WM – Chapter 149: Princess Sofia arrives at the Wood Country

◇Sofia Eir Rozes POV◇

In order to stop the revival of the Demon Lord in Spring Log, a Hero has fallen.

Hearing this report, I was on the verge of fainting.

There’s no way I could stay waiting at the capital, so I went to Spring Log. 

On my way, I got several follow-up reports.

-The revival of the High Demons that had their names resound 1,000 years ago, Setekh and Shuri.

-The Beast King Zagan’s army being in Spring Log.

-The Snake Church pulling the strings from the shadows.

-The Rozes Hero and the Wind Tree Hero being petrified.

(…How can this be… Leonard…Makoto…!) (Sofia)

I felt dizzy as I arrived at the Kanan Village where Leo and Makoto are.


“…Takatsuki-kun isn’t waking up.” 

“…Makoto, please wake up.” 

Lucy-san and Aya-san were looking down at one of the petrified people.

There’s a white cloth placed on top of that statue’s face.

(N-No way…!) (Sofia)

※In Rozes, putting a white cloth on top of a person is a sign of a deceased person as well.

I staggered and fell onto the floor. 

Aah…because I told Hero Makoto to go to the Wood Country, this happened…

“Hmm, this is weird. I used the secret technique of the curse dispels, the Breath of the Moon, and yet, he isn’t coming back.” 

The Moon Oracle, Furiae, is slapping the forehead of the statue.

W-What an accursed thing to do! 

“Hey, Fu-chan, that white cloth is just in bad taste, so let’s take it off.” (Aya)

“Really, Aya? But that white cloth is a magic tool, right? Wouldn’t it be better to leave it there?” (Lucy)

I thought Lucy-san and Aya-san were crying their eyes out, but they are more normal than I thought.

I nervously approach those three.

“Ooi, Furi-chan, one more petrified person. Can I ask you to undo this one too?” 

“Aah, geez! Such a pain! There you go, it has been dispelled.” (Furiae)

(Eh?) (Sofia)

Just by touching the petrified person, the Moon Oracle managed to dispel the petrification curse.

“O-Ooh…just what in the world happened…?” 

The elf that woke up from his petrification touched his body in wonder.

“I will watch your state for a while, so sleep at a bed around here for a whole day, okay? If there’s no aftereffects, you can be discharged!” (Furiae)

The Moon Oracle efficiently gives instructions to the cursed patient.

“There’s no room for me to do anything… She is truly impressive.” 

I turned to my side where the voice came from, and there was a familiar face there.

“Flona-san.” (Sofia)

“Thanks for visiting despite the long travel, Princess Sofia. We haven’t seen each other since the graduation ceremony in the Academy of Highland.” (Flona)

The one smiling there was the Wood Oracle, Flona.

However, there’s fatigue showing in her face.

“Looks like you are quite tired. Are you okay…?” (Sofia)

“The Wood Country was on the verge of falling after all… Compared to the pains of the warriors, what I am dealing with is nothing. I apologize for not being able to welcome you properly, but there’s many injured, so I will be taking my leave now. The Village Chief is over there.” (Flona) 

The Wood Oracle left with quick steps. 


I greeted the Kanan Chief, and ordered the Water Templars that can use healing magic to help out with the treatment of the injured.

And then, I once again headed to where the petrified Hero Makoto is at.

“Takatsuki-kun, wake up…” 

Aya-san was riding the statue of Makoto.

“Wait, Aya, wouldn’t it be better to not shake him too much?” (Lucy)

“But this is already the fourth day, Lu-chan!” (Aya)

“Haah, even though I can heal the other petrified people in an instant, why is it that the curse of my Knight isn’t dispelling at all…?” (Furiae)

There were 3 beauties surrounding the petrified Takatsuki Makoo.

This would probably be a scenario that I, as her fiance, should be getting jealous about, but…

(The person himself is a statue…) (Sofia)

I don’t know how to express the feelings in me.

“Oh, Princess Sofia?” (Lucy)

Lucy-san noticed me.

I approached the 3 while feeling nervous.

“Warrior-san, get down from my petrified Knight already. If you shake him too much, he might break.” (Furiae)

“Okay okay.” (Aya)

Aya-san gets down from on top of Hero Makoto.

“Everyone, it looks like this journey was problematic. I am glad to see that you are okay…aside from Hero Makoto.” (Sofia)

I peek at the petrified Takatsuki Makoto.

What kind of terrified expression Makoto had after fighting the demon with the petrification eyes…

“Why is he smiling as if he were having fun? This man…” (Sofia)

The petrified Hero Makoto had a refreshing expression as if he were having a casual talk.

