for several years already’, so the chances of her being in the Kanan Village are low.

If we don’t meet the Crimson Witch, the public plan is to greet the Wood Country’s Hero, and the Wood Country’s Oracle.

And then…

(Investigate the abnormalities of the Demonic Forest.) (Makoto)

Investigate this so-called ‘danger that approaches the Water Country’ which Eir-sama mentioned.

This is my true objective.

But I have no detailed hint, so I don’t know what we should be doing at all.

(What to do…) (Makoto)

While I was pondering this…

“All forces, we are changing direction!” (Janet)

The pegasus knights change direction with the fast order of Janet-san.

This is the 10th time.

“Monster?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, there’s a dragon ahead. We will take a detour.” (Janet)

I couldn’t see it at all, and my Detection Skill didn’t react at all either.

It seems Janet-san can Detect things several kilometers away.

As expected of someone left in command of the Northern Sky Knight Division at such a young age.

And so, we avoid the dangerous monsters as we head towards the depths of the Wood Country, and around half a day passes.


“Today we will camp here.” (Janet)

The girl that looks to be the mage of the pegasus knight division sets up a monster repelling barrier.

The other members were securing food, making a fire, and making preparations for dinner.

Ah, Sa-san is helping out with the cooking.

Should I help out with something too?

“Uhm, can I help out with anything?” (Makoto)

“Nothing. Water Country’s Hero-sama, please rest over there.” (Janet)

“O-Okay…” (Makoto)

I curl up at a corner dejected and wait for dinner to be ready. 

“Makoto-niisan, the pegasus journey was tiring. I am surprised that you had a lot of composure even though it was your first time.” (Leo)

Prince Leonard smiles and sits by my side.

“I am simply riding at the back anyways, so it was a pretty relaxing ride.” (Makoto)

I was only looking at the sight of the Great Forest or the blonde hair of Janet-san.

“That’s impressive, you know! A person normally gets more scared or fatigued when riding a wyvern or a pegasus. The first time I rode one, I was incredibly scared, and Lucy-san and Furi-san seem to be tired, you know?” (Leo)

Saying this, he directs his eyes at where my comrades are. 

“Uuh…the ground is calming. The sky is scary~.” (Lucy)

“How pathetic… Being tired from something like a pegasus and not being able to move…” (Furiae)

Lucy and Furiae-san were completely exhausted.

It seems it was their first time riding a pegasus.

“I will put the plates out, okay? I have chopped the firewood.” (Aya)

“S-Sasaki-sama?! You chopped the firewood with your bare hands?!” 

The knights were surprised.

Sa-san looks energetic.

Tsui is waiting for the food to get ready while on the shoulder of Sa-san.

“Otherworlders really are amazing.” (Leo)

Prince Leonard looks at me with glittery eyes.

(But I think the reasons for Sa-san are different from mine.) (Makoto)

With the ability from reincarnating as a lamia together with her boost as an otherworlder, Sa-san’s physical abilities are outstanding.

It must be easy for her to ride on a pegasus for half a day.

Then, what about me? 

One would be the effect of Clear Mind.

The other most influential one would be RPG Player with its outside the world perspective. 

Normally, if a person were to continuously travel several meters up in the sky without a lifeline, they would panic a whole lot more.

Even so, the only impressions that came out of me were things like ‘it looks pretty from here’.

(I probably am lacking a bit in my sense of danger.) (Makoto)

It is convenient to not feel any unnecessary fear though.

As Noah-sama has told me, I shouldn’t carelessly plunge into danger.

In this time’s exploration of the Wood Country and the Demonic Forest , I had the oracle of the Water Goddess.

Let’s play it safe.

“Hero of Rozes, Makoto.” (Janet)

Janet-san comes.

Sharp gaze and beautiful blonde hair.

Maybe because she is the leader of these knights, she is not showing any visible signs of exhaustion at all.

“Thanks for the hard work today.” (Makoto)

For now, I thank her.

“Looks like you are used to riding a pegasus.” (Janet)

“Eh? That was my first time riding one. It was fun.” (Makoto)

I was a bit bored by the latter half though.

“…Is that so.” (Janet)

She had a face as if she wanted to say something as she looked down at me.

“Is something the matter?” (Makoto)

“I heard that you stopped a stampede of monsters in Makkaren and defeated an Ancient Dragon with one attack.” (Janet)

“Aah.” (Makoto)

Did she hear that from Princess Sofia?

Or maybe someone from the Adventurer Guild.

“It was through the help of everyone from the guild that we managed to protect Makkaren.” (Makoto)

“Your achievements have reached the military authorities of the Sun Country. Your evaluation will increase even further.” (Janet)

“…I see…” (Makoto)

Contrary to her words, her tone was thorny.

Janet-san seems to love her brother, so maybe she doesn’t like that I have gotten more achievements?

But it looks like that wasn’t it.

“I was told by my father and brother whether I wanted to marry the Water Country’s Hero.” (Janet)


Prince Leonard and I end up looking at each other.


Becoming a wife?

“You must not! Makoto-niisan is the fiancee of Sofia-neesama!” (Leo)

Prince Leonard stands in between us as if blocking her.

Janet-san chuckles after seeing this.

“I was told the same thing by Princess Sofia. Well, becoming your wife is—” (Janet)

“Takatsuki-kun~! I got this fruit from the forest. Here☆.” (Aya)

Sa-san suddenly hugged me from behind and pushed a fruit that looked like an apple into my mouth.

The bitter sweet taste of the fruit spreads in my mouth.

Being a product directly from the forest, even the fruits have mana in them. I could feel my mana recovering slightly.

“Is it tasty?” (Aya)

“Yeah, it is.” (Makoto)

“I see. Then, I will eat too.” (Aya)

“Oi.” (Makoto)

Poison tasting?

Sa-san looks at me teasingly and then bites into the side of the fruit that I had taken a bite of.

…There was no need to eat from that side.

I could feel myself blushing a bit.

“Makoto~…” (Lucy)

“O-Oi, Lucy.” (Makoto)

Lucy, who was dizzy from the pegasus ride, crept her way here.

Don’t push yourself.

“I want to drink water.” (Lucy)

Lucy gives me an upward glance with her weakened expression.

Can’t refuse that request.

“Okay okay, got it.” (Makoto)

I say this and take the canteen, pouring it into a cup.

“I want it mouth to mouth~.” (Lucy)

“?!” (Makoto)

What is this girl saying?!

“Lu-chan, that’s a no!” (Aya)

Sa-san retorts.

“Rozes Hero Makoto…” (Janet)

A cold voice pours at me from above.

Janet-san was looking at me as if looking at trash.

“You have quite the position here even though you have a fiance.” (Janet)

“No, you see…” (Makoto)

“Who would want to marry a guy like you…” (Janet)

Janet-san doesn’t listen to my response and just leaves.

“Whew, that was close. You were on the verge of getting a fourth wife.” (Lucy)

“It was just as Sofia-chan said. Takatsuki-kun immediately raises flags.” (Aya)

“Hey, you two…” (Makoto)

What are you saying?

The two high five each other and go ‘yaay’.

“Muuh…” (Leo)

For some reason, even Prince Leonard was sulking.

(Because I am lacking in my stance as the fiance of his sister…?) (Makoto)

Should I reflect?

I don’t really need any more wives, you know? 

After that, we ate dinner, and slept in the tents.

I slept at the tent together with Prince Leonard.

Prince Leonard was hugging me and I found it hard to sleep.


The next day.

A journey in the sky for half a day more continued.

We arrived at a small village.

At a glance, it only looks like one part of this lushful forest of trees, but I could see grass roofs here and there.

There’s apparently several hundreds of elf and beastkin villages in the Wood Country. 

Or more like, the several hundreds of villages makes up the Wood Country.

That’s why there isn’t something like a capital or a central settlement.

The residents of the Wood Country are peacefully living their lives together with the forest in their small communities.