“Hmm, the demon called Setekh that Makoto was talking with said ‘I wanted to talk with you more’.” (Aya)

“Yeah yeah, they seemed like they got along well. That’s what I felt seeing them from afar though.” (Lucy)

Lucy-san and Aya-san said something weird.

“Getting along with a demon, you say… If the Goddess Church were to learn of something like that, he would immediately be interrogated as a heretic.” (Furiae)

The Moon Oracle said annoyed.

She must have experienced it firsthand.

The Moon Oracle was always chased by the Templars of the Sun Country after all.

(I am an Oracle of the Goddess Church though…) (Sofia)

It looks like I am being seen as an ally by her at the very least.

“And so, do you think you can undo the petrification curse of Hero Makoto?” (Sofia)

Judging from their lack of worry, I don’t think it is fatal…

“Hmm, I can tell that the curse is slowly thinning, so I think he will wake up in around a few days more.” (Furiae)

Furiae brushes the lips of the petrified Hero Makoto with her fingers that are like white porcelain.

…All the casual gestures she does have a charm to them.

I am truly glad the Moon Oracle isn’t a love rival…

At that moment, I heard someone running towards us from the back.

“Nee-sama! You came to the Wood Country?!” 

“Leo!” (Sofia)

My little brother ran our way.

I lightly hugged that head of his.

“Good work, Leo. It must have been rough.” (Sofia)

“Nee-sama! I am sorry… Even though I was with Makoto-san…!” (Leo)

“Leo, it is okay…” (Sofia)

He was probably looking after the wounded just like the Wood Oracle.

Leo couldn’t hide his fatigue completely.

“Rest for a bit. Our assistance to the Wood Country will be done by the Water Templars that came with me. I have also arranged a successive unit.” (Sofia)

“O-Okay… Thanks.” (Leo)

Leo left with unsteady steps while watched over by the bodyguards.

(After having Leo rest, I should tell him to return to the capital of Horun. Father and mother were worried too…) (Sofia)

As the King and Queen of the country, they can’t easily leave the capital.

But hearing that the place where Leo is at had a Demon Lord that was about to revive, they got flustered and said: ‘We are moving all our forces and heading to subjugate it!’…

I have to show them that he is okay.

After that, I lived in the Kanan Village for a few days, and Hero Makoto safely woke up.


A few days after.

We are currently supposed to be in resting time until Takatsuki Makoto recovers completely, but…

“Uhm…is it okay to not rest?” (Sofia)

I ended up saying this to the Hero of our country, Makoto, who began to train right after he woke up.

There were several thousands of water birds flying around Hero Makoto that were made with water magic.

“I haven’t trained for 1 week, so I am rusty.” (Makoto)

Makoto answers slightly languidly.

 He was turning his head around while looking at his own water magic with crossed arms.

(Is he not satisfied with his own magic…?) (Sofia)

An amount of water magic that could cover the whole Kanan Village.

He borrowed the mana of Spirits, and is using magic.

It is not only mana.

Just how much Proficiency would you need to do something like this?

I could only describe this as a magnificent spectacle.

Even if I were to gather all the mages of Rozes, I don’t think they would be able to replicate this.

“Ooh, Boyfriend-kun, you are working hard there~. Alright, I will join.” 

The Crimson Witch-sama was watching the training of Hero Makoto closeby with a wine bottle in hand.

Judging from her bright red face, I can tell that she is already drunk.

Wait, did she just cast the monarch spell, Phoenix, with one hand and chantless?! 

“Wait, Mama, don’t get in the way of Makoto!” (Lucy)

“Hmm, Lucy, you cut off your concentration really quick. That’s shameful. Learn a bit from Boyfriend-kun.” (Rosalie)

“That’s impossible! Using magic for 5 hours continuously is just impossible!” (Lucy)

(…It is true that it has been several hours since he has begun training. Is he always like this?) (Sofia)

“Aah, when Takatsuki-kun is like this, he will stay like that for a while.” (Aya)


A voice suddenly came from my side, and it was Aya-san.

She is wearing an apron, had her hair tied into a ponytail, holding a frying pan as she came here.

She is apparently the one in charge of making the meals in the party.

“Even though he shouldn’t be on his top condition yet… Suddenly training for such a long time…” (Sofia)

“Eh? Takatsuki-kun’s training normally lasts 12 hours, you know?” (Aya)


That’s just crazy! 

“Also, isn’t it about time?” (Aya)

“My Knight! I told you to rest! You are a patient!” (Furiae)

Furiae dropkicked Hero Makoto.

Eh?! …It was a clean hit, you know. Is that okay?

“Uwaah, that was clean. Even though Takatsuki-kun can evade attacks from the back. He must have taken that on purpose.” (Aya)

“Really, Aya-san?” (Sofia)

“Yeah. Takatsuki-kun has the ability to change the perspective freely and see 360°.” (Aya)

Oh, I didn’t know.

“My Knight! Your training today is done! Rest already!” (Furiae)

The Moon Oracle stands with both arms on her waist and glares at Hero Makoto.

“Eeh~, but it was just getting good…” (Makoto)

“You say that every day! That’s why you don’t recover at all! Even though your stamina and mana are trash level, you always push yourself! Just go to sleep already!” (Furiae)

“Okay… Ah, Princess.” (Makoto)

“What is it?” (Furiae)

“I saw your panties.” (Makoto)

“! Die!” (Furiae)

Hero Makoto got his head kicked full force.

T-That made an incredible sound.

(Well, he brought that on himself…) (Sofia)

“Then, once dinner is ready, I will call you, okay?” (Aya)

Aya-san left.

“Makoto, are you okay…wait, Mama, let me go!” (Lucy)

“You still have energy, so train more~. Here, chant the Saint Spell once again~.” (Rosalie)

“No, I am already tired for today…” (Lucy)

Lucy-san was caught by the Crimson Witch-sama.

I kneeled down towards Hero Makoto who had his eyes going around in circles.

I place a hand on his head.

“[Healing Water].” (Sofia)

This Mid Spell won’t have any effect on his weakened body from the curse, but if it is just recovering his fatigue…

I heard the sleep-talk of Makoto.

“Hnngh…Noah-sama’s skirt really has perfect defense…” (Makoto)

(I wonder why…I feel like it is okay to hit him in the head one more time.) (Sofia)

“Hah! What happened…?” (Makoto)

“It looks like you were having a good dream there.” (Sofia)

Hero Makoto looked over here with surprised eyes.

Kuh! Stop looking at me with those innocent eyes! 

“You must not push yourself.” (Sofia)

“Yeah, but…I am still feeling a bit restless, you see. The battle this time around was pretty close after all.” (Makoto)

His profile looked slightly sad.

“Did something happen?” (Sofia)

“My fighting style revolves around the mana of Spirits, the power of the Goddesses and their sacred treasure, so it is not my own strength… That’s why it is unstable, and there’s times when I can’t use them in crucial moments. It would be great if I could get stronger by leveling up though.” (Makoto)

Hero Makoto says with a sad expression as he looks at his own dagger.

“Hero Makoto…” (Sofia)

“Sorry, it ended up in a gloomy topic.” (Makoto)

Is he…feeling down?

Then, what I should be saying here is…

“A Guardian Knight shouldn’t be looking at the underwear of the Oracle they should be protecting, you know?” (Sofia)

“Ah, yeah…” (Makoto)

My Hero is way too persistent.

It would be better to take it a bit easy. 

He defeated a Demon Lord not too long ago, and yet, he is pushing himself to even tougher training. Just what kind of thinking is that?

“You have cute girlfriends, don’t you? Also…I am your fiance, so…it is okay to rely more on your surroundings.” (Sofia)

Even though I wouldn’t refuse if Makoto were to go on the offensive on me…

Makoto smiled gently at the words I worked the courage to say.

“…Thanks, Sofia. I will rest for a bit.” (Makoto)

He collapses in place and falls asleep just like that.

(Haah…this man…) (Sofia)

He would train until he collapses, and he trains again once he wakes up.

I can tell the struggles Lucy-san and Aya-san must be having adventuring with him.

I waited for him to wake up.

At the time of dinner.

When I returned to the house of the Village Chief, there was a crowd made in front of the house.

“Did something happen?” (Sofia)

“It seems someone has come.” 

Hero Makoto and I were walking together.

Did someone from the Sun Country already arrive?

If that’s the case, they are fast.

Oh no, we should have left without taking our time.

But the one in the middle of the crowd was someone unexpected.

“Ah, it has been a while!” (Makoto)

Hero Makoto raised his hand nonchalantly. 

(T-That person is…) (Sofia)

“Hey there, Spirit User-kun. It seems you have defeated a Demon Lord.” 

The one who smiled boldly was someone with pure white hair and pure white skin…

Her big crimson red eyes were shining like ruby, and even though she is small, her presence is powerful. 

(G-Great Sage-sama?!) (Sofia)

Why is she here in such a remote place?! 

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