It seems there’s a barrier around the village, so I couldn’t notice there was a village until we got close to it. 

We had the pegasus land close to that village and we walked to the entrance.

“Waah, brings me back~.” (Lucy)

Lucy runs into the village.

There’s an elf guarding a simple gate.

When Lucy calls them, they welcome her with a smile.

“Doing good?!” (Lucy)

“Oh, Lucy!” 

It seems it was an acquaintance.

The guard elf glances at us.

“Lucy, who are these people?” 

“The people that I am in a party with at the Adventurer Guild of the Water Country, and knights of the Sun Country. They said they came to meet my mother.” (Lucy)

“Haha, I haven’t seen Mother Rosalie in forever either.” 

The elf answers heartily.

Wait, mother?

“What, you have made friends from outside the country too, Lucy?” 

“Hey, don’t treat me like a child, Onii-chan!” (Lucy)

“Haha! I was worried. I am glad to see you are fine.” 

Eeh?! I thought they were just acquainted, but he was Lucy’s brother?! 

“Then, see you later, okay?” (Lucy)

“Alright. Greet Jii-sama too, okay?” 

“I know.” (Lucy)

Saying this, Lucy goes in.

“O-Oi, Lucy, is it okay to not give your greetings properly?” (Makoto)

If he is her family, wouldn’t it be better to talk for a bit more?

You haven’t even introduced us.

“Hmm…there would be no end if we were to do it right now. It would be better to talk with my grandpa who is the village chief. Prince Leonard, Janet-san, are you okay with that?” (Lucy)

“I don’t mind.” (Leo)

“The great figure that’s the child of the Legendary Hero, Johnny Walker-sama, right? I have no problem with that.” (Janet)

“Then, I will guide you.” (Lucy)

Lucy walks on.

Naturally from an elf village, the people we are meeting are all elves.

However, what bothers me is that…

“Ara, you are back, Lucy.” 

“Yeah, Onee-chan. Is Ojii-chan here?” (Lucy)

“Yes, he is. He was worried about you. At least write letters.” 

“Oka~y.” (Lucy)

We pass by a beautiful elf lady that’s like a more adult Lucy.

“Heya, Lucy. Guests?” 

“That’s right, Onii-chan.” (Lucy)

A well-built male elf that was swinging his sword outside greeted us.

“Oh, cute knight-san, want me to guide you around the Kanan Village?” 

“Onii-chan, that person is a noble from the Sun Country! You must not try to flirt with her!” (Lucy)

A loose-looking man was glared at when he tried to pick up Janet-san.

“Oh my, what a cute boy. Want to play with this lady here?” 

“Onee-chan! That person is Prince Leonard of the Water Country! No seducing!” (Lucy)

An elf lady that’s wearing even more risque clothes than Lucy spoke to Prince Leonard.

“Oh my! A friend of Lucy? You have strange mana.” 

“Yes, I am the close friend of Lu-chan, Sasaki Aya.” (Aya)

“My! Could you possibly be an otherworlder? I am the sister of Lucy. Nice to meet you.” 

“Nice to meet you.” (Aya)

An elf girl that seems to be close in age to Lucy spoke to Sa-san.

“…How beautiful. What’s your name, oh lovely princess?” 

“Who are you?” (Furiae)

“OH! You are lovely even when saying cold words! Would you care to have dinner with me tonight?” 

“Huh?” (Furiae)

“Onii-chan, you must not!” (Lucy)

Another loose-looking male elf is trying to pick up Furiae-san.

There’s a lot of pick-up bastards here! 

But what’s bothering me is…

(Hmm?) (Makoto)

“Hey, Sa-san.” (Makoto)

“I heard from Lu-chan, so I knew.” (Aya)

Ah, I see.

“Hey, Lucy…” (Makoto)

“…Yeah, well…I know what you want to say.” (Lucy)

“Don’t you have way too many siblings?” (Makoto)

As of now, every single person we have passed by has been Lucy’s brother or sister.

We have already gone to the double digits and it is rising.

“How many siblings do you have, Lucy?” (Makoto)

“…More than 50.” (Lucy)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“I told you my mother has a habit of wandering around a lot, right? And so, in her journeys, she would marry, divorce, have babies, and bring them back to the village… Well, I am one of those babies.” (Lucy)

Lucy goes ‘haha’ and laughs lightly.

“I heard that the Crimson Witch had a lot of children, but…” (Janet)

“T-This is impressive…” (Leo)

Seeing that even Janet-san and Prince Leonard are surprised must mean that the 50 siblings matter was something that only the family knew about.

“I thought my place having 4 little brothers was a lot.” (Aya)

“I am an only child.” (Makoto)

Sa-san and I look at each other.

Lucy’s family circumstances are above and beyond the average.

“Also…all my siblings in this world are dead, so…” (Aya)

Aya’s expression darkens.

“Sa-san…” (Makoto)

What can I say to that?

A painful memory resurfaced.

“Aya!” (Lucy)

Lucy hugs Sa-san.

“Makoto and I will be together with you forever! We are already family!” (Lucy)

“Lu-chan… Right! Let’s make a warm family together!” (Aya)

Sa-san also hugs Lucy back, and they both look here.

“Takatsuki-kun, I want 5 children.” (Aya)

“Eh?! You want that much, Aya? I-I am fine with having only one…” (Lucy)

Aren’t we leaping a little too much here?

“Everyone! Let’s move on!” (Leo)

Prince Leonard scolded us.


This conversation was too much to have in front of a 9 year old.

“Around the roots of that big tree you can see over there, there’s the house of my grandpa, the village chief.” (Lucy)

At the place Lucy is pointing at, we could see a splendid house. 

Right at that time, one elf comes out from the house.

“It has been a while, Lucy. So you have come back.” 

“Ah, Flona-oneechan! You were here!” (Lucy)

Another sister of Lucy, huh.

A kind-looking elf with beautiful silver hair and green eyes smiled.

“Let me introduce you here, Makoto. This person is the Wood Country’s Oracle.” (Lucy)


The Wood Country’s Oracle showed up?! 

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        Ad Hominem attacks or personal insults are not an actual argument my friend.
        Please do better! ;P

          1. Most of my comments are very much tongue in cheek (does no one see the LOL’s and cat face emoji’s ?) or dry complaints about generic Japanese novel tropes.
            It’s kinda my style if you notice my avatar ?
            If you want to see that as just “whining” then that’s fine. You stick to the level of interaction and understanding that suits you.
            It’s all fair comment to me.
            However, I would like to point out that I DO like the story and have consistently pressed LIKE on most of the translators/blog posts to show my support…something that neither you nor @Just Human bothered to do on this chapter for example, even though you found time to whine about my whining? LOL

          2. Seriously calm down, there is nothing wrong with accepting things, the only thing I was referring to is that I also complain and I don’t agree with things but I’m not so insistent about something no matter how ironic you are, the irony is lost in the moment you repeat it.

          3. I wasn’t being ironic though? I was being dry…and often facetious, I admit.
            But there IS irony in the fact that the effect of my humour is also lost if I have to explain it…like a bad joke. LOL
            Well, humour is a subjective thing so it’s pretty hit or miss.
            PS. If you keep telling people they are “ranting” or telling them to “chill out” or to “seriously calm down” as you have in your comments to me then one might also suspect a little bit of passive/aggressive gaslighting going on?
            Otherwise, as I have said before, this is just you “whining” about me “whining” and you have to admit that’s funny…in the ironical sense? ;3

          4. I think they just don’t want to see your comments in every chapter, chill.

            Besides, the Pokemon harems aren’t always bad. They definitely are almost always, but not always. Peaceful Isekai handles it pretty well in my opinion. But knowing what I do from the Wikia, this just seems unnecessary complaining

  25. lucy’s mother is like elinalise from mushoku tensei but without restraint. at least elinalise knows the consequences of birthing too many children. she knows her children would look down upon but its a great idea that they created a village of her only children as well.

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